Parent’s Homework on the 2nd day of School – DoWoo #3/365

images (94)Today I did not DoWoo well.  

had an opinion about a neighbour…actually about 2 of my neighbours. My husband reminded me I’m not perfect.

Whoa!  Was that an opinion??

science_insectsSo…it’s now after 10:30 at night…and I’m sitting here pondering today, thinking back through the entire day looking for my DoWoo.  I certainly observed numerous areas where I could have been better at observing and releasing having any opinion…and then thank goodness, I found a DoWoo!


Our 9 year old came home with what he called “homework” for us today.  The teacher gave us a questionnaire entitled “Introducing…Your Child“.  What a great idea!  Ooops! Slipped into a slight opinion there as well! 

grasshopper up closeThe form starts out by explaining “I would like to know more about your child through your eyes.  The more I know, the better I can tailor an educational and motivational program to fit his or her needs.  Please answer the questions and complete the information below.

  1. List 5 words that best describes your child’s character. 
  2. What motivates your child?
  3. What are your child’s out of school interests and activities?
  4. How would you rate your child’s study habits? (1-10 with being the lowest score)?
  5. Which academic subject is your child’s best___________ worst___________?
  6. What social skills would you like to see your child develop?
  7. Are there any personal or physical problems that I should know (or conference privately) about?

Wow! Has anyone else had a teacher send this home?

First – I have to observe our son and share information with the teacher without it being an opinion.  Interesting exercise.  

Second – I had the opportunity to explain to our son about my new mission / goal of sharing 365 days of DoWoos – and then got to share an explanation with him about what is the difference. He explained it back to me with his own examples.  Smack on.

Lastly – I observed that our son’s new teacher is special and we look forward to getting to know her throughout our son’s school year.  

do wooI looking forward to practicing more tomorrow! 

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DoWoo’d today.  I really want to know!

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4 thoughts on “Parent’s Homework on the 2nd day of School – DoWoo #3/365

  1. Walter Sokil

    This exercise is most fascinating. I believe that by doing this every day we form Good Habits which naturally replace OLD, Bad habits. Another DoWoo ToDo!


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