Marketing Chicken…no Egg! – DoWoo #236/365

I can only imagine what it must be like to account for all the things which turn each one of our cranks.  Is this what marketing gurus spend their nights dreaming about?

We have 5 senses (some may have 6 or more but let’s stick with the standard 5): 

  • 5 sensesSeeing: a burst of your favourite colour on a clothes rack makes your head swivel. 
  • Hearing: the rev of an engine…maybe a Harley motorcycle engine…has you pausing to watch it go by. 
  • Smelling: coming home after school to smell the aroma of mom’s banana bread straight out of the oven.  
  • Tasting: the first bite into a medium rare steak having just been dipped in Bearnaise sauce.  
  • Touching: putting my hands on a Logitech Wave keyboard, having the wrist rest call to me. 

I know, sounds pretty out there huh?!  But it’s what turned my crank today.  The keyboard was almost double the price of one I was going in to purchase.  Is this what marketing departments do? 

The philosophy we study in the Master Key is that a thought, mixed with a feeling, combined with faith and belief, results in creation.  I wonder…if we are the ones thinking about what we need or desire or would like, then once it has become a thought it is sent, by way of energetic signal, out into the world, and then while the creators (those who may have been born with that marketing gene) are dreaming, they begin to formulate a plan on how to fulfill what we are needing, desiring or asking for…and poof! Creation!   

We see it in the store. We hear it while out walking the dog. We smell it coming home from school. We taste it in a restaurant. We feel it and it fits. 

Is this another one of those chicken and egg scenarios?  I’ll have to allow this more observation. 

I purchased the keyboard! 

wave keyboard


2 thoughts on “Marketing Chicken…no Egg! – DoWoo #236/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    Yes. That is my understanding Carolynn. The Universe lines things, people, circumstances up according to what we think and feel. Our feeling sense is our sixth sense and the most important one because it is our own inner guidance. Like our own internal life sat nav.
    Sandra Owen recently posted…Week C4 Are you in the mood?My Profile


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