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Discombobulated – DoWoo #246/365

I give myself permission to feel tired. I give myself permission to feel scared. I give myself permission to feel overwhelmed. And I give myself permission to feel discombobulated! 

neg posI live in a world of so much negativity.   Every day I struggle against the angst and upset which can result from such energy.  I consistently find myself choosing to turn my thoughts towards more positive results. 

What I realized today is that by pushing these feelings down has not released them. I have instead allowed them to simmer beneath the surface, waiting to take rise at the least opportune moment.  

Instead I believe I am meant to take ownership, allow it to be a thought, recognize it for what it is, then allow it to wash through me, releasing it behind me.  I have not done this well.  I have allowed it to percolate.  

No longer. 

I give myself permission to feel tired knowing I have unlimited strength which comes to me as I need it.   I give myself permission to feel scared knowing that what I fear most ends up not being real. I give myself permission to feel overwhelmed knowing all things work out in the end and if they have not worked out as yet, it is not the end. I give myself permission to feel discombobulated knowing that as time ticks on it will all become clear. Everything is as it should be…even the moments of negativity exist to allow us to have faith. 

What do you give yourself permission to feel? 


Whose Choice is it? – DoWoo #154/365

plan aheadHave and am experiencing two totally different types of family situations regarding funeral planning at this time. Walter’s mom passed 10 days ago and my mom is now in hospice and is not anticipated to be with us for long.  Walter’s mom planned all her funeral choices almost 30 years ago whereas my mom did not.  This has resulted in her children now making a number of these decisions for her.

I have to admit I’ve struggled with this the past few weeks. I know I am of a different bent than my siblings on a number of philosophies.  In this case I am of the opinion (sorry this may just be one of those areas I cannot just observe) it is up to the individual to choose how they wish their send off to be managed.  The caveat being, that if someone dies unexpectedly, some decisions may have to be made without their input.  However, if they are still aware and able to converse, why would we not ask them their opinion? 

People plan for their demise all the time – they choose life insurance, they make a will and update it, they sign a non-resuscitate order (if that is their position) and some even complete a donor card which may be attached to their drivers license.  So, why is it some have not consider what they want done for their send off?

plan aheadI’ve already explained to Walter most of my wishes…and have even recently mentioned to Gregory that I wish to be cremated and then buried under a tree so as it grows, it may carry a piece of me with it.  He suggested I consider a tree which flowers in the spring time so not only will the tree grow but it will also be full of beauty. Love this idea!

So…I wonder, is it supposed to be up to the living to plan their own send off or should it be put to the remaining living to decide for the deceased, hoping to properly fulfill the wishes of their loved one?  Or it could be that the funeral is for the living…so allow the remaining living to choose. 

it just isI don’t believe there is a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer here. It may be simply that any answer will depend on each individual situation. I observe that while I prefer to have structure and guidelines I’m sure my mom’s situation will evolve as it is meant to.  And as the answers unfold, I pray I am able to represent my mom in a manner that she would want.  

This blog is meant to elicit conversation – especially in instances where I am doing my best to remain within my DoWoo philosophy.  So please, I ask of you, share your perspective for this case. I am appreciative of any mastermind thoughts on the situation.  Gracias!  

Favourite Question From Your Kid? – DoWoo #108/365    

Patience Grasshopper Patience is still in effect

Greg woke up early this morning.  Since I had not walked Mya yet I asked him whether he wanted to join me – he did! Just as we were heading out the door he asked “Mommy…Why do we live?”

It was 6:50 am!!! What is he thinking?!

I asked him what context was he asking it about?  Was it “Why do we exist?”

After we confirmed he and I had the same idea of what ‘exist’ meant he answered “Yes”.  OK – I think I’ve got a way to respond to THAT one.  I explained that he had just asked a question people have been pondering for years (paused to allow for an explanation of pondering) and that truly I did not know the answer. “Really?” he said with disbelief. 

I touched on our purpose, our uniqueness – our dharma – and how humans are differentiated by the ability to reason and choose. We ended up going off on a few other tangents and then Gregory said “Wow! That was a ½ hour!”  It wasn’t – we’d only gone 15 minutes in a 20 minute walk.  “Really?”

He eventually figured out where he had got this question – and said there was an answer – but that he could not remember the answer only that it was from a Pokemon movie.  I reminded him that while much of what is on video and movies can be based upon some form of the real world – much of it may also be someone’s imagination and he should keep this in mind. 

My face is on perma-smile as I type this DoWoo.  My little man is a real conversationalist!  He is also a treasure I have been blessed to guide (if that is an opinion, I’ll accept it, say thank you and move on).  I truly look forward to his next big question. 

What was your favourite question from your kid??

Please share yours, then pass this request along!

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