Can I say ‘No’? – DoWoo #45/365

yes-noTurns out one of my “personal pivotal needs”, that of “Helping Others”, can be my blessing and my challenge.  I truly feel for others when they struggle. If there is a way for me to help them, I do so.  If there is a way for me to be there for them to lend a hand, I do so. If they ask something of me, and I believe I am able to do it, I do so.   This is a GREAT thing! And yet…not so much. 

My observation today is I have challenges with saying “No”.  Actually it was Walter who reminded me a few weeks ago that I need to LEARN to say “No”. It’s just now catching up and sinking in.  

Yes-No-Switch-for-RD-Blog-by-stuart-milesI am now re-evaluating what I have agreed to do.  I am looking at where I can streamline. I am considering what is important to me and to our future. And THEN I am going to do what I am meant to do, what I wish to do, what will lead us to our destination. I am going to circle back on this matter once I am posed with the next opportunity to say “no”.  So for today, the question of “Can I say ‘No’?” remains open. 

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