A Change in Reflection – DoWoo #79/365

Walter has agreed to be my “lovely assistant” as the magicians say.  That is,,,he has agreed to use the product I am using and allow me record his progress (using before and after photos). I joke saying we’re going to turn him from this,,,,,

download into this domestic-labrador-puppy-canis-familiaris-sleeping

Here is a man who must truly love his wife…because he has agreed to faithfully wash his face before bed each night and use product for 90 days.  I am blessed.

So…we were standing in front of the mirror…with me giving him instructions as we do this together.  Wash your face. After rinsing, use a wet washcloth to leave your face damp. Apply product to your face. He turns to me and asks….

Where does my face endWe both laughed so hard his face dried and we had to dampen it again.

This is not about wrinkles or removing them. It’s not about product or no product. It’s also not about the things men do to keep their wives happy.  

It’s about one change which then reflects something totally different in the mirror.  After shaving his remaining hair line regularly, where DOES his face end and the rest begin?

Changing one thing in your life – and then doing it regularly – will change what you see reflected in the mirror.

What do you want to see reflected when you look in the mirror?

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6 thoughts on “A Change in Reflection – DoWoo #79/365

  1. lydia johnson

    You are truly blessed to have Walter as your partner and volunteer supporter!
    such a great observation and question. Where does one’s change end ?

  2. Walter Sokil

    As a man I have the ‘endless face’. Women on the other hand eternal beauty. I much prefer your eternal beauty. Nice drawing. Fun post.

  3. kanwaljit { Kim } Varma

    All I can say it that Walter Love’s you more then him self. He is such a good Sport. Enjoyed reading very nice post. My change is just coming……

  4. Beth Kennedy

    It is consistency in the doing the small things over and over again, that changes the outcome – in your skin and in your life. Great job pointing that out in this piece, Carolynn. Thanks!


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