I Am Fluid – DoWoo #371/365

Life it not always what you planned.
Did anyone ever explain THAT one to you?  


I remember being about 11 or 12 the first time my sister responded to my “It’s not fair!” exclamation with “Did anyone ever tell you it was going to be?” So in the same vein it seems…did anyone ever state life would turn out the way you planned?   

I’ve learned through experience everything does happen for a reason, I just may not have a clue at the time what the reason is.  I also embrace Walter’s saying in that it all works out in the end and if it has not worked out…well, it’s not the end.  When I consider what I plan and what actually transpires, if I consider that things always happen for a reason and if it’s not working, it’s not the end….then, planning is good – but whatever crops up is there to take you where you need to go. 

I write this because I’ve come to a new realization.  I accept wholeheartedly I am meant to be here in Costa Rica at this time.  I am also meant to learn whatever it is I am learning at this time. What I recently realized is all this does not mean  I am here for the rest of my life.  Having released the anchors which may have held me n Canada does not mean I have to replace them with new anchors here. Where I will be a year from now, or 5 years from now, remains to be revealed.  I recognize I am fluid.  I am flexible.  I am available to whatever is meant to unfold.  


Gracias to my support who guide me to accept what I already understand within.  You are my blessings!  

Master Key Experience Course Launch Starts in 5 Days! – DoWoo #370/365

5 days until launch and I am 5 days over my 365 day goal. Can anyone say SYNCHRONICITY!?

only one like it

Earlier this week our plane of existence lost someone very dear to my heart – Dr. Wayne Dyer. Wayne’s first book, Your Erroneous Zones (1979) literally saved my husband’s life.  We have both benefited from his numerous teachings.  On this momentous day…5 days until the 2015 launch of the Master Key Experience…would it be ok if I shared a few of his quotes and how they apply to the teachings.  As Gandhi said – “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.  My change is in progress – and took a HUGE leap because of the teachings within this course.


  1. “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”
    • My all time favourite quote (used at the bottom of my emails) because it is all about my choice – how I chose to perceive something. You too have the choice!  The Master Key Experience teaches how to do this!
  2. “When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous.”
    • The Master Key Experience guides members to find their life’s purpose. I knew what I wanted but needed to know how! You receive hands-on guidance as part of the package received for only $1!
  3. “Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.”
    • What would I do if today were my last day here? Gets you thinking doesn’t it?
  4. “How people treat you is their karma. How you react is yours.”
    • Be kind to others. Remember to be kind to yourself. The Master Key Experience teaches how to choose our reactions to allow us to remain kind to ourselves and others! I so benefited from this one!
  5. “You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.”
    • Sit still. Be silent. Allow yourself to reveal yourself to yourself. AMAZING!
  6. “Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.”
    • Do it NOW! Did you do it?  No?  Then DO IT NOW!
  7. “You leave old habits behind by starting out with the thought, ‘I release the need for this in my life.’”
    • Words are the highest form of architecture. Your thoughts are words not yet verbalized. Be careful! This is your life! What are you willing to release?
  8. “When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”
    • Opinion free zone ahead! DoWoo!
  9. “You may have convinced yourself that giving is impossible because you have too little for yourself. If you are not generous when it is difficult, you will not be generous when it is easy. Generosity is a function of the heart, not the wallet.”
    • Give More – Get More!
  10. “It’s never crowded along the extra mile.”
    • 2% of people take the time to better themselves and their situation. After a lifetime of learning, the Master Key Experience is a course where anyone can be part of the 2%. What part of the % are you?
  11. “When the choice is to be right or to be kind, always make the choice that brings peace.”
    • One Random Act of Kindness at a time brightens the world.
  12. “When you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out, because that’s what’s inside. When you are squeezed, what comes out is what is inside.”
    • It’s all about the world within!  Do you want to find out what is inside you?


Above are a dozen reasons you could embrace to consider this course.  You only have 5 days left to get on our list for early notification. Be the hero you were meant to be for yourself!  

grad in mirror

Breathe – DoWoo #369/365

Watched a movie this evening called Zathura.  After, while Gregory was getting ready for bed he called out that he realizes everything has a purpose, there is always a lesson to be learned.  YES! Today is a day of significant realignment requirements. During my evening SIT I am open to the revealing of the purpose for these challenges and look forward to rejoicing in whatever lesson I am to learn. 

Deep breath! I am grateful to be here. To be alive. To be healthy. To be with my 2 men. To have nourishing food. A solid roof over my head. AND a warm Epson salt bath running for me (as I type) to enjoy and allow peace and tranquility to be my evening release.  Deep breath!  


Spend Wisely – DoWoo #368/365

11986522_935988339795889_766113741191049329_nTHIS is one of those things I strive to do comfortably each and every day. Sometimes it seems best to play along, play nice with everyone, compromise what I believe in in order to keep everyone happy.  It’s not necessarily an easy thing to do – saying goodbye to people who are not in harmony with your person journey.  Bottom line – life is short. Ask yourself “Would this person be at my funeral?”  No? Then do what is right for yourself.

Life really is too short to waste it spending time with anyone other than those who love you unconditionally, irrevocably AND who have your back.  This does not necessarily mean those who disagree with you – sometimes those people ARE the ones who have your back.  Make choices wisely. Your heart knows what is right.


Joy – DoWoo #367/365

I have quite a bit to be grateful for today.  I started the morning off with a 15 minute sit on the balcony before sun rise. It was dark when I first went out and eventually everything turn light blue before the sun finally came over the ridge.  The sounds I was able to capture are pure joy – the cicadas, birds, howler monkeys all with the sound of the surf and crashing waves.

We spent time on the beach.  Yesterday’s high tide had the water right up to the edge of the parking. This morning the beach was close to 100 feet out with the water still set to recede for another 2 hours until low tide. Gregory had a blast with the boogie board! Once back at the room we showered, changed and packed.  I look up from the luggage and what to I see…a white faced monkey on the railing of our balcony.  Gregory ran and grabbed the only fruit we had – a mamon – similar to a lychee nut. 

Shortly afterwards, a 2nd showed up.

For Gregory to experience a piece of the local wildlife was joy to me.  I was tickled pink too for having got so close myself.

Con Mucho Gusto – DoWoo #366/365

Was relaxing this evening and considering not blogging…however, I know once I stop anything which has become a habit, it becomes harder to start again and well…sometimes you just don’t. Have a few ideas on how to continue this habit – am allowing them to percolate. So….I will continue on until I decide which direction I have chosen and how often.  I am confident I committed to my next direction on or before the start of the Master Key Experience 2015 – September 27th!

Today however I wanted to share a quick tidbit about being grateful for being able to recognize positivity. I had asking the front desk where I could find something specific in town.  After I said gracias for their assistance, the one gentleman who was helping me said con mucho gusto.  I had also heard the main gentleman on the phone saying the same thing. It gladdens my heart whenever I hear someone say this.

You may or may not recall one of Walter and my pet projects is to share the alternative verbiage to the phrase “no problem” – this being either “you are welcome” or “my pleasure”.  It was about a year and a 1/2 ago when Mark J brought this phrase to my attention. Turns out Forbes Magazine had also written an article about it.  Turns out no is considered a negative word and guess what…problem is too! And this is one time when 2 negatives do not make a positive. This phrase is jam packed full of non-positive intent and negative verbal energy.  I’m not inferring that the person saying it does so with any type of malice or means anything negative by it – but we know that thoughts are things and since words are verbal representation of our thoughts…then words become things as well. OK – back to my being grateful for positivity.


I took a moment to share my observations with the gentlemen at the front desk.  Explaining that many people I’ve come into contact with in Canada and the US say ‘no problem’ in response to someone saying thank you. However, since being in Costa Rica, we have heard the people here using the phrase ‘con mucho gusto’ which I understand translates to ‘with pleasure’.  What a fantastic vibe the Costa Ricans give out from their service industry.  The 4 men smiled and seemed pleased with my share, with one even sitting up a bit straighter in his chair. 

I am grateful for the gift of being able to observe.  I am grateful I had an opportunity to share. I am grateful for today.  What are you grateful for today? 

Con Mucho Gusto

Grateful Fulfillment – DoWoo #365/365

1 year ago I chose to embark on this journey of realignment. I still have opinions. The good news is they are a lot less than they were a year ago. The even better news is…I get to continue on this journey of becoming unconsciously competent in what I think and project. This is a journey and the realignment continues.


It has been an amazing journey and I look forward to the next 365 days…and what they will unfold to show me – about the world, about myself and especially about my place in this world.

Gregory asked me an interesting set of questions this evening.  Did I think he was special and did I think he would do something to help the world?  I am proud of our son. He is overall a great kid – kind and caring.  He’s still only 10 so he has some time to mature into the young man I know in my heart he is.  But…when answering I turned it around on him and asked him to answer these questions.

THIS is when the light bulb comes on. Hel-lo-o!!  If I’m coaching him that the most important perspective to consider is his own – what other people think is irrelevant as long as he stays true to himself.  Hey mom! Take your own advice.  And I explain to him that he can do and be whatever he wishes to do and be – and once he finds out what it is that he was meant to do and be – well do it to the 9th degree and include others in his journey – giving back!

I am sitting on the balcony of the space we chose to stay for a few days – top floor of the hotel, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, on the cliffs of the rainforest, within walking distance to Parque National Manuel Antonio. The night sounds are prevalent, the crickets, the jungle, the ocean, there is a flash of lightning through the clouds – and both my men are asleep inside.

I am in a special space this evening to wrap things up.  Walter and I came to Costa Rica 8 years ago. When we flew from San Jose to the Palmar Sur, we flew out over this spot – our first glimpse of the Pacific off the coast of Costa Rica.  Now, 8 years later, we have been here for almost 3 months, we are listening to the ocean and I realize…I’m truly living my dream.

I am blessed beyond what I can explain.  I will regroup in a few days to make my next commitment known at that time.  Till then, my heartfelt thanks for your support through my journey.  Have a day filled with an abundance of blessings.

Gregory’s Observation – DoWoo #364/365

2.4.20_portable_electronic_devices_istock_000017541294xsmall_265_x_165Today started out with Gregory being informed he had lost his electronics for 2 weeks. When the 2 weeks is up, each day he will have an opportunity to earn time on his electronic devices – mostly Minecraft, a dragon game the other kids here all play and Wii.  This has been an ongoing push and pull with us doing our best to help him balance what he and his friends consider fun, with real life and family time.

For the past few years we’ve discussed what electronics do and why it is important to have balance.   One of the examples I used was eating only 1 type of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner – would this be healthy?  He understands having a balanced diet – why not liken this to a balanced day. Recently Gregory has become more and more enthralled with his electronic devices – claiming his body is wanting it and he feels he needs it. We remind him it is not his body – he always has a choice.  At the same time is ability to listen and follow simple request has drastically declined. So much for the balanced diet!  

Yesterday had been a day without. We went into Canas and had lunch. He helped wash the car. He and I played scrabble.  The day was full. in the middle of the night (early this morning) Walter got up. After noticing Gregory was not in bed, he found our son in the office playing on his tablet.  Whoa!

disappointedThis morning we had a long talk with him. We are parents who talk and explain.  Asking for his take on things so we confirm he understands.  We revisited the good voice and the not so good voice and which one he is listening to.  Then Walter pulled out the big guns…he told Gregory we were disappointed in him.

This is a phrase Walter and I do not use in our conversation to each other, about each other, unless it is an extreme case. By using this phrase the other person knows instantaneously they have gone too far and an immediate regroup and realignment of our interaction must happen.

We asked Gregory if he understood the word and once we got his take on it, we elaborated on his definition so he clearly was on the same page as us.

The deed was done. Cause and effect went into play.  Walter reminded me that this was not a moment to dwell nor savour so lets’ move on. Done.  We went to the Ladies of the Lake fund raiser down at Puerto San Luis. I worked the lunch ticket table with another volunteer and Walter was one of the 3 locals sharing their musical talent.  Gregory spent his time volunteering to test the games set up, then played in the lake and on the paddle boat with the other kids, oh and don’t forget eating! 

He had a shower as soon as we came home and then went down and shared his thoughts with Walter. Walter immediately had him share with me. We then recorded his revelation.
An observation from our little man.  Since a good portion of what I have written about this past year includes my interactions with him, I am grateful Gregory gave me a doozer to use on this second last day.   He’s learning to observe and make his own summary. 

Real versus Fake – DoWoo #363/365

P8295203Today, the clouds were amazing. So many textures, tones and shapes. Walter called this ‘paint by numbers clouds’. It was almost like something unreal.  

Have you ever wondered why we look at something and say – “Wow, that is so real it looks fake.” OR “That looks so perfect, it must be fake.”

When mother nature paints upon her canvas I cannot imagine she considers real or not real – it just is.  And it is beautiful. 

Lily 'Starlette'Someone shared a photo on Facebook the other day…with a perfect example. The capture for sharing said Lily ‘Starlette’ so pretty it doesn’t even look real.” 

Why do we do this?

I think back to someone looking at my rings one day and asked “Are they real?”  I understood they were were referring to whether the stones were real diamonds or not but I honestly felt like answering yes. Real is still real….whether it be simulated or not. 

So, why do we consider something too perfect it must be fake. And yet fake items are sometimes so realistically created (blemishes and all) that they look real.  Is perfection what makes something look fake? But if fake is not perfect, then how can it look real? 

Hmmmm…food for thought. Will ponder this one some more. Before I sign off today, I wanted to share a photo Walter captures of Arenal Volcano a few days ago.  The clouds look like they are curling up and around – almost like a toupee.  Does this look real to you? 

a cloud toupee1

Gold To Share – DoWoo #362/365

As I wind up my 365 day journey of realignment I realize I am still on my journey.  It is not over…it is just beginning. The more I observe the more I realize there is so much more depth to observing. I’m nowhere near perfect on this matter.  Having done this though, I observe I am more ME now than I was a year ago.    I am blessed and very grateful for the group who encouraged me towards this wild and fun commitment and have supported me throughout this year.  Thank you!  Gracias! 

goldmineI was once asked a question about sharing good fortune with my friends. 

“If you found a mine which produced gold and you were able to remove as much gold as you wanted every day and never run out, how quickly would you tell all your friends about it?”

Now, for those of you who have ever done any type of network marketing, you may have heard this question – typically meant to encourage you to share without question to everyone you know. This is not the case I am writing about this evening. This is not network marketing.  It is, however, just as precious as gold.  Or like the credit card company coined “Priceless!”

megaphoneI was thinking this morning about my journey; the fact my family and I are living our dream, that I truly believe anyone can benefit from the Master Key Experience class, but what more can I do to get the word out there – get people to realize this is truly life altering…in all the best ways?     

I’ve been in the mine.  While it is not filled with gold, it is filled with an abundance of knowledge… practical, logical, spiritual, metaphysical knowledge. This is an opportunity of a life time to grab your pickaxe and mine for what you desire. 

Now, some of you may say you are completely happy just the way you are. Fantastic!  I cannot imagine encouraging anyone to take a class, which looks inside to your deepest desires and helps you manifest your dream into reality, if you are already there, you are already totally happy with exactly where you are and where you are going.  Hey, if you fall into this group of people – you are so very blessed. I am ecstatic for you!

I’m looking out for the rest of you.  Those, who like me, know there is more, those who have been searching for something but just can’t put your finger on it.  If you have desires, dreams, ambitions, goals…but everything you do seems like it’s just not getting you there fast enough…or it’s one step forward and two steps back, would gold help? 

I struck gold and I want to share.


Wouldn’t you?

only one like itSo STOP…and please ask yourself:   

If you are not completely satisfied with where you are, would you like to learn how to create a fertile environment which creates what you desire?  If so, how would it feel to have someone to personally guide you, someone who has your back and encourages you to succeed?


I have 2 weeks to encourage you to put your name on my early notification list so you can get first shot at the limited number of scholarships which are available.

As your friend, what do I need to say to share the riches available from my gold mine? 

Art Perspective – DoWoo #361/365

I observed our son learning to process what he sees rather than what he thinks he sees. A bit of explanation on perspective was thrown in for good measure. 

aGregory came home from school shortly after they left to drop him off at 7am this morning. Turns out no school today as his teacher was ill.  I decided to provide Gregory with his first formal art lesson.  We had been informed before we arrived here that schooling was only 1/2 days and it was not always consistent – teachers having other things to take care of.

cWalter and I agreed to homeschool Gregory during our time here – providing additional depth to whatever they offer.   Our formal schedule does not start until September, but hey, art is fun right?

Other than colouring with Gregory when he was little, and my most recent foray into learning to paint, I have not done any type of art using pencil crayons in maybe 30 years.  Today was a bit of a test of the technique I had decided to go with in my head. 

bWe started out with an apple and a banana on a plate. We sat at 90 degrees to each other so his perspective was different than mine. When he first drew the 3 objects it was a circle for the plate, a circle for the apple and a banana – all not touching. I asked him whether what he drew was what he saw. Once he recognized that it was not the objects he was drawing but the objects as he saw them, he erased and redrew his perspective.

dWe then took turns sitting at my side and his, walking through the shadows, different colours on the apple, the colours of the plate because of the light from the window. I explained he should draw the general shape and then draw the areas where the different colours go.  

Similar to what you may find on a paint-by-numbers art piece, Gregory was tasked with creating those areas. We then walked through the colours and away he went. We worked together and once we had both the drawings done, we moved onto layering of the colours to deepen and define the areas. Gregory did a great job!

When we were almost done, he asked whether we could eat the apple. Of course! One always has the option of consuming their still life.  The apple was eaten with peanut butter and the artwork is hung on the fridge.   I look forward to the next session. 

2H Gift – DoWoo #360/365

Someone held up a mirror this evening – for me to figuratively take a look at myself – and I liked what I saw.  I am humbled and honoured. Grateful! 

connectingWalter and I met a young couple a few weeks ago. Someone Walter had connected with invited us for dinner and then invited this couple who were staying at their rental.  We connected on so many levels, having great conversations about a variety of subjects – with the overall common thread of aiding others while making a living – to be here living our dream.  At the end of the evening I felt I should share my ‘carpe diem’ bracelet  – somehow she was meant to have this. 

They are leaving this Friday and even though they had a hectic schedule, they were able to fit us in. I felt like we have known them…somehow…for longer that this time in space – a connection beyond explanation.  I relish things like this when they happen…knowing they are signs to let me know I am where I am meant to be. 

340-300x256This young lady shared with me this evening that I had made an impact on her way of thinking and because of this – things were shifting for her. She mentioned that I had suggested she ‘detach herself from the outcome’ – so she did.  She immediately noticed a difference in how others worked with her and how she felt about her work. She had embraced the law of least effort and it reaped outstanding results.

What I’ve had the blessing to have learned over the last 2 years has become a part of me. I understand the concepts of what we can do in order to alter what is in front of us.  All I did was share a concept. She was the one who took this and ran with it, embracing it to its potential, allowing it to unfold, and detaching from the outcome – and then observed and recognized the results. I am humbled and honoured to have been the person who got to share. 

carpe-diem-bracelet--large-msg-13393584282I never know how my actions, my words can help another person. I do know I aim to do this daily…somehow…for someone.  In this case, we both seized the day.  I consider how Mark J, The Fabulous Davene and Trish Abeloff must feel knowing hundreds of people whose lives have shifted because of what they teach with the Master Key Experience.    Wow!   Gracias! 

8 Reasons to Find Out About the MKE – DoWoo #359/365

Since I am 98% of the way to reaching my desired goal of blogging for a full year, am currently living in a country we dreamed about for the last 8 years, I spent this past weekend watching my husband play piano in front of a packed crowd – something we’ve dreamed of since we met 13 years ago, my 10 year old is one of the best kids, adjustable and positive, even sings while picking weeds…I’m fairly certain I can come up with at least 8 observations about why you may wish to find out about the Master Key Experience.

  1. why 8Something looked at differently will indeed appear different – is there anything you wish to change?
  2. You have the ability to create your reality; HOW to do this is only a month away – want to be first in line?
  3. You were made first class, by first class, to live first class – want to stop flying coach?
  4. Excuses are no longer required; you are absolutely perfect…Truly! – interested in hearing this explanation?
  5. You are a miracle – may we show you why?
  6. There is something you can do with your body, with minimal effort, and done for only a few minutes before any situation will put you in a place of control – curious to know what it is?
  7. Everything you need to excel / succeed is already within you – would you like the key to access it?
  8. This is your last stop; the answers are here; all you need is a dream and a plan – how would having a personal guide assigned to give you hands on support, to aid you in fulfilling your dream, feel?    

There is no miracle cure, no weekend quick fix, no one is going to hand you a blank signed cheque, you will not be asked to walk across hot coals or fall into a stranger’s arms while your eyes are closed and life not being “fair” is completely irrelevant.  You are all that you need, to be all that you ever imagined.  

Check out the Master Key Experience – It shows people just like you and me…how to be a hero in our own life.   Why would you not? 

Check out what others have to say about this class:

For more information on our personal Master Key Experience journey and how I got to be here…our dream no longer a dream but our reality, our life – click HERE.    To receive EARLY notification of the Master Key Experience 2015, and to get first shot at one of the limited scholarships being offered, please share your name and email with me HERE

When It Rains – DoWoo #358/365

I worked diligently on 2 reports today – both somewhat challenging. I personally enjoy being challenged because it keeps me on my toes – makes my brain work!  Today however I chose to shut down a tiny bit early (balance – I maintain work life balance) in order to play scrabble with my two men.  

One of the things I may have commented on prior – I know I’ve said it outloud – is the benefit of being able to watch the weather where we are.  When you are in the city, you can sometimes see a dark cloud in the distance, and the hear wind in the trees before it actually ruffles your hair…but here you can literally watch it come towards you.  From where we are, to the other side of the lake, is about 7 km…and then there is a few more kilometers of forest and mountains in the distance. We have a clear line of site to watch clouds roll in, sun shine down in one spot and move to another, rain coming cross the water like a grey wall.  I’ve even watched the rainbow come towards us – so we became the spot someone else was seeing that rainbow. As a weather man’s daughter I get a serious kick out of this and think of my dad fondly whenever we pause to appreciate what is going on around us. 

The rain the last few days has been consistently intermixed with sun, cloud, blue skies and wind – sometimes everything all at once . Today, while I sat at the table playing scrabble with my men, it was brightly sunny and then the rain came…but the sun did not disappear!  It was raining while the sun was shining.  I love it when it does that. 

I take time tonight to remind myself all things, no matter what they are, have the ability to be appreciated.  I just need to keep my eyes open for where the rainbow is going to show up. Today it was while I chose to spend time with my men. 

when it rains

For the last 2 years I have been blessed to have been involved in the Master Key Experience. This course has given me the ability to think positively in the face of challenges.  And if I don’t like how something appears to me, I have the tools to adjust how I look at it, and ultimately I can find that silver lining…my rainbow.

Your rainbow is waiting.  For more information on the Master Key Experience – and to be first in line for early notification, please share your details (in top right).  No spam provided.  Promise!  

An-ti-ci-pay-ay-tion – DoWoo #357/365

We have rented a property in the Lake Arenal region.  While it is only about 3 years old, it has numerous ‘quirks’ about it.  We understand the homeowners chose to build based upon their dream design. While it is not what we would design or build ourselves, it has what we were looking for utility wise.  We just did not anticipate these ‘quirks’.

One of the interesting observations – they ALL have quirks.  Each property, each house has something uniquely different about it – and some of these aspects…well, you may wish to choose to embrace them…otherwise you could find yourself going a wee bit batty!

costa-rica-pura-vidaI’ve been informed workers here have a different way of doing things. We’ve heard “Pura Vida” a lot as it relates to getting any type of house build done. If the electrical is on the outside of the door versus the inside, if the door bangs into a counter, if the cupboard doors are on backwards, if the washer and dryer doors open into each other (rather than opposite for ease of clothes transfer)…these are all “Pura Vida”.  One person commented to me “It’s close!” 

While technically Pura Vida translates to Pure Life, we’ve only heard it used in…well, not the nicest way.  The general gist appears to be along the lines of ‘whatever’ or ‘go with the flow’ or ‘it will be what it will be when it will be and not a second earlier’.    I’m still waiting to find out whether there is a positive philosophy attached to this phrase.  Most of the information I have has been provided from the expats – who may have a tendency to come at this from their own country’s perspective.  I’m reserving my final observation for a later date. 

One of the quirks we have here is we are waiting on a door to be replaced. This was supposed to be installed the week after our arrival (almost 10 weeks ago).  The new door is on order and it turns out it is to be replaced when it will be replaced and not a moment sooner.  It has been explained to me that trying to hurry this process up in any way tends to have the opposite effect on the outcome. So…we go with the flow.

anticipationThis morning Gregory informed us one of the cats was curled up in front of the “coming soon door”.  Walter and I both commented about loving this phrase the moment we heard it.  Now if we look at the phrase “coming soon” it’s something used to advertise – to create anticipation about whatever is on its way. 

With time being what it will be, and the world turning as it should, another way to look at all of this is “An-ti-ci-pay-ay-tion”. 

My Dream Included What? – DoWoo #356/365

dreamIf you read yesterday’s DoWoo, you will know that tonight was the big night. Walter was debuting his piano playing and singing at a local restaurant / bar here which has live entertainment once or twice a month. A local singer worked with him for the 4 hours and the house was packed. 

I had offered to work the evening helping out with taking drink orders, food and serving.  I had had no idea how hard it was to serve.  My hats off to all those who have ever waited tables for a living. sore-feet1 (1)So…while part of our dream became a reality this evening – Walter playing piano, me serving drinks, while living in Costa Rica – I do not recall my dream including sore feet.  I’ll have to update my DMP to be more specific. 

It was a blast!  Listening to my hubby play. Listening to others comments about the music for the evening.  Walter and Melissa rocked the house! No pics unfortunately – will have to see who may have taken a few to share.  Next time I’ll be more organized to include taking a video and a pic or two.  

A Slice of My Dream, Delivered – DoWoo #355/365

We are moving into single digits tomorrow…tonight is the 10th last blog in this commitment. I admit…I am proud of myself for this accomplishment.  Prior to taking the Master Key, I had started a journal numerous times. And each time I had the best intentions in the world of recording my daily thoughts. I had follow through…but not stamina.  In thinking back I believe I may have done it for a month or so but not much more than that.  This time I am going to not only finish this big ass commitment, I’m going to continue on.  

When I took this class – The Master Key Experience – I was told I had to decide what my DMP was about – my definite major purpose.  I was then asked to blog weekly about our experience as a student of the class.  Reasons are many but the main one is to record our journey of self-discovery. What I got out of this was an ability to reflect on how my dream became my reality. 

Tonight was a slice of our journey being served with a big giant proverbial bow! I had the joy of watching my husband practice with a local singer. Tomorrow our dream of a piano bar in Costa Rica commences into the next stage of its journey to fulfillment. 

How cool is that?

Imagine seeing what you’ve imaged as your dream come true?  This is what Mark J and The Fab Davene explain to us is possible.  I am blessed to have taken this journey.  I wish I could share a scholarship with every single person I know who has a dream…so they too can experience it becoming their reality.  

Alas, I cannot control what others do.  If you are reading this…and have a dream…and would like to see it become a reality – sign up on the side to receive early notification.  I’d love to see you take this ride along with us! 

Adjusting Perspectives – DoWoo #354/365

I am a great lover of watching birds soar – especially eagles.  Years ago when I had enough gumption (or something else, depending on which way you wish to look at it) to get a tattoo, I chose a west coast Canadian Indian ceremonial eagle. I had dreams when I was younger of riding the currents, dipping and diving at will – as the eagles did.  

When we first moved here, and saw a large bird floating on the wind currents in front of our view, I immediately assumed it was some kind of eagle. There were times when there were 2 or 4 birds soaring, coming close to our balcony – it was amazing to watch. Their freedom, their wingspan, their ability to float on the wind without using their wings. 

THEN…I found out they were not eagles.  Turns out they are Turkey Vultures. My immediate reaction was distaste.  Vultures in my mind were birds which picked at rotten flesh.  This was no longer my beautiful eagle visual. 


Had the birds flight capabilities changed?  Had the wingspan become less than impressive? Had their ability to catch the wind and soar been eradicated?  NO!   So…why had my reaction to seeing them soar change? It was all about what connection I attached to what a vulture is? 

Since I found out the birds I was watching were vultures, I have been pondering my perspective and adjusting it.  Recognizing my limiting thoughts and reminding myself of the joy I felt in watching them (or any bird which has these abilities). 

This morning there were a half dozen or so of these large birds swooping and soaring on the wind currents immediately in front of our verandah.  I caught a video of ones flight. I found joy in their flight.  How they eat or what they eat – it’s nature as it was meant to be. 

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.  Wayne Dyer

The Universe Took Care of Me – DoWoo #353/365

universeToday turned out to be a very interesting day. Walter had a friend coming over to jam. Walter suggested I take Gregory out to shop for something for his friend’s birthday this weekend.  I did not wish to go. I dragged my heels and found lots of other more pressing business to take care of.  THEN…the Universe gradually showed me why. 

  • Shortly after lunch I received a note from a friend asking whether I wanted to drop by for cappuccino and a visit.  I jumped at the chance to get out – much more to my liking that shopping in town (I know…I’ve come a long way from my shop-a-holic days!)
  • While we were sipping our wonderfully amazing cappuccinos, Walter called to let me know he was no longer having a visitor over. 
  • During our coffee visit I remembered to ask where I may find shirts for boys in town.  I’ve not done much shopping in Tilaran. She mentioned a shop a friend’s relative owned and gave me directions. 
  • I called Walter as I was leaving to let him know I was on my way back and did he want to go into town with me to shop.  Sure!
  • On they way there I received a call to stop for something.  I ended up picking up a whole bag of limones (lemons) – FREE FOOD! 
  • Walter had decided to go outside to wait for me. With my delay getting home, he had time to visit with the father of the birthday boy.   Walter and I had asked previously what he may like and his father advised anything soccer.  Today the father happened to be wearing a shirt from their favourite team – both he and his son love it.
  • Now Walter knew what to look for…but would we find that specific shirt in a town of 9,000 people? 
  • We arrived into town and parked in front of the shop my friend had suggested.  
  • When I got out of the car I noticed another store about 1/2 a block away on the other – and it looked like they too sold clothing.
  • The first shop had a few soccer type shirts but for men.  The children’s shirts were just t-shirts. Nothing which really jived with what we were looking for. We thanked the owner and departed. 
  • I suggested we walk up to the other store I had noticed. Walter asked where and I pointed it out to him. 
  • 20150819_203248Walking into the second store, what do we see – hanging up on the wall in front of us – 1 soccer shirt…and (I’m sure you figured this out) it was the same shirt the father had been wearing – just smaller – the perfect size for Gregory’s friend.  WOW!
  • Then as we were leaving…there was another store across the street which just happened to catch my eye.  We went in and found a doll for the little boy’s sister (whose birthday party is the same day!). 

THIS is how the Universe took care of me today.  Had I not dragged my heels, I may have gone into town. The chances of me finding the first shop let alone the second were slim as I would not have gone that far over.  Had I gone before all the other events, Walter may not have had an opportunity to see the father wearing the shirt we should be looking for.

So many twists and turns. AND to elaborate on how it all makes sense…during my conversation with my friend over cappuccino, I had mentioned my belief that when things do not go the way you want them to…sometimes it is because everything else needs to fall into alignment to get you to the best part of what you needed – you just may not have realized it!  

I am most grateful!  


Doing It Right – DoWoo #352/365

I am a result of all my thoughts!   I also understand the universe my back (TUT told me so). So what happens today is an accumulation of my thoughts combined with the universe’s interpretation – all together making sure I am pointed towards my purpose. 

leap2-300x300I was contemplating the work I do for a client today. I calculated having saved them almost 40% compared to their alternate service provider.  This was not due to significantly lower rates – but by providing consistent, diligent, quality work.  A good portion of these savings were because the end user required a significantly lower number of “re-do” reports.

This is supported by John Wooden’s quote “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”

Life is like that.  

Your purpose can be like that.

Imagine if each and every one of our thoughts were like that? 

This is what we learn within the Master Key Experience.  Do it now! Do it right! Create your dream the way you want it to be created. Counting on someone else to do it for you…well, it’s just not going to happen.  So…what are you going to do about it?

opt in MKE