Deconstruction Zone Ahead – DoWoo #92/365

74310_pie_1-4_lgI am officially 25% of the way to reaching my goal set 92 days ago!  Now THIS is what I need to do with everything in my life – treat it like this blog realignment journey.  So what is “THIS“? 

promise-29013223Three and half months ago made a decision I wanted to be a person who was capable of observing what happens on a daily basis without allowing opinions to cloud and complicate it. The idea to accomplish this was to write daily about my journey of self-realignment!  Thereby what we concentrate on…grows!   I deconstructed what I would need to do. Set a time frame for when it would be reached by (understanding it is about the journey and not necessarily about the destination). I made a promise to write every single day. And so every day I take one step towards this envisioned outcome. 

take-first-step-e1373270852946The best part is that I KNOW when I’ve had a challenging day – and sometimes I’ve had days filled with the results of opinions – this is just one step towards my end result. There is a count up to the end (not a count down – which could be a whole other discussion for observation consideration). 

A friend commented that she aced the exercises the past few weeks – where we were to envision the deconstruction of the battleship and a creation of a flower from a seed.  She said she was now doing this with her DMP – her written Definite Major Purpose. How very cool! Everyone is in your life to share something with you – to show something to you – to teach you something. She did this for me today. The observation need not be mine to be recognized and appreciated!  She made me realize I had almost sunk my battleship.   I am most grateful!  

We cannot have what we envision unless every day we take a step towards that vision in mind. We may have challenging days where nothing seems to happen but in reality every day is one day closer. 

deconstruction_self_portrait_by_th3w_san-d33mhadFull deconstruction of my future reality is on the docket for tomorrow.  Stay tuned.  


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