? marks the spot! – DoWoo #74/365

Was looking for a particular video of our son when he was younger but came across the one below.  Greg was just under 5 when we went back to the Dominican Republic to show him where Mommy & Daddy got married – and to enjoy a few weeks on the beach. We watched parts of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.  The next day Walter explained that he overheard pirates at the eatery by the pool talking about misplacing their treasure map. They went in search of it. What transpired could be indicative of all our hopes and dreams.  

An alignment of where we are relative to everything shown.

A trek out to the farthest point to get perspective.

A run down the coast line until you spot what you are looking for.

Careful examination of your new position.  

Purposeful strides to…you guessed it…X marks the spot.


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