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“Read to Conquer not…” – DoWoo #125/365

Am going to fess up that there is one particular area I have recently let slide backwards onto the old blueprint big comfy couch. I had made a decision 3 years ago to only read if it were going to move me forward with my dream.  For 2.5 years I stuck to this philosophy and now have let it slide.  The couch IS really comfy!


(If this picture annoys you as much as it annoyed me to watch when I found it and added here …then it’s a good representation of our old blueprint. Feel free to use it for yourself.)

Walter made the observation this evening and suggested I “read to conquer not escape”. Wow this really hit home. That’s exactly what I was doing…but I had looked at it differently. I knew I was ‘escaping‘ – justifying this (as that blueprint is really good at doing) saying the rest of the time I’m reading for business and I need a break (offset, small voice heard to say “an excuse is an excuse is an excuse”) .  AND when I did to go read the other stuff…the stuff which expands my mind and opens my heart to the pure potentiality of the world within and without…I did not consider it as conquering my dreams…I considered it to be more ‘required‘ reading – like back when we were in school.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer

I am certainly getting a lot of THIS particular message lately.
What do YOU think that means?

OK – so we had a bit of a situation today. I was having a cyclical-breakdown-hissy-fit (#CBHF), and Walter calmly spoke to me, attempting to get me to snap out of it and finally asked to read me The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success…The Law of Pure Potentiality; Deepak Chopra.

He read. I saw pictures. Pictures of what Deepak’s words meant to me.  I had to jump up and make notes so I could write about my thoughts later. I relaxed and allowed the words to surround me, encouraging comprehension through my visual interpretation. It was magical.

I got out of my funk AND I recognized what ‘reading to conquer’ looks like, feels like, is…compared to reading to escape. There is no comparison just polar differences in the world within and ultimately in the world without.

It appears I made good choices for my counsel…3 of them have already bopped me on the head today!