Sharing is Caring – DoWoo #66/365

Last year Gregory won the “Caring” Award. 9 of the 10 months they provide an award for the month – a virtue which has been exemplified. 1 per class, out of 20-25 children, receive the award.  The award receipient’s photo and a copy of their certififcate get posted in the hall for the entire next month. Since his award we have heard the phrase “Sharing is Caring” many times. 

2014-11-05 19.29.53Tonight was Gregory’s first official evening to join the Cub Scouts.  He had gone 2 prior weeks to check it out. He said he wanted to join and he wanted to join prior to this coming weekend so he could march in the Remembrance Day Parade.  

thbramaleacrestcoaGreg was so serious. When they told them he had to stand at attention – he did.  

He then received his necker, and his first 3 badges (to be sewn on his shirt). The tag line on his scouting badge reads “Working & Sharing Together”.  Sharing is Caring. He’s in the right place – doing exactly what he wants to do.  Growing up is making choices.  

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