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Small Blessings – DoWoo #261/365

We are in receipt of a multitude of small blessings from the Universe and I am most grateful.

marriottWe have 12 days from closing until we fly out.  I decided to check my Marriott Rewards and voila! I had enough for 8 out of the 10 days we need to be in town. And the kind service rep on the phone maximized this to cover the more expensive dates so our overall cost was at a minimum. 

When we were all stressed out about not taking Mya – we had a slew of responses to the ad we posted and one of them was a rescue organization who are wiling to work on her few quirks and make sure she is well cared for until they find her her next home – her forever family. 

mya and gregA friend of mine – someone I connected with exponentially less than a year ago – just happens to be an intuitive animal counselor. She spoke with Mya and explained what was going on with the move – and that we need to ensure she is safe and taken care of, that we still love her and want to ensure she is happy.  She provided a sense of connection with our family member whom we have to leave behind. 

sunshineWe’ve had 2 garage sales scheduled during the last few weeks and both times they called for chance of rain. Both times we had sun, blue skies and warmth.  It was truly amazing! 

garbage dayWalter and I spent the day yesterday doing yard work and he broke up all the empty boxes from our garage sale, sorted the garbage and the yard waste which resulted in more than our weekly allowance for household debris.  This morning he went on line to check with the city about the dates they allow for unlimited – voila! This week and next are considered the spring clean up time when they allow unlimited.

vortexI believe we are in the ‘groove’ as some would say. Maybe we are in the ‘vortex’ as my Yogi refers to as the ‘groove’ of synchronicity.  No matter what we choose to label it as, I observe that we are being well cared for and I am most grateful.  



A Blond’s Gas = Grass & Glasses – DoWoo #247/365

I visited Walter in hospital today.  When I was leaving the grounds I noticed there were gardeners digging up 2 large rectangles of grass and tilling the soil for planting.  I had just been thinking and sourcing sod to repair an area of the back yard grass which was damaged over the winter. I considered stopping and asking what they were doing with the grass they were removing….but thought it may be a bit too out there…so kept moving. 

5115848I had just turned onto the main road outside the hospital when the car sputtered. I looked down at the gauges to realize I needed gas!  I immediately turned the car around and headed back. I barely made it to the entry into the hospital grounds when the car ran out of gas.  I coasted in and ended up parked next to the gardeners. 

sod_rollI called Walter, who first commented about me being a blond, and then he called CAA. While waiting for the CAA truck – I chatted with the gardener Brian who agreed to share the grass strips he was digging up. AND I just happened to have put a blue tarp in the trunk the day before…a perfect way to fill the entire trunk of the Mustang with grass! 

CAA arrived and had to follow me to the gas station so I could give them the exact change for the gallon of gas they arrived with.  Having gone off course by now, I decided to make a slight change and go somewhere else on the way home.  I asked for and received direction on how to get to a different road.  No sooner had I turned onto this road when Voila – I spotted a Walmart. Walter had just reminded me to stop at the Walmart back home to get drinkable yogurt for Greg’s lunches.  This was right in front of me…so I stopped. 

glassesIn going through the store I came across a display of clip on sun glasses for eye glasses.  I have been searching for a pair for the last week.  I had tried the ones at Walmart before but they don’t fit plastic frames which are thicker than metal frames. But for some reason I stopped to check anyway. I find the same manufacture has alternate ones specifically for my type of glasses! And they had a pair in the size I needed. 

wB7HLI know…I know…a weird day!   Because of what Walter referred to as my “blond” moment for gas I ended up with grass AND glasses! Both things I had been searching for. 

THIS is a day which truly shows you to embrace the twists and turns…they get you to where you need to be in order to provide you what you have asked for.  I am most grateful and feel blessed.