AWESOME – DoWoo #5/365

Today was an AWESOME day!  My DoWoos were enjoyed by making extra time for our family.

lightning_stormWe hit record highs – one of the warmest days of the entire summer.   After work we all climbed in the pool and played together. Fridays are family movie nights with homemade pepperoni, bacon, mushroom, garlic and extra cheese pizza! We just finished watching the movie when the thunder & lightening storm came through in full force.

Greg and I stood at the front door watching the lightening brighten the entire street. He said “That was so cool“.  It’s a “regular natural firework show!”   How very apt.  How very enjoyable. I paused and just allowed.  Wonderful observations. 

No1-trimmedI want to say thank you to the Universal Source for all my blessings today, with my family being #1.  Everything is truly “Awesome”! 

I looking forward to learning more tomorrow! 

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Carolynn Sokil             @IDoWooDoU      

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