Cover Story – DoWoo #64/365

Sitting around the dinner table tonight when Gregory asked me if I had ever DoWoo’d about “Don’t trust a book by it’s cover.”?   As I have been doing a lot lately I paused thinking…”Where did that come from?’  I asked him whether he knew what it meant. tumblr_mdxyimPhsA1rvirmqo1_500

“When a book is older and may be dusty, you should not think it’s just old and dirty, you need to look inside.  It may have really great stories. It’s what’s inside that counts.”   I then shared “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” was also a metaphor.  We explained the meaning of metaphor and judge in order to bring this meaning to a semblance of understanding. 

Greg and I were doing our evening read. A time for cuddle and independent reading with my son is a great way to wind down especially the time we get to chat about his day, his thoughts and his ideas.     

I realized that Gregory had used the verbiage of “trust” where as the original sentence included “judge”.  Gregory’s verbiage was slightly more “positive” than the original.  I explained my thoughts to him.  He turned to me and said – “Only a little bit positive because both used the word ‘don’t’.” 


4 thoughts on “Cover Story – DoWoo #64/365

  1. Walter Sokil

    I guess we mustn’t look at 9 year olds as being kids. Often their purity of thought gives us a clear look at life. Well written.


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