Share or Not Share? – DoWoo #87/365

Now THIS was the blog I started to write last night when my DoWoo-ing decided to have a mind of its own.  

dream-bigDuring our evening out with these fantastic people last night, I had the pleasure of speaking with a woman who, in a very quick time frame, left me with the feeling I had just met a kind, compassionate and loving soul.  When she spoke about her kids and her relationship, she was witty, direct and heartfelt. We discussed a variety of areas as we got to know each other a bit.

We were discussing dreams and those leaps we take, when we move out of our comfort zone to take our life to the next level towards our dream.  She mentioned not having shared with a part of her family about a particularly large step she and her husband had recently made towards their dream…saying “Why would I share my big dream with small people?”

dream-big-dont-let-small-minds-convince-you-otherwiseThis got me to thinking.  In the Master Key class we speak about having a dream – a clear “Definite Major Purpose” for your life. We write it down, concentrate on it and share it with others. At one point we discuss shouting it from the roof tops (metaphorically speaking) for all to hear so it is “out there”.  This way others know to encourage us to do what we say we are going to do. 

dream-big-miniHowever,  on the flip size is the the other option. Choosing not to share your dream with others who you believe will not understand. Until recently this has been part of my MO (modus operandi) for most of my adult life – choosing who I share my dreams with. It has not been from fear they would not understand: Rather it was my concern they would take this information and concentrate on it in a negative way. IF they did not know about it, they could not have an opinion and therefore would not be able to put any negative energy “out there” about my dream.  However…they would also not be in a position to put any positive energy “out there” with my name on it either!

So what do you think?

A)  Shout your dream from the roof top for everyone to hear;


B) Choose who you share your dream with – leaving out those who
may put a negative twist on it, while limiting your exposure? 


PLEASE don’t leave without sharing your opinion on this query. Love to hear other’s thoughts! 

2 thoughts on “Share or Not Share? – DoWoo #87/365

  1. Vinz Pingol

    First of all, I’d like to say that I enjoy reading your blog. It is insightful, thought provoking and easy to read. I’m going to choose option #2 “Choose who you share your dream with”. Although this is not my natural tendency, I’ve discovered that it’s best for my mindset and sanity, not to share too much with people unless I think that they could help move the project forward. Just my two cents.

    1. Carolynn Sokil - I Do Woo; Do U? Post author

      Thanks Vinz – I appreciate your stopping by and for leaving your nickle’s worth! LOL Interesting point you make about choosing to include those who could move the project forward – this would be considered similar to a Mastermind Alliance. Look forward to hearing from you again!


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