Dirty versus Clean Laundry – DoWoo #2/365

Went to my mom’s apartment this morning to accompany her to an appointment. Upon my arrival I noticed her bed had been stripped.  She mentioned the Personal Support Worker had left the dirty linen in the spare washroom. I opened the door and found the soiled linen folded neatly in a hamper.  I asked whether this was clean or dirty? She said dirty.

Folded-Clothes-1822623Hmmm – Why did she fold the dirty linens?  Why place them so neatly into the laundry hamper? Why did she not just put them in the washing machine? It would probably have taken less time than it took to fold them so neatly. 

THIS is not an example of a DoWoo.  

I definitely observed but then I had an opinion. 


In putting everything through the laundry – 2 separate loads – I ran into another load which was in the dryer – dry but not yet removed.  I thought to myself, whatever the case is, this person should arrive to find their clean laundry in a good space. 

I pulled the clothes out of the laundry and folded everything: matching the socks and tucking them into themselves; buttoning the tops and then folding them like they do in the stores. I hoped the person was ok with me taking her laundry out of the dryer to use it. 

2014-09-02 22.34.26I came back about an hour later to find a florescent green sticky note stuck to the front of the dryer. It read: “Sorry for the inconvenience! But thanks for the super neat folding job. Ursula

Daily Observations With Out Opinion!

Turns out my DoWoo worked well for the clean laundry…just not so well for the dirty. 

do wooLooking forward to practicing more tomorrow! 

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