Drama – DoWoo #4/365

Our son is 9.  He is our joy and, in many instances, our inspiration – truly an observation here! Since this is the second time I’ve mentioned him in four days…I’m observing that you may find him involved in many of my DoWoos as they unfold throughout this year.

blog-0982085001359753412Greg came home from walking his dog after school this afternoon.   “How was she?” I asked.    “OK” he said “but her collar came off when she sat down to scratch her neck. It was a very dramatic moment!”

I could not help the Loud Smile which bubbled up from my core and I burst out laughing.

I asked him if he knew what dramatic meant? “No” he answered.   Interesting…he had delivered this statement with such enthusiasm in his voice!

Turns out he was concerned that while her collar was off, and he was at the T of 2 streets where there is usually more activity, a distraction (anything on wheels) could have come by and the dog would have been gone.  He understood enough to use the word to describe the moment.

Love it! 

do wooI looking forward to learning more tomorrow! 

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6 thoughts on “Drama – DoWoo #4/365

  1. lydia johnson

    Nice going Carolynn, as always…..you have such a flare from the heart sharing skill! so creative…love what you are doing!


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