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young_earthI am perceived, from what I’ve been told, as a positive person. Some have even said that I can be over the top positive. However…that said, I admit wholeheartedly, I am fallible.

I experience thoughts of annoyance with others.  Whether it be “Why would you do that?” or “What were you thinking?” or even “Why don’t you do that differently?”.  Bottom line:  I have allowed myself to feel annoyance with others.

20130214045713!Rarity_is_annoyed_S1E14What is annoyance? It is defined as something which causes feelings of slight anger or irritation.  Based upon the word annoy which is to disturb or bother (a person) in a way that displeases, troubles or slightly irritates.  A few synonyms: aggravate, irritate, bother bug, chafe, exasperate

Upon reflection: to be annoyed is a negative emotion which benefits absolutely no-one!

annoyedWhy DO we do this? In my  case I believe it may be my ego talking – saying I perceive myself to be better than another – having a misguided opinion of grandeur. What was I thinking?

Being annoyed is of no positive use and in actual fact can be harmful to the one who is being annoyed. Negative energy can alter your body at the cellular level – why not give yourself all the help you can – Be Positive! 

So…what can we do?

What will I do? 

I choose to readjust who I am so I may remove this negative reaction from my existence – or at the very least become more aware so I may minimize its effect on myself and how I interact with others around me.   

I believe in all things we are firstly unaware and incompetent. Once we realize something we can now consider ourselves aware but we remain incompetent until something changes.  We then work towards altering what we know or do by learning a skill to alter the outcome – resulting in us being aware and eventually competent at whatever we have chosen to shift. Then, once we say or do something enough times (repetition/practice) we remain competent but have now shifted to doing, saying, being it automatically – unaware.


So…the million dollar question is “how” do I shift from being incompetent and aware to being competent and aware – releasing annoyance and frustration?  I need to practice being content and satisfied.  


No-Opinion-Icon-for-picks-fanpop-343698_130_130download (36) My new daily mantra “I choose to live in observation, without opinion, in perfect harmony with Universal Mind.” Daily Observations With Out Opinion!

For all my followers…current and new, I am making a promise (and I always keep my promises) to blog for the next 365 days about this journey of self discovery; a shift in who I am working towards – who I envision myself to be!

do wooDoWoos for September 1st, 2014

  • Recognized and thanked my husband for sharing the end result with me and then going back to fill in the details – a request I made to him which allows me to fully concentrate on the news he is sharing. 
  • Our dog Mya has a strong desire to get us to understand what she wants and persistently attempts, in any way possible, to get her message across.
  • I do not judge myself for what I have not done up until now; I look at myself for what I am doing today! 

Special thanks (Mahalo!) goes out to Mark & Davene Januszewski who run the Master Key class which has provided much of the inspiration for my journey.  For more information on what this class offers, and to reserve an option for an upcoming scholarship, please check out the Master Key Experience details here.  

Thank you for stopping by.  

Carolynn Sokil                                   @IDoWooDoU                              DoWoo@LoudSmiles.com

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