Is new better? DoWoo #44/365

Walter and I are currently on a crazy schedule with our businesses and being Certified Guides within the Master Key course and all the other wonderful things I have said “yes” to recently. I’m blue! What can I say? One of my Personal Pivotal Needs is Helping Others. 

OK…now to my point.  Even with all the additional scheduling going on we know we must include quality time with our son. So this evening we walked away from our phones and our computers to have dinner out (plus no cooking and no clean up!)  On the way there, Walter asked to stop at the pet store to pick up something for Mya.  When he came back to the car, Walter explained he had been delayed because both he and the store clerk had challenges finding the product – the package looked totally different. He showed me the label which said “New Look”. 

Change-to-something-completely-new-for-better-dating.-There_s-nothing-to-lose-and-everything-to-gain.Greg pipes up from the back seatJust because it’s new does not mean it’s better”. Wow! Where did he get that one from?  He calmly explained: When he buys a new pack of Pokemon it does not always contain better cards in the pack – sometimes they are better, sometimes they are similar and sometimes they are less than what he already has.

Ergo ‘new is not necessarily better’. 

While his explanation is totally in line from his perspective, the philosophy he shared has the potential for so much more depth.  I am scheduling time to ponder this one a bit further. 

What do you think? 

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