Sit, Meditation & Prayer – DoWoo #9/365

Had a much better day of today! DoWoo! 

I observed something needed to shift in order to allow myself to be in a better space today.  I took the time to review and then realign my direction.  Through this process I further observed that I am most grateful to my husband who has the patience to persist in offering guidance to me – even when I am not be in the most receptive place.  He may even go so far as to tip toe through what could be likened to an active mine field in order to ensure I receive the support needed – to remind me where I may be going is not where I intend to go.  He is my blessing! Thank you Walter! 

Walter and I belong to a group of 6 like minded individuals who hang out once a week, and have been doing so for months now (wow, I observe this as a significant accomplishment).  We offer support and encouragement to each other in our journey of self-discovery.  This weeks’ visit included a discussion about our “sits” – what we all refer to as the time we take each day to just be still and at peace; to allow ourselves to just…allow.  

Some people may refer to this time we spend in silence as something different.  I choose to consider it my time to reconnect my inner direction with my source.  However, I did not always have this perspective. I recall an interview I had the opportunity to watch between Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey. The-Difference-Between-Meditation-and-Prayer.   It resonated. 

Rather than include just the video, I wanted to allow you to see this from a Graphic Novel perspective. A small portion is not within the Bit Strip but hopefully I’ve captured enough for your viewing pleasure.  Feel free to clink on the video thumbnail to hear the conversation as you read along.  22a122a222a322a422a522a622a7Are you enthusiastic about your time with yourself?  Are you enthusiastic with your time with your source / your creator / your God / the Universe?  How often does one get the chance to listen and allow?  I observe my time to reconnect is now.  I am blessed to have been reminded of my direction is so many ways today. 

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