My Epiphany? – DoWoo #80/365

crystal-ball1Yesterday I spoke up during a group call. I allowed my gut vision for someone else to come into play. And then…wait for it…I articulated it clearly, specifically and did not pull any punches; being brutally honest and communicating from my core.  This gentleman envisions himself speaking in front of people – inspiring many with his words. He truly has so much to share with the world. HIS story is very powerful and would touch many. It touched me.

I passionately suggested he stop holding back waiting for everything to be perfect. Suggested he share now via blogging – which generates a following – which results in the speaking engagements he sees.    He thanked the group for our words, encouragement and direction. 

So for the last 24 hours I have been feeling really good.  I am hopeful he will follow our encouragement and if he does I have played my part with my words.  

Interestingly I’m just realizing this….seriously….as I type….I gave him the same advice I need to be giving myself.  Whoa this whole blog just shifted.  

flat,550x550,075,f.u1Remember all things happen to show you something which you need to reflect upon. This message apparently was also meant for me. 

So…the advice I need to take is that I have much to offer. My stories. My struggles. My ability to adjust and grow and learn. Combined with my ability to share and articulate the vision…these are within me NOW.  I do not need to wait until something huge has shifted to take my stand. I need only embrace what I already have at my disposal and the rest will come. I have something to offer and what I say has the ability to help others.  I need not wait.  

Apparently I’m a little slow on the uptake.  I’m only now connecting the dots.  LOLAMS – Laugh Out Loud At MySelf

Shift back to earlier this morning –  I received an email from an organization  hosting “A Soul Based Retreat Workshop for Entrepreneurs” – they accepting my proposed session.  I will be speaking at this retreat in a few months! 

My epiphany?

I found me!

Now THAT was fun! I typed a heading. Then had an idea in my head. Once I started typing
it just shifted, rearranging itself into the above post. Thank you for sticking with me on this one. 
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