We Live in the Mountains – DoWoo #72/365

Was chatting with someone today who mentioned a family member was not fully supportive of their vision of their future reality – their Definite Major Purpose realized.   They did not understand the Master Key course.   I empathized and told a story of when I read one of the scrolls from Og’s book to my mom; she asked me how long I’d belonged to this cult.  I laughed then and I laughed this evening in recollection. 

imagesIn considering this…I asked myself – what advise would I give for someone whose family did not fully support (if I were an expert and they asked me for my opinion)? I would suggest they consider whether they were going to allow this person’s opinion to have an impact on their Definite Major Purpose – their future? 

Now – I didn’t give this advise nor am I giving it now. This is more about me realizing that while I am fully cognizant of what I should do – I also admit (a bit sheepishly) that I don’t always do what I should do. So – am I allowing my perceived version of others opinions or possibly my overactive negative slant on things – to take over?  Why not? Is it fear? Laziness? Anxiousness? Feelings of being unworthy? Risk of failing?

Does that matter either? 

No! It does not matter what others think – their opinion do not matter – and it does not matter what I ‘over-think’ it to be – that negative opinion does not matter either.  

It’s not about what I’m thinking; it’s about who I am being.  

And if I am being true to who I am meant to be.  Then any vision I have which feels good must be good.  I would recommend each of us fully embrace our vision and allow others to choose their course.  

Now imagine if when you had that idea or a vision or a feeling of your future and your family rooted for you no matter the vision? How would that feel? Greg called out to us while he was getting dressed for bed: “Remember how I drew our house in Costa Rica? I think we live in the mountains.”  He is creating his own vision along with ours,   All we do is ask for more detail and  allow his story to unfold. Way cool! Loads of fun too! 

1 thought on “We Live in the Mountains – DoWoo #72/365

  1. Cassandra O'Neal

    Love it!!!! There is a wonderful nooky about the opinions of others; What You Think of Me Is NONE of My Business

    Title says alot

    Imagination- the discipline of seeing the destination before the first step on the Journey is taken.

    Great post, Carolynn!! Thank you!!


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