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inductive-vs-deductive-reasoningqw.gifHad a number of interesting observations over the the last few days which involved our son Greg.  Now for those of you who have followed this journey there have been a number of my observations writings not being directly my own but observed and appreciated through our 9 year old’s perspective on life. Please allow me to share. 

We were out on Saturday picking up our Christmas tree when Greg pipes up and says out of the blue “When we move to Costa Rica, will we be taking our cars with us?”  No, we would not be. “Can we give one to Anil’s mom?”  Anil is Greg’s best friend for almost a full year now. Mostly inseparable in school and yet still requiring as much bonding time on the weekends as the parents can handle. His mom does not have a vehicle so anything they do must be walking. We called her about the weekend and took time to explain that when she gets her license Greg wants to give her our vehicle when we leave for Costa Rica.  How generous is that?!! 

broThen the very next day, after he and Anil had spent an entire afternoon playing on their electronic games, we were in the car after I had picked him up when he said “Anil and I are going to be brothers-in-law.” Oh? How is that? “When we grow up, Anil will have a girl or boy and then I will grown up and have the other and then they can get married and we will be brother-in-laws.”  How inventive is that?! 

Five-Guys-logoWe stopped to get fries from “5 Guys Burgers” to go with our homemade burger (LOL!). While we are waiting at the counter, Greg looks up from his peanut eating and says “I think there are at least 2 men in the back.” The back? Did you see someone go back there? “No. There are 3 men working out here so there must be 2 in the back.”  I complimented him on his deductive reasoning.   I chuckled for hours over that one! 

5xThis evening Walter and Greg were in the family room: Greg reading. Walter had asked him to go upstairs to get ready for bed. After a number of stall tactics, Walter asked him “Why do I have to tell you things 5 times before you do it?”  

Does that bring back memories of when you were a kid?
I can actually hear my father saying this to me!! 

Greg turned to his father and said, “I know a way you don’t have to tell me 5 times.”  To which Walter waved him upwards asking him to go get ready and then he could come back down. Upon Greg’s return Walter encouraged him to share his idea on what we were to do so we did not have to tell him 5 times to do something. Greg promptly answered “Have patience.” He stood there with a look of “duh” because it just made so much sense to him.    

Walter then said “That’s great but I also know another way that you can keep me from having to tell you 5 times.” to which Greg ask “How’s that?” “Do it after I tell you the first time.” “Oh” he says and then adds “Patience is still good.”

99I dedicate this blog to my son and my father.  The son who turned 9 this past summer and my father who would have been 99 if he were still with us.  One of the things I shared with my father – his teaching and me adopting and now me teaching and Greg adopting – was the power of deductive reasoning. Something we encourage at all times. Even when it results in the reflective mirror being held up in front of us.

I am most grateful.

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