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We Are Similar – DoWoo #350/365

presentGregory has a friend who is a bit older but is in the same class. The young boy’s father and Walter have connected – helping each other with the language differences.  This is the same young gentleman who came to the school and translated for us, who showed Walter where to purchase the school uniform and soccer shoes, who has invited Gregory to a surprise birthday party for Gregory’s friend.   We are so very grateful for all that he has done for us. 

Walter invited him over today for coffee and a visit.   We wish to be sensitive to the differences in culture here and asked what is typical for gift giving here.  He explained the main gift is the one the parents provide and the party, with the gifts being given by the friends who arrive, more of a token rather than a something which is big.  He explained the big part is having fun with his friends.  We reiterated this is how it was back home for Gregory so we understand. 

minecraft on tableWe also discussed electronics. He commented he prefers his children outside playing, exercising, rather than playing with electronics. We explained we have a similar philosophy and aim for balance – play time needs to be outside for at least 2 hours before having 1 hour of game time on the computer or Wii. We also encourage reading and there is time spent writing and sourcing phrases in Spanish to learn.  

similarHe shared a few of his dreams, his life here, his desires for his family.  What I observed is while we come from different cultures, different countries, speak a different language – when it all boils down, we are very similar.   

I look forward to learning the language more so I may converse with people such as this kind man – learning more about others dreams, their philosophies, their passions.   I may find more similarities. 

Did I Learn ANYTHING? – DoWoo #343/365

I recognized a variety of things this evening…all due in thanks to the Master Key Experience. I have changed.  I continue to change.  I am grateful it is towards where I envision myself to be. If I had to sum it up in one word – it would be Awareness.

Pros_and_ConsOn the pro side the 3 top things are:

  • awareness that I am so much more than I thought I was,
  • I have the ability to alter my thoughts and impact the result around me and
  • I am totally responsible for everything which happens to me.

On the con side the 3 top things are: 

  • awareness that I am so much more than I thought I was,
  • I have the ability to alter my thoughts and impact the result around me and
  • I am totally responsible for everything which happens to me.

Yes…I realize when I listed the top pros they were also the top cons.  

  • On the plus side being aware that I am more is great – it allows me a realization that I am pretty awesome.  On the not so plus side, knowing that I am awesome and have not been honouring this blessing to its fullest means I’m being less than grateful.  
  • On the plus side realizing that I have the ability to alter my thoughts and impact the results around means that I am able to create whatever reality I wish.  On the not so plus side it means that if I am not living my life in the reality I desire, I have not used this gift to its full extent. 
  • On the plus side recognizing I am responsible for everything which happens allows me to take ownership for my circumstances and revel in all that I have accomplished. On the not so plus side it means if I am not as enamoured in my current circumstances I have no-one to lay blame on, it is all my doing.  

Mark J, the main instructor within the Master Key Experience, comments “we are made first class, by first class, to live first class.” I surmise anything other than a full embrace of all that we are within, could be interpreted as being a disservice to our creator and to ourselves.  It gets back to us being all that we can be.  I am that I am. 

I now live with purpose. It’s no longer about survival.  I did this for decades.  Survival would be considered part of the disservice I mentioned.  Embracing each day with the love of life, the love of myself and the love for all those I connect with – this allows for growth, happiness and fulfillment of purpose.   It all boils down to love. 

I was going to start by making a list of people who could benefit from taking this course but then realized that would narrow the scope of reality where it need not be.  I truly believe everyone could benefit from learning about themselves. 


An aside – We were talking to Gregory about an aspect where we declared ‘teacher teacher’. This is meant to signal him to pay special attention to whatever we are talking about – it is an important lesson. Gregory groaned and advised us ‘teacher teacher’ is fine but we don’t ever say ‘class dismissed’. To this, Walter and I counselled him – lessons are always in session. Once you stop learning from life, that is when you are dead. 

Could we all not benefit from learning about ourselves?  

I am blessed this class has shown me how to learn whatever it is I  wish to learn. I am grateful it showed me how to be true to myself – and to recognize when I am not being as true as I could be – so I may choose to readjust.  All great tools to maximize my life experience on a daily basis.   While Mark J, our mentor, went from ‘broke in Boston to beachfront in Kauai’, we have gone from ‘cold in Canada to lakefront in Costa Rica’.  Knowing what we now know from having taken the Master Key Experience, I imagine it only gets better from here on in. 

What do you imagine your reality to be?
What change would you like to make?

I’m pleased you have stopped by to check out the Master Key Experience.  If what I’ve shared resonates with you, I’d like to make sure you get FIRST NOTICE of the next course .

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3 Step Pack – DoWoo #256/365

Happy Dance – I’m 70% of the way to my goal of 365!
Whoo Hoo!

Walter and I had a very exhilarating experience today as we stood in our bedroom….we released clothes from our closet with a good portion going to the garage sale pile, a small amount going into the bin for storage and reconsideration later – AND we managed to get all 3 of our clothes for our trip mostly sorted and organized.

packingI like to treat packing as a 3 stage process:

  1. Put everything I think I may want to bring on the bed, sorted into piles of similar items (ie: pants, skirts, shorts, Ts, swimming, etc)
  2. Pull out items from the areas which have excess
  3. Leave it for a day or so and then reconsider, removing more as I know I don’t need all of it!

Occasionally there is a #4 – Leave it for a few more days, reconsider and remove more!

For tonight’s sort we made a list:
packingWe had quite a bit of back and forth discussion with the intent of choosing favourites items which were comfy but also as Walter put it “You have to look at me, so it may as well be something you like.”

timeWe’ve rented our storage unit and are looking forward to selling loads of stuff on Saturday.  The clock is certainly ticking….we have less than a month before we will be on the ground in Costa Rica.

Last night Walter mentioned there was an email from International Living “Make 2015 Your “Year of Costa Rica””.  It was like a “Display Ad from the Universe” reminding us we are doing the right thing!

I want to say Mucho Gracias to everyone who continues to read about our journey of DoWoo. I’m blessed and amazed at the same time.


No Goodbye Required – DoWoo #251/365

cemeteryWe buried my mom’s urn today.  On the way to the cemetery Walter stated neither he nor Gregory had ever been to this cemetery before.  I thought back to my father’s funeral…it would be 25 years ago this July…and found I could not recall having been to the cemetery either.  I asked my siblings and they confirmed, yes – we had gone to the cemetery for Dad.  I remember the funeral home, the church service, sitting in the limo behind the hearse…but I do not recall the actual burying of my father at the cemetery.  Interestingly though I somehow retained a visual on the approximate location of his burial plot…but have no recollection of how I would know this. 

I will remember today though…but not as a day I said goodbye.  The attendant offered us an opportunity to touch the urn and say goodbye before it was lowered into the ground.  I did not feel any desire. I did not feel like I needed to say goodbye. It may be that I have adopted our son’s philosophy in that my mom is not lost to us – she is everywhere now. 

qofEAt the funeral service back in March I read the poem “The Dash”. My mom’s best friend Diane was not in the country at that time. She spoke today and shared her personal perspectives on mom.  She commented she likes to group everyone into one of 2 categories – those worthy of being introduced to the Queen (of England) and those not.  She considered my mom fell into the first – and went onto use words to describe why.  This was heartfelt.  This was someone who saw the best that my mom offered this world. Another person to share how well my mom spent her dash.  

“They” say that only a few of those around us actually make it to our funeral and then of those, only a smaller portion would go to the grave for the burial if it were raining.  I am glad mom had a good turn out for both. Mom was loved.  She remains loved.  She is everywhere now – with a pieces left behind – one of them it seems, within me.  

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who are mothers! Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who have a mother! We are all connected.  We are blessed.  


Mom Told Me To – DoWoo #250/365

#250 again! LOL  Turns out I missed #244 and had to go back and update the last few numbers. I looked at which date I oopsed and it was the day of the garage sale (a 3am start to that day!). This reminds me I am human and have the ability to err.  “To err is human…to forgive is divine.”

WPSPLHHWalter came home today from a week away at surgery – double hernia.   While he was there, he wore his “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!” T shirt. Someone came up to him and pointed out that he could not possibly be ‘perfect’ – that only God was perfect. 

Walter responded that since we are made in his image than we too are perfect.  I suggested we could consider the question that if we are to “Be all that God intended us to be” then why would we not be considered perfect in all that He intended us to be?  I run with this thought today because God is understood as being all forgiving – and therefore when WE forgive, we are acting in a similar manner and therefore in a divine way.  

Tomorrow is my mom’s interment.  Many many months ago she asked me to get along with my siblings. To forgive them any error I perceived they had done and to embrace them as ‘family’ – that I was missing out.  I remember rolling my eyes and we agreed to disagree on this matter. So far my way of dealing with them have included total avoidance for about 3 years, acceptance during this past year’s interactions due to our mothers declining health, and most recently I find myself standing back and watching as they appear to jostle for their positions with the intent to ensure “equality” in the disbursement of her estate.  

forgiveI am not perfect. They are not perfect. Assuming we are all being as God intended us to be AND If they are being something which I perceive to be out of sync with what I am being, then I have the choice to remain in their vicinity or remove myself.  

I have seen other families who get along – and I would love to have this. I am just not sure it is even possible given the depth of our internal individual angst. I recognize that I am different from my siblings in what I deem to be important – and I acknowledge I do not comprehend their perspective.    When I have tried to see if from their point of view all I feel is unease. 

I will do what I have learned to do: Accept them for who they are; Recognize they are acting and being based upon what they know and believe to be true;  and then I will do my best to find a way to forgive – both them AND myself.  I will allow it to unfold. 

Empty = Full – DoWoo #245/365

Realized I have done quite a bit of DoWoo-ing regarding our divesting of our material possessions but today it truly hit home. Empty space can actually result in a feeling of fullness.

fullBetween the stuff stored in the crawl space, the bins and boxes of stuff for the garage sale which filled the main living room, the massive furniture stored in the basement, the couches and table and a bedroom set – all are gone within the last few days.  In walking through the spaces which are even more bare than when we staged them…I saw the emptiness and yet felt filled with the promise of our dream coming to fruition.

I am pleased our “things” have moved on to other places – spaces which I hope will benefit from the joy of the having. It feels good to share. It feels amazing to release.  It feels phenomenal to know this is all part of our journey.

NewPs – DoWoo #243/365

I observed kindness today 

  • when a friend agreed to come stay the night to help with our garage sale tomorrow
  • when an associate gave me information quickly which allowed me to get my work done
  • when a stranger gave me advice about something I was buying which I did not need

hmmm….when typing the last bullet I realized we call someone we just met, or introduced ourselves to, as a “stranger”.  Interestingly the definition of stranger is “a person whom one does not know or with whom one is not familiar“…but the base of the word is strange which has a slightly different twist – in that it means “unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling or hard to understand.

So…a “stranger” should then be the combination of the two – would it not? If so a “stranger” could be “a person whom one does not know (who is) unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling”  I’ve never related the two as being together…typically not considering a stranger to automatically be strange. 

So – if I just met someone but I don’t think they are strange…I will now refer to them to them as “newPs” – as in “new” and “peeps” being the Ps.  

What do you think? Can we make it fly? 



Scenery or People – DoWoo #235/365

One of the things I found interesting today was the process of going through photos albums. Exploring and revisiting what I found important at certain times of my life – capturing moments – places – people – events.  

photo albumI went through 6 photo albums – pulling out memories from when I was with my (practice) husband.  Getting engaged, our first apartment together, our new furniture, our adopted kitten and how well she got along with our previous cat (not!), our next move, our honeymoon across the East coast provinces of Canada, the first time I saw an ocean, the house we lived in when I was born, our puppy, renovations in our first house, our trip out to the West coast – across the rest of the Canadian provinces, my first glimpse of mountains, the Pacific ocean, our trip to Drumheller where I saw a T-Rex skeleton up close and personal, bought a fossil, a full moon in the Rocky Mountains, a black bear on the side of the road, West Edmonton Mall, going down the luge run at Calgary’s Olympic Park….. 

As I pulled, I sorted into 3 piles: keep, pass over to my ex, or toss.  

Harbour-upI recall one of my siblings commenting on my photo albums maybe 20+ years ago…asking me why there were so many pictures without people.  Her photo albums were filled with photos of places and events but most included someone in the picture.  I seem to recall it had something to do with marking the point in time with the person along with the place or the event.  I had answered her that I preferred just the scenery – that I was an artist looking for the artistic shot. 

Having gone through this exercise today I realized the photos I kept were mostly those which included people.  The majority of those I tossed were of scenery.  

Hmmm…she may have been onto something.  

Messages – DoWoo #228/365

51yRKGXt7mL._SL500_AA300_PIaudible,BottomRight,13,73_AA300_Lately I’ve been going to sleep listening to Spiritual Healing by Glenn Harrold: A Guided Meditation to Heal your Mind. It’s been an interesting ride listening to this recording but what I heard (observed) through my absorption of his words the last few nights..this is what I want to share. 

“Within this energy field there could be blockages and imprints that hold you back and prevent you from reaching your potential. Repetitive behavioural patterns that you find hard to shake are often caused by blocks in your energy field…and when you heal yourself spiritually, it will naturally follow you will heal yourself physically and emotionally.” 

What I “heard” is that it is not our physical body or emotional which needs to listen – it is our spiritual being – or energetic self.  This part of us needs to listen.  We need to be open. We need to be able to understand what is being shared at a cellular level. If we are “blocked”, how can we do any of these things?

Years ago I had a bit of an “aha” where I recognized most of what I was reading had the same message.  It was wrapped up differently, had different analogies or examples, but ultimately the final message was the same. 

got itShortly thereafter I had a vision of those who “got it” (whatever “it” was). They were tuned into and listening to one radio station while I was listening to another.  They understood what it took to get to where they were (I just had to reach out and turn the tuning dial) BUT they were unable to show us. We had to figure it out on our own.  I saw them cheering us on, encouraging us to keep going, keep trying, so that eventually we could join them in their understanding. 

Recently I keep having thoughts along the same concept. This time though they are not standing on a different plane of existence, they are right here beside me, beside you. They still cannot show us.  They can though do their best to explain it to us.  The challenge…and this is where I believe so many of us may get stuck…is that they can only explain it in THEIR own words, from their perspective AND not everyone is going to understand it that way.  

messagedTHIS is why it’s the same message from so many different people. Different books. Different techniques on helping us become aware. Different wrappings and presentations. BUT the bottom line IT is the SAME message. 

I imagine it is like learning a different language.  The intent to communicate to us is clear, just the words don’t make much sense.  Now, we may be able to figure out the gist of “it” but until we totally tune in, truly understand the words, we are not able to grasp what is being shared. 

What do YOU think the message is? 

Connectivity in Energy? – DoWoo #225/365

20150413_162130My mom was recently cremated and her urn has been at our place for the last month.  Today one of my sisters picked up the urn to have at her place for the balance of the time until ‘mom’ is interred.

While I know the ashes are not the essence of who my mom was, representation of the ashes in an urn are a reminder to me of her connection to this plane of existence – where the rest of us remain. While each of us morn differently, I have chosen to embrace the philosophy that once our energy is no longer attached to our earthly bodies, we remain as energy. I embrace how our son chose to describe it – that our loved ones are not lost to us, they are still here – just everywhere.

So while I experienced a moment of sadness that mom was leaving us, I wonder whether that is even the case?

Walter and I were talking the other day about what “home” is.  And he commented it is where we hang our hat.  It is not the ‘stuff’ which which makes a space home. So it does not matter that we will no longer have all this ‘stuff’ we’ve collected over our life with us in Costa Rica – as long as we are together, in health and happiness – we are home.

I wonder whether this is similar to death in that we still have mom here with us, in our hearts, and therefore she is at home with us. We do not need her body to have her with us.

images (1)I also believe…since I started out as a microscopic piece of her, and so having been created by her, of her, she remains within me always. Maybe that is why I feel I am being reminded of her love and support. The only thing I cannot do is physcially touch her – but when I close my eyes, I can see her smile.

However, now I’m wondering…since I am energy, and my body will also cease to exist at some point, and she is energy whose body already ceased to exist…if I am able to still connect with her now, why would I not continue to connect even once both our bodies no longer breathe?  And if that is the case, we are always and forever together.

Hmm…Another interesting avenue to ponder further.
Please weigh in.  I’m truly interested.

Name of the Game – DoWoo #223/365

Attended a hockey game this evening.  A friend of ours, who supports the local team, was going to shave his hair for cancer during the intermission.  While I’m not a huge hockey fan, I find most sports more enjoyable in person.  To support a good cause…well, that was a major bonus!

peter puckWe had Gregory’s best friend with us.  He has never been to a live hockey game and does not know much about how it works.  I started to explain “off side” as this rule and the icing rule are really all I remember from “Peter Puck” lessons when I was their age.  Walter said he found it amusing that I was the one explaining the rules.  

After noticing team members flipping the hockey puck in the air quite a bit, I asked Walter why were they flipping it up in the air – “It’s called ice hockey, not air hockey.”  He laughed around the soft pretzel he was eating. 

Turns out they do this all the time. I just had not noticed it. However, he did find my observation funny and reminded me that football was mostly about throwing, catching and running with a ball – whereas soccer, called football in other countries, is mostly about the ball and the foot.

ballsIt got me to thinking: Baseball is about balls and bats but it does involved the players running around bases.  Basketball is about getting the ball into the basket.  However, golf and lacrosse – does the name reflect anything directly related to the sport?

Not sure how hockey got it’s name…but maybe the ‘puck’ and ‘net’ could have somehow made it into the description.

What do you think?


Play on Words – DoWoo #221/365

In our house we like to concentrate on the positive, removing negative words from our vocabulary and embracing the positive spin which we all have the choice to take on everyday activities.  Gregory is a fast learner and I’ve blogged before about his adeptness on this family objective.  

Gregory received homework today which needs to be handed in on Monday and he chose to work on it this evening – before dinner – in order to get it done.  Love that kid!   I’m reminded of being employed by a company who said they would send you away with “home-fun” (as compared to home-work).   

As a treat, for being the diligent child that he is, we offered him the opportunity to watch an episode of King Julian while we ate our dinner.  He jumped at it and immediately ran down to set up the TV trays. 


If you’ve ever had the joy of watching Madagascar, this is a spin off of the lemur story line from the movie. Gregory giggles through the entire thing which is always entertaining in itself.  As with many cartoon movies or shows, there usually is some form of “adult” understood humour thrown in to keep us amused.  This evening King Julian fired his adviser. When she questioned him, he said that she should consider it her “fire-tunity”. 

lemur2Walter and I looked at each other and laughed out loud.  Had not heard THAT one before.

Cute play on words and great philosophy…as long as (Walter commented) it stays away from being an oper-tastrophe ! 

What words can you play around with in order to turn a potentially negative situation into a positive?  Please feel free to expand our discussion down below.  Have a blessed day! 


Inquiring Minds – DoWoo #217/365

last-word-laughing-ag2It appears our son has reached a new stage in his life…where everything we say is responded to with some form of additional verbiage. Sometimes it’s a clarifying statement. Occasionally it’s a statement which does not seem add any benefit to the conversation. And a few times it’s a statement which he believes adds a humourous twist.   If you have ever interacted with someone who must get in the “last word”, you may know what I’m referring to.  

building-wordsThis evening we chatted with him and explained the concept of words being the ‘highest form of architecture’ and that everything we say shows others who we are.  And because our words are a reflection of our thoughts and our thoughts create our world – our reality – how he communicates with us and others is important.  We provided a few examples and asked him to let us know what he thought of his words – did they add benefit, did they expand the conversation, were they a good indication of what he wanted to send out? 

After a bit of conversation on this matter, he then opened up a totally different can of apples by asking “If a tree falls in the woods and no-one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” Apparently he also has learned how to deflect.  

When I commented during our evening cuddle that while I like our silly conversations, I also really enjoy our serious conversations…up popped the tree question. I thoroughly enjoy asking him what he thinks and then guiding him to observe additional possibilities.  


On the surface he understood you need to have ears listening for what falls to make a sound to be heard. He even said if a machine was recording the event, it is for us to eventually listen to it. When I asked him about the other trees in the woods being alive, whether they could feel the vibration of the fall, he grasped the concept that sound is connected with action. We explored those who are considered deaf, and their ability to feel sound. He then changed the question to a lone tree, where there are no living animals or other plants, and just the ground, then it falls – does it make a sound?  He decided it was a deep question and could be answered yes and no.  

How would you answer this question from an inquiring mind?


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If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

Your results are TOTALLY up to you!

Embrace & Release – DoWoo #215/365

catch_and_release_logoNow this may sound similar to catch and release but I assure you…this has nothing to do with fishing.  Although you could choose to use this philosophy for fishing if that is your thing.  

This morning I received news of something which could have been perceived as sad or unfair. Turns out the first person wanted to do X.  The other person, in control of X, advised the first person X was no longer available.  

ideasIn considering options, numerous ideas went through my head.  What I ended up embracing was 1) the only person I have any control over is me and 2) all things happen for a reason, and when that reason shows itself it is inline with my predominant thoughts.

I have had numerous instances lately which have shown me something challenging shows me a brighter path. It may not happen instantaneously but it does happen.  I suggested the first person release the situation, and the other person’s decision, and embrace faith in God / the Universe / our source to reveal the ultimate benefit – all in good time.

silver liningI have experienced situations which are devastating at the time but in hindsight, without that devastation, the huge benefit / gift received may not have transpired. Recently

I’ve noticed that when I have totally embraced the belief that a challenge has a silver lining, and release any need for the outcome to be revealed “now” – allowing it to unfold as it is meant to – the benefit I received appeared fairly quickly.

When I have struggled with the challenge, complaining, berating….living in the negative space it provides if I allow it to – THEN the benefit appears to have taken a long time to make itself known to me.

I choose embrace and release.
What would you choose?


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If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

Do you realize that the choice is TOTALLY up to you?

Liberating – DoWoo #214/365

I recall a TV show (the name escapes me) where the host removed everything in the house and put it onto the lawn.  He then showed the homeowners a specific space – marked out on the lawn – the size of a tarp.  What was to go back in the house had to fit into that space.  The rest was to be sold or tossed. And they had a specific time limit to sort everything – AND agree!   

Our 1,200 square foot house was staged for selling – so minimal furniture and no knickknacks. However, the majority of our 600 square foot crawl space ended up being packed about 4′ high. Then, there is a shed and all our outside yard stuff.  

5x5How does your house/stuff compare?  

Imagine doing what the TV show guy told those homeowners to do…but now you have to decrease your “stuff” so that everything you are planning to keep fits into 6 suitcases and a storage locker which is approximately 200 cubic feet (5′ x 5′ x 8′).

Could you do it? 

I have absolute faith we can do this.  In the last few days I’m gotten into a rhythm. Balancing work, life and family – making time to go down into the crawl space and bring stuff out.  

When I put my hand on something I choose sell, give away or keep.  I noticed today the stuff for keep is quickly growing.  I realized we’ll need to be even more brutal in our sorting criteria.  Will we use it in the next 2 months?  Will we use it when we get to Costa Rica? Can I replace this item when we get there or when we come back? Do I really need to store this or can I embrace releasing it with love? 

I used to work for an international moving company.  There was a senior employee of a global company we had relocated 4 or 5 times over the course of 10 years.  When he originally left the Toronto area he was allowed to take around 1,000 cubic feet with him – and the rest was authorized to go into storage.  The storage space he ended up with was approximately 10,000 cubic feet.  10 years later, he was ‘localized’ to another country.  He came back to divest himself of what he had stored.  After sorting through 10,000 cubic feet he kept about 10% and the rest was sold or given away.  

Can anybody say WOW!

As our process of divesting unfolds I will remind myself of two things: this man’s story and the fact that while I like stuff, I don’t need stuff.   I have faith!   


Do you have an open mind?  Do you wish to hear more about this environment which shows you how to tap into your best you?  If so, do you want to add your name and email below? 

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If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

Do you realize that the choice is TOTALLY up to you?

Powerful Moment – DoWoo #212/365

I did not know what I planned to write about this evening until I remembered that today is my 212th post in 212 days!  I will consider today as my tipping point!  To what or over what…that remains to be identified.  

Anyone know the significance of the # 212? 

212212° F happens to be the point at which water boils (assuming you are at sea level).  Today Gregory stayed home from school because of a fever.  Not quite boiling but hot nonetheless.

Yesterday Gregory stayed home because he was sneezing and blowing his nose.  Today…his fever spiked up to and hovered around 102° F – just a tad over the body’s optimum 98.6° F.  In addition to the fever, he experienced chills, tummy aches, eyes burning, nose itching, dizziness, blurred vision…in general, it could easily have been a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

Our little man was a trooper.  He rested, drank loads of water (counting how many bottles he drank as they appeared to have a direct correlation to the number of times he had to pee), ate reasonably well, and managed to keep me informed on each of his symptoms.  We’ve encouraged him to describe what’s going on so we can make sure he is taken care of properly.  

Today I recognized that everything we’ve done up till now allowed us to be home with our son. If he needed a cuddle we were able to give it to him.  If he needed Walter to help him meditate himself to sleep, Walter was there to assist.  If he needed someone to remind him to breathe rather than tense up with the chills, he breathed because we were here to guide him.

I held him in my arms just now. After I explained how the body tenses up with pain and discomfort, which results in more aches and pain, suggesting he breathe – he did so.  I felt his whole body relax.  It was a powerful moment for me.  

I am grateful I was given this time to be a mom.  I am grateful Gregory is who he is and chose us as his parents.  I am also very grateful he listens to us.   I wonder….do kids end up listening to their parents because we listen to them?  Hmmm…something else to consider. 

Balls OR Balls – DoWoo #211/365

586709-cf246e92-c362-11e3-b397-01c2dd417b4dWe have been blessed to have one of the greatest neighbours.   Our son calls them Nana and Popa – considering them like family.  We take care of each other and watch each others back! We talk over the fence all summer long. Coordinate our annual garage sales to match. Share food.  Take care of each other’s sidewalks during the winter snow falls.  The list goes on and on. It truly is a nice space to be in.  We will miss them when we move.  However, I know they’ve met the buyers – they’ve already accepted an invitation for a barbecue once they’ve move in!  

In February our neighbour came over to drop something off when I finally had an opportunity to explain we were selling the house and moving to Costa Rica.  He was over the moon for us. He must have hugged me 6 times during our conversation at the door.  He kept repeating he was so happy for us – for us to be realizing our dream. He almost skipped back home to tell his wife. 

Recently Walter was speaking with him when he said again how happy he was that we were following our dream. He mentioned he had dreams once. But he did not do anything about it. Now it was too late. 

Why is that? 

Why do people consider their dreams are no longer viable because they reach a particular age?

costa rican sunset

We have had numerous people say to us “It takes balls to do what you are doing.”  Walter typically responds with “Actually, it takes balls to stay where you are.”  

Butterflies Graphic #108Is being where you are and wanting to be somewhere else what people consider “safe”? And if you do something adventurous, out of the norm, then you have “balls”?  I say I have a purpose to fulfill and it takes balls to NOT do what I have drempt of doing.   Does it not take balls to consider an option which may result in regret.  Do it NOW!  It may not be perfectly executed but it IS executed. 

So…what do you think? Balls to stay and not follow your dream?  OR Balls to dream and do something to fulfill that dream?   We could rephrase that old saying to now read:

“To have balls or not to have balls? Now THAT is the question.”


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If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

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Involuntary Cleanse – DoWoo#199/365

Allow-300x237Today was a day of allowance.   Even though I get around online, can do spreadsheets well (especially when colour coding is needed), blog, tweet, Facebook (sortof) and link to others…I am not technical. So, this morning when I attempted to log onto my outlook email and received an error message – I called IT.  

After an hour together and another 2 hours of them working on it, they called back.  Turns out my outlook – at 11.4 GB of data – was not backed up or archived in any way….and wait for it…it was all gone.  Non-retrievable. 

Can anyone say AUGH!?

I heard the news.  I accepted the news.  I asked myself whether there was anything I could do about it.  And when I realized it was what it was, I calmly asked the IT person what I could do as a go forward – from a preventative perspective.  

Capture2-160x300Now THAT my friends is what we refer to in the Master Key as my new blueprint!  My outlook blew up, choosing to complete a cleanse without my knowledge, and I was calmly moving on.   I admit…I was pretty proud of myself. 

This is what it means to have control over your actions, your emotions, your thoughts.  I am reminded of my niece telling me at my mother’s funeral that she had read some of these blogs…and that (this) space that I’m in…she wants that space.  

It truly is all about choice. Choice of thought, emotion, action. I chose allowance. And my reward was peace in a place of potential chaos.  

I think back to only a few weeks ago, when my emotional state was at an all time max (with my mom’s passing and my house going on the market, the family, the leather couch incident…) I was not able to be as calm as I would have liked.  However, my reactions were short lived…and I did manage to rope myself in. Today…I did not have to rope. I was there instantaneously. 

It felt good! 



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the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

Observations May Be Illusions – DoWoo #198/365

BrainGamesThis Brain Games show is really turning out to be a seriously cool thing to watch with Gregory.  I’m learning so much and for him to be learning this now – at his young age – all I can say is wow! I can only imagine the tilt this younger generation has on us – what information they have at their finger tips so much earlier than we have.  

This evening we watched the episode “What You Don’t Know” (Netflix Season 2 Episode 6). It’s about our brain and all the things we don’t know.  There are a series of test and experiments “designed to show how surprisingly little (our) brain understands about how the world works.” 

The first test was a short video of this bus.  It was vibrating slightly as if idling, there were geese flying to the right, a plane taking off and flying to the left.  The audience were asked to decide which way the bus would move if it were to go forward.  


The host explained almost every child under 10 would be able to answer this question correctly. Turns out I answered this based upon what I perceived to be the external clues I thought were included to point us in the proper direction (plane and geese).  I was incorrect.  

Here is what caught my mind…no pun intended (actually on second thought, pun intended): 

“We constantly come across problems we can’t solve and if we were honest with ourselves we’d admit it.  Psychologist have a term for this: Illusion of Knowledge.”  Shankar Vedantam – NPR Science Correspondent

“Our brains are wired to try and provide an answer. It’s a basic survival mechanism to make you feel more in control. After all nobody likes to walk around feeling lost and clueless; especially about things we think we should know.”

OK – is anyone else going where I am going here?? 

brain foodAfter watching all the ways we are so assured of our responses, filling in the blanks…well, now I’m thinking that even my intent to observe (rather than have opinions) may be moot if my brain is working within the Illusion of Knowledge. Then, how many of those we interact with are also working within the same illusion?  Hmmm….

Any thoughts? 

I wrote this while listing to Spotify (now available in Canada!). The station? Brain Food of course! 


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If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

My Sponge – DoWoo #197/365

spongeAfter dinner we decided to watch an episode of “Brain Games”. The episode was about the “Power of Persuasion.”  It was fascinating to watch Gregory learning and grasping theories. Who ever coined the phrase about children being sponges…so very true!

It was fascinating. Showing us how recognition of what we consider to be “trustable” facial features will influence who we choose to vote for.  How altering a visual slightly and suggesting what we are to see each time, can lead us where the director wants us to go.  

We stopped it. Replayed it. Paused it. Discussed it. My most enjoyable moment was when Gregory explained his rationale for why he chose who he chose. Allow me to explain. 

gameDuring the episode they show you examples of what they are talking about, allowing you to play the game along with the team on the show.  This particular example included four interviewers, each tasked with interviewing two candidates using the same questions.  The 2 candidates just happened to be identical twins. The difference in the interview were the 2 ladies used a different order of the same words.  Each described herself using 4 positive traits and 4 less than desirable traits.  

We were asked to choose which candidate we would hire – which one presented herself better. Interestingly enough all 4 interviewers chose the candidate who listed off the 4 positive traits first even though she included the same 4 less desirable traits afterwards. 

Gregory piped up and said he picked the candidate who had chosen to state her less desirable traits first.  He reasoned that most people don’t like to point out what they are not good at, so they would typically hide them or leave them to the end. However, someone who puts them out first is not afraid. 


While I’m not sure how much he understands about “hiring” and “interviewing”, as in anything he reviews…it is from his perspective with what skills and knowledge he has at his disposal. First –  I rejoiced in his ability to choose and then share his rationale. More important though I loved that he wanted to work with someone who was not afraid to admit their foibles – did not hide them to last like everyone else.  I wonder what life lesson this may lead to. 

I-am-grateful-for3I am grateful every day for who I am becoming. I am grateful every day for my husband and our son.  I am grateful every day for the people in my life who make this such a glorious ride. I am most grateful to the Master Key Experience for leading me on this path of discovery.

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If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

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