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We Are Similar – DoWoo #350/365

presentGregory has a friend who is a bit older but is in the same class. The young boy’s father and Walter have connected – helping each other with the language differences.  This is the same young gentleman who came to the school and translated for us, who showed Walter where to purchase the school uniform and soccer shoes, who has invited Gregory to a surprise birthday party for Gregory’s friend.   We are so very grateful for all that he has done for us. 

Walter invited him over today for coffee and a visit.   We wish to be sensitive to the differences in culture here and asked what is typical for gift giving here.  He explained the main gift is the one the parents provide and the party, with the gifts being given by the friends who arrive, more of a token rather than a something which is big.  He explained the big part is having fun with his friends.  We reiterated this is how it was back home for Gregory so we understand. 

minecraft on tableWe also discussed electronics. He commented he prefers his children outside playing, exercising, rather than playing with electronics. We explained we have a similar philosophy and aim for balance – play time needs to be outside for at least 2 hours before having 1 hour of game time on the computer or Wii. We also encourage reading and there is time spent writing and sourcing phrases in Spanish to learn.  

similarHe shared a few of his dreams, his life here, his desires for his family.  What I observed is while we come from different cultures, different countries, speak a different language – when it all boils down, we are very similar.   

I look forward to learning the language more so I may converse with people such as this kind man – learning more about others dreams, their philosophies, their passions.   I may find more similarities. 

FUN – DoWoo #342/365

Carolynn & Greg Hot SpringsDecided to go to the hot springs today as a surprise for Greg.  We had breakfast in La Fortuna and then went back to Los Logos. They allow you to go in for the day and use the facilities. There are numerous warm (just off of hot) pools with a few slightly cooler and then two regular (cool) pools. Slides are fast – with warm (or cool) water rushing you down on smoothed hard surfaces – not plastic.  

The place was filled with mostly Spanish speaking families there for the day – with only a smattering of tourists.  There was a group of adults playing with a volley ball in the one pool. Greg confirmed with us how to ask to play with them – and within minutes he’s in there with a group of Spanish speaking people who were kind enough to allow him to join their group. Walter and I are so proud of our little man. Not only is his Spanish increasing in leaps and bounds – he puts himself out there even though there is the language difference.  

At one point I left my men to cool off over in the regular pool. After floating around I was getting out when a group of Spanish women started chatting with me. I explained my Spanish was “poquito”.  We managed to work together with one of the younger woman speaking English and translating – helping me to say what I wanted to say.  Turns out the mother, who had spoken to me initially, wanted to know if I was married (yes) – then where was my husband.  After a back and forth conversation this woman told me she thought I was beautiful.  Wow!  What a wonderful interaction.  Walter figures she was trying to set me up – that is until she found out I was already married.  LOL

We then had lunch back at La Fortuna.  What we have now agreed is we will always look at the menu before seating ourselves.  Some restaurants are quite a bit more than others – and really the quality of food is not necessarily any better.   Live and learn. 

We wrapped up our excursion by exploring the wildlife area of Los Logos.  They had a butterfly greenhouse, a frog habitat, an elaborate leaf cutter ant exhibit including the nest and a glass tunnel to view and lastly a few alligators.   The Arenal Volcano was still shrouded in clouds. Something to look forward to for another excursion. 

Gregory ended the day with another resounding “awesome!” and Walter and I agreed it was a great day.  Below are a few of the photos we took today.  Thank you for following me.  

Hope you are enjoying our share. 

butterfly 3 frog geko aligator flower 3 panoramic lake arenal

tree on side of road with roots flower 2 butterfly flowers


3am WakeUp – DoWoo #268/365

clockI have been waking up earlier and earlier each of the last few days.  It started last week when I woke up before the alarms, then 5;30 and 5, yesterday was 4:30 and this morning it was 3. Once I wake, my mind starts spinning on all the stuff which needs to be sorted or packed – and then there is the business reports with came through in droves all due within a short period of time – while I still needed to do other stuff around the house.  

Since there are only 24 hours in a day – I’ve gotten up!  

It’s amazing how much more productive I’ve felt – being able to get either the sorting/packing or my work done before anyone else is even out of bed.  I like this routine.  I’ve even enjoyed a bit of coffee the last few days (makes me feel zippy!).  The only ‘not so nice’ part is my eyes start to get droopy around 8 or 9pm.  After we ate dinner tonight, I was falling asleep in my chair! 

This too shall pass! 

anchorWe are on a roll.  Today my brother came over with his trailer, loaded all the bins we had packed and moved them into our storage locker. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m getting excited and today I felt a bit of that excitement – when I stood in front of the 5x10x8 locker (yes, we had to upgrade from our intended 5x5x8) looking at our stuff – realizing this stuff was a representation of our life – what we felt we needed to keep.  Everything else – no more anchors holding us down!

Onward my friends! Onwards! 

Small Blessings – DoWoo #261/365

We are in receipt of a multitude of small blessings from the Universe and I am most grateful.

marriottWe have 12 days from closing until we fly out.  I decided to check my Marriott Rewards and voila! I had enough for 8 out of the 10 days we need to be in town. And the kind service rep on the phone maximized this to cover the more expensive dates so our overall cost was at a minimum. 

When we were all stressed out about not taking Mya – we had a slew of responses to the ad we posted and one of them was a rescue organization who are wiling to work on her few quirks and make sure she is well cared for until they find her her next home – her forever family. 

mya and gregA friend of mine – someone I connected with exponentially less than a year ago – just happens to be an intuitive animal counselor. She spoke with Mya and explained what was going on with the move – and that we need to ensure she is safe and taken care of, that we still love her and want to ensure she is happy.  She provided a sense of connection with our family member whom we have to leave behind. 

sunshineWe’ve had 2 garage sales scheduled during the last few weeks and both times they called for chance of rain. Both times we had sun, blue skies and warmth.  It was truly amazing! 

garbage dayWalter and I spent the day yesterday doing yard work and he broke up all the empty boxes from our garage sale, sorted the garbage and the yard waste which resulted in more than our weekly allowance for household debris.  This morning he went on line to check with the city about the dates they allow for unlimited – voila! This week and next are considered the spring clean up time when they allow unlimited.

vortexI believe we are in the ‘groove’ as some would say. Maybe we are in the ‘vortex’ as my Yogi refers to as the ‘groove’ of synchronicity.  No matter what we choose to label it as, I observe that we are being well cared for and I am most grateful.  



Flying – DoWoo #258/365

We completed our final garage sale today.  Ended up with 2 car loads being dropped off at the donation centre which supports local charities.  The balance of our belongings were sold clearing out over 30 bins of “stuff”.    I remember bringing all those bins home and filing them with everything we own in order to ‘de-clutter’ the house for selling.  

Walter likens our “stuff” – the materialistic aspects of our daily existence – to be small anchors which hold us in place.  I have to admit the more “stuff which goes out of this house, the more free-er I am feeling.  Anchors appear to be a good analogy and certainly the visual fits. 

bird on branch

The best part of the garage sale today was parting with stuff I loved by seeing someone else find joy in it.  Watching someone try on a piece of clothing and oooh and ahh at themselves in the mirror.  Seeing someone pick something up – and by the light in their eyes it seemed they found something they were looking for.  We even had repeat customers from 2 weeks ago.  

I observed a significant amount of closure today AND I am grateful beyond anything I could have imagined.   We are flying! 

Be – DoWoo #248/365

I am working through the disposition of my current situation … with the end results being positive beyond belief. All is as it should be, with God providing what is needed to be all that I need to be.  I ride the wave, rising above the strife and misery and rejoice in my enlightenment. 

question markPlease pause now and ask yourself whether there is something which can be stated which is all encompassing towards your dharma – your true life’s purpose?  What would this one sentence be?   

One mantra which came to mind was included within the Master Key teachings of Charles Haanel: “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!”  Charles explained this sentence is all encompassing and cannot be improved upon. 

While considering this sentence I have always chosen to look at is as individual statements.  This time I envisioned  what being “____” looked like, meant, represented from my perspective.   Interestingly, no matter what vision solidified in my mind, the same ending to each statement remained the same.

Consider “I am ____”.  Picture each as something which relates to the statement and your life.

I am whole .

I am perfect.

I am strong. 

I am powerful. 

I am loving. 

I am harmonious. 

I am happy.

Ask yourself again…is there something which can be added to finish off each of these statements and be all encompassing?  This is how I answered:

I am whole – as I am meant to be.

I am perfect – as I am meant to be.

I am strong – as I am meant to be

I am powerful  – as I am meant to be

I am loving – as I am meant to be

I am harmonious – as I am meant to be

I am happy – as I am meant to be.

I could state “I am _____ – as I am meant to be.” putting anything in that space.   This conclusion of each statement is true for me, it is what is all encompassing for me. Then…(stay with me here)…if I am all that I am meant to be, then anything which may be perceived as a challenge is meant to be….so there is absolutely no reason for any struggle.  Allow.  

I summarize that it is not only “as I am meant to be” but “as God intended me to be”.  Working with THIS assumption reminds me of my mentor’s declarations “We were made first class, by first class, to be first class.” 

Be as God intended. 


i am

A Blond’s Gas = Grass & Glasses – DoWoo #247/365

I visited Walter in hospital today.  When I was leaving the grounds I noticed there were gardeners digging up 2 large rectangles of grass and tilling the soil for planting.  I had just been thinking and sourcing sod to repair an area of the back yard grass which was damaged over the winter. I considered stopping and asking what they were doing with the grass they were removing….but thought it may be a bit too out there…so kept moving. 

5115848I had just turned onto the main road outside the hospital when the car sputtered. I looked down at the gauges to realize I needed gas!  I immediately turned the car around and headed back. I barely made it to the entry into the hospital grounds when the car ran out of gas.  I coasted in and ended up parked next to the gardeners. 

sod_rollI called Walter, who first commented about me being a blond, and then he called CAA. While waiting for the CAA truck – I chatted with the gardener Brian who agreed to share the grass strips he was digging up. AND I just happened to have put a blue tarp in the trunk the day before…a perfect way to fill the entire trunk of the Mustang with grass! 

CAA arrived and had to follow me to the gas station so I could give them the exact change for the gallon of gas they arrived with.  Having gone off course by now, I decided to make a slight change and go somewhere else on the way home.  I asked for and received direction on how to get to a different road.  No sooner had I turned onto this road when Voila – I spotted a Walmart. Walter had just reminded me to stop at the Walmart back home to get drinkable yogurt for Greg’s lunches.  This was right in front of me…so I stopped. 

glassesIn going through the store I came across a display of clip on sun glasses for eye glasses.  I have been searching for a pair for the last week.  I had tried the ones at Walmart before but they don’t fit plastic frames which are thicker than metal frames. But for some reason I stopped to check anyway. I find the same manufacture has alternate ones specifically for my type of glasses! And they had a pair in the size I needed. 

wB7HLI know…I know…a weird day!   Because of what Walter referred to as my “blond” moment for gas I ended up with grass AND glasses! Both things I had been searching for. 

THIS is a day which truly shows you to embrace the twists and turns…they get you to where you need to be in order to provide you what you have asked for.  I am most grateful and feel blessed.  

Sane for the Day! – DoWoo #244/365

We had our garage sale today….and it was a success!  Had so many people at one point, I felt like I was being pulled in a variety of directions. Our friends who came to help did an amazing job of keeping me sane for the day.  Gracias! 

I was surprised that someone commented they had witnessed another person taking off without paying for something.  While a part of me is not impressed with this type of behaviour, another part of me tells myself…maybe they truly needed it!   The last thought ended on the possibility of karma being their due. 

karma2 karmaThis is when Gregory piped up and asked what Karma is.  I reminded him about Walter having explained that all things have a good and a not so good side. Well, people wake up every day and they have a glass.  If they put good stuff in their glass, what are they able to do? Pour good stuff out to everyone else.  However, if they put the not-so-good stuff in their glass, what are THEY able to do? Pour not-so-good stuff out. What you put in is what you can share. So…Karma is like this.  If you do good, you will see good.  If you do not-so-good…well, not-so-good follows. You get what you sow. 

What did you put in your glass today? 

Blessing Received – DoWoo #241/365

Many of us have heard of the phrase manifesting.  The Secret introduced an entire generation to the Law of Attraction. The Master Key explains the power of our mind.  I kept the faith and we have received what we asked and were grateful for before we were in receipt. 

We found an airline which will take an extra large crate. We confirmed that Mya will not be able to go with us in June but she will be able to come back with us in September.  Today we received two leads on where she can stay for the 3 months we are gone. It felt so amazing to receive such a blessing. 

deltaWhen we explained to Gregory there was good news and bad news…which did he want first? He opted for the bad so the good could be last (he also saves his favourite food till last).  We explained Mya was unable to come with us right away but the good news is she would join us in September. He was so happy with the last (because for a while there we thought we may not be able to get here down there at all) he bounced out of the door way. He said the good news was so good it did not matter about the bad.  

I observed a child who has learned to embrace the good and just allow the “not-so-good” to just fall away.  It’s a wonderful place where a child teaches his parents.  I am most grateful. 

One Woman’s Treasures – DoWoo #240/365

treasureThey” say that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasures”. I’ve always loved that “they” have something to say about almost everything and no one truly knows who “they” are.  

The last few weeks and today felt like a slight twist on this old idiom – my treasures are now able to be someone else’s treasures.  During the process of divesting ourselves of the materialistic aspects of our life, we have been offering all that we own to those we know, care and love.  As of today we have sold all our main furniture other than Gregory’s room.  It’s exciting to see the joy someone else sees in an object, the beauty, the symmetry, the usefulness.    Thank you to those who pitched in and decided what we had to offer worked for their spaces. We send everything onto your space with love! 

I stood outside the main living room – approximately 200 square foot room – and perused all the stuff sorted for our garage sale, piled in spots 4 bins high.  I turned to Walter and said, I handled all of that – sorted it and chose for it to be sold.  To which he turned to me and responded “You most likely purchased it all as well.”    

My name is Carolynn – and I am a shopaholic! 

I recall explaining to Walter early on in our relationship… that when I got upset or stressed, I would shop; and when I was happy and exciting about life, or whatever was going on, I shopped. This is when he realized…and shared his observation with me…I just like to shop. 

OK – I admit it.  I love to shop. I especially love to get a GREAT deal on something.  I love to negotiate and bargain. I’ve even played “good cop / bad cop” with me playing both parts in order to negotiate a price down on a particular piece of furniture.  I remember bargaining with the butcher when purchasing shish kabobs!  

I was thinking about this last night and decided to play with our garage sale sign.  We even went so far as to include the same wording in the classified add for the garage sale in this weeks newspaper.  Julie, in classified, laughed the whole time we chatted.  What do you think??? 

recovering shop

Kind Words – DoWoo #239/365

behaviorI came across my school report cards during my sort – my dad saved all the way back to kindergarten – and read a few comments. I seemed to always like to be in the middle, involved, appreciated, recognized.  I have – apparently – always been someone who seeks attention.  LOL – go figure!!!

In the Master Key class we revisit what we were like when we were five – which then helps us identify our core motivation.  Identifying and aligning your vision with your core motivation allows you to fuel your dream to reality.  Very powerful! 

Turns out we are all some sort of combination (typically 3 or 4) of the 4 motivations.  My first core motivation turns out to be “intimacy” with my next, running a very close second, being “fun” (certainly explains a lot about me!!).  Turns out what my teacher wrote when I was 5 has remained within me – being what makes me “tick” for all these years.  

And….this got me to thinking….someone actually studied all this stuff and created a tool which helps anyone identify it and understand themselves better.  Way cool!


This evening we had the pleasure of spending time with the new owners of our home.  We had agreed to offer them first shot at all our stuff before the garage sale this Saturday. As first-time homeowners there are things you just don’t realize you need till you’re in that space.  Between Walter and I we have a lot of those spaces well covered!   We are honoured to be able to offer what we have to two such kind people.  Their enthusiasm about their upcoming journey here was joyous to behold. 

This couple has a dream.  This home has been our garden to grow the reality of our dream.  I am so very grateful to be passing it onto the next dreamers for their desire to be fulfilled.  

We were sitting at the table, chatting and waiting for the boys to wrap up their time in the shed (boys and their tools!) when this beautiful spirited young woman made reference to my spirit, commenting that I make her smile when she thinks of me.  Now this is what makes my day!  Her kind words of appreciation touched my heart.  As Gandhi said “be the change you want to see in the world.”  I want to be – and continue to be – the person she sees.  I truly believed in her kind words today.  It made me feel as I was meant to feel – fulfilled!   


Foretold – DoWoo # 237/365

christmas treeAbout 20 years ago I remember showing up at my mom’s place to give her her Christmas present early.  She was going on vacation with my sister and her family over the holidays – I seem to recall Barbados. 

When I arrived she commented about it being good timing –  she has just finished up her update on the detailed list of who was getting what in her will.  I admit this made me uncomfortable.  I had lost my father only a few years prior.  I explained that I was not planning on being “there” when it all came down – I did not wish to be part of the kerfuffle.   I suggested that anything I had given her could be given back if that worked for her…and if she wanted to leave something personal – one specific thing she would like me to have – I would be grateful. She offered me her wedding rings.  She brought them down for me to see as I had never set eyes on them before…she wore her mom’s rings as hers no longer fit.  She commented that the one was engraved all the way around it…so sizing upwards was not an option.  Amazingly they fit me.  As the youngest of 7 kids and the 5th daughter, I was grateful immediately – she gave them to me that evening. 

memoriesMy mom died recently.  I’ve run across a lot of pictures of her during my sort.  I’ve also run across things she gave me over the years.  What I realized today, it’s not about all those “things”…I have the best legacy my mom could leave me with.  My mom loved me. Sometimes she did not care for my choices but I know she loved me. The memories of our interesting conversations over the years (I was occasionally more direct about certain things with my mom than I believe my siblings were able to be) has been a source of entertainment each time I think of one. 

It’s the memories which are so very portable.  There are no limitation in the number we can have.  There are no weight restrictions.   They don’t take up any room in the luggage.  I am still grateful this many years later.  I also acknowledge I am blessed. Thanks Mom! 

Deep Breath – DoWoo #233/365

breathePartook in quite a number of deep breathing sessions today.  These are significantly more than the heavy sigh I’ve used in the past when things got a bit tenuous.   I found my ability to work with any twist in the road today to be non-existent.  And it’s not even THAT time of the month! 

So rather than dwell on what had me embracing this readjustment / realignment technique, I’m going to concentrate on some of the positive observations of the day. 

mortIt is possible to find humour to readjust. Currently we are using the “I lo-ove your feet” voice from Mort on King Julian.  It makes me smile just typing it as I can hear it in my head.  

Had a wonderful Zoom visit with a friend today. Recounting stories. Sharing news.  Encouraging each other.  Other than we weren’t drinking herbal tea, it was very zen.  

Sold some more stuff!!  It’s getting a bit easier to just allow things to go.  The larger items seem to be easier.  I wonder why that is? 

There are family members, who no matter what happens, you still care and want to be there for them when they choose they are ready for guidance.   I had removed myself from a good portion of my family and today I had an opportunity to reconnect with the one member who I had always had a special place in my heart for.   

piano caseOut of all the piano cases available at Long & McQuade – there was the one with wheels and TSA locks which was on SALE!!! So less than the lesser quality options.  I love it when the Universe takes care of us. 

All in all a productively happy day. Anything else which transpired, which is not in the same realm…well, it really doesn’t matter in the whole scheme of things. Released! Readjusted. Deep Breath.  

All is good!
Todo es bueno! 

Have I Learned My Lesson Yet? – DoWoo #230/365

larger rollercoasterOut of 229 blogs in 229 days, there have been a few areas of DoWoo which repeated themselves.  However, nothing identical back to back…that is…until TODAY!!   

Please read DoWoo #229 to truly understand. 

Today, had a bigger roller coaster AND then I fell in the water, in the rain, and was lucky enough an even bigger boat came to save me.   Whew! It was a ride I do not wish to repeat.  

I wonder…Have I learned my lesson yet? 

We booked our flights today.  Walter went to CAA this morning to check and see which airlines would allow Mya on out of Toronto.  For those of you who don’t who Mya is…she is Gregory’s dog.  He got her for his 8th birthday present.  She is a rescued Belgian Malinois and it would have been an extremely cold day in June if we were not able to take her with us.  Walter went to CAA with the 2 choices of 8 hour flights with only 1 connection – as compared to the rest at 18 to 23+ hour travel times with multiple stops.  

CAA advised the only airline who appeared to be able to accommodate her crate would be American Airlines.  The flights we had found were not in sync.  Turns out the cost for 1 ticket on the flight Mya could be on was double compared to the flights we found.  We made a decision – Walter will go with Mya and Gregory and I will follow 8 hours later on a different set of flights!   The good news is I was able to upgrade him to business class for a nominal fee!  Not as we may have preferred but perfectly accommodating nonetheless. 

I’ve updated the count down clock with the new date!

arger boatThis is about when I fell out of the boat which saved me yesterday.  But I am blessed.  A good friend, another one of the Master Key Guides, and a truly remarkable woman saved me from myself.  Figuratively flagging down the larger boat and scooping me up into the boat for safe travel.  Thank goodness I’ve had the pleasure of surrounding myself with like minded people who are able to be what I need – including a good kick as required!

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Cassandra for being there for me today!  You are a gem!

Powerful Moment – DoWoo #212/365

I did not know what I planned to write about this evening until I remembered that today is my 212th post in 212 days!  I will consider today as my tipping point!  To what or over what…that remains to be identified.  

Anyone know the significance of the # 212? 

212212° F happens to be the point at which water boils (assuming you are at sea level).  Today Gregory stayed home from school because of a fever.  Not quite boiling but hot nonetheless.

Yesterday Gregory stayed home because he was sneezing and blowing his nose.  Today…his fever spiked up to and hovered around 102° F – just a tad over the body’s optimum 98.6° F.  In addition to the fever, he experienced chills, tummy aches, eyes burning, nose itching, dizziness, blurred vision…in general, it could easily have been a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

Our little man was a trooper.  He rested, drank loads of water (counting how many bottles he drank as they appeared to have a direct correlation to the number of times he had to pee), ate reasonably well, and managed to keep me informed on each of his symptoms.  We’ve encouraged him to describe what’s going on so we can make sure he is taken care of properly.  

Today I recognized that everything we’ve done up till now allowed us to be home with our son. If he needed a cuddle we were able to give it to him.  If he needed Walter to help him meditate himself to sleep, Walter was there to assist.  If he needed someone to remind him to breathe rather than tense up with the chills, he breathed because we were here to guide him.

I held him in my arms just now. After I explained how the body tenses up with pain and discomfort, which results in more aches and pain, suggesting he breathe – he did so.  I felt his whole body relax.  It was a powerful moment for me.  

I am grateful I was given this time to be a mom.  I am grateful Gregory is who he is and chose us as his parents.  I am also very grateful he listens to us.   I wonder….do kids end up listening to their parents because we listen to them?  Hmmm…something else to consider. 

Name Game – DoWoo #207/365

6dNeeded to reach out to someone today for business purposes.  Unfortunately their email and contact details were lost when my outlook blew up last week. I considered all my possible options and chose to play connect the people.  I recalled the first name of the person who introduced us. I then reached out to the person who introduced me to that person.  I sent them a note on Linked-In (because I  did not have their details either). 

I then forgot about it…knowing it would come to me.  Over the next few hours I got flashes. First it was an A then it was the whole first name…and finally the last name.  As soon as the name came to me, I typed it into my search engine and found her – even before the connection of the connection had gotten back to me. 

Idea-5The mind is truly an amazing tool.  I used to joke about my mom having the ability to not listen but record what was being said to her. Then when she had to respond, she would pause – almost as if she was replaying the recording in her head, and then she would respond.  

We humans are amazing creatures.  I am truly grateful for my thoughts which allowed me to recall.  Now…if I could only find my car keys! 

Savory – DoWoo #206/365

sav 40gI am a Newfie.  For those who don’t know what that means, it is a term associated with those born in the province of Newfoundland.  Newfies are typically considered a different bunch – with most people saying they have a “Newfie” friend who they just lo-ove!  We are the ‘butt’ of many a joke in Canada (same jokes they tell in other countries using varying groups depending on which country).   One of the best things my father taught me (he was also from Newfoundland) was to embrace my heritage…and if people tell jokes – laugh with them. THEN learn to tell the joke just as good…or better!

There is a spice called “savory” which grows outside of St. John’s.  It is a wonderful green, leafy spice used on meats and most especially liked when used in stuffing for the holiday turkey.

You must be wondering where I’m going with this….(me too!)

recipesWe sat down to dinner this evening – the menu was one of my mom’s recipes when we were kids.  I watched Gregory devour the food. Making sure he snagged the last wrap on the serving plate before he even finished the one on his plate.  I reveled in his happy dance bounce with food in his mouth, a hum in his throat, a wiggle in his chair and arms pointing upwards. Thoroughly enjoying the recipe.

We cheered our glasses together, looked over at my mom’s urn and said “Thanks Mom!”

THIS is called savoring the moment.  Savoring my mom’s memory. Savoring all that my mom left within me which I am blessed to be able to pass on to our son.

The recipe which elicited today’s observations?  

Mom’s Hot Ham & Cheese: 

  • 2 cups chopped ham
  • 2 cups chopped cheddar cheese 
  • 6 hard boiled eggs, chopped
  • (add chopped olives if you like – my mom did)
  • Toss the above together in a large bowl
  • Mix together in a measuring cup 1/4 cup of miracle whip or mayonnaise, 1/8 cup of ketchup, 1/8 cup relish and a teaspoon (or more to taste) of chives chopped fine – creates an orange coloured sauce
  • Add the sauce to the first ingredients, thoroughly mixing until everything is coated (it should be just enough to hold everything together without being runny)
  • Cut 24 dinner rolls (12-16 hot dog buns) partially through (butterfly opened – still together)
  • Spoon the mixture into the buns, wrap in tin foil with the opening creased at the top
  • Bake on a tray in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes
  • Remove from oven, allow to cool for a 5 minutes – serve – enjoy! 

While I was just starting to type in the recipe, Walter came in with a line he wrote down just now – it kept coming to him during his sit outside:  “Sweeten your future by savoring the past that came from a perfect present.”   

PMA – DoWoo #203/365


Over the last year I have had the honour of learning and collaborating alongside Marea – an inspiring mom of 2 (soon to be 3) who took one of the key aspects of our Master Key class and created her site “Family Positive Mental Attitude“.

Having a daily PMA is one of the areas Napoleon Hill speaks about.

Gratitude goes out to Mark J for having posted this, reminding me of the power of these 20 points.  

All 20 are already within us!
How great is that!?
No need to go to the store to purchase ANYTHING

I re-watched, making copious notes, since Mark asked what was the most important parts, what have I “nailed” and where I believe I need to improve?  My answers:  Favourite: #4: especially when irritated or angry has been part of my routine, however I will now adopt the 1 full minute first thing in the morning. Nailed: nothing fully but for the most part #8 through #11. Room to Improve: all of it – but specifically #14 and #15.  

I took loads of notes because not only does Hill explain the point, he tells you how to do it.  This is so in line with what the Master Key Experience is like – The course explains the key points on realigning your life BUT more importantly shows how to go about doing it.  

If you watch the above video and say anything similar to what said a year and 1/2 ago “How can I possibly do all that!?” – let me assure you, you CAN.  That’s point #6! 

We were on the last ‘weekly’ call of the Master Key today. Next Sunday is our commencement. 6 full months of realigning our thoughts with our desires and fueling them with the power of feeling. For those of us who have stayed the course…who have embraced the exercises…we have reaped significant rewards.  


Have you ever wondered why your goals remain just out of reach?   Have you ever questioned why what you have concentrated on does not happen?  How would you like to put actions into play which reaps results?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions….share your details with me below and I will ensure you are one of the select few who hear about the next class before the masses do.  There is a maximum number of scholarships awarded.  If we can show you how to do this, truly show you how to put your dream into reality, why would you not want to sign up?  

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

Serendipity – DoWoo# 201/365

serendipity-2 (1)When considering words which would describe the events of the last 36 hours – all I can come up with is “Serendipity”. I want to share this experience but I am unsure whether I would be able to do it justice. However, I will endeavour to do my best; which is all any of us can do.

Having worked for some time now, towards my understanding of our world and my place in it, I recognize there are laws which govern how life unfolds.  The same way my body is a complex vessel for my spirit to experience life, this world has a complex ebb and flow which allows us all to experience it together.  Our inter-connectivity is in fact as much of a requirement to the world as our breathing is to our body.  Affected by everything else going on around us and yet it moves along with governing aspects which work without conscious requirements. 

abc8599f4460b5be63add620a95e1e74God has a plan. After having a discussion about the game of chess this evening, I imagine that for God’s implementation of the numerous actions which transpire daily – he has the largest chess board ever.  Each of us are a player in the game. We are here to interact with others in a way to move the ‘game’ of life forward. And we move in, around, and over others’ boards – connecting with others as God intends.

The buyer of our home and I have connected based upon a thought / a feeling / a desire we envisioned over a year ago.  It turns out we have run similar routes even if we were experiencing them at different times.  We recognize there is a connection – in a way which has no time frame – it is now.

savourWhat I observed today is a glimpse of the myriad of steps which led us to this moment.  In sitting down this evening with the intent to explain that glimpse, the inter-connectivity we unveiled – I found words escaped me.  

Instead I chose to savour this space – allow it to unfold as it is meant to – rather than dwell on it. I am in the same wonderful space as last evening when I tweeted “Every time I say WOW, I am savouring it, rather than dwelling on it.”



The Pause – DoWoo #196/365

zodiac_boats_heroAm observing myself in a bit of a strange space – feeling a bit out of sorts – almost like this is not my life.  I know…I know…weird.  After all the turmoil over the last few weeks, it’s almost like I was on overdrive and now the engine got cut.  

Hmmm….The last time THAT happened, I fell off the front of the boat, was sucked under and my leg when through a propeller. Thank goodness THIS feels totally different. 

It’s almost like I’m heading into a different chapter.  Maybe that’s it! Maybe this feeling if because I’m closing a chapter of my life and starting a new one. There’s always a pause when that happens…right?   Many of the characters stay the same but some of them have completed their role in the story and now we’re introducing new ones…maybe different scenery. 

books2One of the things I’ve noticed as a mom is the feeling of connection…of responsibility somehow for my son. I’ve always felt this but never at the level I feel right now.   This evening I walked in to ask him if he wanted our cuddle/chat, and there he was sound asleep already, with a book still open on his lap. The love and contentment was palpable – without and within. 

I went back in a while later to find him still propped up.  I grabbed the edge of the pillow and pulled gently, leading him over to the side so he was no longer cramped. I wanted him to be comfortable.  Is this not my role as his mom? To love him.  To give him solid, consistent rules to live by. To love him. To teach him cause and effect so he can make his own choices with guidelines on how to walk himself through life. To love him. To do what I can to provide him with the tools to be all that he wishes to be.  

Is THIS why we are starting a new chapter in our lives?  Is HE why I am here at this moment? Look out….it may not all be about me…or Walter! This could be all about Gregory and what he will learn through us on this adventure.  

Hey, I’m not one of those moms who is going to say “I did it all for you!” Heck no!  This move to Costa Rica is what Walter and I want. However, since (in our choice of belief) children choose their parents because of what they are here to learn, to do and to be – Gregory chose us so we can take him with us where we are heading.  

The chapter ahead is unknown.  The great part is we are able to use the law of least effort to allow it to unfold for us.  May we all choose the path we were meant to take. 

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

To be first on the list to receive information about the NEXT Master Key Experience…before everyone else…please, sign up below. 

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!