Are You Picking Up? – DoWoo #73/365

A friend used a unique (to me) expression this evening – I grabbed a piece of paper during our discussion and quickly wrote it down. I believe I have heard it before (possibly from her) but it’s not something I’ve heard often.  

“I’m picking up what you are putting down.”            

It’s all about communication!  What an amazing thing we humans do. We share thoughts and ideas and…and…wait for it….opinions!  Sharing however is only one component of effective communication.   And what other kind does one want?  It’s about that “picking up/putting down” phrase and then much more so.  

I love my husband’s take on this.  He explained many years ago that communication was a 4 step process. 

  1. Sharing Information 
  2. Accepting information
  3. Understanding information
  4. Acting upon information

From my perspective of observations – many people share (putting down), most will accept (picking up), some will go so far as to ensure they understand (more in-depth picking up) but then the question is how many actually act upon it?  If we share and we receive and we understand but do nothing – did we truly communicate? 

yes-no-buttonsPlease feel free to share your opinion!

I appreciate you stopping by and considering whether what I have to say resonates with you or not.  I am blessed to be here!  Thank you.

Carolynn Sokil


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