I’m on the Upswing Now! – DoWoo #96/365

Watched an interesting movie this evening – The Giver.  In a seemingly perfect community, without war, pain, suffering, differences or choice, a young boy is chosen to learn from an elderly man about the true pain and pleasure of the “real” world.

There were a number of interesting lines with one really jumping out at us. Feelings are just fleeting..on the surface. Emotions..they’re very deep…primal..they linger.”  

A portion of the premise for this new-age community included the removal of each person’s ability to feel emotions and to choose anything. At 18 years of age they are told what their purpose in life was to be.

In the Master Key class we are asked to write down our purpose in life – our Definite Major Purpose. We are then asked to inject it with emotion. To dream. Use our imagination. Believe anything can be created. 

Journey-Pattern5-e1349748697252So…We just watched a movie which is about what would happen if everything we are being taught within the Master Key did not exist. The good news is the movie included a hero who recognizes his worlds plight and steps up to alter their trajectory – all in keeping with Joseph Campbell’s overview. 

Why had I not ever noticed this within movies before? Now, it’s all I look for. Mark refers to our “vision” board as a “movie” board.  We are supposed to be the hero in OUR movie – OUR LIFE.  We’ve taken the call to action by being in the class, we’ve been given mentors and helper to ease our  transition. We are all on our road of trials with some of us nearing the Abyss (certainly thought I reached it yesterday).  We now need to embrace in revelation,allowing the transformation to take hold…the balance will follow. 

Last night, after my “red button” day, I realized the only thing truly holding me back from reaching my dream – my dharma – is me.  I am allowing the trappings of our society to determine what I am meant to do and be.   I recognize the reward is equal to the level of risk. Therefore since the reward I envision is pretty out there…then my level of risk must be of equal strength in order to attain the reality of my vision. 

Look out Journey, I’m on the upswing now! 

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4 thoughts on “I’m on the Upswing Now! – DoWoo #96/365

  1. Cassandra O'Neal

    And did you notice in the Perfect World the other price of their contrived perfect harmony? Murder on a massive level of any and all who deviate from prescribed normals. The Human Spirit dies in such conditions even as many choose that death who refuse the Herald’s Call.

    As for you, I rejoice that The Sleeper Has Awakened!!!!

  2. lydia johnson

    Thank you Carolynn! The movie has been on my go- see list. Thanks for the insight and also how awakening it was for you and likely all viewers! Arm in arm…let’s do this!!!


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