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Humour! – DoWoo #338/365

I am grateful for today.  Gregory is doing his best to “fit in” with his peers at school.  Most have phones or tablets.  The person we rented from offered to leave their Nokia phone for Gregory to use (they were to get a new IPhone once they got to Europe).  We put a prepaid SIM in it and voila – he is connected.  

After we did a 1 minute “sit” this morning (no move, quite time, meditation) with him, Gregory decided he wanted to try a longer meditation on his own.  I was on a business call so he called his father to let him know what he was doing.    He really is enjoying his new independence but likes to stay connected and check in.  

Then Walter received the following message ….


Turns out the button for his pants broke in half, and was no longer attached….and his pants were falling down.  He has no hips so pants tend to just drop….he was in a bit of a panic. Thank goodness we are only minutes from the school.  

My observation…his ability to spell phonetically is about the same in Spanish as it is in English! Onwards! 

Disappearing Present – DoWoo #266/365

This is my 100th last blog – meaning I now have….


Happy Dance!  Can you hear the song…”99 blogs left on the site, 99 blogs left on the site, If I write one more blog on this site, how many are left to be wrote?” 

This constant movement towards something reminds me of what Gregory declared during a conversation he had with Walter this evening – repeated for my benefit so I may “DoWoo” about it.  

“There is no such thing as the present because by the time you think of it, it is the past.” He went on to explain that “there is a lot of past but even more future and very little present.”   It appears our son has been listening to us.  Time is ever evolving. 

Walter counsels that in order to have your best life, you only need to do one thing….make every moment the best it can be. All life is, is a cumulation of individual moments.    We need to make it count. 

How did I make today count? 

Today I started the day drinking coffee (a few sips just so I said I did) whilst sitting in the big comfy leather couch, while my men slept in.  I proceeded to make pancake breakfast once they were up – our last in the house.  We cheered our last Sunday family breakfast here.  

Today I moved forward towards our dream.  It feels good to make each moment in the present count for your most memorable past, charging towards our future.  

How did YOU make today count? 

Take A Picture – DoWoo #254/365

crafts-3The wonderful thing about being a mom is that our son brings home all sorts of crafts, pictures he created, rocks he painted, cards he put together….and interestingly he expects me to keep them ALL.  I recently had to explain to Gregory that we may need to double our storage rental if I were to have kept everything he ever made or gave us.  

A few weeks ago there was something he had drawn and he wanted me to keep it. While I did keep things for years, I’ve been rather brutal recently and have let much of this go.  I explained to Gregory we could take a picture of it, that way we will have it with us without it taking up any room. He thought this was a great idea and did not have appear to have any (rear view mirror) issues with it going into the garbage once we digitized it on our camera. 

20150512_212842Today we dismantled Gregory’s bunk bed as it was being purchased by someone. Gregory is now sleeping on the last piece of his bedroom set – the bottom mattress where Mya usually sleeps.  He asked her to come in and snuggle with him.  He called out to me to come see her in his bed with him.  I explained my camera battery was low so I would not be able to take a picture with the flash.  He replied “Just take a picture with your mind.”   I no longer rely on my memory (LOL) so took one without the flash – after turning on the light!  

No Rear View Mirror! – DoWoo #253/365

2 suitecaseWe had explained to Gregory we were each aiming to have only 2 suitcases with us initially – and then a very limited amount of stuff was going into storage. When we go down in September we will decide whether we need to bring anything else with us. While Walter and I have done most of the sorting of our individual and household stuff, we’ve asked Gregory to be responsible for deciding what he will bring from his belongings.  I’ve shown him the size of container he is allowed to work with. He sorted.  Then we show him a slightly smaller container for specific things – and he sorted again.

Pokemon_cards-22/3 of one whole large bin ended up being Pokemon cards.  He had started collecting about 3 years ago, and worked hours in the yard to purchase more, spending holiday gift money on these cards.  All with the intended “goal” of collecting them all.  However, the company keeps coming up with new ones he explained…so he’s not sure how long it will take.

During his recent sort – he removed all the Pokemon cards into one pile and said he was giving them to his friend Anil.  He explained “they” were sharing and so Anil would just have them all unless Greg needed some and then Anil could share back.  Anil went home today with the ENTIRE collection from the last 3 years.

I mentioned my concern to Walter…what if he decided he wanted them again once we moved? Turns out our son has learned that it’s perfectly OK to move on – releasing these aspects in their totality. He now has a new “goal” which he plans to keep with him during our travels – to collect all the Geronimo Stilton books.  The good news is you can purchase these on your e-reader so they take up minimal space.

I recognize that I need to follow our son’s example.  While I have been releasing things, I’ve not been as good at the totality because I wonder “what if I need it??”.  Like “they” say about your clothes closet, if you haven’t worn it in the last year…toss it!  If I am planning to drive forward, I can’t be doing this while looking in the rear view mirror. 

Today I observed Gregory’s ability to NOT look in the rear view mirror.  Although he has a limited idea about what driving a car is all about – he certainly stays focused on moving forward.


Price of Admission – DoWoo #252/365

question markHad a conversation at dinner this evening which took an interesting turn into belly laughter. We were discussing finishing the food on your plate when I stated “I always finish what’s on my plate…sometimes, I just have other people help me with some of it.” Walter advised he tried every permutation he could to make this statement make sense in his mind…he could just not see the logic in this statement. Gregory piped up to say “No logic!.” 

I tried explaining my rationale that just because it was on my plate at some point, did not mean I had to finish it, only that it needed to be be finished.  If some of the food made it onto Walter’s plate then it was no longer on my plate to finish – ergo, once I finished what was left I was finished. Gregory looked at me and said “bubble above my head with a question mark”.

laughWe went back and forth a bit with this – and every time I mentioned it in any way, Walter started chuckling and said “no more” as I was making him laugh. What I loved was when Gregory asked to have one of the last pieces of garlic bread….upon my response that he had to finish what was on his plate, he immediately picked up the last piece of potato and said…”Guess what I’m going to do?”  His fork reached over to Walter’s plate and the potato was gone from Gregory’s plate – ultimately allowing his plate to be finished.

Walter and I howled with laughter. I told Gregory that his actions were priceless and caused a good chuckle. He could proceed this one time! Love how quick he is on picking up the levity of the situation. 

Today was a very good mother’s day!  I was spoiled by both my men. And Gregory…well, he is a reminder that my trek into motherhood has been totally well worth the price of admission.

Superb Resilience – DoWoo #249/365

Walter reminded me to look to our almost 10 year old son and observe how HE was handling this evenings news…to emulate all that he exudes based upon the environment and teachings we have shared with him.

CaptureFor those who are following our journey, you will know that we have been on a roller coaster ride for some time as it relates to taking our dog Mya with us to Costa Rica.  A quick recap for those who have not…We thought we were able to bring her with us on a flight with AA to Liberia only to find out (after spending $1,000) that they do not take that large of a crate. Then we confirmed with Air Canada only to find out that they have an embargo on – and no cargo animals for the balance of this year (nothing to do with Costa Rica – strictly Air Canada). Then we confirmed with Delta for September because from mid May to mid September there is a flight restriction due to heat.

TODAY I found out that Delta does not ship live animals from Canada as Cargo.  While we personally spoke to Delta – supposedly they only do this out of the US and not Canada.  AND we cannot drive down to the US and hop on a plane there because the paperwork has to match from country of departure and in order to get US paperwork, we would need to live in the US for 6 months.

After explaining this to both Walter and Gregory this evening, the 3 of us were all wearing sad faces.  We always do our best to explain to our little man what is going on – allowing him to experience and learn to work with the ups and downs  life throws our way. We explained that it did not look promising anymore. However, there are loads of dogs in Costa Rica and once we find a new home for Mya maybe we can be the new home for a dog down there.

Not 5 minutes later, Gregory asks me “What will we name our dog in Costa Rica?”

We discussed waiting to meet the dog to determine his or her personality. I then explained what I knew about Costa Rica and dogs – and the differences in how each country treats different animals. I explained there were lots of dogs who needed help in Costa Rica and if this is what ends up happening – we will have a good selection.  He immediately asked if we could adopt 2.

I explained we would wait till we knew for sure about Mya before we make any firm decisions on adopting there – especially coming back in September – we should wait till we are there more permanently before we commit – otherwise we will have the same issue we are having now.

He turned to me and explained that he just wanted to get excited about the new possibilities in order to deal with the sadness of not having Mya with us.   My son’s resilience is a reminder of the Law of Substitution. Once replaced with another thought, the first thought no longer has centre stage.  


Give Joy; Get Joy – DoWoo #222/365

During the craziness of our day today, Walter and I realized our plan to have Gregory’s friend join us for the hockey game tomorrow evening and then sleep over, did not allow for the two best friends to hang out and play together as much as we know they like to. Mid day, we altered the plans, calling the friend’s mom to make sure it would work from her end. 

After school, while Gregory was finishing his project due for Monday, Walter sneaked* out to pick up his best friend without Gregory being remotely aware. When Walter walked in the door, he called out to Gregory to come down…he had a surprise.  I quickly got down by the front door so I could witness the “surprise” gift we had arranged. 

When Gregory came around the corner, and saw his best friend, his whole face lit up!  It was like Christmas morning for him…and amazingly for me as well.  

Greogry's Surprise Look

Why is it that seeing the light in another’s eyes, the lift of their smile, when they are given a gift, makes your own heart sing?  Joy is what I saw. Joy is what I felt. 

At the time of organizing this slight change in plan – allowing them to have a pizza/movie night, sleep over, all day of electronic fun, ending with a hockey game; rather than a hockey game, sleep over, hour of electronic fun – I had no thought to how this would make me feel. Only that this would please our son. 

In addition to Gregory receiving his surprise, we were given a gift which only comes with giving.

* I originally typed in the word “snuck”.  It turns out this is not a proper word and the correct term is “sneaked”. Since it sounded correct in my head the improper way…I decided to make a note here for anyone who wishes to weigh in on the rightness of the verb. I tried finding other words with similar relations: Peak is not puck (it is peaked) and leak is not luck (it is leaked). Freak is not fruck – it is truly being freaked out!  So why did snuck sound right?  Feel free to add to the conversation.

Tired & Scared – DoWoo #209/365

We were watching Earth to Echo this evening (Friday pizza/movie night was moved to Saturday as Greg had a cub scout sleep over). We had originally watched this in the theatre. There was a part maybe 20 minutes in when the kids (they are about 12 years old) are out on the highway in the middle of the night on their bikes following a map on their phone – an adventure.

Turning to Gregory I said “I seem to remember this is the part when I reminded you the first time we saw this…not to do anything like these boys are doing please.” To which Gregory responded “I won’t.  I’d be tired and scared.”

Said so matter of fact. We have a straight forward kid it appears!  However, when he thinks of moving to Costa Rica – he is excited. It’s all in how you choose to label these emotional feelings.


Have you ever wondered why your goals remain just out of reach?   Have you ever questioned why what you have concentrated on does not happen?  How would you like to put actions into play which reaps results?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions….sign up below and I will ensure you are one of the select few who hear about the next class before the masses do.  There is a maximum number of scholarships awarded.  If we can show you how to do this, truly show you how to put your dream into reality, why would you not want to sign up?  

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

Are We Being Honest – DoWoo #208/365

Gregory was speaking at the school assembly today – which he asked us to come a few weeks ago. His role was to read a few sentences in their version of “A Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Out of the 28 kids, Gregory was 1 of 6 “readers” and the rest of the class played the role of the villagers, the sheep and the wolf.

We started the assembly singing “Oh Canada!”. Then after the end of the play, the teachers awarded children from each grade with the “Honesty Award”. 1 or 2 from each class, brought up by grades – from grades 1 to 5. Each child was given a paper certificate and a wrist band with this month’s virtue written on it.

One of the other parents beside us had brought their daughter – maybe 12 or 13 months old. She started out toddling around, but gradually became more vocal and at one point was laying on her back, spinning around using her legs, communicating the whole time – communicating in a way only a 1 year old can do.

I looked over at her at one point as she spun…and found her using the grade 5 sitting in front of us on the floor as her personal spinning assistant. He just smiled down at her and allowed her to walk across his arm and back.

What I saw was a child doing exactly what she wanted – without any need to conform. If she was frustrated, she let us know. If she was having fun, she let us know. If she needed comfort, she ran into her mothers arms, running out again as soon as she had what she desired. She was being totally honest with herself.

Imagine living life as an adult with this same enthusiasm? Imagine not having to worry about what others think of your position? This little girl was doing what I have found myself pondering…laying down and just spinning without a care in the world! However, AS an adult, we are conditioned to conform to social customs. That is…to be quiet when others are conversing, to pay attention and not interrupt, kids should be “seen and not heard”. Are we being honest?

I will need to give this observation some further thought. However, in the meantime, please feel free to share your thoughts…I’m interested in hearing others opinions on this. Gracias!

Available Knowledge – DoWoo #183/365

Received a phone call early this morning, just as we were getting Greg off to school; My mom had passed away, peacefully in my sisters arms, moments prior. While I had imagined how I would feel, I realized it was not until I was in the middle of this reality did I know how I felt.  

My initial reaction was relief she was no longer in pain. Walter shared he had had a similar reaction when his mom passed only 39 days ago. The next thought was mom and I had had our special moments – no regrets.  I found myself crying as there is now a piece of me that I will not be able to touch again (on this physical plane) but I recognize she now is able to look in on us from wherever she is (at least that is the philosophy I have chosen to embrace). 


Given that there was sadness but comfort in my beliefs, I chose to treat my day with as much normalcy as possible. We had showings on the house scheduled – we tidied up and left. I had a therapeutic massage appointment – when I arrived I told Don “I needed this”. AND I did – I felt more grounded when I left.  I went to the hospice and the family said our farewells. I worked on a report and sent it off. Reviewed a few websites for my part of the Master Key digital call. Went to a restaurant and ate appies and drank wine – while Walter and Greg picked up Mya from the kennel. Took time to think of mom. Hopped on the Digital Call with my fellow divas – these ladies were there for me! And lastly Walter and I reviewed 2 offers on the house, negotiated and then accepted one. 

Hmmm…   Is that what normal looks like? 

We waited till Gregory came home from school to let him know about his Nana. He pouted for a few moments (translation – sad face). He then asked “Does this mean we have to go to another funeral?” Yes.  I thought it may help – so I reminded him this time he would not have to look at a body as Nana chose to be cremated. He looked up at us and said “Like squished or burnt?” Squished?? “Yes (making a hand movement as if he were running his hand back and forth across a smooth surface) cream.”  Ah! He as thinking “cream” cheese you spread!   You gotta love how kid’s brains work out the results based upon their available knowledge. 

mom first in real estate

Mom – beginning her 30 year career in real estate

Come to think of it, is this not what we all do? No matter what age we are? We make conclusions, after we interpret what is going on, based upon the knowledge we have at our disposal.   This may be why we all grieve in our own unique way. We make decisions about death based upon our interpretation of our place in the universe as it relates to death.  

I conclude that mom looked over us today, creating the perfect bidding situation between 2 buyers to allow us to sell our house this evening – for what we are all in agreement is a reasonable value. We are happy. The agents tell us the buyers are happy.  This home will see more family happiness within it’s walls.

Thanks mom!  Love you!  
(Notice…the “Realtor” logo on her jacket!)

Outside-In vs Inside-In – DoWoo #171/365

download (7)Was chatting with a few friends this evening when a discussion arose about how children’s perceptions of their fathers (in a break up situation) can be quite different than those of the mother (the former wife). We discussed how sometimes a person may not notice something about someone until we are on the outside looking-in.  

Now this is not like my observations about the Franklin Makeover in reverse.  This is about the outside looking in versus the inside looking in.  Stay with me here.  It’s something you may recognize once I explain.

flat,550x550,075,f.u1 (1)Many of us know families who have experienced a dissolution of a marriage where children are involved. While I do have an ex husband, we did not have children (unless you count the dog which I told him was a non-negotiable part of our settlement – full custody to me).  I have however seen many break ups from the outside. But this is not the looking in I’m referring to here as in order to do that you must be part the equation – it is imperative to this observation. 

When one divorced parent experiences less than desirable “______” (fill in the blank) from the other divorced parent, they have a variety of options on how they may communicate their feelings about their “ex” to their children. From what I can imagine (and have witnessed) parents typically choose to do their best to remain as neutral about the other parent as possible, avoiding influencing their child’s perception of their other parent OR they can choose to explain what the other parent has done (obviously from their perspective) which may result in something of a slam session depending upon what prompted the dissolution.

I’ve witnessed mostly the first option with a slight caveat – in many cases the parent holds their opinions in front of the children but when the children are not within the immediate vicinity, they voice their perspective (usually not so nice) to others who will listen. 

Difference_Of_Opinion-BeeeaterThe one parent is on the outside looking in at the other parent, no longer connected by marriage…supposedly seeing them for who they are objectively.  While the child is on the inside looking in, seeing their parents from their own version of connection. This can result in a difference of opinion about the parent being viewed. 

While the “in” (the other parent) may be exhibiting the exact same character traits, doing the same things they’ve always done, treating everyone the same as usual, both parties (the parent and the child) see them from a different perspective – one being in and the other being out. 

So…what does this all mean? What do I observe from this interaction and review of our discussion this evening?  It’s all about perspective!   And our choice to choose love and who we love!

download (8)Now…even though I was not a product of a “divorce” my parents did not really get along. By the time I became old enough to be something other than a self-absorbed child (I believe this was around 8 or 9 years old) I recognized my parents were not like some of the other parents. While they were in the same house, they lived separate lives as much as possible.  They did not like each other. I spent my entire life either being on my mom’s side or my dad’s side.  Whoever’s side you were on would be slamming the other parent verbally. There was however, one slight reprieve. I recall having a good open line of communication with both parents at the same time for about 1 full year – I was 20 at the time. Unfortunately never to be repeated again. 

When I recall this aspect of my life, I realize that I was on the inside looking in at both of my parents – recognizing each of their characters, their idiosyncrasies.  Not sure who, if anyone, was on the outside in my situation. 

Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you. – Wayne Dyer

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

Would you like to see something different than what you are currently seeing? If so, please opt in below. When the scholarships for the next class are available, you will be on the list to received the details before the masses. No obligation. Potentially so much to gain.  Allow yourself to do something positive for yourself and your future! 

the master key experience

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

9 Year Old’s Perspective on Bullying – DoWoo #168/365

As a parent in today’s society I find it distressing the amount of “bullying” which goes on and the number of practices are in place which address this…but to what extent?

Allow me to bring you up to speed on this.  When Gregory was a year old we placed him in a private school day care which was close to our home. When he transferred into grade 1, the same organization had a grade school located at the other end of town which ran up to grade 9 at the time. While it was the same group overseeing the 2 schools the differences were immediately noticed when it came to bullying.

images (20)Gregory was coming home, more often than not, with stories about a particular child who was aggressively acting out towards he and a number of the other children. This particular schools response was to “keep an eye out” for this particular bully but as parents we did not witness much in the way of actively  responding to the matter.

Within 2 months we made the choice to remove Gregory from this private school and place him into the local public school system.   When bullying came up again, we were impressed the school had a specific counsellor who would work with the children (on both sides) and parents of the child who was bullying were brought into the discussion almost immediately.

bullyingGregory is currently participating with a sports club who teaches kids about how to be strong and responsible without negative behaviour.  AND last Friday Gregory graduated from a Karate Kids lunch time program run through the school.  Last week when Gregory was shoved down onto the snow by one of the bullies in the school yard, and then his face was ground into the snow, Walter asked whether he used any of his Karate techniques. He was unable to defend as the perpetrator came up from behind before he knew it and “Karate is not to be used to fight” he responded.

Gregory came to us and said he understood why bullies do what they do.  He explained they are not happy, or they are angry about something, and when they bully someone, for a moment they get a feeling of happiness but then it goes away. Then they feel they have to do it again in order to get that feeling of happiness. That’s why they continue to do it. But they are just unhappy inside.

Walter piped up and said “Bullying Peptides”.

We’ve learned in the Master Key Experience that what we do by habit is feeding the peptides our body craves.  For those who are miserable, they tend to seek out what makes them miserable in order to feel that feeling they are used to – they crave the negative.  It’s like the book about quitting smoking. Smokers don’t smoke because the like to smoke, they smoke because they want to feel the non-craving feeling which they get when they smoke.

While smoking can be stopped by understanding the feeling of being a non-smoker can come from not smoking – as well as smoking…and we learn we can change our outcome by creating desire for alternate peptides….what do we do about bullies?

images (21)All I know at this moment is my kid gets it, he is a non-bully and he, and his choices in friends, stick up for each other when it happens.

The Master Key Experience is not a magic pill. It is not a self-help solution.  It is not the answer to all your prayers. However, it is what you choose to make it.   We are given the tools to look at ourselves differently, the world differently and to teach our kids how to go forward without some of the misunderstandings we may have.  I for one, am feeling truly blessed today.  

If you want to see a change…be the change. It’s totally up to you! 

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

Would you like to see something different than what you are currently seeing? If so, please opt in below. When the scholarships for the next class are available, you will be on the list to received the details before the masses. No obligation but so much to potentially gain if you end up being rewarded a scholarship.

Make the Ride Count – DoWoo #165/365

I am continuously amazed by my little man.  There must be a slew of other parents out there who feel about their kids as Walter and I do about Gregory.  I want to find them.

Are YOU one of these parents??

mountainsidehospblog.shovelingsnowAs I’ve shared previously Gregory gets excited when it snows.  Snow means an opportunity to shovel. Which means $$ in his pocket. Which means he can purchase whatever he wants.  This week however he totally blew me away with his generosity.  

He has 2 key friends at school. The first is a boy whose parents split just over a year ago and his mom does not have much, if any, disposable income.  The other young boy is someone who recently moved to Canada as his dad is here on a work assignment for 10 months.  

xbGregory asked me to do a search on how much it would cost to purchase Minecraft for XBox 360.  I found this strange since we don’t have an XBox. When I told him it was about $20 he got excited and said he wants to get this for his friend. His first friend has a computer and watches videos of Minecraft but cannot play it as he does not have the program. However, his dad bought him the XBox for Christmas and this would work perfectly.  AND with Valentines Day coming up…Gregory explained he now has an occasion to give it for rather than just giving it.  

Toys-R-Us-Gift-CardTHEN he explains the $25 Toys R US gift card he got for Christmas he is going to give to his other friend so that he can buy a nice toy or game before he goes back to India.  

My heart is filled with love and gratitude that Gregory picked us to share his journey! 

This evening we are cuddling and chatting about stuff when I notice the light was flickering. Yeah, an opportunity to teach.  I explained that anytime a light is flickering, we should check into it.  It could be bad, a sign of something wrong with the bulb or the electrical wiring – so Walter would need to look into it to make sure we stay safe.  

He pipes up and says “Opposite of good”. Huh?  Gregory explains: “I use ‘opposite of good’ rather than saying ‘bad’, this way it’s less negative and more positive.” 

OK – that works! 

positive-vs-negativeWalter and I made a choice when we found out we were pregnant. We agreed this was still our ride until our child was old enough to have their own ride – and so they would be along for our ride wherever that may lead. AND secondly, once Gregory was born, we agreed we would do our best to make every day count.  

I’m observing…this ride I thought was ours is now OURS – all of us.  AND Gregory makes it easy for me to make each day count…he’s right there with us!   I’m reminded of the 3 words Walter and I chose for our wedding vows “I AM US”.  We certainly are. 

Suck it where? – DoWoo #162/365

Gregory received his report card today and while he does well academically, and he has some great friends, he can be overly sensitive. We’ve coached him in a variety of ways over the years trying to get him to recognize there is a time and place for being upset and when you tie that into the “boy who cried wolf” lesson, we had hoped by now he would have figured it out.  Not so much! 

images (19)When Gregory was little, and he did a “wah wah” about a small bump or someone not wanting to play with him, we gave him the “wah wah finger” which basically is your pointing finger making funny twisty, turny, pokey, bendy movements in their general direction while asking him if he needs to have the wah wah finger tickle him?   It always made him laugh, the moment of distress would be gone and he would completely move on within a few minutes.  

As Gregory has gotten older this tactic no longer seemed to work.  We tried a variety of different solutions but none have seemed to work.  I became a bit perplexed the other day and rather than try to sugar coat it or logi-size it, I decided to be blunt. The next time he did the “wah way” I told him he needed to “suck it up”.  I then had to explain what this meant. 

images (18)So when something is not going the way you expected, or people are not treating you the way you would treat them, or you fall down and bump something (but you aren’t bleeding), then you take a deep breath, realize that crying and feeling sad are not going to change anything, so get back in the game, you continue on, you find something else to do.  Adjust to the situation, treat the person well, pick yourself up – brush yourself off – and SUCK IT UP!! 

Gregory’s report card today included comments on these areas of “wah”, aspects we had discussed throughout the school year as they arose.  Turns out he had not done much with the coaching we’d provided thus far.  

His report card requests the Student expand on two sentences: 1) My best work is; and 2) My goal for improvement is:.  


Parenthood did not come with instructions. We do what we can based upon what we know. He’s a great kid with a kind heart and an abundance of the ability to adjust.  Gracias for allowing me to share! 


Learned Behaviour or Inherent? – DoWoo #155/365

We talk about looking at things differently in the Master Key. We talk about observing without having opinions. We also talk about rearranging the furniture.  

bedroom_furnitureWhy DO we do that? 

There is a point in the class where we are asked to display 4 key aspects of our DMP – our Definite Major Purpose – around our home; regular letter sized paper, 6 to 8 copies (depending on whether you work from home or not) and each has 4 large coloured shapes displayed with key aspects of your DMP written within the shapes.  

shapesThen every few weeks we are asked to “rearrange the furniture” – sometimes the pages are moved within the house, sometimes the shapes are missing writing and sometimes the shapes change between portrait and landscape. We are coached that our subby (the subconscious) will recognize the changes and will sit up and pay attention.

My son recognized this today but not about the shapes.  This morning I removed 3 framed photos from the walls down the short flight of stairs between the main 2 floors – there are only 5 steps so the walls are not that long.  First he said the house looked plain without the pictures. Then this evening he said when he walked down the stairs he felt he was in someone else’s house even though he knew he was in ours.   

A slight change to your environment can stimulate your brain to sit up and take notice of the change.  However, what I found exciting was our little man recognized / observed this and then was able to articulate it to us.  What is also interesting is he “felt” the change and identified it as not ours. 

tumblr_n0e77gInWf1sh9tc7o5_500I wonder whether this is learned behaviour or inherent to us as human beings?  Are we geared to be attached to our decorative items so that when one is moved or removed, it triggers a feeling of change or loss?  Or are we geared to just recognize change from a survival perspective?  What other options are there? 

I observe ‘rearranging the furniture’ does have a certain trigger to our subconscious…the great news is the Master Key class teaches us how to use this brain-game to our advantage in order to move ourselves towards our purpose.  Imagine teaching yourself to maximize this inner aspect to reach your goals, your desires, your dream!

the master key experience
If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

You have Furniture.
You know how to Rearrange it.
NOW learn how to maximize it! 

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“She is Everywhere Now” – DoWoo #147/365

As “the family” we were at the funeral home for Bunia’s visitation for just under 4 hours. It’s been so long since I was on this side of the celebration (25 years) I forgot what it felt like to have so many people saying they were sorry for our loss.

Afterwards when Walter complimented Gregory on doing such a good job today – standing in the line, shaking everyone’s hands and responding when spoken to…Gregory commented he did not understand why everyone was telling him they were sorry for his loss. “I didn’t loose anything. Bunia is still here. She is everywhere now.”

imagesWell, she was certainly there with me this morning when I went to Walmart. I had to run to grab a few things we needed for the day when I spotted the words “Love” and “More” on a square canvas sitting on a shelf. I stopped. The phrase she would use was “Love you more.”  I put it in the basket but then realized it did not have a price tag. I searched and found they had 2 together – the 2nd having another saying….but I only wanted this one. There were a slew of other individual ones but none had price tags.  In thinking back…leaving it in my cart was a bit strange. 

When I got to the cash register, the cashier said I had chosen something without a sticker. I explained I had searched them all and none of the loose ones – there must have been 20 on the shelf – had a sticker.  If she did not know the price then I would not get it…it was for my mother in law.  She asked if I was OK with paying $8 like something else from my cart?  Sure. So she rang it through.  

I went home and used my canvas markers and added “you” to the rest. It is sitting at the home propped up in the visitation room. As it was meant to be.

Thanks Bunia!

Imagination Starter – DoWoo #139/365

Our 9 year old has a very short and specific list of things he is passionate about at this time:

minecraft-360_2Minecraft:   A sandbox independent video game originally created by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed and published by the Swedish company Mojang since 2009. Gregory creates houses, farms, plants and harvests his crops, captures sheep and sheers them for wool, corals wild horses and tames them, mines for ore, obsidian, coal, diamonds…etc.

Z0iQ1DFPokemon:  A video game, card game, or other toy featuring certain Japanese cartoon characters.  Once he started with this I found out he COULD read, and remember all sorts of facts and information on each character.  So it was not about lack of ability – it was about finding something which sparked  his interest to learn. 

images (13)Geronimo Stilton:  A best-selling children’s book series published by Edizioni Piemme of Milan, Italy, since 2000. Scholastic Corporation has published the English version of the series since February 2004.  Geronimo is a mouse who goes on adventures. Greg has over 50 of the 100+ books available and a “goal” to have every book added to his collection.  He shovels snow in order to earn money to immediately purchase his next set of books. 

Gregory was explaining to me that he really enjoys reading Geronimo Stilton because it starts his imagination.  While Minecraft is mostly creating…Geronimo books add “Doi-ng”!  I asked him to explain. He stood up and showed me….


I suggested he use his imagination to create his own characters and then he could write his own books once we are in Costa Rica – about all the adventures he will be seeing first hand.  He explained he already has characters and ideas from 2 specific dreams he had.  

I then commented he may be able to write books like Geronimo Stilton and kids all around the world could read them.  He paused and then said “I don’t know…I’d have to learn to write in all the other languages then.” 

THIS caused a significant Loud Smile!  

I explained there were people who translated books into other languages.  He seemed very relieved.  I truly am grateful for our talks at the start and end of each day. They give me a glimpse into the workings of our child’s mind. And what a wonderful world it is.  

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

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Conversations with a Little Man – DoWoo #131/365

Neutral-signWas attempting to explain the word neutral to Gregory tonight. I asked him if he understood what war was. You mean the thing with the guns?  Yes. OK – so if one country chooses not to go to war and does not take sides, allowing the war to go on around them, they would consider themselves to be neutral. He clarified this by asking; You mean they did not choose the bad or the good side? I pondered this and figured this could be a good time to explain that war does not have to be about one being good and the other bad….so I responded: Well, it could be that neither side is good or bad – they just don’t see something the same way – they disagree. 

He was adamant that one side was bad and the other good and asked to explain his reasoning: He said the people on the one side think they are good and the people on the other side are bad. Then the people on the other side they think they are good and the people on the first side is bad.  So it can be both but not. 


I asked him whether he knew what this was called and he did not know.  It’s called Perspective!  

I truly love my having conversations with our little man. He does inspire so much reflection within me.  I recall when the 3 of us were in Kauai, Mark J commented that Walter and I lit up about different things: Walter about Costa Rica and me about our son Gregory. 

I understand Mark’s observation and I also observe we are interchangeable.  The same way Gregory has always mixed us up – calling one of us Daddy or Mommy – depending on what is going on….sometimes without any distinction between us until he occasionally realizes we are the other one. 

Feeling-Good-About-Yourself-Is-Essential-For-Success-And-HappinessEarlier this week Gregory was explaining a challenging thing which happened at school and how it upset him.  After getting the full story, I reminded him that only he can choose to feel bad or upset, no one else can do this to him.  He allows it to be this way.  It’s his choice.  To which he replied “That’s what Daddy said.”  

Turns out Walter and I are on the same page in yet another aspect. 

A Shovel Gets an “I’m In” – DoWoo #128/365

We spoke to Costa Rica! Connected with a wonderful gentleman, Michael, who manages rentals and real estate purchases for the Lake Arenal area.  Chatted for about half an hour, covering all sorts of aspects – different areas, variances and what each has to offer, what kind of rental, suggestions and ideas to consider, schooling, etc.   He even provided me with the local facebook page to which I have already joined as a member and made a few comments.  

loud smile

One post was hilarious.  I ended up thanking them for my loud smile!

Turns out the locals and local expats may have a serious sense of humour – just what I like to see! 

This evening the 3 of us sat down and had another Loud Smiles International meeting. When I explained to Gregory the schooling where we are going may not set up like here…Michael had explained they sometimes start at 9 or 9:30 and let out before noon or earlier, and sometimes the teacher does not show up at all.  


We filled him in on the other information we had gathered thus far, explaining about Consulates and Governments. We then asked Greg about what what his thoughts were – did he have questions, concerns, ideas? 

He wanted to know whether this was a vacation or a move? We explained that we will start out with a tourist visa which is good for 3 months and then we come back to Canada and choose what type of visa we go back to Costa Rica under (we then elaborated on going to the Consulate to find out more information on options). 

Gregory then wanted to know about how much money it would take to have his best friend Anil come to visit? We explained that a round trip it would cost between $800 and $1,000. Whoa! His eyes bugged out and he asked if that was just for one person? Yes.  I asked him whether he was still planning to get a job (as he had proclaimed during an earlier discussion about this exact topic)? He said…well, yeah but not sure doing what. Maybe a lemonade stand?  

I suggested he may want to consider picking up horse poop (no idea where this came from) to which he made a horrible icky face response and stuck out his tongue.  He explained he already picked up Mya’s poop…why would he want to pick up more?  Walter then explained about Darren Hardy (pointing to the Success Magazine on the office desk) and said Darren suggests finding what other people are not wanting to do and then you do it.   It could make much more money than a lemonade stand.  He asked if he needed to use a bag to pick it up, to which I replied no, a shovel. “I’m in!” he replied. 

333BTW – when I was first drafting this post…and got to “success” I glanced down at the word count and it noted 333.


Favourite Question From Your Kid? – DoWoo #108/365    

Patience Grasshopper Patience is still in effect

Greg woke up early this morning.  Since I had not walked Mya yet I asked him whether he wanted to join me – he did! Just as we were heading out the door he asked “Mommy…Why do we live?”

It was 6:50 am!!! What is he thinking?!

I asked him what context was he asking it about?  Was it “Why do we exist?”

After we confirmed he and I had the same idea of what ‘exist’ meant he answered “Yes”.  OK – I think I’ve got a way to respond to THAT one.  I explained that he had just asked a question people have been pondering for years (paused to allow for an explanation of pondering) and that truly I did not know the answer. “Really?” he said with disbelief. 

I touched on our purpose, our uniqueness – our dharma – and how humans are differentiated by the ability to reason and choose. We ended up going off on a few other tangents and then Gregory said “Wow! That was a ½ hour!”  It wasn’t – we’d only gone 15 minutes in a 20 minute walk.  “Really?”

He eventually figured out where he had got this question – and said there was an answer – but that he could not remember the answer only that it was from a Pokemon movie.  I reminded him that while much of what is on video and movies can be based upon some form of the real world – much of it may also be someone’s imagination and he should keep this in mind. 

My face is on perma-smile as I type this DoWoo.  My little man is a real conversationalist!  He is also a treasure I have been blessed to guide (if that is an opinion, I’ll accept it, say thank you and move on).  I truly look forward to his next big question. 

What was your favourite question from your kid??

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