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Finish What You Start – DoWoo #113/365

Spent today finishing off something I had promised someone quite some time ago.  I originally offered to do something without setting any up front parameters.  When it was requested it turned out to entail quite a bit more work than I had anticipated…and to be honest…more than what I thought I was capable of. 

I procrastinated! I avoided! Neither of those actions are ever a good idea. Is THIS who I am? 

wallis_dance_musicnotesIn light of my ever evolving being, with the mantra of “Do It NOW!” playing in the background, I recently promised its completion in time for this holiday season.  Even then, the time required was ended up being more than I had anticipated and it was most certainly more of a challenge than anything else I had undertaken thus far. However, the great news is I finished it today! 

Happy Dance of Joy!

Was it fear of the challenge? Was it the immensity of the task? Was it…well, I could go on and on but the crux of it was I put it off. Once I did make a decision to get it done and set a time frame with a specific date (in writing) I got it done! 

elephantWhat I noticed in finishing it up today was by taking small tasks and getting each one done – rather than looking at the whole was HUGE.  I’ve done this with other things…and it’s a pretty famous way of accomplishing any large task – one bite at a time. 

At the end of this huge undertaking…which did not have to be perceived as hugely as it was…I have to ask myself what I observed. First: I don’t like how it feels within to avoid something. Second: Leaving something unfinished is lame! It is not who I am as a person – it is not who I am as a professional.  Lastly: Do It NOW! Seriously! 

Patience Grasshopper Patience! – DoWoo #107/365

(no internet so no pics and formatting today – see below for a complete understanding :o)

This afternoon my office was Starbucks!  Woo Hoo!  Thank goodness for the invention of “internet cafes”.  Turns out our internet provider misunderstood their internal order/directions and cancelled both the internet we did request be cancelled and the active internet we were assured would not be affected during this process. Walter and I spent the better part of this morning chatting with technical support and customer service. What I found most interesting is the first person – who confirmed we indeed had no active internet (LOL) and opened a ticket with their “provisioning department” – did not give us the full information.  It took a newby service technician, who admitted to still learning the ropes, to get the detail and provide us with the clear picture of what was going on.

While observing how each of the technicians dealt with the situation I noticed some interesting things. Firstly – after introducing themselves (good) they both asked how they could be of service to us today (very good).

After we explained our situation and the challenge we were having, both of their first response was “I apologize for _   (fill in the blank)____”.  I’ve noticed this with a number of customer service teams lately.  Why do customer service personnel apologize for something they did not do?  It makes as much sense to me as my mechanic saying “I apologize for your car breaking down.” Is the mechanic at fault? 

When I used to train customer service staff I suggested they only apologize if they did something. Apologizing in any other situation has you personally taking responsibility for something you did not do AND now allows the person at the other end to (consciously or subconsciously) perceive you as being at fault – even if they know you did not do it.  Definitely NOT a win / win for anyone on the call. 

Alternately: Recognize the person’s situation; Repeat it back to them in your own words so they know you understood; Then verbally empathize – in whatever way is appropriate – that you will do your best to work with the customer until resolution.

Another aspect I observed was the first technician did not share the straight details – even when asked specific questions – they avoided and gave responses which did not give any definite answer or resolution but opened the door for further concern.  Hence why we called a second time. 

The second technician had less knowledge and less experience (and admitted it) but was honest and sincere in his verbiage.  He assured us he would do his best even though he did not know the answer. When we acknowledged he was doing his best and we also totally understood he may not have the ability or the authority to ascertain the answers we were looking for – suggesting he reach out to his supervisor – he took the suggestion and ensured this was brought to his supervisor’s attention.  This technique can be found in “Winning Without Intimidation” – Bob Burg.

Personally I always prefer to have someone admit they don’t know and then find out – then to have someone dance around the issue and not give any answer at all. 

Our second technician did a great job and even called us (as he promised) before the end of his work day, to update us on the status of our situation.  Now this is GREAT customer service. We still don’t have internet but I have had the opportunity to witness what works and what does not.  I will embrace patience and look forward to resolution!   

Is Choice My Truth? – DoWoo #105/365

6bullying476x290Am struggling today. Not sure whether that is an observation or an opinion. Either way it is not a nice space.  While I continue to consider all the various aspects to assist how to proceed, I will share a bit of my struggle and then tomorrow…I may see a different perspective.

Every evening I sit at my computer reviewing my day – pondering whether I made a difference in someone’s life or someone else made a difference in mine. I do my best to observe the miracles of the day – the nuances which make today a unique experience – and release the need for opinions to impact how I view the day. I share my journey through this realignment – hoping that by doing so I may also inspire others in their thinking. 

growthUp till now this has been mostly a journey of growth towards who I envision myself to be … who I am at my best.  Today…not so much!  When the image of mortality is  standing in the doorway, leaning on the door jam and occasionally ringing the bell to get my attention, I find myself faltering in my progression.

controlI recognize myself as someone who likes to have a semblance of control in any given situation.  I need not always be the lead but at minimum I prefer to know I have the ability to choose how I interact or contribute.  A situation arose today where I have been asked to do something – not providing this action as a choice. Therefore it appears more like a duty or a requirement.  

There is no right or wrong in this situation – as that would indeed be an opinion.  There is only truth. I choose to allow my heart to ponder this overnight and will embrace my truth – whatever that may be – tomorrow. 

HUGE Red Button – DoWoo #95/365

I’ve decided there is no such thing as 1 step forward and 2 steps back. As per my previous blog about climbing the stairs – I am always moving towards my target – just not always as fast as I wish to. And sometimes we may find ourselves pausing a little too long on a particular stair. Today was certainly one of those days.

My mother-in-law is not doing well. We buried Bruce this morning.  My aunt decided to call today and managed to push a whole bunch of buttons resulting with me in tears by the end of the conversation.   Reminds me of the phrase about families and buttons…you know the one. And when I was looking it up to confirm the correct verbiage I found this video clip.

So appropriate for the holidays and all that we are learning within the Master Key. While I did not succeed (today) to fully recognize and embrace the lesson I was to learn during the conversation with my aunt – as the lesson was unfolding for me – I did manage to restrain myself from hanging up the phone without signing off properly (the buttons being pushed were pretty big ones!) AND I did recognize that this is not who I am…who I am meant to be.  

In the words of Walter and Gregory: Today ends at midnight! & Tomorrow is the best day ever!! Onward and upwards! Love and blessings to you all during this holiday season.  What a great time to reflect and readjust.  

Deconstruction Zone Ahead – DoWoo #92/365

74310_pie_1-4_lgI am officially 25% of the way to reaching my goal set 92 days ago!  Now THIS is what I need to do with everything in my life – treat it like this blog realignment journey.  So what is “THIS“? 

promise-29013223Three and half months ago made a decision I wanted to be a person who was capable of observing what happens on a daily basis without allowing opinions to cloud and complicate it. The idea to accomplish this was to write daily about my journey of self-realignment!  Thereby what we concentrate on…grows!   I deconstructed what I would need to do. Set a time frame for when it would be reached by (understanding it is about the journey and not necessarily about the destination). I made a promise to write every single day. And so every day I take one step towards this envisioned outcome. 

take-first-step-e1373270852946The best part is that I KNOW when I’ve had a challenging day – and sometimes I’ve had days filled with the results of opinions – this is just one step towards my end result. There is a count up to the end (not a count down – which could be a whole other discussion for observation consideration). 

A friend commented that she aced the exercises the past few weeks – where we were to envision the deconstruction of the battleship and a creation of a flower from a seed.  She said she was now doing this with her DMP – her written Definite Major Purpose. How very cool! Everyone is in your life to share something with you – to show something to you – to teach you something. She did this for me today. The observation need not be mine to be recognized and appreciated!  She made me realize I had almost sunk my battleship.   I am most grateful!  

We cannot have what we envision unless every day we take a step towards that vision in mind. We may have challenging days where nothing seems to happen but in reality every day is one day closer. 

deconstruction_self_portrait_by_th3w_san-d33mhadFull deconstruction of my future reality is on the docket for tomorrow.  Stay tuned.  


“I Told You So” – DoWoo #90/365

told-you-so-meterI had to tell myself this today!  Not only did I dislike saying it, I did not take the news well at all!  

Many have written it, spoken it, coached it…the fact remains “What we think about grows”.  It is the crux of the law of attraction. So, now you are in on the dilemma and what I told myself “I told you so” about! 

I know we have a choice when we get up every morning. We can choose happy or sad; pleased or upset; grateful or unappreciative; enthusiastic or …well, I’m sure you get the point.  I know that what we concentrate the most on, the universal mind receives a booster shot filled with the message we are thinking about.  I also know that a thought, supported by a belief, when fueled by feeling, the universe will move everything needed to make it true.  

How easy is it for us to have that negative thought, and believe that with all that is going on…it must be true, and then propel it to it’s reality by injecting it with frustration and fear? 

Why does it seem more of a challenge to have that positive thought, believe in our hearts that we are deserved of this good fortune, having the universe shine brightly down upon our dream, and then to fill it up with premium enthusiastic pure 100% joy? 

Did someone say that life had to be difficult? 

Or is it possible we choose to believe challenges which are only introduced to us as lessons to teach us and to help us to find our inner strengths, we instead choose belief that the challenge is our due and all part of this thing  called “life”? 

I wish I could just shake myself sometimes. Tell myself to suck it up and get with the program. Everything I need is right there within me.  It has always been there.  I’ve just spent a lifetime complicating it and allowing it to get the better of me.

It’s all about perspective and it’s not always what it appears at first glance.

I am reminded of a story I’m sure most of us will remember. I continue to ponder my day until midnight – when today ends – and realign in the moment.  Tomorrow I will great this day with LOVE in my heart for everyone I meet AND myself! 

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Footprints in the Sand

1151992One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord.  Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.  In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand. Sometimes there were two sets of footprints, other times there were one set of footprints.

This bothered me because I notice that during the low periods of my life, when I was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat, I could see only one set of footprints.

So I said to the Lord, “You promised me Lord, that if I followed you, you would walk with me always. But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life there have only been one set of footprints in the sand. Why, when I needed you most, you have not been there for me?”

The Lord replied, “The times when you have seen only one set of footprints, is when I carried you.”

Copyright @ 1984 Mary Stevenson, from original 1936 text.

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Effort In = Results Out – DoWoo # 83/365

Was speaking with a young lady today about our network marketing business. While I did my best not to have an opinion I did stray to what Walter assured me was coaching.  Whew.    

codependence 5We were speaking about people requiring too much of us – in that we coach and give and be-there for them when they start out on our team. But then some of these people become either dependent on us or demanding of us. When this has happened to me, I’ve gotten frustrated and have had to walk away from the situation in order to remain in any semblance of a positive productive space.  However, I’ve ended up leaving a partner without my support and feel less than stellar for having done so.  This is not who I wish to ‘be’.  

quote-if-you-put-in-time-effort-you-will-see-the-results-474x550Now – Imagine sitting down with your new partner, before they sign, with an outline of the recommended steps (whatever your business system is) to maximize the results of their new business. Operative word here is their business!  And we explain that the amount of effort they put in will typically result in a similar amount of return financially.  So even if someone has already coached their new recruit through the “Ink is Still Drying” skills from Mark J, having a list of the steps it is recommend for them to take to maximize their particular compensation allows you the opportunity to discuss and fully understand what your new person is willing to do. Setting expectations for both you and them. 

The benefits of network marketing (as compared to the corporate world) is an individual’s personal efforts (as long as they are productive efforts) typically yields reciprocal results as long as they stay the course and follow whatever system is in place.  However, if there are 10 items on the list and your new partner is only willing to do 2 out of 10, then they should be coached that their potential results may be a similar % of the potential income available and/or take much longer to reach certain financial positions.  

c790dcb90d3bc6e6_148350975.previewAn aside: Many may consider network marketing it is ultimately about leverage but unless you can reach a level yourself – how can you teach others to reach a similar level? To teach others to reach higher levels? To have a team who will build teams without you? We have to start somewhere! Why not set all the expectations up front.  We can control only what we do. We cannot control what they do.   They need to understand this as much as we do.  

This got me to thinking about the Master Key Experience:  Mark comments this is not a buffet where you can pick and choose what you are wiling to do.  If there are 10 things requested of you in the class – be it honour or tangible requirements – and you choose only to do a few…well then the results you can expect are either going to be less than full or take a much longer time to see.  

Effort In has a direct correlation to the Results Out

bc416f71add7798a963af454273179f1Is this not the same law which comes into play with what we feed our body? What we put into our mind? How we treat others? How we deal with life on a daily or moment by moment basis? 

So if we want our full blown future realty – everything we imagine our life to be – our hopes our dream – we need to give it our all.  As Mark says – we all quit.  Either we quit doing it all together or we quit doing it less than 100%.  

Which one are you? 

A Struggle of Opinion – DoWoo #76/365

the-struggle-is-part-of-the-story-Whitney-EnglishToday I struggled with my opinion and others. A colleague offered her opinion about what I had created for the team. She provided the details as to how, in her opinion, it would be better presented.  While I believe I am open to others perspectives, there is a difference between sharing and discussing ideas and when someone decides to share, without being asked, starting out with criticism of the existing ‘xyz’ and then offering improvement.   It definitely puts the receiver into an awkward position.  I observe this particular case could have had a different result had the person with the opinion been aware of how they were presenting their thoughts. 

life-choicesIn considering where I went with my opinion today, it was not about sharing but more about having made a suggestion and not liking the response.  It’s not that what was suggested would not take place, it was when it would take place. And in this case, I definitely had an opinion. While I did not voice my opinion, I did allow that opinion to arise in my thoughts, ultimately altering how I felt about the project and my involvement.   I had to ask myself, was this really necessary?  While I am involved, this is not my project. Those whose “gig” it is have the final say in how things are handled.  So, any choices in when something is delivered is truly up to them, and therefore the outcome (whatever the outcome) is also truly theirs. 

manager03rb1I release my opinions and observe: I have the daily ability to control how I feel by recognizing true perspective on all matters. So…is this my monkey? If so, allow myself to give it a hug. If it’s not my monkey, let it (and all thoughts associated with it to) go.  

If this sharing of my personal struggle with opinions ultimately helps another realign their thoughts…I would be honoured and blessed.  In the meantime, I proceed with my realignment. 

Shifting Towards Understanding – DoWoo #75/365

1009377_brains_neuron_iStock_000004422514Small1I truly believe I am catching glimpses of another shift. A space where all that we have learned from Haanel, Og, Mark J, The Fab Davene and Trish is indeed reality. It’s almost like we are on a train which takes us past spaces where the power of your mind is indeed within Universal Mind – in perfect harmony – co-existing (based upon our current space) and yet existing as one.

On the train we move quickly through our daily existence – in some way it just becomes an absolute blur. But when you slow down – enough to catch glimpses of what exits outside the train – then you realize you have a choice of what type of life you lead.

DIVERGENTThe catch? You have to jump off the train. This space we are in exists in perpetual motion. So…it’s scary. What happens if what is ‘out there” is not what we envision it to be – maybe we were incorrect in our understanding?

Aha! I believe the quote goes something like: “The results of acting inspite of your fear is equal to, or in excess of, the depth of the fear itself”.  

Now…it is possible…there may be an even more important question to be asked here.

What happens if you don’t jump off the train?



“No Comment” – DoWoo #58/365

16977964_400x4001OK – today was a day filled with a multitude of opinions and reactions and frustrations.  While I have the best of intentions for this realignment, today was not what I would consider a step forward.  On the bright side though I’ve come a long way and a slight slip (as it did today) just solidifies the desire to embrace this process more.  

I regroup.  I take a deep breath in and allow it to escape slowly. 

Tomorrow I move forward again.  It’s not always an easy task after a slip but just like those who choose to never drink again….it’s one day, one hour, one moment at a time.  I embrace this realignment.  Thank you for being there for me! 

Door #1 or Door #2 – DoWoo #57/365

I observe that jet lag combined with a “job” leads to less than positive feelings. However, I also observe that jet lag combined with the excitement of learning and growth to remove the “job” from the equation leads to very positive results.

101_doors-desertTherefore what should one concentrate on?

Do we choose Door #1 or Door #2?

Without actually stating a formal opinion I observe: In order to obtain the most positive results, assuming that is the goal, the most optimal choice would be the later. What do you think?

Be. Do. Have. ZZ – DoWoo #46/365

Having an interesting day of ups and downs and ins and outs. A constant opportunity to readjust. So when I sat down to reflect on my DoWoo for today – the phrase which came to mind was Zig Ziglars Be Do Have.  You have to be before you can do and do before you can have. 

I did a quick search and found this clip from the 1970s – an amazing look at how things are truly the same – we have always known the principles – we just don’t always embrace them fully into our daily lives.  Enjoy! 


Purple Elephant – DoWoo #42/365

Was chatting today about concentrating on the past versus living in the now and in the future. After everything we’ve learned during the Master Key course, I know our reality is based upon our thoughts. What we concentrate on determines where we are and where we are will have a direct correlation to where we are going. 

So…if we concentrate on all the things which got us to where we are today – we will most likely create today to look very similar to what yesterday looked like.  And then tomorrow will look like today. And so on.  And so on.  Is this what we want? 

I decided that a verbal reminder would be a good option to help shift thoughts away from any past reference which is not conducive, or supportive, of a future filled with everything I envision my future to be.  The phrase: “Purple Elephant”.  

I was then reminded of a phenomenal video: A Big Giant Purple Elephant on Steroids! Enjoy! 

WPSPLH&H – DoWoo #33/365

Today seemed to be a long and arduous journey.  Numerous aspects flying fast and furious and I admit to having been totally overwhelmed.  The good news is we shut it all down and spent the evening with family-by-choice friends.  I realigned my day and observed.  In reflection, that which caused any perceived challenges today were just “stuff”.  Does the stuff really matter? NO. What matters is who I am being. Everything else is filler and a reflection of what is going on inside.  I choose to be all that I am and more.  

I AM whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy! All delivered aloud with en-THU-siasm!  


Find your Happy Space – DoWoo #30/365

One of the teachings of our mentor Mark J is to identify a “happy space” – a visual or other form of reminder to put yourself into a good space so you can readjust whatever is going on at the moment to bring you down.

Our family has such a “happy space” – and it ALWAYS brightens any moment.  We even went so far as to include it in our wedding renewal ceremony which took place earlier this year in Kauai. How can one not smile when doing the limbo?

So….What’s your happy space?

Humbled – DoWoo #29/365

While we create our daily existence to be full of a multitude of requirements, schedules, to-dos, must haves, want to dos, get to dos, interactions, rest and recovery, the list goes on and on. Ultimately though…does any of it really truly matter? 

103-004-cosmos-when-knowledge-conquered-fear-large-photo-960x540I am only one of so many people on this planet.  The time of my life is only a small blip in this entire existence as we understand it. Is there a point? 

I am in awe of how vast the possibilities are.  I am humbled to know I am here for a purpose. I look forward to embracing what I was meant to do and be.  Maybe I am here to be here for you?  Thank you for allowing me to share my words – my thoughts – my dreams.  

I Do Woo: Do U? 

Adjust – DoWoo #13/365

317388-22319-1My husband and I are working on our communication styles – learning to actually speak to each other in a manner the other one responds positively to.  We love each other – we just don’t always communicate as well as we could.

So this new way allows the person speaking to recognize what is the best way to communicate with the receiver – a way which allows them to be receptive to the information being shared – speaking in a way the receiver understands and can assimilate. Very powerful stuff! 

BesidesA few of the aspects Walter and I learned early on in our relationship – do not hang wall paper together (this was left over from his previous relationship) and don’t try to work at the same computer at the same time (this was me).  We were working on a joint assignment this past evening. Walter and I chose to get out of the office (where we sit facing each other), sit in the dining room BESIDE each other and have both of our laptops open to the same page. We worked in tandem.  We were respectful of each others communication style.  We were jointly productive and successfully complete the task in record time. 

I observe I am able to adjust.  This time :o)

Overhaul the Observations Within – DoWoo #8/365

I had a lot of observations today.  On the other side….I also had an awful lot of opinions – much more than the “without” represents in DoWoo.  I won’t get into the details of that less than positive “space” in time…where I went in my mind (what was I thinking?). Suffice it to say, as I’ve observed before, this gets me absolutely nowhere.

58406_534884246533515_222200104_nBut one of my observations today is an avenue of huge self-discovery.  Wait for it….you may recognize the phrase…“I am my own worst enemy!”

7b628db223c6cd91e01c10eeffde1cdeNow, please, please, do not laugh.  Aw, heck. Go ahead. I will in a few weeks….or it could be months….but I KNOW I will be laughing when I recall this point in my journey. Oooh…is this is a positive spin?…OK, I’m getting there.   Stay with me please.

So, getting back to being my own worst enemy.  We know that “we are what we think” (Buddha) and “we are the sum of our thoughts” (James Allen).   So…negative attracts more negative. Hmmm…AND…..positive attracts more positive. I need to get back into alignment with what I know.  It’s imperative that if I am to attract what I want to be, I must first be what I want to attract.

love_scraps_greetings-1We’ve heard all sorts of opinions on what we know is true. Some of them have even been pretty profound in their delivery. Bottom line is that the same way gravity exists as a universal law, the law of attraction exist.  We don’t turn it on or off. It is running in real time, right along with every single thought which passes through our mind. Since we can’t cut off our…well you know, we need to readjust our thoughts! 

I am reminded of a mantra used by Frederick Andrews and expounded on in Week 9 of Charles Haanel’s  Master Key“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!” If I don’t truly believe this…how the heck is anyone else going to?

i'm perfectAgain…another saying I’m sure you’ve heard before:

“If it is to be, it is up to me.”

Anyone else ever struggle here?  If so, you are not alone. We just need to remember we ARE whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving harmonious and happy!  We choose where we live! I choose to live here! 

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Parent’s Homework on the 2nd day of School – DoWoo #3/365

images (94)Today I did not DoWoo well.  

had an opinion about a neighbour…actually about 2 of my neighbours. My husband reminded me I’m not perfect.

Whoa!  Was that an opinion??

science_insectsSo…it’s now after 10:30 at night…and I’m sitting here pondering today, thinking back through the entire day looking for my DoWoo.  I certainly observed numerous areas where I could have been better at observing and releasing having any opinion…and then thank goodness, I found a DoWoo!


Our 9 year old came home with what he called “homework” for us today.  The teacher gave us a questionnaire entitled “Introducing…Your Child“.  What a great idea!  Ooops! Slipped into a slight opinion there as well! 

grasshopper up closeThe form starts out by explaining “I would like to know more about your child through your eyes.  The more I know, the better I can tailor an educational and motivational program to fit his or her needs.  Please answer the questions and complete the information below.

  1. List 5 words that best describes your child’s character. 
  2. What motivates your child?
  3. What are your child’s out of school interests and activities?
  4. How would you rate your child’s study habits? (1-10 with being the lowest score)?
  5. Which academic subject is your child’s best___________ worst___________?
  6. What social skills would you like to see your child develop?
  7. Are there any personal or physical problems that I should know (or conference privately) about?

Wow! Has anyone else had a teacher send this home?

First – I have to observe our son and share information with the teacher without it being an opinion.  Interesting exercise.  

Second – I had the opportunity to explain to our son about my new mission / goal of sharing 365 days of DoWoos – and then got to share an explanation with him about what is the difference. He explained it back to me with his own examples.  Smack on.

Lastly – I observed that our son’s new teacher is special and we look forward to getting to know her throughout our son’s school year.  

do wooI looking forward to practicing more tomorrow! 

Thank you for stopping by! 

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….and remember to share how 
DoWoo’d today.  I really want to know!

Carolynn Sokil             @IDoWooDoU      


Dirty versus Clean Laundry – DoWoo #2/365

Went to my mom’s apartment this morning to accompany her to an appointment. Upon my arrival I noticed her bed had been stripped.  She mentioned the Personal Support Worker had left the dirty linen in the spare washroom. I opened the door and found the soiled linen folded neatly in a hamper.  I asked whether this was clean or dirty? She said dirty.

Folded-Clothes-1822623Hmmm – Why did she fold the dirty linens?  Why place them so neatly into the laundry hamper? Why did she not just put them in the washing machine? It would probably have taken less time than it took to fold them so neatly. 

THIS is not an example of a DoWoo.  

I definitely observed but then I had an opinion. 


In putting everything through the laundry – 2 separate loads – I ran into another load which was in the dryer – dry but not yet removed.  I thought to myself, whatever the case is, this person should arrive to find their clean laundry in a good space. 

I pulled the clothes out of the laundry and folded everything: matching the socks and tucking them into themselves; buttoning the tops and then folding them like they do in the stores. I hoped the person was ok with me taking her laundry out of the dryer to use it. 

2014-09-02 22.34.26I came back about an hour later to find a florescent green sticky note stuck to the front of the dryer. It read: “Sorry for the inconvenience! But thanks for the super neat folding job. Ursula

Daily Observations With Out Opinion!

Turns out my DoWoo worked well for the clean laundry…just not so well for the dirty. 

do wooLooking forward to practicing more tomorrow! 

Thank you for stopping by!

Please do so again….and remember to share how you DoWoo’d today. 

Carolynn Sokil             @IDoWooDoU