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SOLD! – DoWoo #193/365

Yes! Yes! Yes! We. Are. SOLD. OMG that felt good to type.  One 1/2 of the partnership team we worked with came by this evening with the final paperwork for us to sign off on. What a roller coaster we have been on!

I asked myself this evening…what did I observe about this process of being the seller of a house? With 14 days = only 2 weeks = we are done.  It actually took us longer to prep the house for listing than it did to market, attract, contract, negotiate, agree, sell. #MACNAS

Now that is funny – where does this stuff come from?

CaptureOK – so back to what did I observe?  I realized: A little bit of knowledge is most definitely a dangerous space to be in.

I’ve been working in relocation for 25 years.  What I have learned is based upon other people’s expertise – shared, applied and either embraced or discarded as I felt applicable in whatever role I was working in.  After taking a big breath this evening – a sigh to realign my psyche after we stood back and looked at the “SOLD” sing in the snow – I realize that all of this “experience” was not true. Experiencing real estate in either portions of the whole, or through someone else’s direct participation does not fully qualify as ‘experience’ which would assist me with what we just went through.

WOW! Did you follow all that?

20150312_220720In short – I realized that what I knew meant absolutely nothing at the end of the day.  I don’t eat, sleep, breathe actual real estate.  I have ate, slept and breathed relocation.  And even though my specialty was in the real estate department, and I got my license at one point, I am not on the ground.

I have learned a lot about this industry and have more respect for what my mother did for over 30 years! AND she did that while she was raising me!

So, in closing…I give a huge shout out to our agents who brought us back to the basics, provided detailed assistance, gave me what I needed whether I wanted it or not, and ultimately delivered on what they promised us they would do.

Say it with me….Thank God We Are Done!

Available Knowledge – DoWoo #183/365

Received a phone call early this morning, just as we were getting Greg off to school; My mom had passed away, peacefully in my sisters arms, moments prior. While I had imagined how I would feel, I realized it was not until I was in the middle of this reality did I know how I felt.  

My initial reaction was relief she was no longer in pain. Walter shared he had had a similar reaction when his mom passed only 39 days ago. The next thought was mom and I had had our special moments – no regrets.  I found myself crying as there is now a piece of me that I will not be able to touch again (on this physical plane) but I recognize she now is able to look in on us from wherever she is (at least that is the philosophy I have chosen to embrace). 


Given that there was sadness but comfort in my beliefs, I chose to treat my day with as much normalcy as possible. We had showings on the house scheduled – we tidied up and left. I had a therapeutic massage appointment – when I arrived I told Don “I needed this”. AND I did – I felt more grounded when I left.  I went to the hospice and the family said our farewells. I worked on a report and sent it off. Reviewed a few websites for my part of the Master Key digital call. Went to a restaurant and ate appies and drank wine – while Walter and Greg picked up Mya from the kennel. Took time to think of mom. Hopped on the Digital Call with my fellow divas – these ladies were there for me! And lastly Walter and I reviewed 2 offers on the house, negotiated and then accepted one. 

Hmmm…   Is that what normal looks like? 

We waited till Gregory came home from school to let him know about his Nana. He pouted for a few moments (translation – sad face). He then asked “Does this mean we have to go to another funeral?” Yes.  I thought it may help – so I reminded him this time he would not have to look at a body as Nana chose to be cremated. He looked up at us and said “Like squished or burnt?” Squished?? “Yes (making a hand movement as if he were running his hand back and forth across a smooth surface) cream.”  Ah! He as thinking “cream” cheese you spread!   You gotta love how kid’s brains work out the results based upon their available knowledge. 

mom first in real estate

Mom – beginning her 30 year career in real estate

Come to think of it, is this not what we all do? No matter what age we are? We make conclusions, after we interpret what is going on, based upon the knowledge we have at our disposal.   This may be why we all grieve in our own unique way. We make decisions about death based upon our interpretation of our place in the universe as it relates to death.  

I conclude that mom looked over us today, creating the perfect bidding situation between 2 buyers to allow us to sell our house this evening – for what we are all in agreement is a reasonable value. We are happy. The agents tell us the buyers are happy.  This home will see more family happiness within it’s walls.

Thanks mom!  Love you!  
(Notice…the “Realtor” logo on her jacket!)

Fun Filled – DoWoo #181/365

Had a fun filled day. The morning was mostly spent listening to the other speakers and gleaning aspects from their presentations to align mine in a way which complimented.  Must be honest, I still get nervous about speaking but I know this is normal and will only make me the best I can be.  

I had fun with it and the audience appeared engaged throughout.  The accolades afterwards were just what I needed to hear to set my mind at rest.  I had knocked it out of the ballpark infusing my delivery with enthusiasm, knowledge and fun! 

We enjoyed lunch and dinner together. It was refreshing to be among a group of like minded individuals who speak a similar language.  The energy fluctuated, for the most part, from good to exceptional. What a way to spend the day. I am blessed.

Was speaking with Courtney at dinner this evening about the difference between back when I was in corporate to now – she asked me if I was better off then or now?  

Interestingly, I immediately went to the financial part of being better off. However, upon considering this Courtney asked whether this would be financial or otherwise. I realized that although I may have had more money when working in corporate, I was in a much better space now – happier and more fulfilled.  

An amazing day overall. I look forward to nurturing the relationships planted this weekend.  

Embrace Change – DoWoo #180/365

Am in Niagara Falls this evening with Walter and Gregory.  All things do happen for a reason. 

Back in November I had offered to speak at a 2 day conference this weekend for Answers For Women – a local group of amazing women.  I did not book the room through the organizer as I was able to book it online for a larger room with a fireplace for less.  I did not know what I was planning to do with the king size bed but I was enthused by the fireplace it offered. 

We ended up not listing last weekend but this weekend.  We therefore all needed to be away from the house for the weekend. Voila! A king size bed suitable for a family of 3. 

I do love how the universe works.  

I must remember…When something does not go exactly as I ‘planned’ there is a higher power overseeing it all for me…rearranging the world to get me to where I need to be at any given moment.  

Embrace it.   

The group I’ve met thus far has been amazing.  Blessed people with vision and purpose, wanting to help others with desires and visions working to find their purpose. It’s been mini-mastermind sessions around every curve.  We are going to rock these sessions and help these women! a4w


Someone’s Eyes – DoWoo #178/365

frontexteriorview2_1200The first thing I notice as we pull up to the house is that it’s cute…and the front door is red. It looks like a bungalow. Ooh, I kind of like the hedge. I can imagine it green and straight cut. 

As we walk up the path, I’m looking at the massive picture window which is in the front room – it’s beautiful.

livingroomview1_1200The great room is the first thing we see as we walk into the foyer. It’s red with white trim. Not much furniture and only 1 couch…but boy, what a couch.  That’s huge. Our sectional would work nicely in here. Maybe the TV up there. Or, as I walk farther into the room, I turn around and can see it on that wall too.  We’ve got choices. Could not imagine painting a room red but I like this.  Its warm and yet modern. 

frontentranceview2_1200Walking out I notice the front closet – double louvered doors with a light inside. The floors are kind of a light moss green.

kitchenview1_1200Ooo – the kitchen is a really good size.  Wow a table and a hutch in this space? Good layout. Open. 2 decent sized windows. Again, lots of light.

Which way does this face? South east. So we’ll get morning light.  NICE! 

kitchenview2_1200Door to outside. Let’s see the rest of the house first. Stone wall. That’s kind of different. I run my hand over it. The texture is warm.

Bathroom. Check. Jacuzzi tub. Now THAT will be inviting after a long day. I can see candles up on the window ledge at night…the tub going.

bedroom2_1200This is a good size bedroom – enough for a chair.  You can see the back yard from here. There’s a shed. It’s fenced. Next bedroom…it’s a really good size for an office. 2 desks fit in here. 

masterbedroom_1200Master. Closet. Drapes and sheers. Pretty. Oh, there is a slide. And a swing with awning in the back yard. I wonder if they have pictures of the yard in the summer. Wow. There is a lot of room on either side of this bed! And that’s a queen.  That means a king size bed will fit in here! 

Linen closet. They must have cleaned this up…no one’s linen closet looks like this. Interesting door.  Basement door has glass panels. Pulling open. That means we can easily open it coming or going.

finishedbasementview2_1200This is bright! Hey, bar stools…and a bar. Is that paneling? Cool. Retro!  Fireplace. Obviously wood with that stack over there. This stone wall is huge. And the granite! It’s pretty thick. I can see myself chilling down here. 

The “for sale” sign went up on the house. The virtual tour photographer was here this morning. This whole thing became real. Maybe “more” real than it has been. When I started thinking about the house and how we are all concentrating our thoughts on someone loving this house enough to make it their home – this weekend – I started to imagine what they would say as they walk through the house.  I can feel their vision. I see it. 

I am confident someone is going to come through the door and feel the love and happiness we have infused into each corner of this brick house. Gregory explained he figures they have a son his age so when we leave, his best friend Anil will have a replacement friend at the same house. Love his imagination!  No limits. We look forward to coming home on Sunday.

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!
When you choose what you see – it becomes real. 

Would you like to see something different than what you are currently seeing? If so, please opt in below. When the scholarships for the next class are available, you will be on the list to received the details before the masses. No obligation but so so much to potentially gain if you end up being rewarded a scholarship.

the master key experience

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

Reconnect – DoWoo #174/365

28767714Walter and I were driving to dinner tonight – date night without a babysitter as Gregory is at camp! Woo Hoo!  Anyway, I commented on the traffic, and Walter did not listen to me.    I commented it was a good thing he had not listened to me as my observation was incorrect.  His response: 

“I do listen to you, I just make my own decisions.”

imagesWhoa! I like that!  It makes so much sense.  People DO listen and then they make the choice whether they wish to do anything with the information you shared, let it drift out like it was never there or possibly choose to comment on it for discussion. 

download (10)So…Walter and I had a great time chatting during dinner, we even asked Josh to slow down the service as it was timed so we did not have time to chill while eating, great fast hot food but we were in the zone to just be relaxed. He did a great job of readjusting the food schedule.  We talked philosophically liked we used to.  It was a glorious evening of reconnecting. 

it-was-my-pleasure-thumb you-are-welcomeWe had a great discussion at the end of our dinner with our server – Josh. We shared the philosophy of choosing to respond to the phrase “thank you” with either “you’re welcome” or “it is my pleasure” rather than “no problem” which gives the person who just thanked you two negatives words (even if they were not meant in that context – remember, words are the highest form of architecture). 

Josh listened and made his own decision. He chose to embrace the information we offered to share and he agreed to receive.  What I loved was his reaction to our interchange…he said he would love to pull up a chair and sit down and chat with us.  How kind! What a compliment.


Winter Wonder What? – DoWoo #161/365

appreciatePassed a sign in front of a church this weekend. 

Was unable to stop as it was un-plowed, slippery, snowy roads on a down slope.

It had the same verbiage as this message.  

One of the things we’ve learn in the Master Key is that everything around you is there for a reason. We create what we think about.  What I was thinking about was WINTER! 

2008-01-28-banked-bikeWalter and I have always said we are not winter people.  When I was chatted with one of the other guest at the resort this morning, she commented “I’m not a winter person. But what can we do, we live in Canada?” My answer…move to Costa Rica!  Just because we were born somewhere does not mean that is the extent of where we need to reside. However, I’ve also known people who have never left their town, their province/state, let alone considered moving out of their country. But…as “they” say….different strokes for different folks. 

freezerYou may be wondering what possessed me to go away – UP NORTH – when I am not a winter person?  While originally this came about for totally other reasons, I’m not understanding it was so I could recognize and appreciate what we have before it becomes what we had.  Over the years many people, when they hear where we planned to move, would respond by saying “You’ll miss the seasons.” or “You’ll miss winter.”  The last one we would typically reply that if we ever did miss winter, all we would need to do is open the freezer and stick our head in to remember it.  

I must admit after all the brutal cold and ucky weather so far this season, this weekend was to remind me how beautiful winter can be. It snowed Friday to now – almost non-stop.  The kind which comes down gently – consistently – making everything white. Trees are covered in little fluffs of snow.  Fields are rolling hills of white.  Whoever coined the phrase “a winter wonderland” must have been away at a place similar to where I was, on a weekend such as this.

winter-photos-5Have decided before THIS winter is over, Walter, Gregory and I will get away for the weekend to enjoy some of what this lovely country offers us. We do appreciate what we have.  However, we are also completely OK with “it” becoming what we had.  We can always visit snow when the mood moves us to. 

What about you?
Are you a winter person?  

If not, how would YOU feel about living in a place without it? 

“She is Everywhere Now” – DoWoo #147/365

As “the family” we were at the funeral home for Bunia’s visitation for just under 4 hours. It’s been so long since I was on this side of the celebration (25 years) I forgot what it felt like to have so many people saying they were sorry for our loss.

Afterwards when Walter complimented Gregory on doing such a good job today – standing in the line, shaking everyone’s hands and responding when spoken to…Gregory commented he did not understand why everyone was telling him they were sorry for his loss. “I didn’t loose anything. Bunia is still here. She is everywhere now.”

imagesWell, she was certainly there with me this morning when I went to Walmart. I had to run to grab a few things we needed for the day when I spotted the words “Love” and “More” on a square canvas sitting on a shelf. I stopped. The phrase she would use was “Love you more.”  I put it in the basket but then realized it did not have a price tag. I searched and found they had 2 together – the 2nd having another saying….but I only wanted this one. There were a slew of other individual ones but none had price tags.  In thinking back…leaving it in my cart was a bit strange. 

When I got to the cash register, the cashier said I had chosen something without a sticker. I explained I had searched them all and none of the loose ones – there must have been 20 on the shelf – had a sticker.  If she did not know the price then I would not get it…it was for my mother in law.  She asked if I was OK with paying $8 like something else from my cart?  Sure. So she rang it through.  

I went home and used my canvas markers and added “you” to the rest. It is sitting at the home propped up in the visitation room. As it was meant to be.

Thanks Bunia!

This is a man… – DoWoo #143/365

“We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom. The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers, people able to put together the right information at the right time, think critically about it, and make important choices wisely.”  E. O. Wilson

alignedA man I aspire to be more aligned with as a human being was speaking on a web-call I was on this evening.  He shared the first sentence of the above quote.  I wrote it down. I had not heard this quote…or if I had, I had not retained having heard it.  It resonated with me though this evening. Then when I searched who had said it, I found the balance of the quote.  How appropriate.

neuschwanstein_bildI looked at this man…really looked at him as a whole, not just in the moment, and I saw a man with a vision. He was someone who knows family is his core base, has chosen to build a massive castle…with the interesting part is the castle he’s building is for everyone else to live in. 

This is a man who understands his energetic footprint and has chosen to share the tools he has developed to implement vision…not just towards the objective of his own vision…but share so that anyone can grasp their dream into existence. 

This is a man who originally reflected back to me a message to step it up and be true to myself. This reflection is now something I can hold up for myself.  This man has inspired me to recognize and accept what I see in the mirror without judgment (still working on this last one). 

john wooden quoteThis is a man who is changing the world for the better.  Not just “one small bite at a time” for that elephant in the room, we are ALL taking one small bite with him. And the next thing you know…poof, the elephant is gone!  We’ll leave the giraffe alone (inside joke for those who know him – and if you don’t get it – watch this). 

So…who is this man? 

Mark Januszewski

Mark is a man who puts together the right information at the right time, thinks critically about it, and makes important choices wisely.   

If you want to know how Mark does it? How you can get your hands on the tools to help YOU grasp your dream as your reality? Take the first step and register below for the next Master Key class – fall of 2015!  Then go here to read about people becoming heroes in their own life. 

the master key experience

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Imagination Starter – DoWoo #139/365

Our 9 year old has a very short and specific list of things he is passionate about at this time:

minecraft-360_2Minecraft:   A sandbox independent video game originally created by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed and published by the Swedish company Mojang since 2009. Gregory creates houses, farms, plants and harvests his crops, captures sheep and sheers them for wool, corals wild horses and tames them, mines for ore, obsidian, coal, diamonds…etc.

Z0iQ1DFPokemon:  A video game, card game, or other toy featuring certain Japanese cartoon characters.  Once he started with this I found out he COULD read, and remember all sorts of facts and information on each character.  So it was not about lack of ability – it was about finding something which sparked  his interest to learn. 

images (13)Geronimo Stilton:  A best-selling children’s book series published by Edizioni Piemme of Milan, Italy, since 2000. Scholastic Corporation has published the English version of the series since February 2004.  Geronimo is a mouse who goes on adventures. Greg has over 50 of the 100+ books available and a “goal” to have every book added to his collection.  He shovels snow in order to earn money to immediately purchase his next set of books. 

Gregory was explaining to me that he really enjoys reading Geronimo Stilton because it starts his imagination.  While Minecraft is mostly creating…Geronimo books add “Doi-ng”!  I asked him to explain. He stood up and showed me….


I suggested he use his imagination to create his own characters and then he could write his own books once we are in Costa Rica – about all the adventures he will be seeing first hand.  He explained he already has characters and ideas from 2 specific dreams he had.  

I then commented he may be able to write books like Geronimo Stilton and kids all around the world could read them.  He paused and then said “I don’t know…I’d have to learn to write in all the other languages then.” 

THIS caused a significant Loud Smile!  

I explained there were people who translated books into other languages.  He seemed very relieved.  I truly am grateful for our talks at the start and end of each day. They give me a glimpse into the workings of our child’s mind. And what a wonderful world it is.  

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

The 2014/2015 Master Key class commenced September 28th, 2014.

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OK OK I get it! – DoWoo #137/365

boatI was speaking to a friend earlier this week about her “AHA” moment when she told me about another thing – of being shown, reminded and then finally something had to fall on her head (literally) in order to make her realize she was being pointed towards a particular course of action. She referenced the story about God having sent a canoe, a Police boat and finally a service rescue helicopter. She had to finally get hit by something falling from the cupboard before she said to herself…OK, I get it. 

The same thing is what happened to me today. 

Yesterday, after having DoWoo’d about needing a hug, I sat with Walter in front of the fire for about an hour talking about a certain situation which had taken place: I had been on a call and said something which should not have been voiced…it was a negative comment. In replaying this situation in my mind, twisting it and turning it around in multiple ways…I became frustrated, then annoyed and eventually a bit ticked off. Mostly at myself but also a bit at him for not saving me from myself. This may not be rational…but it is where I went. 

Walter suggested I let it go.  It was done. I could do nothing to change it.  He explained I was dwelling on it and there are absolutely no benefits to doing this. I argued there was always benefit in review. You get to analyse and pick it apart to figure out how you could have handled it differently so you know how to handle it if it comes up again. 

Needless to say we came at this from 2 totally different perspectives. 

serentityAfter numerous bounces back and forth, I started to see a bit of clarity but was still fairly certain some part of my analysis of the situation was of benefit. This is when Walter asked me if understood the Serenity Prayer?  I started to recite each line, pausing to define in my own words the meaning of the sentence – giving examples. When we discussed the first part about “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change”…he commented that what is in the past cannot be changed. I kind of got stuck there. 

So, if it is “grant me serenity to accept” = “the things I cannot change” (A = B) and “the past” = something which “cannot be changed” (C=B) THEN logically this translates into “grant me the serenity to accept” = “that I cannot change the past” (A=C).   Walter explained I cannot rewrite this particular prayer.

3Today I ran across numerous instances of other people finding themselves in similar situations, placing me in close proximity which led me to feel compelled to share my moment of clarity. The soccer coach’s 9 year old daughter who was dwelling on having said something to a friend and offending them.  The gentleman who shared he was having challenges with other’s level of service. The friend who coached me for 1.5 hours of consideration for my mom in her current state of her illness. The canoe. The Police boat. The service rescue helicopter.

Each time I shared the coaching I received the night before from Walter, I started to truly own this understanding.  

Tonight I logged on at 11:00 to DoWoo.  It is 1.15.15.  From Doreen Virtue’s Number Sequences From The Angels:  1’s and 5’s, such as 115, or 551 – Your thoughts are creating the changes in your life. Keep steering your thoughts in your desired direction. If the changes that you see forthcoming are not desired, you can stop or alter them by modifying your thoughts.

OK OK I get it!   



A Day of Connections – DoWoo# 135/365

Brain Wave Started my day trying a new meditation tool.  It was enough of a pleasant response that I signed up for the 30 day trial. The interesting thing I observed was the “give away” popups and side bars and capture pages….I now understand so much more about how all this digital connections stuff works.  

Was working through a few reports, calling and connecting with people when one gentleman and I just hit it off. He and I had to stop chit chatting and get back to the matter at hand. Wonderful professional with a human element – just my kind of connection. 

im possibleReceived a call back from the person at the Sports Club (yesterday’s post) and she ended up telling me she almost purchased property in Costa Rica 11 years ago and wants to follow us there. She then shared about her dad just being diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer. NOW why do Doctors say that?! I felt compelled to share a few areas of treatments which I have heard about recently with success – immediately emailing her with the details and sending blessings. 

Another Digital Connection from our class created an updated version of my side bar.  I am blessed for having received such kindness. 

ddAND then this evening I received notification of a new follower on Twitter – Digital Divas.  Hey…I thought Mark J coined that phrase for our group of Digital Connection Ladies.  When I saw who was following me, I received a loud smile and immediately followed them back, thanking them for reaching out to me. 

20150113_193742Lastly, I put aside my work and splayed Scrabble with our 9-1/2 year old.  We downloaded an app on my phone which allows you to plug in your idea of a possible word and it tells you whether it is valid and if validated, gives you the definition.  

Turns out we were learning English and Math while enjoying family time.  Walter came home and said we need to do this in Spanish next time.  Are there different tiles for that? 

A fun filled day most definitely.  I am so filled with love and happiness. Blessings to all! 

Stars Aligned…or Was it the Balls? – DoWoo #134/365

team-sport_1_0Not sure if these are specific developmental “opportunities” which are more prevalent when a child has no siblings but Walter and I have noticed a few areas where Gregory could benefit from some improved “team” interaction.  We discussed this just the other day. I thought…hmmm it’s the middle of winter…how do we get him involved in soccer (he loves) during winter..and then just last week he had tried out for the basketball team at school.

Today he comes home with his agenda and brings it into the office handing it to me with a yellow flyer on top which says “Free Basketball and Soccer One-Day Clinic”. Timing? The stars aligning? Or did we ‘Key’ this request?  

In reading this I was amazed at how they have positioned themselves DARE to LOVE Sports Club.  

dare“Our mission is to teach, inspire and encourage (TIE) our community to promote DARE: discipline, attitude, respect and effort through the spirit of sport; and encourage players to show LOVE at home: listen, obey and volunteer every day. DARE to LOVE.   

We produce good athletes and great citizens. 

We DARE. We LOVE. We TIE it altogether through sport. We DARE you to do the same.”

stars-alignSo not only did the stars align, the balls aligned with an environment inline with all that we aspire to inspire at home.  What an amazing promotional set of acronyms.  Not sure…I believe that may have been an opinion. OK – allow me to rephrase.  Through the use of a clever set of acronyms this club created a brand which is appealing to me.  

On tonight’s Digital Call for the Master Key we were honoured to have a powerful speaker share her story and provide social media guidance based upon her years of experience: Andrea Waltz. One of the areas which peaked my interest was her comment about ‘branding’. Walter and I chose “Loud Smiles” as the name of our Piano Bar about 10 years ago but since then everything remotely associated with creating our dream has been Loud Smiled, sometimes with our tag line twist of “We smile loudly!”  In considering these 3 acronyms I believe we could adopt some of their philosophies to our progression.   

Thank you for stopping by.  Remember to be KIND to yourself today! 


kind to you

Human Toy – DoWoo #132/365

After I had “DoWoo’d” yesterday I explained to Walter that it may not be perceived as a huge observation but more of a consistent one…in how we interact and communicate with our son. Walter commented that not every DoWoo needs to be earth shattering.  It’s like baseball.  

dog hug

He explained that a baseball player who fails at hitting the ball 70% of the time is still considered a 300 hitter – which means they are ‘hall of fame’ material and multi-million dollar earners. When I chose to observe daily without opinion some days may be more of a hit then others…but I am most definitely hall of fame material! I am blessed and most grateful that I did whatever I did to deserve this man.

So today…I again was considering my daily observations when Walter and I sat down in front of the fire to chill before the boys came down to watch the movie. Mya, our 2 year old Belgian Malinois, decided she wanted Walter’s hand to pet or play with. This is something she does on a regular basis which amazes me. 

belgian_shepherd_malinois_13Now for those who are not familiar with a Belgian Malinois, they are a bread who (as per Wiki) are used as working dog for tasks including detection of odors such as explosives, accelerants (for arson investigation), and narcotics; tracking of humans for suspect apprehension in police work; and search and rescue missions. The U.S. Secret Service uses the breed to guard the grounds of the White House.

I bought my first dog when I was 16 and kept her at my friends house till her parents told me I had to pick her up (I managed about 3 months believe it or not – my parent had no idea). She ended up being given to a woman on a farm. The next dog I purchased was the only cute, large, slim dog, in the pet store which was NOT the Rottweiler my husband (ex) was looking at so interestingly – a Belgian Malinois. The breed was not something I had never heard of but I was hooked. That dog could clear a 3′ fence on command, clear a park bench from sit without touching it, would growl at anyone who approached me who he did not recognize, but was instantaneously courteous as soon as I touched their arm to “accept” them.  When we separated and he came back to take away his stuff, he went to give me a hug and the dog pulled him off of me – something I had not trained him to do…he just knew. 

So…when I wanted to get another dog for Gregory to grow up with, I wanted this breed. They are considered to be good with other dogs if socialized and good as a family pet, with kids (you got it) if socialized. We adopted Mya as a rescue at 8 months old. She had been malnourished and has a permanent eye infection which requires daily drops. However, for this breed she is THE most laid back, calm, affectionate, gentle dog the rescue group and I have ever seen.  She’s still a Mal but just nowhere near as driven as the breed typically is.  When we showed up to consider adopting her the person running the rescue operation said we were the right family for her (we had fostered for them before so they knew what we were all about).   We are blessed to have been in the right place, looking for the right dog and she was ours! What better dog for a young boy to have – one he can wrestle with, throw snow at, play tug or war (and not win) and yet a dog who keeps her teeth gentle as she grabs your hand in her mouth.  

Today I observed a gentle animal and her human toy!   No humans were injured in the making of this video (…or not much).  You can be the judge and leave a comment down below.  Thanks!


A Special Moment – DoWoo #118/365

medAfter lights were out for about half an hour, Gregory came down to the the family room to tell us he was having challenges going to sleep – he was relaxed but just not sleepy. Walter offered to do the relaxing meditation technique with him. He said yes and they headed upstairs.

When he came down about 15 minutes later Walter said they got to his chest before Gregory was asleep soundly. I asked Walter what he does exactly. He has explained it to me before but mostly in generalities.  I asked for details.

Walter first asks him to get comfortable. Positioning his legs and arms and body in a way that once he goes to sleep he won’t move – so a relaxing pose in anticipation of going to sleep in that position. This maybe takes 1-2 minutes. Walter says “He’s good at this”.

He then takes the blanket and pulls it up and they start breathing. Deep breathes in through the nose and out through the mouth. He does about 5 to 10 of these – maybe 30 seconds. Walter repeats “He’s good at this.”

FotoliaZenRocksHe then starts at his toes…”they are feeling tingly and heavy, yet they are floating, totally relaxed.”  Without direction to Gregory Walter pauses before the next body part – quietly taking a deep breath in through his nose and then out through is mouth. Gregory breathes along with Walter. They do the ankles, the calves, the knees, working their way up the body with Walter pausing between each body part to breathe quietly but deeply.  He explains that as long as Gregory is awake he breathes along. However, once he is asleep he will not follow with the deep breathe. Walter completes 1 or 2 more body parts just to be sure and then they are done.

Walter said he enjoys this time with him. It’s their “thing”.  I totally get it. Gregory and I have our “thing” as well. It has changed as he has grown up.  One favourite “thing” was singing the Crazy Little Caterpillar book together. He would choose it for me to “read/sing” as his bedtime book whenever he felt I needed it – saying it was my favourite.  Ah, what he may not have realized…he is our favourite. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Life is a journey, not a destination.”  One of the promises Walter and I made when we talked about having children was that this would still be our ride and he or she would be along it. I had no idea then that the ride would become such a sweet one with our little man along with us.  I observe the joy parenting has given me – us.   A billion special moments one right after another. 


No Expectations – DoWoo #114/365

51Xsjlmr42L._SL300_Wow! We’ll leave it at that and let you have an opinion on my Wow! 

I drove 90 km (about 55 miles) to drop off the finished product from yesterday.  Since the radio is inoperable in this vehicle I listened to Wayne Dyer’s Excuses Be Gone (on Audible) using my phone and a little portable speaker.  No traffic – got there in just over an hour.  Stopped on the highway to call to get directions and it turns out I stopped just before the exit I would need.  

Decided to hang out at a mall I’ve never been to. Initially challenged to find any parking space but found one right outside the Bay doors.  Had lunch. Did a bit of Christmas shopping. The mall was quite calm and when there was a line up, it did not appear to be more than any other day.

01-woman-pushing-shopping-cart-lgn-17929409Drove 90 km back all while listening to Wayne again. Went grocery shopping (but could not find my vision list which Walter made sure I wrote before I left). Popped into the dollar store for stocking stuffers. While there was a huge line in this shop they had 6 cashiers…so what could have been daunting was quite quick.

Hustled over to use the facilities at the coffee shop on the other side of the mall and found a parking spot immediately out front – one of only 4 spots in that location. Decided to purchase muffins as a treat for tomorrow’s breakfast. Dropped by the liquor store after getting a parking spot immediately out front.  At check out I managed to walk into the shortest line in the store. I forgot my “air mile” card so offered to the fellow in front of me to stay and swipe his card to collect the points – which he did.

Popped over to Walmart to finish off the last few items needed to bake and found a parking spot close to the entrance (are you seeing a pattern?).  Found almost everything I needed and when I went to the cashier there was only 1 person in front of me!

Detoured to the Bulk Barn to pick up shaved coconut. Found really cool candy I love in the bulk bin right at the front!

Now…not sure if you observe anything about the above but I do.   I don’t listen to the “news” much as it’s hard to filter all the not-so-good stuff  – but for some reason it was on in the other car when I was driving 2 day ago….and they said:

dec 23

I did not consider the magnitude of what I could be stepping out into today.  On reflection it was quite calm, with minimum fuss and overall a very rewarding day with a lot accomplished!

I started to title today’s DoWoo “Expect the Unexpected”.  However, that would mean I may have had a preconceived opinion of how today may proceed or I could have anticipated the opposite in the hopes of manifesting what I received.  

Either my whole environment chose to shop elsewhere on the busiest day of the year (not sure I have THAT kind of pull) or my positive energy kept placing me exactly where I needed to be in order to maximize my experience! 

I believe what happened is…I just “allowed”.

And for the few minor moments which may have made the old me take pause (my old blue print) I calmly (but quickly) considered my options and made light of the particular moment – choosing to perceive what was going on as being exactly as it was meant to be.

Wayne makes mention of “Choosing rather than Excusing”.  Today was my “Choose to Allow; With no concern for the How”. 

What an absolutely glorious day!  I am most grateful.

Were you out there today?  If so, how did it go for you??


A Matter of Degree – DoWoo #110/365

I am so loving my 2 men!

On top of all the technical “opportunities” we have been working through this last week, I have had the good fortune to have contracted a cold bug.  This has resulted in a slow down today for insightful observations from my end.  In typical supportive fashion my 2 men each gave me an idea for a DoWoo.  I am blessed.

Greg came into the room this evening and shared his explanation on time: It goes quickly when you DO something or use your imagination. BUT if you are not involved in doing something or just sitting there bored, letting your mind think of all sorts of things, then time seems to go at a normal speed.  He gave me the example of someone who forgot their gym clothes and they have to sit on the bench, watching everyone else.  For this person time seems to go slowly. For the others in the class, who did bring their gym clothes, they are having fun and time goes quickly.  I complimented him on his observation and asked him to share what the lesson we were supposed to learn from it.  He said just DO!

Walter shared with me his observation that we do vision boards every day – successfully bringing that vision to completion. It’s called a shopping list.   First – we are spurred on by desire (typically hunger) so we make a list of what we need. We then put a plan of action into place whereby we set a time to go to the grocery store. We then methodically go up and down the appropriate aisles picking up everything on our list with some of us being organized enough that we cross the things off as we go. We then complete our task until the new vision board is pulled out and compiled.

I was one of those people who did not always make a list.  When I went grocery shopping it was inevitable that I would bring home other stuff simply because it was there in front of me – being enticed and distracted. Now, when I go with a list, I concentrate on getting what is on the list. Could this not be the same for those who do not have a clear vision for their future?  When they go out into the material world, they don’t have a plan of action with clear ideas, and so it may be inevitable that they get distracted or enticed off course.

If we extract a drop of water out of the ocean, is it any less ocean? It is all a matter of degree: How time is perceived to proceed and how we make our desires realized into actuality through vision lists!

I dedicate this to my men who are always there for me – in so many ways. Turns out they are my Agents of Fortune – who would have thunk?

“A male muse is called an Agent of Fortune. He is a Traveler not anchored by standard materialism. Although he may desire material things, his position actually influences and inspires other people to make decisions beneficial to their future of physical and spiritual needs.” 

Clarity Slow Down – DoWoo #100/365

100YEAH! Triple Digits!

I want to thank each of you…yes YOU…for reading, commenting, sharing, supporting, encouraging and being there for me throughout this journey. Who would have thunk 100 blogs in a 100 days?

And on this momentous day I reflect having experienced a very “interesting” day. A day of observing my reactions to what was going on around me – but in a totally different light!

You know how people talk about having an out of body experience…well, it was not like that! It was more like tiny moments of clarity where whatever was going on slowed down. I had time to recognize my thoughts and review my possible reactions and then slowed it down even further to ask myself how I would like to actually respond…and then I made a choice – doing so with a clearer understanding of how my response may affect the moment I was in. 

While nothing was earth shattering…the slower time frame allowed me to recognize that it IS POSSIBLE to choose.  We’ve spoken about being given the option as human beings to choose. However, many of us – and I raise my hand here – may find themselves just reacting….AND not always in the best way or with the best results. 

It goes back to our teaching within the Master Key. Most of us go from stimulus to reaction. We learn that we can train ourselves to go from stimulus to choice to response.  That additional step of recognizing and choosing results in the bigger difference of a response rather than a reaction.

This is what happened to me today! 

AND I am truly ECSTATIC!  

Thank-YouI implore you to stick with me through the next 265 days.  There are thoughts stirring, plans formulating and choices being made which are going to shift not only how I observe but how my entire life is to be lived.  Wanna share the ride?

Again, thank you for being here with me!  A blessing of abundance to you all! 


Happy 99th! – DoWoo #97/365

99aHave been thinking quite a bit lately about my dad. Today would have been his 99th birthday. The earliest (fond) memory is of my dad waking me up at the cottage late one night, lifting me up onto the picnic table so I could be at his same height and looking up at all the stars.  I was so young I was usually in bed before it got completely dark outside.  What I saw was beyond amazing – to this day I’ve never seen a sky so full of stars as it was that night.   The cottage was far away from any man-made light and it would have been August…possibly without the moon to dim the beauty of the stars.  I recall him taking time to point out the constellations we could see. It was magical. 


Another was when I was 10 and he was 60. He turned to me and said that I should get to know him because he would be dead soon. Whoa! Can you imagine? It was pretty traumatic at the time as I did not understand the context. He was the older of 3 boys, and both his younger brothers had already passed and he had reached the age his father had died at. We had 14 more years.

gatesI recall dating a fellow who claimed to be agnostic, which to my devote Roman Catholic father was beyond acceptable and not what he envisioned for his baby daughter. I was 18 and he 68.  I sat him down and asked him a question about Peter at the Pearly Gates.  I explained I was interested in his thoughts on what Peter would do if he had 2 men in front of him and he could only allow 1 man in. Not that that would happen but if….So, the one man was a devote Catholic, faithfully going to church each Sunday, said grace before meals, read the rosary every day..,but on a day to day basis was not the kindest or compassionate of men. The other man did not go to church, he did not say the rosary or prayers or grace…but on a day to day basis was kind to each person he met, was compassionate and helpful to everyone in his life. Who would Peter choose to enter? My dad asked me if I spoke of anyone in particular to which I answered (tongue in cheek of course) it was purely hypothetical.  He paused and then answered that he felt Peter would choose the second man who did not go to church but treated everyone with compassion. I raised an eyebrow at him but said nothing further. As you can imagine, my relationship with my father that day changed.

tumblr_lrabbbnysy1r02cc0o1_500Now my dad was not a saint, nor did we always see eye to eye. But he was a man who did what he was capable of doing based upon his knowledge and his belief system.   I am blessed to have known small pieces of a man who had much to offer but may not have known how to show it. 

I thank you for allowing me to share a few memories on this special day.  I dedicate this post to my dad and every other dad out there. Embrace your children. May I suggest you show them you are human and that you make mistakes. Show them love and compassion and understanding.  They are your legacy but your life with them is part of their foundation which travels with them throughout their journey. Make it a good one.  

The Synchronicity of It ALL – DoWoo #93/365

Pieces of my life just keep getting more intertwined. We have people who have come into our lives who we think are in our life for one particular reason and then BAM! you interact in a totally different way and something completely unique starts to unfold.  

137038I recall reading “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire” by Deepak Chopra. Although it has been over 10 years one of the things I recall him outlining was once you are aware of something – say you just purchased a yellow mustang convertible, you will immediately start seeing other yellow mustang convertibles, yellow cars, convertibles everywhere. Coincidence? Or Synchronicity? 

I reached out to a colleague of mine about our business today. Our two and a half hour conversation included about 10 minutes (towards the later part of the chat) about why I had asked to connect. The rest of the time we went off onto other tangents and ended up inspiring each other in totally different avenues we had not even known about each other until this talk.  Design or Coincidence? 

One of the things I do know how to work with is when something inspiring happens – I run with it. I don’t look at it and ask why or ignore it because it was not what I was originally looking for. I am already envisioning the ideas we discussed and am truly excited to hear the results of my friends action as it unfolds. 

1065303669While searching for a picture of Deepak’s book, I ran across other interesting images. An excerpt from the book about a man’s proposal.  

I can relate my own SynchroDestiny here. The day I met my husband Walter. Both our first time to an event our employers required us to attend. Neither of us wanting to be there after a long day at the office. Seeing each other for the first time across our assigned table. Our emails crossing in cyber-space the next morning. All leading to what we have today!

8578999595_8b08bb55ce_zI also saw a picture which struck me as totally stunning…and this quote:

“The trees must breathe so I can breathe.” Deepak Chopra

How apt is that?  We are all part of the whole. We are all intertwined. We affect each other and are there in order to serve one another. 

080a143dcd603738f89d748966b44c14AND lastly I found instructions on how to allow this universal energy to speak to you – to aid you in revealing and recognizing your direction.

This is how I started to paint at 46 years of age – finding a talent I did not know existed within me.  Imagine what else is within which I have not unlocked?

What do YOU have within you which is just waiting to be revealed?  


I thank you for stopping by and allowing me to share in this journey. It has certainly been an interesting roller coaster of a ride. I look forward to the balance of twists and turns. I’m all buckled in and have my two men beside me.

What more could one woman ask for?

Enjoy your day and may it be filled with an abundance of blessings. Just remember they may not look exactly like what you expected. Cheers!