A Struggle of Opinion – DoWoo #76/365

the-struggle-is-part-of-the-story-Whitney-EnglishToday I struggled with my opinion and others. A colleague offered her opinion about what I had created for the team. She provided the details as to how, in her opinion, it would be better presented.  While I believe I am open to others perspectives, there is a difference between sharing and discussing ideas and when someone decides to share, without being asked, starting out with criticism of the existing ‘xyz’ and then offering improvement.   It definitely puts the receiver into an awkward position.  I observe this particular case could have had a different result had the person with the opinion been aware of how they were presenting their thoughts. 

life-choicesIn considering where I went with my opinion today, it was not about sharing but more about having made a suggestion and not liking the response.  It’s not that what was suggested would not take place, it was when it would take place. And in this case, I definitely had an opinion. While I did not voice my opinion, I did allow that opinion to arise in my thoughts, ultimately altering how I felt about the project and my involvement.   I had to ask myself, was this really necessary?  While I am involved, this is not my project. Those whose “gig” it is have the final say in how things are handled.  So, any choices in when something is delivered is truly up to them, and therefore the outcome (whatever the outcome) is also truly theirs. 

manager03rb1I release my opinions and observe: I have the daily ability to control how I feel by recognizing true perspective on all matters. So…is this my monkey? If so, allow myself to give it a hug. If it’s not my monkey, let it (and all thoughts associated with it to) go.  

If this sharing of my personal struggle with opinions ultimately helps another realign their thoughts…I would be honoured and blessed.  In the meantime, I proceed with my realignment. 

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One thought on “A Struggle of Opinion – DoWoo #76/365

  1. Cassandra O'Neal

    Can the old blue print be externalized, showing up in the words and actions of others?

    If that is so, does it give the gift of contrast, like a mile marker showing you the distance you’ve traveled or the distance yet to go?


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