Today’s Circle of Life! – DoWoo #91/365

Today was a sad day for our son. His last fish started exhibiting signs he may not be with us for much longer.  6 years ago we had turned his bedroom into a “Nemo” theme room for a surprise and then Santa brought him a fish tank that Christmas so he could have his first pet. He was 3-1/2 at that time.  When we went to the fish store we explained he could pick whatever type of fish he wanted from the fresh water section. He chose an Albino Shark.  

finding_nemo_bruce_aquarium_backgroundAnd wait for it…he named the shark… BRUCE!  

“FIsh Are Friends Not Food!” 

There were others: Another shark he named Coco (?) and 3 barbs he named A, B and C. You could tell which ones they were by their size – A being smallest, B a bit larger and C the largest.  Unfortunately the others died (some after being nibbled on by Bruce we believe).  Bruce has been a loner for about 4 out of the 6 years we’ve had him.  

It was an interesting experience to watch how our 9 year old deal with this possible news. At first he kept going back into the room to keep Bruce company. After a bit he asked if we had any cardboard he could use to make a head stone for when we bury him outside – beside Jimmy the cricket’s stone and our previous dog urn. 

We’ve added treated water and adjusted the tank to maximize his comfort. You never know – Bruce (shown below) may rally and continue on with us a bit longer. We’re routing for him!  

BruceThank you for allowing me to share today’s observation of the Circle of Life. We are all blessed.

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