What do we do with Time? – DoWoo #86/365

logo_thai_room_vaughanSpent this evening with an absolutely fantastic group of people. People with vision. People with faith. People with purpose. People with the ability to help others help themselves. What a GREAT way to spend my time!

Whoa…Wait a sec…What is it about that phrase which makes me take pause?  Had not thought about it till now…not till I typed it in the first paragraph.  Why DO we consider time to be “spent”? 

thumbnail_1364296452The definitions of “spend” mostly include reference to money being paid out or used.  However, the Merriam Webster version (online) does include “to allow (time) to pass in a particular place or while doing a particular activity”

Interestingly though the same Merriam Webster defines the past tense of spend – “spent” to be “used up; exhausted of active or required components or qualities often for a particular purpose; drained of energy or effectiveness”.

Is this what we do with time? 

gallery_SPENDING TIME WITH FAMILY-GALLERY3Spend it – meaning to “allow it to pass” – Personally,  I embraced it and used it, enjoyed it and reveled in it.  How is this “allowing it to pass”? 

Spent it – meaning to “use it up or exhaust it” – Personally, I have it here with me now as I can recall it, feel it, learn from it and most of all grow as a human being because of it. So…How is this “using it up or exhausting it”?

What do you think?  


1 thought on “What do we do with Time? – DoWoo #86/365

  1. Cassandra O'Neal

    Investing time, my life, in the service of others, making a difference..
    squandering is more along the lines of Mr Merriam, in my sense of that word applied to time.
    You, my friend, spend your time so wisely and so well that you intersect Eternity!
    It just doesn’t get any better than that.


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