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Where To Find The Hero – DoWoo #344/365

A hero is described as one who acts with extraordinary courage.  The Serenity Prayer includes a request for having “courage to change the things I can”.  If heroes have extraordinary courage…what things would a hero do with my life?

When I worked 10-12 hours at the office, I imagine a hero would help me find something to do which I still enjoyed while eliminating long hours and stress. 

Realizing I have more bills at the end of the month than income (anyone with me here?), I could see a Hero would help me organize my income and my expenses to be in synch with each other – and ensure I had enough disposable income left over to have fun travelling and doing what I truly wish to do.

Better yet, my Hero would help me figure out what I really wanted to do…and then work alongside me to do exactly that.

So where do I find a Hero?  

grad in mirror

Being the hero of my life, I chose to sell almost everything I own and travel to another country to provide a different life for myself and my family. I no longer work in an office for 10-12 hours a day. I have money at the end of my month. If I want to go to the beach – I do.  If I want to spend the morning laying in, cuddling with my husband – I do so. I am able to have breakfast with my son, be available when he comes home from school, spend time playing games and be a full-time mom each and every day.  I work at what I love and I love what I do. 

I learned many things being a student of the Master Key Experience.  The major lesson…I am THE hero in my own life.  Now, as a Master Guide, I get to help others become heroes in their own lives. What an amazingly cool way to spend my day.  

What would a Hero do with your life?

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Flow – DoWoo #341/365

Going with the flow is one of those “not so much” character traits.  It is something I aspire to and I recognize I am getting better.

Blue-Woman-in-Water--55473Today I reminded myself of this aspiration numerous times.  The first when I was unable to obtain the information I needed for a report. I had contacted 4 people: 1 replied she was unable to assist, 2 had not responded at all and 1 responded wanting to know if they would receive actual business for their efforts. Luckily I flowed and found another person to reach out to and voila, within an hour and a half I had what I needed. 

Working away, I received a facebook message from the realtor who has the house listed. The note explained there was a buyer wanting to see the house within the hour.  We had been told by the homeowners we would have a days notice.  The realtor explained that’s not usually how it works here – with buyers dropping in with their list and wanting to go see houses right away. She gave us the option to say no, but we want to ensure we do whatever we can to assist the homeowner to find a buyer. We quickly cleaned, swept, put away, organized and made sure the house was looking good.  The buyers weren’t here for long but we managed to put the house’s best foot forward. And not only did the wind reduced enough to make everything calm, the sun came out to allow the view to show its best side. 

Sandstone patterns - Vermillion Cliffs National Wilderness Area.

Sandstone patterns – Vermillion Cliffs National Wilderness Area.

I completed a review of someone’s verbiage today.  My new coach gave me advice which was different than the advice I have received prior.  My first reaction was to state that this was a 180 on what I had been taught already…but then I asked myself “What good would come of including this?”  The answer – nada.  I responded that I would work within the stated guidelines. 

Then as I went to sit down at my computer this evening, I realized the internet is down. After blogging yesterday about no excuses, Gregory commented that I could just go wherever there was internet.  I then remembered there was the backup option. We set it up and I managed to log on so I could post this.  

While this week has certainly not progressed as I anticipated, with numerous challenges to test my mettle (especially during the #CBHF time of the month), I recognize reacting truly does nobody any good. When I embrace the law of least effort and allow, things fall into place. 


If you too wish to go with the flow – or find something or someone to flow with – then the Master Key Experience could assist.  There is a limited number of scholarships available.  To hear about this 2 days prior to the masses, include your details below.

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I Am Here – DoWoo #340/365

you are hereIt’s amazing how when I set a goal and have a clear vision of what I wish to accomplish, I reach it.  When I was unclear or waffled in my desire this may have been where things started to go astray.  

This DoWoo journey however is one of the largest long time visions which I created in my mind, it was clear and concise, had time restrictions and now I’m in the home stretch! 

The Master Key Experience has taught me many things. But clearly identifying and putting your vision into words, picturing it with all its nuances materialized, then living it daily, knowing “I’ve got this!”, and allowing the Universe to assist, knowing it will unfold as it was meant to….this is powerful. 

Consistent Implementation is the key. Without it, I run the risk of falling short.

In considering what I did with my DoWoos, I ensured I blogged daily. No exceptions were made. Walter’s mum’s passing or mine. Living in a hotel. Having no internet connection at the house. Flying to another country. No exceptions.  

Concentrating on having observations rather than opinions remains a daily journey – but having identified and then pondered this daily has allowed me to become more in tune with my thoughts – and to redirect them when necessary.  

With 25 blogs left to write to complete this specific undertaking, I am now considering what to undertake next.  It is not a question of whether I will continue to blog – this has become a part of my daily life – it is a matter of what.   Feel free to make suggestions.  I’m open to hearing your thoughts.  

Visually Productive – DoWoo #265/365

one_biteWoke up at about 4:30 this morning envisioning all we had on our plate today.  One of the things which has kept me reasonably sane through everything we’ve done these past few months is to remind myself “eating an elephant is just one bite at a time”.  

Yesterday, today seemed daunting.

Today however, started with me laying in bed, mapping it out in my mind, stacking things which were ready to be moved into one area – leaving only what still required sorting into what would visually appear as a smaller more manageable pile.  Yesterday we had gone to the storage unit, and while I knew it was 5x5x8, seeing it allowed me to visualize it spatially.   Once I moved all the stuff not required in the front room, I was able to set aside a space which I marked off with green masking tape as a 5×5 space.  This way I could start stacking into this space and visually know how things are coming along.   When Walter saw what I had done he smiled and said “I love you!” 

As far back as I can remember I’ve been a visual person.  I love the kind of math where you can visually draw what you are trying to solve. I love a good book where I can see the movie.  I love being able to shop for items which I can see all together in one room before they are placed there.  Auditory works only when I can take what I hear and somehow translate that onto paper for review.  Love spreadsheets – especially the colour coded ones.  


Green tape bottom left corner

So once I had that tape on the floor, representing a space I had stood in, I was able to stack and emotionally feel like we were getting somewhere.  AND we are!   We have more than 1/2 of what we are storing sorted, packed and stacked.  We have a pile for donation and another for garbage.  AND we have another section, much smaller than it was yesterday, which includes only what still needs to be sorted.  

Walter worked outside preparing the yard and cleaning up. Gregory helped by being “Vac-Man” – vacuuming the entire crawl space and the rest of the house.  THEN to make it even more special we had the buyers over for our last “pizza night”, creating a special soon-to-be-your-home moment while sitting around the fire in the yard and chatting, with the final finishing touch being Walter, Gregory and I having a cuddle on the laydown swing once our visitors had left.  

A wonderful, productive, enjoyable, visual, sociable day.  The last moment however, priceless.

Small Blessings – DoWoo #261/365

We are in receipt of a multitude of small blessings from the Universe and I am most grateful.

marriottWe have 12 days from closing until we fly out.  I decided to check my Marriott Rewards and voila! I had enough for 8 out of the 10 days we need to be in town. And the kind service rep on the phone maximized this to cover the more expensive dates so our overall cost was at a minimum. 

When we were all stressed out about not taking Mya – we had a slew of responses to the ad we posted and one of them was a rescue organization who are wiling to work on her few quirks and make sure she is well cared for until they find her her next home – her forever family. 

mya and gregA friend of mine – someone I connected with exponentially less than a year ago – just happens to be an intuitive animal counselor. She spoke with Mya and explained what was going on with the move – and that we need to ensure she is safe and taken care of, that we still love her and want to ensure she is happy.  She provided a sense of connection with our family member whom we have to leave behind. 

sunshineWe’ve had 2 garage sales scheduled during the last few weeks and both times they called for chance of rain. Both times we had sun, blue skies and warmth.  It was truly amazing! 

garbage dayWalter and I spent the day yesterday doing yard work and he broke up all the empty boxes from our garage sale, sorted the garbage and the yard waste which resulted in more than our weekly allowance for household debris.  This morning he went on line to check with the city about the dates they allow for unlimited – voila! This week and next are considered the spring clean up time when they allow unlimited.

vortexI believe we are in the ‘groove’ as some would say. Maybe we are in the ‘vortex’ as my Yogi refers to as the ‘groove’ of synchronicity.  No matter what we choose to label it as, I observe that we are being well cared for and I am most grateful.  



Flying – DoWoo #258/365

We completed our final garage sale today.  Ended up with 2 car loads being dropped off at the donation centre which supports local charities.  The balance of our belongings were sold clearing out over 30 bins of “stuff”.    I remember bringing all those bins home and filing them with everything we own in order to ‘de-clutter’ the house for selling.  

Walter likens our “stuff” – the materialistic aspects of our daily existence – to be small anchors which hold us in place.  I have to admit the more “stuff which goes out of this house, the more free-er I am feeling.  Anchors appear to be a good analogy and certainly the visual fits. 

bird on branch

The best part of the garage sale today was parting with stuff I loved by seeing someone else find joy in it.  Watching someone try on a piece of clothing and oooh and ahh at themselves in the mirror.  Seeing someone pick something up – and by the light in their eyes it seemed they found something they were looking for.  We even had repeat customers from 2 weeks ago.  

I observed a significant amount of closure today AND I am grateful beyond anything I could have imagined.   We are flying! 

Bite Size Pieces – DoWoo #238/365

I knew sorting was going to be a significant task, just did not anticipate it would be as mentally taxing or take as much time. All in all though…when you think about it – sorting through your entire life’s collection of “stuff” and having it take a few weeks (done over the course of a few months) does not seem too excessive.  

Right now…this evening…I’m bagged!
(tired, in case this is a Canadian colloquialism)

photo storageI worked through pictures (again), poetry, year books, business receipts, training paperwork, Halloween decor, along with some of Gregory’s stuff. We are doing our best to reduce the amount of photos from those which have been printed. Years ago I sorted through my entire collection (prior to digital camera) and reduced it to fit one photo container.

Today I decided to work with the philosophy – if it’s on digital, toss it. Walter came up with an idea of keeping it only if it falls into one of 3 categories: a fond memory, a feeling of gratitude or a feeling of love. My challenge is the majority of what I’m sorting through are pictures of Gregory. They are ALL fond memories and elicit feelings of gratitude and love. Back to my digital copy query to sort.  

ghostMy additional challenge today was with Halloween and Christmas decor.  I thoroughly enjoy both of these – and have probably 3+ large bins of each.  I sorted through my Christmas decor back in January as we had already made the decision to move.  In looking at what I decided to keep – 1 large bin – I may need to revisit what’s in there.  The large Halloween stuff (ghosts and ghouls and skeletons which decorate outside) – these were an easy sort to the garage sale pile.  The wooden decor again easy – sell.  However, I’m still left with a significant amount and know this pile will also need to be revisited.

I am reminded (again) about the “How do you eat an Elephant?”  THIS is certainly as big as one – possibly weighs as much.  The best news is it will all be gone by next week this time!  Looking forward to the fun of the garage sale!  Stay tuned.   

one_biteI thank you for hanging in there with me.  My “observations” are a bit on one track right now.

Messages – DoWoo #228/365

51yRKGXt7mL._SL500_AA300_PIaudible,BottomRight,13,73_AA300_Lately I’ve been going to sleep listening to Spiritual Healing by Glenn Harrold: A Guided Meditation to Heal your Mind. It’s been an interesting ride listening to this recording but what I heard (observed) through my absorption of his words the last few nights..this is what I want to share. 

“Within this energy field there could be blockages and imprints that hold you back and prevent you from reaching your potential. Repetitive behavioural patterns that you find hard to shake are often caused by blocks in your energy field…and when you heal yourself spiritually, it will naturally follow you will heal yourself physically and emotionally.” 

What I “heard” is that it is not our physical body or emotional which needs to listen – it is our spiritual being – or energetic self.  This part of us needs to listen.  We need to be open. We need to be able to understand what is being shared at a cellular level. If we are “blocked”, how can we do any of these things?

Years ago I had a bit of an “aha” where I recognized most of what I was reading had the same message.  It was wrapped up differently, had different analogies or examples, but ultimately the final message was the same. 

got itShortly thereafter I had a vision of those who “got it” (whatever “it” was). They were tuned into and listening to one radio station while I was listening to another.  They understood what it took to get to where they were (I just had to reach out and turn the tuning dial) BUT they were unable to show us. We had to figure it out on our own.  I saw them cheering us on, encouraging us to keep going, keep trying, so that eventually we could join them in their understanding. 

Recently I keep having thoughts along the same concept. This time though they are not standing on a different plane of existence, they are right here beside me, beside you. They still cannot show us.  They can though do their best to explain it to us.  The challenge…and this is where I believe so many of us may get stuck…is that they can only explain it in THEIR own words, from their perspective AND not everyone is going to understand it that way.  

messagedTHIS is why it’s the same message from so many different people. Different books. Different techniques on helping us become aware. Different wrappings and presentations. BUT the bottom line IT is the SAME message. 

I imagine it is like learning a different language.  The intent to communicate to us is clear, just the words don’t make much sense.  Now, we may be able to figure out the gist of “it” but until we totally tune in, truly understand the words, we are not able to grasp what is being shared. 

What do YOU think the message is? 

Faster than the Speed of ____ – DoWoo #220/365

Question: Is there anything as fast as the speed of light?  Speed of light iStockphoto_COSMOS Science Magazine
Possible answer: The speed of darkness!

Ever wonder what came first – darkness or light?  Walter has said over the years that light can come into a dark room and darkness scatters – but darkness cannot enter a room. Light conquers dark.

download (2)What about light thoughts and dark thoughts?  When you are thinking positively – lightness can grown and expand and share your inner brightness with the world. However, when a dark thought comes into your mind, it too can grow and expand and reach out to darken not only your mood but others.

This is what happened to me today.  But Walter saved me from my own darkness.  I am grateful for his brightness of heart and spirit.  I am blessed beyond measure.  

Inquiring Minds – DoWoo #217/365

last-word-laughing-ag2It appears our son has reached a new stage in his life…where everything we say is responded to with some form of additional verbiage. Sometimes it’s a clarifying statement. Occasionally it’s a statement which does not seem add any benefit to the conversation. And a few times it’s a statement which he believes adds a humourous twist.   If you have ever interacted with someone who must get in the “last word”, you may know what I’m referring to.  

building-wordsThis evening we chatted with him and explained the concept of words being the ‘highest form of architecture’ and that everything we say shows others who we are.  And because our words are a reflection of our thoughts and our thoughts create our world – our reality – how he communicates with us and others is important.  We provided a few examples and asked him to let us know what he thought of his words – did they add benefit, did they expand the conversation, were they a good indication of what he wanted to send out? 

After a bit of conversation on this matter, he then opened up a totally different can of apples by asking “If a tree falls in the woods and no-one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” Apparently he also has learned how to deflect.  

When I commented during our evening cuddle that while I like our silly conversations, I also really enjoy our serious conversations…up popped the tree question. I thoroughly enjoy asking him what he thinks and then guiding him to observe additional possibilities.  


On the surface he understood you need to have ears listening for what falls to make a sound to be heard. He even said if a machine was recording the event, it is for us to eventually listen to it. When I asked him about the other trees in the woods being alive, whether they could feel the vibration of the fall, he grasped the concept that sound is connected with action. We explored those who are considered deaf, and their ability to feel sound. He then changed the question to a lone tree, where there are no living animals or other plants, and just the ground, then it falls – does it make a sound?  He decided it was a deep question and could be answered yes and no.  

How would you answer this question from an inquiring mind?


Do you have an open mind?  Do you wish to hear more about an environment which shows you how to tap into your best you?  If so, add your name and email below? 

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

Your results are TOTALLY up to you!

My Reality – DoWoo #216/365

spaceThis is something I have been giving some serious thought to.  How is it that we feel we need to protect ourselves from others when they give us no cause for concern – no indication that anything is astray? From what I have observed, it appears to be because certain people have been burned.  And because they have been taken advantage of, a good portion of the rest of us now live in a negative space, second guessing someone’s motives.  While this is a space I have been known to visit – I’ve never enjoyed being there.

What would the world look like if people were to say what they mean and mean what they say? If everyone were to chose a road of kindness and compassion for their fellow human beings?  Is this even possible?  Is there such a space where this portion of “utopia” exists.

UtopiaLet us embrace the philosophy that everything we learn in the Master Key is true and our thoughts DO create our reality. Imagine each of us now has 2 choices: 1) embrace as reality that everyone is truthful and treats others as we were all meant to treat and be treated – with compassion and respect; or 2) wonder whether it is possible another human being may act in ways which are not true or compassionate/respectful to another.

The reality may then be that depending upon which option a  person chooses to embrace, they are correct.  As Henry Ford stated: “Whether you think you can, or you can’t – you’re right.”

realityI imagine that if I choose option 2 – and if something goes astray – I could then do the dreaded “I told you so” speech to myself and feel vindicated EVEN if the result is someone lying to me and being disrespectful.    I thought about this happening…and so, it became my reality.

realityNow, on the other hand, if I choose option 1 – I could receive complete trustworthy interactions and be respected beyond anything I had seen till now.   Good attracts good and I am good, honest and caring.  Why would I not attract good, honest and caring people?  And life is what I thought about…and so it became my reality.

realityI was just about to write about a caveat on option 1 – that there may still be a chance the person lies and is disrespectful….but then I realized, if what I think about becomes my reality, and I believe there is a slight chance, then guess what??  That chances exists.  And so, it became my reality.

To sum up an example of what I’m working towards understanding in my world within, in order to embrace it in my world without, I believe Drake said “I’d rather be an optimist who is sometimes wrong than a pessimist who is always right.” 

What do you think?? 


Do you have an open mind?  Do you wish to hear more about this environment which may show you how to tap into your best you?  If so, do you want to add your name and email below? 

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If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

Do you realize that the choice is TOTALLY up to you?

Are We Being Honest – DoWoo #208/365

Gregory was speaking at the school assembly today – which he asked us to come a few weeks ago. His role was to read a few sentences in their version of “A Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Out of the 28 kids, Gregory was 1 of 6 “readers” and the rest of the class played the role of the villagers, the sheep and the wolf.

We started the assembly singing “Oh Canada!”. Then after the end of the play, the teachers awarded children from each grade with the “Honesty Award”. 1 or 2 from each class, brought up by grades – from grades 1 to 5. Each child was given a paper certificate and a wrist band with this month’s virtue written on it.

One of the other parents beside us had brought their daughter – maybe 12 or 13 months old. She started out toddling around, but gradually became more vocal and at one point was laying on her back, spinning around using her legs, communicating the whole time – communicating in a way only a 1 year old can do.

I looked over at her at one point as she spun…and found her using the grade 5 sitting in front of us on the floor as her personal spinning assistant. He just smiled down at her and allowed her to walk across his arm and back.

What I saw was a child doing exactly what she wanted – without any need to conform. If she was frustrated, she let us know. If she was having fun, she let us know. If she needed comfort, she ran into her mothers arms, running out again as soon as she had what she desired. She was being totally honest with herself.

Imagine living life as an adult with this same enthusiasm? Imagine not having to worry about what others think of your position? This little girl was doing what I have found myself pondering…laying down and just spinning without a care in the world! However, AS an adult, we are conditioned to conform to social customs. That is…to be quiet when others are conversing, to pay attention and not interrupt, kids should be “seen and not heard”. Are we being honest?

I will need to give this observation some further thought. However, in the meantime, please feel free to share your thoughts…I’m interested in hearing others opinions on this. Gracias!

Name Game – DoWoo #207/365

6dNeeded to reach out to someone today for business purposes.  Unfortunately their email and contact details were lost when my outlook blew up last week. I considered all my possible options and chose to play connect the people.  I recalled the first name of the person who introduced us. I then reached out to the person who introduced me to that person.  I sent them a note on Linked-In (because I  did not have their details either). 

I then forgot about it…knowing it would come to me.  Over the next few hours I got flashes. First it was an A then it was the whole first name…and finally the last name.  As soon as the name came to me, I typed it into my search engine and found her – even before the connection of the connection had gotten back to me. 

Idea-5The mind is truly an amazing tool.  I used to joke about my mom having the ability to not listen but record what was being said to her. Then when she had to respond, she would pause – almost as if she was replaying the recording in her head, and then she would respond.  

We humans are amazing creatures.  I am truly grateful for my thoughts which allowed me to recall.  Now…if I could only find my car keys! 

Savory – DoWoo #206/365

sav 40gI am a Newfie.  For those who don’t know what that means, it is a term associated with those born in the province of Newfoundland.  Newfies are typically considered a different bunch – with most people saying they have a “Newfie” friend who they just lo-ove!  We are the ‘butt’ of many a joke in Canada (same jokes they tell in other countries using varying groups depending on which country).   One of the best things my father taught me (he was also from Newfoundland) was to embrace my heritage…and if people tell jokes – laugh with them. THEN learn to tell the joke just as good…or better!

There is a spice called “savory” which grows outside of St. John’s.  It is a wonderful green, leafy spice used on meats and most especially liked when used in stuffing for the holiday turkey.

You must be wondering where I’m going with this….(me too!)

recipesWe sat down to dinner this evening – the menu was one of my mom’s recipes when we were kids.  I watched Gregory devour the food. Making sure he snagged the last wrap on the serving plate before he even finished the one on his plate.  I reveled in his happy dance bounce with food in his mouth, a hum in his throat, a wiggle in his chair and arms pointing upwards. Thoroughly enjoying the recipe.

We cheered our glasses together, looked over at my mom’s urn and said “Thanks Mom!”

THIS is called savoring the moment.  Savoring my mom’s memory. Savoring all that my mom left within me which I am blessed to be able to pass on to our son.

The recipe which elicited today’s observations?  

Mom’s Hot Ham & Cheese: 

  • 2 cups chopped ham
  • 2 cups chopped cheddar cheese 
  • 6 hard boiled eggs, chopped
  • (add chopped olives if you like – my mom did)
  • Toss the above together in a large bowl
  • Mix together in a measuring cup 1/4 cup of miracle whip or mayonnaise, 1/8 cup of ketchup, 1/8 cup relish and a teaspoon (or more to taste) of chives chopped fine – creates an orange coloured sauce
  • Add the sauce to the first ingredients, thoroughly mixing until everything is coated (it should be just enough to hold everything together without being runny)
  • Cut 24 dinner rolls (12-16 hot dog buns) partially through (butterfly opened – still together)
  • Spoon the mixture into the buns, wrap in tin foil with the opening creased at the top
  • Bake on a tray in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes
  • Remove from oven, allow to cool for a 5 minutes – serve – enjoy! 

While I was just starting to type in the recipe, Walter came in with a line he wrote down just now – it kept coming to him during his sit outside:  “Sweeten your future by savoring the past that came from a perfect present.”   

God’s Hand – DoWoo #200/365

A pivotal number for a pivotal day.  I saw God’s hand in how this evening unfolded.  I am reminded of an earlier post when we commenced this year’s Master Key; when I considered God feeling exuberance beyond anything I could possibly conceive – to be holding all our dreams in His vision. I wrote:

Universe_in_handThe juggling and multi-tasking which must go on at that higher level to listen, truly listen to all of us. To what we desire, what we hope for, where we aspire to be.  And as long as God deems it does not take away anyone’s good, we are granted the path to our dream. We need to be clear, concise and heartfelt.  Then we must be patient and open to the path given to us.  The path may not always be clear, and most likely nothing like we imagine it, but God has computed all the possible permutations and shown us the path, most beneficial to all, for our dream to come to fruition. 

I bore witness to, and was hugged by, one of Gods blessings this evening.  I met the beautiful young woman of the couple who purchased our home.  In sharing our experiences, which brought us to this day, we recounting our interaction with God and his plan to bring us together. When you hear how things were meant to be…you can do nothing but embrace the reality of it all – God truly does have a plan!  

Why have I chosen to fight challenges I am given? Why have I chosen to second guess what transpires?

I must choose to embrace my path knowing, truly knowing, that I am exactly where I am meant to be in order to truly appreciate all those permutations God calculated to create the magnificence He has in store for me – for us.  

If I had any doubt in my mind, prior to this evening, it is obliterated.  The only thing left to say is Thank You, God! 

Noun not a Verb – DoWoo #194/365

Noun: Person, Place or Thing
Verb: Action Word


“Passenger” is a Noun NOT a Verb! 

This is what Walter said to me when we were driving the other day. Hmmm…can you imagine what I was doing to elicit such a lovely phrase? 

planToday was a busy day filled with work and meetings but interestingly it was a space of realignment. We are now onto the next bit of the elephant – sorting and organizing to sell what we own. I observe that I work well with a time frame and a plan.  These famous words come to mind.

We managed to turn our entire house upside down and put back together in minimalistic manner in 4 weeks. We sold it in 2. Now we need to do the same with everything else we own and we have  10 weeks to do it in.  The race begins! 

Numerous Observations – DoWoo #185/365

images (2)Had a number of observations today. First – never…and I mean never…look at your phone for emails before getting out of bed. It is NOT the way to start the day!  

Next – I observed taking a daunting task and breaking it down into bite sized pieces to handle.  I used logic and process with a touch of heart – sorting through over 120 pictures and choosing only 50 for the funeral service.  I struggled until I broke it down into about 10 categories, sorted based upon the new criteria and then I chose.  It felt good to contribute.  

hunt_clipartI then observed that we truly do all deal with this differently – watching and listening to one of my brothers and one of my sisters when we met with the Reverend. All 3 of us had different ways of communicating our thoughts on mom.   

The next observation came when i was standing in the kitchen, looking outside – without really seeing anything.  I realized this world does not have the same energy signal – with my mom’s body no longer being infused.  It felt like a shift look place. 

wn_logo_verrekijker_squareI then stepped back and took a good long look at how I was dealing with things.  I was speaking with a friend who shared her husband had a similar experience with his family as I have with mine.  When his mother died he declared “My contract was with Mom. My contract is not with my siblings. Now that she’s gone, the contract is no longer in place.”  I truly love this.  It puts it into a different perspective for me.   

I recognized I was able to release feelings of disappointment and frustration within a shorter period of time.  My observation here was realizing I can make this less – it just takes time. And if I work on it – the time between feeling it and allowing it to be released from me – well, that will get shorter and shorter! 

observationI then recognized I am pleased my mom had my sister – who stayed by her side and held her as she died.  From what I can ascertain of who I am, the ability to do what she did for mom does not appear to be a part of me.  Or by having her available, I did not need to be this person. We may never know which it is.  

I experienced many emotions today:  anger at my siblings for being remiss to include all of us on one of the major planning sessions for moms service; recognition that they have their own individual coping capabilities;  negative emotion of any kind does me absolutely no good and additionally the person I have these feelings about – well, they have no clue – so what’s the point?; I am who I am and I do what feels right for me. As Walter stated this morning “Be kind to yourself; Seek only your own approval.” 

I am blessed to have such an understanding, wise and supportive husband – one who respects who I am, encourages me to shine with all that I am within, and who would willingly slay any dragon in my way – even if it was related!  He is my reality check, my filter and my reminder for what is important.  

Last & Master – DoWoo #184/365

50With my mom’s passing yesterday…it just did not feel right to do the happy dance about my DoWoo accomplishment…so here goes!!

I have successfully written and posted 183 DoWoos in the same amount of days – and reached the 1/2 way mark of my stated intention: 365 blogs in 365 days!  Woo hoo!

So what have you accomplished in the last 183 days?

I only ask this question to encourage you to consider how you are spending your time.  I chose to concentrate my efforts on becoming a better observer and to lessen the amount of opinions I had – which were not doing me or anyone else any good.  I took on a task which seemed a bit daunting but I reminded myself about eating an elephant (one bite/blog at a time). 

I sent a link to my siblings today with the poem by Linda Ellis – The Dash.  This made me recall reading Scroll V and the first time I was reading it through for the month. Mom had just been told her cancer was no longer in remission.  I thought by reading “I will live this day as if it is my last.” would encourage her to embrace each day as the miracle it is.  Unfortunately this is not what her reaction was – she asked me how long I’d belonged to the cult?  LOL! 

We just finished re-reading Scroll V during the month of February.  Started shortly after Walter’s mom died and during my mom’s last weeks.   Who said the universe arranges things for us?

il_340x270.660157367_o5ocWe are now into Scroll VI “Today I will be the master of my emotions.” How true is that!?  I am totally embracing that message today and doing my best – remaining calm – recognizing that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know. 

With the realization I am technically now an orphan – I found myself looking at our son a bit differently today.  He has only us.  Walter and I need to make this count.  And I can wholeheartedly state, we totally are! 



Disappearing Labels – DoWoo #175/365

images (1)48% – so close! so close!  I’m almost 1/2 way to reaching my goal. And since my lucky number is 8…well, then 4 is 1/2 of 8…did you follow all that?  Just doing my happy dance again!  

Met a new person today and sure enough he had just got back from – you guessed it – Costa Rica. By the time we are down there, we should have a good number of connections here and there. It’s a wonderful space to be in. 

I had a day filled with observing and participating in kind gestures. A lady in the aisle beside me chose to let the person behind her go in front.  I was buying de-icer salt at the hardware store and they only had one of the two 20kg bags I wanted to purchase – so they gave me two two 10kg bags for the same price as the 20kg bag.  I drove into 3 parking lots and each time I found a spot reasonably close to where I was going. I made Walter is coffee this morning and allowed him to sleep in.  I did the dishes before I made another mess cooking dinner. Walter finishes the floors. A scout dad drove Greg home from camp today. All in all a productive day filled with smiles and kindness. 

Imagine living each day like this…observing kindness and not having opinions about them? Now, that’s an interesting switch….observing something while not having an opinion…how does one recognize seeing kindness unless you’ve labeled it as kindness = but then, is that not an opinion unto itself?  

images (23)If I removed all opinions about an act which takes place between one person and another, then I would not have the ability to label it as anything…it would just be the act taking place. 

So if my objective here is to remove opinions and allow observations to rule, then all labels of actions would disappear – would they not? 

What do you think? 


Positive Energy – DoWoo #172/365

Visited my mom today in the hospice. When I announced I was there she greeted me by name. We had a nice chat. I mentioned that one of my sisters was coming later and staying over.

travelbags450x200During our chat I recognized that if I put aside my personal baggage with this sibling – and looked at her from a different perspective (maybe a bit of yesterdays outside looking in) I realized she is a good daughter. She has always been there to do and to ask and respond, to set up and organize, to include and manage. My mom is blessed to have a daughter such as this. “You certainly have a good one there.” I told my mom.

My mom has 7 of us: 5 daughters and 2 sons.  I remember asking her whether she imagined all these kids. When she answered “no” I asked how then? To which she responded “My eggs were hot!”  When I step back and consider what each of us brings to our relationship / our interaction with mom – I realize she is truly blessed. She has a good variety of characters to keep her entertained – we are all individuals that is for certain.

The same sister I mentioned showed up shortly thereafter and set up her laptop and her overnight bag letting mom know she was all set for the sleep over. She pointed out all the little things we could do to help mom stay more comfortable – I helped a bit. I observed that she knew a lot of what was going on with mom from her constant visits.

Just as I was leaving one of the nurses came in. We recognized each other from my previous visit. She gave me a big smile, we embraced with a heartfelt hug and words of greeting. My sister looked up (it seemed with a bit of surprise) asking if we knew each other from before. We admitted to just having met the last time I was in.

THIS is what I bring for mom. Positive enthusiastic energy filled with happiness and joy. Giving her a kiss as I left, I whispered to mom “Stay out of trouble. And if not, tell me about it later.” I heard her chuckle. 

“I live this day as if it is my last.” – Og Madino


I am truly blessed to have been given a scholarship, and now introduce others so they may have a chance to obtain a scholarship, in the Master Key class.  With everything we learn, I am now in a position to choose how I look at things…even my moms declining health and ultimately my own mortality.  

I ask you…do you want an opportunity to look at things differently?  Only you can choose to take the next step.  I promise it is a ‘positive’ one – LOL!   Opt in below and I will personally ensure you receive the information about the next class (Fall 2015).  Then you can review the information for yourself and decide.  What have you got to loose? Nada.  What have you got to gain? Whatever you set your mind to!