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Relabeling – DoWoo #267/365

The count down is getting a bit scary…no exciting…scary…exciting!    I remember being coached during the Master Key on reviewing the feelings within my core whenever I felt scared versus excited and the amazing recognition that they each feel just about the same.   Recently, each time I have felt what I used to call “scary” (the unknown we are jumping into with all 6 of our feet) I have immediately told myself it is not scary, I’m just “excited”.  

me wafflingBottom line is we ALL have the ability to choose what we label these feelings.  I’ve recognized this ability and am working on it – it just may take a bit of time to totally adjust within my subconscious mind. BUT…it is possible. 

Over the past 5.5 months we’ve experienced what I’ve repeatedly referred to as the rollercoaster.  Other options Walter and I have used to describe this are sine waves and the EKG machine which tracks your heart beats.  I still prefer the rollercoaster since climbing to the top can seem like it takes forever but once you are there, the drop and roll to the next peak can be so very quick.  

As we wrap up the house stuff and get ready for our stint at the hotel, I have been considering all sorts of surprises for the family in order to make this next step the adventure it should be.  For Gregory we’ve got his friends lined up for a surprise early birthday pool / water slide party, we’ve arranged for family and friends to join us at the Mandarin (Gregory’s favourite “Chinese Buffet”) and yesterday I purchased tickets to the local amusement park – Canada’s Wonderland.  AND guess what the main attractions are??  

roller coastersROLLERCOASTERS!  

I look forward to solidifying my relabeling of the “rollercoaster” feelings – excitement, excitement, excitement!   


A Sine Wave Day – DoWoo #259/365

Most of the time I am told people perceive me as being a positive individual. And a good portion of this time it is true. However, sometimes I admit I realign myself on purpose – to point myself in the direction of positivity – even when I don’t feel so inclined. Today was one of those days. 

sine waveI am reminded of my mother’s words when I was a teen – my highs are really high and my lows are really low and I should really strive for something not so drastic either way.  Yesterday I was exhausted but excited – it almost felt like we were taking flight. Today I was exhausted, reflective, anxious, upset, despondent…and generally speaking, the most negative I have been in quite some time.  


In considering what happened today – how it all came crashing down – I recalled how exhilarated I had felt only 48 hours ago…when all the stars were in alignment for us. Today…not so much! How could I be one way one day and so far on the other within such a short period of time?  

I imagine that by “evening” out my moods, I could choose to alter both the positive and the negative results…maybe my days could look like this….

sine wave 2


sine wave 3

Walter reminded me of a quote from Robin Sharma “On the other side of your greatest fears lies your biggest growth.” – Our greatest life lies on the other side of our greatest fears!  There is so much we must understand in order to fully embrace this reality. We must first obliterate our inner fears before the ability to do the same to our outer fears are possible.  It starts within. 

Tomorrow morning when I awake I will have come full circle.  I am on the adventure of a life time. Why would I willingly choose to waste any time dwelling on all the possible challenges which may arise? Life has it’s ups and downs. Everything is in balance in order to maintain the cosmos…otherwise we would have chaos.  I choose magnificent mountains for my highs and sandy ocean beaches for my lows.  My struggles are all part of the ride.  Without them…how could I possibly appreciate the joy in all it’s glory?  All is as it will be – as it was meant to be.  

Within the Known – DoWoo #257/365

Learned a HUGE lesson between yesterday’s actions and today’s observations.  When you are sorting for packing versus packing to store versus giving away – remember to leave stuff out for the interim.  

Gregory was getting ready for school today and there were no underwear, socks, any outside clothes left in his room – only PJs.  I had to sort through the give away pile as well as the packing pile until we found clothes he could wear today (high of 14 degrees Celsius). I then realized I had not left anything out for myself.

So…lesson learned. Have a 4th pile within your 3 step process – otherwise you may wind up with no choices whatsoever.  

Tomorrow is our 2nd and last ever garage sale here. I believe we’ve had a garage sale every year since I was pregnant with Gregory – so 10 years now!  It is a huge amount of work but so much fun.   Our bedroom set is being picked up (sold months ago) and tomorrow night we’ll be camping on the floor mat. It’s becoming real.  And the most wonderful things is that I’m smiling as I type this.  We’re in the last stages of this chapter and I’m starting to truly feel the excitement of this next chapter….the unknown within the known.

happy dance

Superb Resilience – DoWoo #249/365

Walter reminded me to look to our almost 10 year old son and observe how HE was handling this evenings news…to emulate all that he exudes based upon the environment and teachings we have shared with him.

CaptureFor those who are following our journey, you will know that we have been on a roller coaster ride for some time as it relates to taking our dog Mya with us to Costa Rica.  A quick recap for those who have not…We thought we were able to bring her with us on a flight with AA to Liberia only to find out (after spending $1,000) that they do not take that large of a crate. Then we confirmed with Air Canada only to find out that they have an embargo on – and no cargo animals for the balance of this year (nothing to do with Costa Rica – strictly Air Canada). Then we confirmed with Delta for September because from mid May to mid September there is a flight restriction due to heat.

TODAY I found out that Delta does not ship live animals from Canada as Cargo.  While we personally spoke to Delta – supposedly they only do this out of the US and not Canada.  AND we cannot drive down to the US and hop on a plane there because the paperwork has to match from country of departure and in order to get US paperwork, we would need to live in the US for 6 months.

After explaining this to both Walter and Gregory this evening, the 3 of us were all wearing sad faces.  We always do our best to explain to our little man what is going on – allowing him to experience and learn to work with the ups and downs  life throws our way. We explained that it did not look promising anymore. However, there are loads of dogs in Costa Rica and once we find a new home for Mya maybe we can be the new home for a dog down there.

Not 5 minutes later, Gregory asks me “What will we name our dog in Costa Rica?”

We discussed waiting to meet the dog to determine his or her personality. I then explained what I knew about Costa Rica and dogs – and the differences in how each country treats different animals. I explained there were lots of dogs who needed help in Costa Rica and if this is what ends up happening – we will have a good selection.  He immediately asked if we could adopt 2.

I explained we would wait till we knew for sure about Mya before we make any firm decisions on adopting there – especially coming back in September – we should wait till we are there more permanently before we commit – otherwise we will have the same issue we are having now.

He turned to me and explained that he just wanted to get excited about the new possibilities in order to deal with the sadness of not having Mya with us.   My son’s resilience is a reminder of the Law of Substitution. Once replaced with another thought, the first thought no longer has centre stage.  


Be – DoWoo #248/365

I am working through the disposition of my current situation … with the end results being positive beyond belief. All is as it should be, with God providing what is needed to be all that I need to be.  I ride the wave, rising above the strife and misery and rejoice in my enlightenment. 

question markPlease pause now and ask yourself whether there is something which can be stated which is all encompassing towards your dharma – your true life’s purpose?  What would this one sentence be?   

One mantra which came to mind was included within the Master Key teachings of Charles Haanel: “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!”  Charles explained this sentence is all encompassing and cannot be improved upon. 

While considering this sentence I have always chosen to look at is as individual statements.  This time I envisioned  what being “____” looked like, meant, represented from my perspective.   Interestingly, no matter what vision solidified in my mind, the same ending to each statement remained the same.

Consider “I am ____”.  Picture each as something which relates to the statement and your life.

I am whole .

I am perfect.

I am strong. 

I am powerful. 

I am loving. 

I am harmonious. 

I am happy.

Ask yourself again…is there something which can be added to finish off each of these statements and be all encompassing?  This is how I answered:

I am whole – as I am meant to be.

I am perfect – as I am meant to be.

I am strong – as I am meant to be

I am powerful  – as I am meant to be

I am loving – as I am meant to be

I am harmonious – as I am meant to be

I am happy – as I am meant to be.

I could state “I am _____ – as I am meant to be.” putting anything in that space.   This conclusion of each statement is true for me, it is what is all encompassing for me. Then…(stay with me here)…if I am all that I am meant to be, then anything which may be perceived as a challenge is meant to be….so there is absolutely no reason for any struggle.  Allow.  

I summarize that it is not only “as I am meant to be” but “as God intended me to be”.  Working with THIS assumption reminds me of my mentor’s declarations “We were made first class, by first class, to be first class.” 

Be as God intended. 


i am

Arrrggh! – DoWoo #234/365

Realize there are supposed to be ups and downs….but seriously?!!!

solutionWalter keeps reminding me that there is ALWAYS a solution to any challenge.  I know this…but I’ve got to admit right now I’m not feeling it!   With all that we know from our experience, our readings, our teaching….faith must remain.  When we waiver in our faith, THIS is when things start to unravel.  I’m keeping the faith! 

Before we booked the accommodation and before we booked our flights, we made sure we could fly with Mya.  CAA advised the most direct flights we could find with a reasonable fee, did not allow for this size of dog.  We were told to try American Airlines – a specific set of flights .  AA confirmed as long as she was under 100 lbs including the kennel, we were good to go.  We looked it up and for the size we needed…total weight was 85 lbs.  We were good to go!  We booked Walter on the AA flight which was twice the cost of the flights we were able to get Gregory and I on.  

We then confirmed our accommodation and sent the funds to the homeowners.

no going back

Today I called to confirm with AA which brand of kennel they approved (so many of the brands say they are TSA approved but not all are) only to be told measurements!  AND…guess what…. the maximum measurements were 2 sizes smaller than the kennel Mya needs.   They would not be allowing her on this flight!  

After a lengthy conversation with AA about what transpired, and an upgraded conversation to the local supervisor we finally received confirmation they would reimburse us the cost of the flight we booked for Walter.  

thank you

I spoke to the pet travel companies.  They did not hold much stock – saying most flights out of Canada are not on “equipment” (planes) large enough to take an extra large kennel.   Spoke to an flight company they referred me to who informed us they would check and come back to us. Still waiting! But she did mention there was a flight with Air Canada. 

I called Air Canada directly.  Found a direct flight on an airbus 319 from Toronto to Liberia – and had a nice chat with someone who confirmed the size of the crate was perfectly fine as “excess baggage” but the maximum weight allowed (including the dog and the kennel) was 70lbs. Another no-go!    Referred over to their cargo department who specialize in shipments of pets as cargo and spoke to another nice service rep who explained the Liberia flight does not take cargo – but the flight into San Jose does! 


Wait for it…..

Turns out there is an embargo banning all pet transport on Air Canada flights into Costa Rica for the ‘rest of this year’! 

Say it with me…. Arrrggh!

An opinion may be that…. NO, I will not go that route.  An observation here is that I keep my faith – I maintain my vision of us ALL in Costa Rica, our son with his best friend beside AND we are looking back at this period of our journey and smiling.  Anybody feeling the love? 

Better yet…anybody own a plane
(or know someone who does)
to fly us there?? 

Deep Breath – DoWoo #233/365

breathePartook in quite a number of deep breathing sessions today.  These are significantly more than the heavy sigh I’ve used in the past when things got a bit tenuous.   I found my ability to work with any twist in the road today to be non-existent.  And it’s not even THAT time of the month! 

So rather than dwell on what had me embracing this readjustment / realignment technique, I’m going to concentrate on some of the positive observations of the day. 

mortIt is possible to find humour to readjust. Currently we are using the “I lo-ove your feet” voice from Mort on King Julian.  It makes me smile just typing it as I can hear it in my head.  

Had a wonderful Zoom visit with a friend today. Recounting stories. Sharing news.  Encouraging each other.  Other than we weren’t drinking herbal tea, it was very zen.  

Sold some more stuff!!  It’s getting a bit easier to just allow things to go.  The larger items seem to be easier.  I wonder why that is? 

There are family members, who no matter what happens, you still care and want to be there for them when they choose they are ready for guidance.   I had removed myself from a good portion of my family and today I had an opportunity to reconnect with the one member who I had always had a special place in my heart for.   

piano caseOut of all the piano cases available at Long & McQuade – there was the one with wheels and TSA locks which was on SALE!!! So less than the lesser quality options.  I love it when the Universe takes care of us. 

All in all a productively happy day. Anything else which transpired, which is not in the same realm…well, it really doesn’t matter in the whole scheme of things. Released! Readjusted. Deep Breath.  

All is good!
Todo es bueno! 

Back on Solid Ground – DoWoo #232/365

The last few days have been a bit of a ride (possibly a slight understatement) but the good news is we are now what appears to be a patch of solid ground.  Not sure how large the patch is. Recognize that the ride may take some time.  Rather than fight it, I’m going to thoroughly embrace and allow.  Maybe I should make that into a T-shirt! Hmm…a project for another day. 


We officially signed our rental house commitment for the next year in Costa Rica.  At the end of all the reasons lies the final result – we’ve chosen to embrace the opportunity for a solid adjustment period.  It may be beneficial that I used to train on the joys of relocation and possible culture shock.  While I do not have the specific training on what to expect in Costa Rica, I have resources readily at my disposal and as long as I remain open and observant, I believe we will spot any aspects which require a personal realignment.  

Interesting…I’m just now recalling an astrological reading I received over 13 years ago. This was pre-Walter.  I was told that by the time I was 52 I was to “hit it big”.  These words had reverberated around in my mind for years.  But I do not recall the last time I thought about this statement and the one that followed.  “Everything you do from now until then may not seem like it is connected. But it is.  You will do something which allows you to use everything you’ve done up till then.  And you hit it big.”

I’m turning 50 this year!  OMG….I know….I know.  

Supposedly everything in your life is set up in sets of 7 – and then there are seven sets of 7s. The last is: Reconstruction, adjustment and recuperation (43-49) which leads to harmony . I wrote about this during our first Master Key sessionweek 16 January 18th, 2014 “significant realignment of my psyche – I’m definitely getting there (literally and figuratively) and am tickled beyond measure to be in this stage – embracing what is being offered – have a new dog!”

If selling our house and 95% of what we own, then hopping on a plane to Costa Rica for a year with a 10 year old and a dog is not a significant reconstruction, adjustment AND a recuperation period…well, I don’t know what is.  

As of this year – for both of us, we are shifting into a new phase – the beginning year of the next set of 7 years.  Now, I’m not sure exactly what this means as it relates to me being in the 8th set – what happens after the 7th set of 7…I do not recall it saying.  It’s got to be big though!!   At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself!!

Whether it’s from an astrological, spiritual, God gifting, universal rightness perspective…it does not matter. Walter and I are heading into what could possibly be one of the most exciting periods of our lives.  Now THIS is an adventure! 

Have I Learned My Lesson Yet? – DoWoo #230/365

larger rollercoasterOut of 229 blogs in 229 days, there have been a few areas of DoWoo which repeated themselves.  However, nothing identical back to back…that is…until TODAY!!   

Please read DoWoo #229 to truly understand. 

Today, had a bigger roller coaster AND then I fell in the water, in the rain, and was lucky enough an even bigger boat came to save me.   Whew! It was a ride I do not wish to repeat.  

I wonder…Have I learned my lesson yet? 

We booked our flights today.  Walter went to CAA this morning to check and see which airlines would allow Mya on out of Toronto.  For those of you who don’t who Mya is…she is Gregory’s dog.  He got her for his 8th birthday present.  She is a rescued Belgian Malinois and it would have been an extremely cold day in June if we were not able to take her with us.  Walter went to CAA with the 2 choices of 8 hour flights with only 1 connection – as compared to the rest at 18 to 23+ hour travel times with multiple stops.  

CAA advised the only airline who appeared to be able to accommodate her crate would be American Airlines.  The flights we had found were not in sync.  Turns out the cost for 1 ticket on the flight Mya could be on was double compared to the flights we found.  We made a decision – Walter will go with Mya and Gregory and I will follow 8 hours later on a different set of flights!   The good news is I was able to upgrade him to business class for a nominal fee!  Not as we may have preferred but perfectly accommodating nonetheless. 

I’ve updated the count down clock with the new date!

arger boatThis is about when I fell out of the boat which saved me yesterday.  But I am blessed.  A good friend, another one of the Master Key Guides, and a truly remarkable woman saved me from myself.  Figuratively flagging down the larger boat and scooping me up into the boat for safe travel.  Thank goodness I’ve had the pleasure of surrounding myself with like minded people who are able to be what I need – including a good kick as required!

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Cassandra for being there for me today!  You are a gem!

Readjust – DoWoo #229/365

roller coasterHave had a roller coaster ride this week while looking for accommodation.  I was waffling on our #1 choice as it was double what we had planned to spend and at the same time it was more than double what we anticipated we would have from an accommodation perspective.  It’s gorgeous and has the best internet we could hope for. 

Walter looked at me and shook his head.  He went on to reminded me of the story of the man who ignored the radio message, the boat and the helicopter to save him from the flood, expecting God to save him only to die.  When he is in front of God, he mentions his confusion that God did not indeed save him.  God responded with confusion of his own as he did not understand why the man did not take what he offered – he had sent the radio message, the boat and the helicopter to save the man.  

boatWhy would I question what is perfect for us? A great space to transition into another country.  I was waiting for a sign of some sort when the sign was already in the delivery of the fulfillment of my desire.  

I may not have listened to the radio message but I did get on the boat. The helicopter has gone to save someone else.  

Movement – DoWoo #213/365

I recognized this evening I needed to revisit my objective with my DoWoo journey.  Maybe this is what happens when I went over my tipping point yesterday.  

Have I been a true observer for the last 200+ days?  Have I allowed opinions to creep in? What IS the difference between an observation and an opinion?   Unfortunately by sharing my definition I may be veering into ‘opinion’ territory…so, please bear with me.

No-Opinion-Icon-for-picks-fanpop-343698_130_130download-36This is how I explained the difference to Gregory:  An observation is something which is actual, factual, it should be the same for everyone no matter what perspective they are looking from (ie: the boy has hair); An opinion would be something which has your own personal tilt added into the equation, something which could differ with whomever is doing the observing (ie: the boy has dirty or long or short or messy hair). 

However, I then wonder whether I would I grow in this process of DoWoo-ing if all I did was observe based upon my existing knowledge and what I know to be true actual fact?  What I’ve noticed is I observe and then I attempt to understand without opinions clouding my observations or my understanding.  So, the act of observing may not be just about stating the facts, it may also be about how those facts intermingle with other aspects being observed.  And being open to what is available. 

When I ended yesterday’s DoWoo with the question I wonder….do kids end up listening to their parents because we listen to them?”  I realized a key aspect of the process of observation may be the act of asking questions.   On the flip side – imagine the same information shared in this way: “Kids end up listing to their parents because we listen to them.”  Is this statement open?  Is there room for movement of understanding?   No.  So THIS would then have been similar detail but shared as an opinion. 

I’m realizing statements of observations can easily go down that slippery slope toward opinions. However, if I position the same information in the form of a question, I ask myself to think and in the process I open the observation up for others to include their observations – ultimately allowing that movement of understanding. 

What do you think??


Do you have an open mind?  Do you wish to hear more about this environment which may show you how to tap into your best you?  If so, do you want to add your name and email below? 

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

Do you realize that the choice is TOTALLY up to you?

I Did What I Said I Would – DoWoo #205/365

15 days ago I wrote about my aha moment…of the idea to use the Serenity Prayer to help me in any situation I found myself.  Last night I struggled.  I made a conscious effort and chose to accept, have courage and embrace wisdom.

A situation arose which was a bit distressing…that is, if I chose to work with my ‘old blueprint and feed the negative peptides’ distressing.  This is one of the foibles I am working on – to shift my response.  In a few short hours I must have stopped myself 5 times and asked the following questions:

it_photo_107887Can I do anything about the situation?
Can my actions change anything right now?
At first the answer to this question was yes – I then moved onto:
Whatever I can I do at this moment, have I done it?
The answer YES!
Now…back to the beginning.
Can I do anything about the situation?
Can my actions change anything right now?
The answer No.
Since there is nothing to be done right now….I moved onto:
Do I know this…truly know that I cannot do anything?
Once I was able to answer YES, I released it.

02_Jiminy_CricketThis was no easy task…hence 5 tries on one fairly simple situation.  I even brought Walter into the conversation twice.  I usually know what I should do…but I don’t always listen to myself. Ever had one of THOSE days?

I roped my husband in…and thank goodness we’ve taken the same classes and read the same books.   Walter adds to my internal conversation by being almost like my very own Jiminey Cricket. He shares what I already know.  He just says it in a different way than I may have.  Most often I find this exercise gives that little extra push which realigns me into the reality I know is available.

Gracias Walter por todo lo que eres, todo lo gue haces por me. Tu eres mi roca! Te amo!



Squirreled in Silence – DoWoo #204/365

squirrelI’ve written about being “squirreled” before which is the term we use in our household for being distracted (courtesy of the wonderful movie Up).  I also use the phrase “multi-squirreling” in place of what others may refer to as “multi-tasking”.  That age old question about whether we can walk and chew gum at the same time…I believe THAT is indeed possible.  However, the rest of the stuff we try to do and consider ourselves “multi-taskers”….well, not so much.

I have embraced the concept that it is not possible to concentrate on 2 tasks at the same time – and do them both well.  I have accepted we CAN do what I refer to as “multi-switching”.   We can switch from task A to task B and back and forth. I realized that by doing this though it takes time to get back into the rhythm for each task.  So…when I further consider how long it takes each time to get back into each task – I question whether I am being as productive as I could be?   NOT! 

multi-switchingRecently I’ve noticed an even further shift – my ability to tune out the sounds around me has lessened.  I enjoy silence!  I revel in silence! I find that I can be more creative and thorough in any task I undertake – as long as I am in silence.  

I used to study with music going on in the back ground.  I used to work with tunes at my desk.  I used to have the TV on in the background while I sorted paperwork or folded laundry.  I now find all of this distracting. When I stop and concentrate on the task at hand, it allows me to BE in the moment and truly embrace what I am doing. 

silenceBecause silence has become more in keeping with my norm, I find I am now even more sensitive to sounds.  This may not be such a good thing depending on whose perspective we are working with.  I’ve always had what Walter refers to as “dog ears”.  I can hear his watch ticking in the room next to ours when we sleep – so now the watch is left down in the kitchen.  

As I’m typing, I heard a “chhhh-ch” sound and look up. I ask Walter what the sound was. Turns out he was switching screens on his phone – 2 desk widths away.  He looks at me and asks “You heard THAT?”

The little sounds which disturb the silence now appear to be my squirrels.  Walter asked me today what I will do if one of the natural animal sounds of Costa Rica is not pleasing to my sensitive hearing?  I’m guessing…I will cross that bridge when we get there! 

Passed & Past – DoWoo #195/365

download (1)So…today’s observation is one which reflects poorly on me. But since I must remain true to this experience, I must also accept that I mess up.  AND what is the best way to learn??  Through your mistakes…right!?

I was brooding today (not a good thing to do – but a recognized part of my old blue print) about how I spoke to my neighbours during the day the home inspector for the buyers was here.  This is the day the basement had water due to the ice blocking the run off pipe.  I was a wee bit stressed out. 

I started to type the details of both the situations when I realized – THAT was not what was important here.  As Walter tried to explain to me this morning when I asked him to help me get out of this brooding space – the incident is passed and past. 

So – I asked myself. Is there something I can change?  Can’t change what I did. Can’t change what I said. Can’t change their current perception of what I did and said. However, what I can change is how I proceed today and in the future. 

newhirecheckimageFirst, next time I see either of them – I will apologize for my actions.  They were not who I am. 

Next, recognize I cannot ask for forgiveness.  Forgiveness is something which must be freely given. By asking for it, rather than waiting for it it be offered, is it not possible that when you get it (after asking) that it may not be freely given. 

Lastly, R2A2 and decide personal action going forward.  

Stressing out over a situation does not help.  a) I am not thinking clearly and b) what I do is based upon not thinking clearly so c) what ends of happening is stuff which I then spend time brooding about afterwards when I should not be. 

meSO….Next time I’m stressed out I will do for myself what the Baby Whisperer teaches in her book about how to react to a baby’s cry:  SLOW: Stop; Listen; Observe; What’s up?  THEN and only THEN will I take action. THIS will be a huge shift for me.  I am used to doing the “OMG, how fast can I fix this issue dance” reaction to everything.  NO MORE! 

Anticipated results: Calmer me.  More organized plan of action.  Reduced chance of rudeness on my part.  Decreased time for brooding.  Happier me more often. YEAH! 

That is how I observed MY day.
How was yours?


Uh oh! I Did NOT Master My Emotions – DoWoo #189/365

Yesterday I wrote about mastering my emotions – using all the tools taught within the Master Key Experience. This was about my moms funeral and working with my siblings through the event.  

This morning…not so much! 

I was catching up with a friend on the phone this morning and decided to go sit in our living room on the leather couch. Since we “de-cluttered”, in order to present the optimum version of our house for real estate selling purposes, I have only sat in this room maybe twice. Both times I was just sitting – and not lounging across it the way I used to when it was positioned differently in the room.  Now it sits facing the 9′ wide picture window whereas previously it faced inward. In order to look out the window before de-cluttering – you needed to sit across it – lounging.  Now if I were to lounge, I face a plain red wall.  

During this phone visit I decided to stretch out, moving the big ass pillows which were there to decorate the couch.  This lounging position put me facing the side arm of the couch (it’s more like a booth as the sides are almost as high as the back).  

This is what I saw!

someone carved letters intot the arm  someone carved letters into the arm  other side - scratched all the way down  more of the discolouration marks  full scratch all over the entire arm

Other than a poltergeist situation I can only conclude this happened when someone viewed the home.   One of the people who viewed our house must have allowed their child(ren) – as I simply cannot imagine an adult doing this – to use our $4,500 leather couch as a climbing gym and drawing tablet. 

Who would allow their children to remain alone in someone else’s home – with breakables in the room – let alone a leather couch? AND who would have moved the pillows back to their original position in order to cover up their children’s activity?  

Needless to say…my reaction was not calm.  I was royally pissed!  While I immediately notified our agents – the response asking us to consider whether someone else may have done this SINCE the showings last weekend was not well received.   We are 100% comfortable this is not our son as he knows what the “cause and effect” is with doing anything on this couch.  He already experienced it a few years ago.  AND we’ve had no one else in the house – we’ve been preparing and dealing with a funeral! 

The next response – explaining it was not being something they could go back on any one agent was totally understood – I get it.  How can you call 40 agents and narrow it down to one visitor from a week ago? Unfortunately the way the response was worded (in my humble, 30+ year of customer service, opinion – I know, I know I had an opinion) was nowhere near close to being appropriate – nor helpful in anyway.

So, I remained…royally pissed!
A bit more so, if that was even possible. 

Our son asked “Why would someone do this?”  That really is the question here is it not?  Walter had to explain that not everyone is as careful, cautious or considerate of other peoples belongings as we are.  

I have to ponder the question…What is the point of Walter and I working so hard to instill these aspects in our son’s reality only to have to then deal with the results of others who do not abide by the same guidelines as we ask him to live by?  

I am reminded of Walter’s explanation to Gregory:  A coin has 2 sides – you cannot have one without the other.  In the same manner, all aspects of life have 2 sides.  Good/Bad; Positive/Negative; Easy/Challenging.  

While I get this (logically) I admit having to work VERY hard in order to master the negative feelings brewing within me this morning. Talking myself through all sorts of permutations and re-framing, using all the tools at hand, in order to finally embrace a semblance of calm.  How we proceed regarding the couch?  Well, the jury is out.  The good news is….today ends at midnight! 




Truth – DoWoo #176/365

Am sitting here…exhausted. Ever have one of those days? It seems like I’m experiencing quite a number of these lately. I wonder why?  

Please keep in mind…I don’t drink coffee!    Could it be the:

moving furniture

my mom and her health
family meetings
our son
woman-pulling-hair-out_-Cartoon_shoveling ice and snow

Hmmm…I’m seeing a pattern here.  Maybe I should go read my post where Walter reminded me I need to learn how to say no.  I thought I had been saying no more recently but it just does not seem like there is any way around what I’ve currently got going on. It appears

I am committed!

straight-jacketNow…don’t take that in the sense I need a special jacket or room…but in the way that once I agree to do something, I follow through.  This is where I need to be careful as to how many things I say yes to, so that I have balance on what I can follow through on and maintain a semblance of personal sanity. 

Our exercise this week is to concentrate on Truth. “Try to realize that the Truth shall make you free, that is, nothing can permanently stand in the way of your perfect success when you learn to apply the scientifically correct thought, methods and principles.”

My “truth” at this moment is I must embrace more within from accessing more silence. I know this is an area I have allowed to slide.  I also recognize that without it, the above list can lead me to feeling overwhelmed and out of control.  

Have you ever felt that way?? 

I solemnly make a commitment to myself to embrace my silence in a more consistent manner. I know in doing so, I am the master of my fate, and have access to infinite strength to work with. 

Seeing Red or Red? – DoWoo #167/365

I wonder why people refer to “seeing red” when they are irritated or annoyed but then red heart shapes are considered to be the epitome of love.   I was told some time back when I was a teen (not sure by whom) that love and hate are very close to each other and sometimes one can switch quickly from one to the other regarding another person – ultimately recognizing that those we love can also be the ones who irritate or annoy us the most. 

Does anyone have an idea of what may have happened today?

Yep – that would be it.  Walter annoyed and irritated me. It’s a long story so I won’t elaborate. The good news is that by tomorrow, or the next day, it will most likely have all blown over, but tonight…well, its still pretty fresh. 

I remember the first time I really saw red – pure anger without any rational thought coexisting within my being.  Comparatively, today was about 1/10 of that moment I can so clearly recalled. I now hold the tools to use to adjust one emotion for another.  

The good news is that no matter what happens, no matter whether I annoy or Walter annoys, we are solid in our love.  Our souls recognized each other the moment we met in this lifetime. Walter is already planning for when we meet in the next.  This aspect of our relationship is one of the strategies I used to allow me to walk away from the red and start see the red – recognizing that in the end we are soul mates – we are love – we are us! 

I send blessings to everyone to recognize the love within and without. Recognize that you are love itself and embrace your gift to humanity.  Love is truly the answer!

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

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Organized Chaos Solution? – DoWoo #158/365

Two words keep running through my mind the last few minutes as I pondered how to approach what I wish to write about today.  These two words are: 

Organized Chaos

What I had intended to write about was “Organized Solitude” but what kept coming out was the other. In thinking about what I meant by Organized Solitude – it’s more along the lines of “Self-Imposed Solitude” – which in a way is bit oxymoron-ish – like Organized Chaos. 

Chalk-boardSo…why am I pondering this?  Did you READ yesterday’s post??  It appears I have reached the proverbial wall and even my subconscious and my new blue print are conspiring to beat me over the head to tell me to chill!  I’ve given everything I have and now I need to decompress. I’ve always known I needed this. I just don’t always listen to myself till it’s at a critical state.  In hindsight it always seems like such a no-brainer…which I admit having missed. 

Marching-into-history-At-20-Energizer-Bunny-is-an-iconBeing a primary “blue” (intimacy) and a secondary “yellow” (fun) it’s easy to believe I could just keep going…something similar to the energizer bunny.   I need down time. Time to recharge my batteries and realign my psyche. Time to regroup and get back on track. 

Yesterday was a huge eye opener for me.  I allowed myself to get so over extended that I was no longer functioning in a manner conducive with my expectations for myself.  Getting back to #1 from yesterday…Be kind to myself! 

I am

I am going up north to a resort for the weekend.  I had signed up for a women’s retreat get away just over a month ago and was disappointed when I heard they were cancelling.  Rather than wallow in that particular feeling I chose to take matters into hand and requested whether I could still partake in the group rate for myself.  YES!! 

YEAH!  I have a room with a fireplace, logs included with the room, 5 meals from Friday to Sunday morning, a balcony and solitude if I wish it.  I wish it. 

6Am shutting off my phone. Am only turning on my computer to post my daily blog (a commitment I will maintain). Am turning my back on email. On facebook scrolling. On twitter sharing (just 3 days – I’ll be back!). On human interaction. On the craziness at our house in the midst of painting, decluttering, selling and working. On the busyness of everything that has transpired in the last two months with both of our families. 

Self-imposed solitude!  Not sure which core colour requires this to maintain sanity but I’m going to feed her this weekend.  I look forward to the creative results of my solitude. Will it be organized chaos or the cosmos unfolding as it is intended to.

 I’ll have to get back to you on that one. Stay tuned! 

Reminder Day – DoWoo #157/365

OK I think today was a combination day.  A combination of so many of the “aha” messages I’ve written about thus far.  

Be kind to myself. 

Learn how to say no – and not overextend myself. 

Stop and allow what is going on to unfold as it is meant to. 

Choose happy.

MD_7_9a - Copie

Tackle the elephant one bite at a time.

Remember what you think about grows.

Be patient.


Enjoy / Embrace now.


Have Faith


These are all the messages I found I needed today.  And I’m sure if I stopped and gave it more thought there could be a few more.   I am grateful for all the reminders.   I will accept today as what it was.   Bottom line…in the words of my husband “today ends at midnight”.  Then I carry over into what my little man said at around 3 “tomorrow is the best day ever!”  May your day be bright and filled with love.  Today….tomorrow…always! 

“No Comprendo” – DoWoo #141/365

In pondering my observations of and from today, three areas strike me as being interwoven: 

  1. Borromean_Rings_IllusionBe kind to myself – we just wrapped up a week of kindness within the Master Key Experience and one of the themes which kept cropping up at my end was needing to kind to oneself – truly allowing yourself to receive unconditional kindness from yourself and those who wish to offer it, so you may have more of yourself to offer, more kindness to give to those who need it. 
  2. I give myself permission to… – this is the phrase Mark asked us to write down and finish during yesterdays’ Week 17 session.  I wrote down “I give myself permission to say and do what I believe to be true without second guessing and self reassessment.”
  3. Decisiveness – is my virtue I am to concentrate on this week within the Franklin Makeover. Recognizing it in others and myself. 

So…in the rhythm of recognizing the signs of abundance being offered to me…recognizing all interactions are put in front of me to encourage my understanding of something I am to learn or comprehend…when I put these 3 aspects together I get: Be kind to myself by giving myself permission to embrace my decisiveness.  Pretty powerful sentence from where I’m sitting.  

Today I recognized and became frustrated with someone else, based upon my perception they lacked motivation to change their circumstance and preferred to wallow and complain. Interestingly this is the same person who was one of the catalysts which spurned this DoWoo movement of mine.  After all that I have learnt through my realignment journey, I recognize this is a reflection of me to me.  It’s not about her.  She IS doing something about it, AND she is doing the best she can with what she knows and what she has at her disposal.  Anything else is an opinion…which does not belong here. 

Since it’s not her, then I have to ask what am I frustrated with myself about? The answer rings loudly – I am frustrated at my inability to allow myself to be myself without having unrealistic expectations of myself.   Walter has explained for years that I am my hardest critic.  I know this philosophy and recognize that I need to let it go…but when I’m in the middle of it, I find it a challenge to truly embrace that this is possible. 

As of TODAY I decisively give myself permission to be kind to myself and in so doing, I am able to be kinder to others. 

Out of this discussion about this particular person’s complaint, and my “old blueprint” reaction ending with a ‘new blueprint” analysis…came an interesting thought: Walter asked me to consider that once we are in Costa Rica, until we understand Spanish, the locals could be shouting out in a good way or complaining wholeheartedly about something and we won’t be able to comprehend the difference!  

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If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

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