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When It Rains – DoWoo #358/365

I worked diligently on 2 reports today – both somewhat challenging. I personally enjoy being challenged because it keeps me on my toes – makes my brain work!  Today however I chose to shut down a tiny bit early (balance – I maintain work life balance) in order to play scrabble with my two men.  

One of the things I may have commented on prior – I know I’ve said it outloud – is the benefit of being able to watch the weather where we are.  When you are in the city, you can sometimes see a dark cloud in the distance, and the hear wind in the trees before it actually ruffles your hair…but here you can literally watch it come towards you.  From where we are, to the other side of the lake, is about 7 km…and then there is a few more kilometers of forest and mountains in the distance. We have a clear line of site to watch clouds roll in, sun shine down in one spot and move to another, rain coming cross the water like a grey wall.  I’ve even watched the rainbow come towards us – so we became the spot someone else was seeing that rainbow. As a weather man’s daughter I get a serious kick out of this and think of my dad fondly whenever we pause to appreciate what is going on around us. 

The rain the last few days has been consistently intermixed with sun, cloud, blue skies and wind – sometimes everything all at once . Today, while I sat at the table playing scrabble with my men, it was brightly sunny and then the rain came…but the sun did not disappear!  It was raining while the sun was shining.  I love it when it does that. 

I take time tonight to remind myself all things, no matter what they are, have the ability to be appreciated.  I just need to keep my eyes open for where the rainbow is going to show up. Today it was while I chose to spend time with my men. 

when it rains

For the last 2 years I have been blessed to have been involved in the Master Key Experience. This course has given me the ability to think positively in the face of challenges.  And if I don’t like how something appears to me, I have the tools to adjust how I look at it, and ultimately I can find that silver lining…my rainbow.

Your rainbow is waiting.  For more information on the Master Key Experience – and to be first in line for early notification, please share your details (in top right).  No spam provided.  Promise!  

Did I Learn ANYTHING? – DoWoo #343/365

I recognized a variety of things this evening…all due in thanks to the Master Key Experience. I have changed.  I continue to change.  I am grateful it is towards where I envision myself to be. If I had to sum it up in one word – it would be Awareness.

Pros_and_ConsOn the pro side the 3 top things are:

  • awareness that I am so much more than I thought I was,
  • I have the ability to alter my thoughts and impact the result around me and
  • I am totally responsible for everything which happens to me.

On the con side the 3 top things are: 

  • awareness that I am so much more than I thought I was,
  • I have the ability to alter my thoughts and impact the result around me and
  • I am totally responsible for everything which happens to me.

Yes…I realize when I listed the top pros they were also the top cons.  

  • On the plus side being aware that I am more is great – it allows me a realization that I am pretty awesome.  On the not so plus side, knowing that I am awesome and have not been honouring this blessing to its fullest means I’m being less than grateful.  
  • On the plus side realizing that I have the ability to alter my thoughts and impact the results around means that I am able to create whatever reality I wish.  On the not so plus side it means that if I am not living my life in the reality I desire, I have not used this gift to its full extent. 
  • On the plus side recognizing I am responsible for everything which happens allows me to take ownership for my circumstances and revel in all that I have accomplished. On the not so plus side it means if I am not as enamoured in my current circumstances I have no-one to lay blame on, it is all my doing.  

Mark J, the main instructor within the Master Key Experience, comments “we are made first class, by first class, to live first class.” I surmise anything other than a full embrace of all that we are within, could be interpreted as being a disservice to our creator and to ourselves.  It gets back to us being all that we can be.  I am that I am. 

I now live with purpose. It’s no longer about survival.  I did this for decades.  Survival would be considered part of the disservice I mentioned.  Embracing each day with the love of life, the love of myself and the love for all those I connect with – this allows for growth, happiness and fulfillment of purpose.   It all boils down to love. 

I was going to start by making a list of people who could benefit from taking this course but then realized that would narrow the scope of reality where it need not be.  I truly believe everyone could benefit from learning about themselves. 


An aside – We were talking to Gregory about an aspect where we declared ‘teacher teacher’. This is meant to signal him to pay special attention to whatever we are talking about – it is an important lesson. Gregory groaned and advised us ‘teacher teacher’ is fine but we don’t ever say ‘class dismissed’. To this, Walter and I counselled him – lessons are always in session. Once you stop learning from life, that is when you are dead. 

Could we all not benefit from learning about ourselves?  

I am blessed this class has shown me how to learn whatever it is I  wish to learn. I am grateful it showed me how to be true to myself – and to recognize when I am not being as true as I could be – so I may choose to readjust.  All great tools to maximize my life experience on a daily basis.   While Mark J, our mentor, went from ‘broke in Boston to beachfront in Kauai’, we have gone from ‘cold in Canada to lakefront in Costa Rica’.  Knowing what we now know from having taken the Master Key Experience, I imagine it only gets better from here on in. 

What do you imagine your reality to be?
What change would you like to make?

I’m pleased you have stopped by to check out the Master Key Experience.  If what I’ve shared resonates with you, I’d like to make sure you get FIRST NOTICE of the next course .

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MKE Coming Soon FinalYes, it’s true, you cannot buy this course. All candidates who qualify receive a Pay-it-forward Scholarships and are asked to meet requirements to maintain their scholarship. 

Pay-it-forward Scholarships [a.k.a. “PIFS”] simply mean previous members “pay-it-forward” for the new members. They are awarded on a first come, first qualified basis.  By hopping on this list, you will be notified of the application dates 2 days prior to the general public.

There is no application fee.  

Flow – DoWoo #341/365

Going with the flow is one of those “not so much” character traits.  It is something I aspire to and I recognize I am getting better.

Blue-Woman-in-Water--55473Today I reminded myself of this aspiration numerous times.  The first when I was unable to obtain the information I needed for a report. I had contacted 4 people: 1 replied she was unable to assist, 2 had not responded at all and 1 responded wanting to know if they would receive actual business for their efforts. Luckily I flowed and found another person to reach out to and voila, within an hour and a half I had what I needed. 

Working away, I received a facebook message from the realtor who has the house listed. The note explained there was a buyer wanting to see the house within the hour.  We had been told by the homeowners we would have a days notice.  The realtor explained that’s not usually how it works here – with buyers dropping in with their list and wanting to go see houses right away. She gave us the option to say no, but we want to ensure we do whatever we can to assist the homeowner to find a buyer. We quickly cleaned, swept, put away, organized and made sure the house was looking good.  The buyers weren’t here for long but we managed to put the house’s best foot forward. And not only did the wind reduced enough to make everything calm, the sun came out to allow the view to show its best side. 

Sandstone patterns - Vermillion Cliffs National Wilderness Area.

Sandstone patterns – Vermillion Cliffs National Wilderness Area.

I completed a review of someone’s verbiage today.  My new coach gave me advice which was different than the advice I have received prior.  My first reaction was to state that this was a 180 on what I had been taught already…but then I asked myself “What good would come of including this?”  The answer – nada.  I responded that I would work within the stated guidelines. 

Then as I went to sit down at my computer this evening, I realized the internet is down. After blogging yesterday about no excuses, Gregory commented that I could just go wherever there was internet.  I then remembered there was the backup option. We set it up and I managed to log on so I could post this.  

While this week has certainly not progressed as I anticipated, with numerous challenges to test my mettle (especially during the #CBHF time of the month), I recognize reacting truly does nobody any good. When I embrace the law of least effort and allow, things fall into place. 


If you too wish to go with the flow – or find something or someone to flow with – then the Master Key Experience could assist.  There is a limited number of scholarships available.  To hear about this 2 days prior to the masses, include your details below.

MKE Coming Soon Final

3am WakeUp – DoWoo #268/365

clockI have been waking up earlier and earlier each of the last few days.  It started last week when I woke up before the alarms, then 5;30 and 5, yesterday was 4:30 and this morning it was 3. Once I wake, my mind starts spinning on all the stuff which needs to be sorted or packed – and then there is the business reports with came through in droves all due within a short period of time – while I still needed to do other stuff around the house.  

Since there are only 24 hours in a day – I’ve gotten up!  

It’s amazing how much more productive I’ve felt – being able to get either the sorting/packing or my work done before anyone else is even out of bed.  I like this routine.  I’ve even enjoyed a bit of coffee the last few days (makes me feel zippy!).  The only ‘not so nice’ part is my eyes start to get droopy around 8 or 9pm.  After we ate dinner tonight, I was falling asleep in my chair! 

This too shall pass! 

anchorWe are on a roll.  Today my brother came over with his trailer, loaded all the bins we had packed and moved them into our storage locker. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m getting excited and today I felt a bit of that excitement – when I stood in front of the 5x10x8 locker (yes, we had to upgrade from our intended 5x5x8) looking at our stuff – realizing this stuff was a representation of our life – what we felt we needed to keep.  Everything else – no more anchors holding us down!

Onward my friends! Onwards! 

Mya…being Mya! – DoWoo #263/365

Today was one of the hardest days we have experienced thus far in our current journey.   As I explained to Gregory….sometimes the right thing is not what is the easiest or feels the best.

Having lived on a roller coaster these past few months – as it relates to taking our dog Mya with us on this next chapter – confirming her being on an American Airlines flight and purchasing Walter a ticket at twice the price of the other airlines in order to to get her accompanied, then to finding out she could not go on the airline or to this particular airport, then finding out not even in cargo, to finding a pet carrier who said they could do it as they found a solution, only to find out they had missed the key factor I had clearly explained – it needed to be an extra large kennel, so now she could not go again, to finding one carrier that said they would take her only to find out from another source that she would not…..whew! are you as exhausted as we are?

I was seriously trying to come up with logical reasoning to share with Walter about spending $4,000 for a pet transportation company when he brought me back to reality.  

We had a very warm day and Mya was not active at all, panting and lethargic with the heat and humidity.  This would be every day in Costa Rica.  THEN, he pointed out that after we had boarded her at a pet resort for 3 days, she was never the same – it had a traumatic effect on her personality.  He asked me to think about how she would be after 12 to 24 hours on a plane in a crate, not being let out – only to arrive in a place which was hot and humid?? THEN when the pet carrier started explaining that the Costa Rican import process could be challenging – and if the paperwork was not perfect they could either ship her back to Canada immediately or euthanize her right there. None of these options sounded remotely good.

Once we took away what we wanted and concentrated on what Mya needed…I kept coming back to her needing us to keep her safe – not putting her well being at risk.  She deserves a family who do right by her – making she is is comfortable, happy and well cared for.  This meant we needed to give her up.

We dropped Mya off with the dog rescue organization today.  They are an amazing group who truly care for their charges.  They have a wooded oasis in Muskoka.  AND there is already a person who may be fostering her and is seriously considering adopting – she has 2 Belgian shepherds and the 3 got to meet each other and got along so well.

The best part was seeing how quickly she adjusted to where she was – checking everything out, the garden, the yard, the other dogs – she even wandered off by herself and explored the back yard – and when we called she came trotting from the back – ears up – happy.  This is when we knew she would be just fine.  

I cried. Walter cried.  Gregory did not but he said he was sad.  He’s doing his best to look at both sides of the coin in this matter and explained some areas we will miss and other areas (like her butt in his face in the back seat of the car) … not so much!

Last night I decided to record our play time.  Here is Mya….being Mya!  

Never Look Back – DoWoo #262/365

Received a note from The Universe this morning….


Once you make up your mind, Carolynn, and start something. Once you commit to it, say “Yes!” and never look back. Do you have any doubt that I won’t rush to your side?  That legions won’t be summoned? That players won’t be drawn to help, assist, and fall in love? That connections won’t be made? Circumstances won’t be crafted? Dots won’t be connected?  That the course of history won’t be irrevocably changed?
Good, I didn’t think so.
I’d say you’re ready,
    The Universe”

This has been a running message from a variety of sources during the last week while I have been second guessing myself and the journey we have begun.  Each subsequent ‘similar’ message was meant to hit over the head with the message that I need to be all that I know I am within – strong, confident, tenacious, adventurous, spontaneous…with just a touch of the crazy thrown in to keep it interesting.  Wow! I kind of like that description.  

The journey we have started is a “Yes” and I should not be looking back.  I AM all of these things when I allow myself to just “be”.  When I worry and consider all the permutations of what “could” happen, I am literally wasting my precious time as well as waving a finger at The Universe claiming it does not have my back!  AND it does! 

So why not embrace with faith the underlying message from all of these self help sessions, improve yourself courses, become all that you can be coaching?   The Universe is going to move everything to help you to complete your quest. All you have to do is allow it to.   As a parent, I want the world for Gregory.  And if I had the ability to have his back no matter what direction he went on….why would The Universe – our source – feel any different about us? 

I got the message.  Much appreciated!!  

Mucho Gracias! 

Bamboo Solution – DoWoo #260/365

Today I considered the option of purchasing sheets for our rental beds. The owner has linen but suggested we bring our own – commenting some people find it more comfortable to use their own.  And if we choose to wait and decide to purchase there – supposedly the available options for good bed linen are not many.  Purchasing something specifically to bring was not on our plan but the more I thought about it, I decided to look into this further.  

sheetsOur landlord also explained that with the humidity the sheets can sometimes feel damp and therefore cold. She purchased the electric mattress heaters which she suggests we turn on about 15 minutes before bed and then everything feels better. 

My search began on line and within only a few sights I found one set of sheets which sounded interesting – bamboo and cotton.  I figure since bamboo is from rain forests, this may be something to consider.  Then I read the reviews and they were all 4 and 5 stars.  One of the reviews said they purchased the product for their place in Panama – due to the dampness and humidity – and they were fantastic!  

We have a winner!

Now….while I AM getting rid of the majority of what I own…I still appreciate a good shop now and again.  I especially love getting either a good deal or something extraordinary.  I promise to come back to you on how they turn out.   

Walter just came in to hear my DoWoo.  After reading this, we chatted and then as he was leaving he came over to give me a kiss and saw I was already looking online for sizes and rates. He said “A little bit of retail therapy.”  My answer “Ya-ah!”  I guess I’m not so ‘recovered’ after-all. 

3 Step Pack – DoWoo #256/365

Happy Dance – I’m 70% of the way to my goal of 365!
Whoo Hoo!

Walter and I had a very exhilarating experience today as we stood in our bedroom….we released clothes from our closet with a good portion going to the garage sale pile, a small amount going into the bin for storage and reconsideration later – AND we managed to get all 3 of our clothes for our trip mostly sorted and organized.

packingI like to treat packing as a 3 stage process:

  1. Put everything I think I may want to bring on the bed, sorted into piles of similar items (ie: pants, skirts, shorts, Ts, swimming, etc)
  2. Pull out items from the areas which have excess
  3. Leave it for a day or so and then reconsider, removing more as I know I don’t need all of it!

Occasionally there is a #4 – Leave it for a few more days, reconsider and remove more!

For tonight’s sort we made a list:
packingWe had quite a bit of back and forth discussion with the intent of choosing favourites items which were comfy but also as Walter put it “You have to look at me, so it may as well be something you like.”

timeWe’ve rented our storage unit and are looking forward to selling loads of stuff on Saturday.  The clock is certainly ticking….we have less than a month before we will be on the ground in Costa Rica.

Last night Walter mentioned there was an email from International Living “Make 2015 Your “Year of Costa Rica””.  It was like a “Display Ad from the Universe” reminding us we are doing the right thing!

I want to say Mucho Gracias to everyone who continues to read about our journey of DoWoo. I’m blessed and amazed at the same time.


Back on Solid Ground – DoWoo #232/365

The last few days have been a bit of a ride (possibly a slight understatement) but the good news is we are now what appears to be a patch of solid ground.  Not sure how large the patch is. Recognize that the ride may take some time.  Rather than fight it, I’m going to thoroughly embrace and allow.  Maybe I should make that into a T-shirt! Hmm…a project for another day. 


We officially signed our rental house commitment for the next year in Costa Rica.  At the end of all the reasons lies the final result – we’ve chosen to embrace the opportunity for a solid adjustment period.  It may be beneficial that I used to train on the joys of relocation and possible culture shock.  While I do not have the specific training on what to expect in Costa Rica, I have resources readily at my disposal and as long as I remain open and observant, I believe we will spot any aspects which require a personal realignment.  

Interesting…I’m just now recalling an astrological reading I received over 13 years ago. This was pre-Walter.  I was told that by the time I was 52 I was to “hit it big”.  These words had reverberated around in my mind for years.  But I do not recall the last time I thought about this statement and the one that followed.  “Everything you do from now until then may not seem like it is connected. But it is.  You will do something which allows you to use everything you’ve done up till then.  And you hit it big.”

I’m turning 50 this year!  OMG….I know….I know.  

Supposedly everything in your life is set up in sets of 7 – and then there are seven sets of 7s. The last is: Reconstruction, adjustment and recuperation (43-49) which leads to harmony . I wrote about this during our first Master Key sessionweek 16 January 18th, 2014 “significant realignment of my psyche – I’m definitely getting there (literally and figuratively) and am tickled beyond measure to be in this stage – embracing what is being offered – have a new dog!”

If selling our house and 95% of what we own, then hopping on a plane to Costa Rica for a year with a 10 year old and a dog is not a significant reconstruction, adjustment AND a recuperation period…well, I don’t know what is.  

As of this year – for both of us, we are shifting into a new phase – the beginning year of the next set of 7 years.  Now, I’m not sure exactly what this means as it relates to me being in the 8th set – what happens after the 7th set of 7…I do not recall it saying.  It’s got to be big though!!   At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself!!

Whether it’s from an astrological, spiritual, God gifting, universal rightness perspective…it does not matter. Walter and I are heading into what could possibly be one of the most exciting periods of our lives.  Now THIS is an adventure! 

Life Growth Is Like Driving Shift – DoWoo #226/365

I have a collection of books on my phone which allow me to tap into pretty amazing observations. Sometimes I just need to read the positive and encouraging words of Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Og Mandino, Mike Dooley, James Allen, John Maxwell, Napoleon Hill…need I say more?  The last few days I have taken to re-reading Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne Dyer. This is what I read today:

drive-a-stick-shift“Think back to the time you were learning to drive a stick shift automobile. you were faced with what seemed to be an insurmountable problem. Three pedals but only two feet to make them work.  You first became aware of the complexity of the task. Let the clutch out slow, oops too fast, jerky business, gas pedal down at the same rate as you release the clutch, right foot for the brake, but the clutch must go in, or you jerk again.  A million mental signals: always thinking, using your brain. What do I do? Awareness, and then after thousands of trials, mistakes, new efforts, the day comes when you step into your car and drive away. No stalling, no jerking and no thinking. Driving a stick shift has become second nature, and how did you do it? With great difficulty. Lots of present-moment thinking, reminding, working.”

1984I remember learning stick.  I dated a fellow who let me shift from the passenger side while he worked the clutch – allowing me to get a feel for the concept first. My very first car was standard – a 1984 VW Rabbit. I sat in it and instantly fell in love – this car was mine. I then turned the keys over to the same young man and he test drove it. After I handed over the cash, he drove the car home so he could then teach me how to drive it.  I remember stalling out numerous times before I finally got the car moving in first gear, then driving blocks without shifting out of first for fear of stalling out.   Now…it’s just like Wayne says…effortless, without thinking about it. but it took a lot of mental work to get to this space.

This analogy was noted after Wayne explained that Happiness is a natural condition of being a person. and that New thinking requires awareness of old thinking. You have become habituated in mental patterns that identify the causes of your feelings as outside of yourself. You have put in thousands of hours of reinforcement for such thinking, and your’ll need to balance the scale with thousands of hours of new thinking, thinking that assumes responsibility for your own feelings.”

WOW! Did you get all that?

To break it down into what I understand: I am totally responsible for all my thoughts, my actions and my feelings, and therefore anything which is going on around me…I am responsible for it.  AND if I wish to change it, it may be uncomfortable, challenging, appear awkward, and take numerous attempts, even failed or stalled attempts…but if I persist – and embrace that I am also responsible for my sticktuitiveness – I have an immense opportunity to exceed at my life.

AND that ability is within me right now!  It is also with you! 

total responsibility

How powerful is that?


Are you interested in learning to drive stick? Are you driving your vehicle (life) to it’s fullest capacity or are you staying in first gear?  Do not drown in multitudes of information. Take action.  Receive the “how” on making your life happen as you envision it.  Add your name and email to my list.  I will let you know once the next Master Key Experience is available (fall 2015) and you will get first shot to hear what is offered.

When was the last time you were given first shot to exceed at life?

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

Do you realize that the choice is TOTALLY up to you?

Og, Wiki & Wayne Dyer – DoWoo #219/365

“Failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough.” – Og Mandino. 

This quote went along with the story of one lone sparrow being courageous enough to come inside while thousands of his kind remained outside. After the bird was fed he seemed to have disappeared through lattice openings which appeared almost impossible to have entered. 

Every day we are given hours of continuous moments where we can be courageous.  


What is courage? 

Wiki defines courage as: the ability and willingness to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation. 

Interesting…I had not put these two things together…that is until NOW.

Wait for it….

“Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

This is a quote Walter shared with me early on in our relationship.  He said this book had saved his life after he and his first (practice) wife divorced. He even went so far as to purchase a case of the books and hand one to anyone in his life who was struggling.  I can only imagine the legacy both Wayne and Walter left in their wake. 


When I think of this specific definition of love, I typically concentrated on the part where this is a challenging way to live – rewarding yes! – but a challenge to embrace to the degree which I believe you needed to…in order to truly live it. I am in awe of how well Walter does this and aspire to embrace it as well as he has. 

Now however, I realize the connection…having written of this evening’s combination of quotes:

Love is Courage!  Courage is Love! 

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

Do you realize…the choice is TOTALLY up to you?

Get ‘er DONE! – DoWoo #218/365

Dale-Carnegie-GQ-12May14_rex_b“I know someone in a rut.   And they’re going to stay in a rut. Why?  I’ll tell you why!!! Simply because they don’t use their abilities to get things done!” 

I recall having recited these words, loudly, during a Dale Carnegie class about 15 years ago. I recall what transpired in my life because of these words – a huge shift in who I was spending my time with and I got things done! 

When I sat down at my computer this evening, for the 4th time in a week I said to myself “I don’t know what to DoWoo about.”  This evening when Walter came in the office, he asked me “Are you inspired?” to which I answered “not yet” then BAM!! That was it.  Lack of inspiration. 

You may wonder…why does that excite me?  

The fact that I am experiencing a lack of inspiring observations to share has me wondering what I am doing to result in such lack.  If my world without is a reflection of my world within, this could translate into my inner self taking a bit of a siesta when it comes to getting stuff done!   If I ensure that every day I do one small thing to move me forward…then guess what?  I move forward. 

fallingI realize this is what I have done off an on over the last few years – falling back into the stuff that needs to be done but not the stuff that I want to get done to move my dream forward.  Hence, my putting my foot down back on DoWoo #101.  I observe I’ve done it again. 


I have a count down clock here for a reason.  There is a long list of things which need to be done to successfully depart for our adventure in just over 2 months. This requires a plan of action – documented – and implemented.  

I’m getting ‘er done! 

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

Do you realize the choice is TOTALLY up to you?

Embrace & Release – DoWoo #215/365

catch_and_release_logoNow this may sound similar to catch and release but I assure you…this has nothing to do with fishing.  Although you could choose to use this philosophy for fishing if that is your thing.  

This morning I received news of something which could have been perceived as sad or unfair. Turns out the first person wanted to do X.  The other person, in control of X, advised the first person X was no longer available.  

ideasIn considering options, numerous ideas went through my head.  What I ended up embracing was 1) the only person I have any control over is me and 2) all things happen for a reason, and when that reason shows itself it is inline with my predominant thoughts.

I have had numerous instances lately which have shown me something challenging shows me a brighter path. It may not happen instantaneously but it does happen.  I suggested the first person release the situation, and the other person’s decision, and embrace faith in God / the Universe / our source to reveal the ultimate benefit – all in good time.

silver liningI have experienced situations which are devastating at the time but in hindsight, without that devastation, the huge benefit / gift received may not have transpired. Recently

I’ve noticed that when I have totally embraced the belief that a challenge has a silver lining, and release any need for the outcome to be revealed “now” – allowing it to unfold as it is meant to – the benefit I received appeared fairly quickly.

When I have struggled with the challenge, complaining, berating….living in the negative space it provides if I allow it to – THEN the benefit appears to have taken a long time to make itself known to me.

I choose embrace and release.
What would you choose?


Do you have an open mind?  Do you wish to hear more about this environment which shows you HOW to tap into your best you?  If so, do you want to add your name and email below? 

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

Do you realize that the choice is TOTALLY up to you?

Liberating – DoWoo #214/365

I recall a TV show (the name escapes me) where the host removed everything in the house and put it onto the lawn.  He then showed the homeowners a specific space – marked out on the lawn – the size of a tarp.  What was to go back in the house had to fit into that space.  The rest was to be sold or tossed. And they had a specific time limit to sort everything – AND agree!   

Our 1,200 square foot house was staged for selling – so minimal furniture and no knickknacks. However, the majority of our 600 square foot crawl space ended up being packed about 4′ high. Then, there is a shed and all our outside yard stuff.  

5x5How does your house/stuff compare?  

Imagine doing what the TV show guy told those homeowners to do…but now you have to decrease your “stuff” so that everything you are planning to keep fits into 6 suitcases and a storage locker which is approximately 200 cubic feet (5′ x 5′ x 8′).

Could you do it? 

I have absolute faith we can do this.  In the last few days I’m gotten into a rhythm. Balancing work, life and family – making time to go down into the crawl space and bring stuff out.  

When I put my hand on something I choose sell, give away or keep.  I noticed today the stuff for keep is quickly growing.  I realized we’ll need to be even more brutal in our sorting criteria.  Will we use it in the next 2 months?  Will we use it when we get to Costa Rica? Can I replace this item when we get there or when we come back? Do I really need to store this or can I embrace releasing it with love? 

I used to work for an international moving company.  There was a senior employee of a global company we had relocated 4 or 5 times over the course of 10 years.  When he originally left the Toronto area he was allowed to take around 1,000 cubic feet with him – and the rest was authorized to go into storage.  The storage space he ended up with was approximately 10,000 cubic feet.  10 years later, he was ‘localized’ to another country.  He came back to divest himself of what he had stored.  After sorting through 10,000 cubic feet he kept about 10% and the rest was sold or given away.  

Can anybody say WOW!

As our process of divesting unfolds I will remind myself of two things: this man’s story and the fact that while I like stuff, I don’t need stuff.   I have faith!   


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If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

Do you realize that the choice is TOTALLY up to you?

Balls OR Balls – DoWoo #211/365

586709-cf246e92-c362-11e3-b397-01c2dd417b4dWe have been blessed to have one of the greatest neighbours.   Our son calls them Nana and Popa – considering them like family.  We take care of each other and watch each others back! We talk over the fence all summer long. Coordinate our annual garage sales to match. Share food.  Take care of each other’s sidewalks during the winter snow falls.  The list goes on and on. It truly is a nice space to be in.  We will miss them when we move.  However, I know they’ve met the buyers – they’ve already accepted an invitation for a barbecue once they’ve move in!  

In February our neighbour came over to drop something off when I finally had an opportunity to explain we were selling the house and moving to Costa Rica.  He was over the moon for us. He must have hugged me 6 times during our conversation at the door.  He kept repeating he was so happy for us – for us to be realizing our dream. He almost skipped back home to tell his wife. 

Recently Walter was speaking with him when he said again how happy he was that we were following our dream. He mentioned he had dreams once. But he did not do anything about it. Now it was too late. 

Why is that? 

Why do people consider their dreams are no longer viable because they reach a particular age?

costa rican sunset

We have had numerous people say to us “It takes balls to do what you are doing.”  Walter typically responds with “Actually, it takes balls to stay where you are.”  

Butterflies Graphic #108Is being where you are and wanting to be somewhere else what people consider “safe”? And if you do something adventurous, out of the norm, then you have “balls”?  I say I have a purpose to fulfill and it takes balls to NOT do what I have drempt of doing.   Does it not take balls to consider an option which may result in regret.  Do it NOW!  It may not be perfectly executed but it IS executed. 

So…what do you think? Balls to stay and not follow your dream?  OR Balls to dream and do something to fulfill that dream?   We could rephrase that old saying to now read:

“To have balls or not to have balls? Now THAT is the question.”


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If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

Tired & Scared – DoWoo #209/365

We were watching Earth to Echo this evening (Friday pizza/movie night was moved to Saturday as Greg had a cub scout sleep over). We had originally watched this in the theatre. There was a part maybe 20 minutes in when the kids (they are about 12 years old) are out on the highway in the middle of the night on their bikes following a map on their phone – an adventure.

Turning to Gregory I said “I seem to remember this is the part when I reminded you the first time we saw this…not to do anything like these boys are doing please.” To which Gregory responded “I won’t.  I’d be tired and scared.”

Said so matter of fact. We have a straight forward kid it appears!  However, when he thinks of moving to Costa Rica – he is excited. It’s all in how you choose to label these emotional feelings.


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the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

Squirreled in Silence – DoWoo #204/365

squirrelI’ve written about being “squirreled” before which is the term we use in our household for being distracted (courtesy of the wonderful movie Up).  I also use the phrase “multi-squirreling” in place of what others may refer to as “multi-tasking”.  That age old question about whether we can walk and chew gum at the same time…I believe THAT is indeed possible.  However, the rest of the stuff we try to do and consider ourselves “multi-taskers”….well, not so much.

I have embraced the concept that it is not possible to concentrate on 2 tasks at the same time – and do them both well.  I have accepted we CAN do what I refer to as “multi-switching”.   We can switch from task A to task B and back and forth. I realized that by doing this though it takes time to get back into the rhythm for each task.  So…when I further consider how long it takes each time to get back into each task – I question whether I am being as productive as I could be?   NOT! 

multi-switchingRecently I’ve noticed an even further shift – my ability to tune out the sounds around me has lessened.  I enjoy silence!  I revel in silence! I find that I can be more creative and thorough in any task I undertake – as long as I am in silence.  

I used to study with music going on in the back ground.  I used to work with tunes at my desk.  I used to have the TV on in the background while I sorted paperwork or folded laundry.  I now find all of this distracting. When I stop and concentrate on the task at hand, it allows me to BE in the moment and truly embrace what I am doing. 

silenceBecause silence has become more in keeping with my norm, I find I am now even more sensitive to sounds.  This may not be such a good thing depending on whose perspective we are working with.  I’ve always had what Walter refers to as “dog ears”.  I can hear his watch ticking in the room next to ours when we sleep – so now the watch is left down in the kitchen.  

As I’m typing, I heard a “chhhh-ch” sound and look up. I ask Walter what the sound was. Turns out he was switching screens on his phone – 2 desk widths away.  He looks at me and asks “You heard THAT?”

The little sounds which disturb the silence now appear to be my squirrels.  Walter asked me today what I will do if one of the natural animal sounds of Costa Rica is not pleasing to my sensitive hearing?  I’m guessing…I will cross that bridge when we get there! 

Involuntary Cleanse – DoWoo#199/365

Allow-300x237Today was a day of allowance.   Even though I get around online, can do spreadsheets well (especially when colour coding is needed), blog, tweet, Facebook (sortof) and link to others…I am not technical. So, this morning when I attempted to log onto my outlook email and received an error message – I called IT.  

After an hour together and another 2 hours of them working on it, they called back.  Turns out my outlook – at 11.4 GB of data – was not backed up or archived in any way….and wait for it…it was all gone.  Non-retrievable. 

Can anyone say AUGH!?

I heard the news.  I accepted the news.  I asked myself whether there was anything I could do about it.  And when I realized it was what it was, I calmly asked the IT person what I could do as a go forward – from a preventative perspective.  

Capture2-160x300Now THAT my friends is what we refer to in the Master Key as my new blueprint!  My outlook blew up, choosing to complete a cleanse without my knowledge, and I was calmly moving on.   I admit…I was pretty proud of myself. 

This is what it means to have control over your actions, your emotions, your thoughts.  I am reminded of my niece telling me at my mother’s funeral that she had read some of these blogs…and that (this) space that I’m in…she wants that space.  

It truly is all about choice. Choice of thought, emotion, action. I chose allowance. And my reward was peace in a place of potential chaos.  

I think back to only a few weeks ago, when my emotional state was at an all time max (with my mom’s passing and my house going on the market, the family, the leather couch incident…) I was not able to be as calm as I would have liked.  However, my reactions were short lived…and I did manage to rope myself in. Today…I did not have to rope. I was there instantaneously. 

It felt good! 



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the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

Passed & Past – DoWoo #195/365

download (1)So…today’s observation is one which reflects poorly on me. But since I must remain true to this experience, I must also accept that I mess up.  AND what is the best way to learn??  Through your mistakes…right!?

I was brooding today (not a good thing to do – but a recognized part of my old blue print) about how I spoke to my neighbours during the day the home inspector for the buyers was here.  This is the day the basement had water due to the ice blocking the run off pipe.  I was a wee bit stressed out. 

I started to type the details of both the situations when I realized – THAT was not what was important here.  As Walter tried to explain to me this morning when I asked him to help me get out of this brooding space – the incident is passed and past. 

So – I asked myself. Is there something I can change?  Can’t change what I did. Can’t change what I said. Can’t change their current perception of what I did and said. However, what I can change is how I proceed today and in the future. 

newhirecheckimageFirst, next time I see either of them – I will apologize for my actions.  They were not who I am. 

Next, recognize I cannot ask for forgiveness.  Forgiveness is something which must be freely given. By asking for it, rather than waiting for it it be offered, is it not possible that when you get it (after asking) that it may not be freely given. 

Lastly, R2A2 and decide personal action going forward.  

Stressing out over a situation does not help.  a) I am not thinking clearly and b) what I do is based upon not thinking clearly so c) what ends of happening is stuff which I then spend time brooding about afterwards when I should not be. 

meSO….Next time I’m stressed out I will do for myself what the Baby Whisperer teaches in her book about how to react to a baby’s cry:  SLOW: Stop; Listen; Observe; What’s up?  THEN and only THEN will I take action. THIS will be a huge shift for me.  I am used to doing the “OMG, how fast can I fix this issue dance” reaction to everything.  NO MORE! 

Anticipated results: Calmer me.  More organized plan of action.  Reduced chance of rudeness on my part.  Decreased time for brooding.  Happier me more often. YEAH! 

That is how I observed MY day.
How was yours?


Accept, Courage, Wisdom – DoWoo #190/365

O God, give us the serenity to accept what cannot be changed,
The courage to change what can be changed,
and the wisdom to know the one from the other. 


Although slightly different from the common version, most of us may recognize the above verse as the prayer adopted by AA and other twelve-step programs.  As per Wiki – The Serenity Prayer is the common name for a prayer authored by the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr (1892–1971). 

While I am grateful for AA and how it has impacted those I care for, when Walter reminded me of it this evening – I had to stop and think…

I should be reciting this about everything every single day!

peac and serenity

Then I found the following on Wiki – a longer version which I had not heard before: 

God, give me grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.
Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
Taking, as Jesus did,
This sinful world as it is,
Not as I would have it,
Trusting that You will make all things right,
If I surrender to Your will,
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
And supremely happy with You forever in the next.


Was getting ready to leave the home this afternoon – to allow the buyer a few hours to conduct their home inspection. During preparation I needed to grab a bin from the basement crawl space. When I went down I found water coming in! The home inspector and buyer were due to arrive in 2 hours.   The only time this spot had ever leaked was shortly after having moved in – 13 years ago – and the down spout had disconnected – so no longer draining water away from the house.  I repaired it and then later we updated the eves-troughs and downspouts – not experiencing any further water infiltration. That is…until today! 

I immediately ran outside – to find the down spout covered in snow, the snow on the roof melting rapidly into the drain – but no where for it to go.   I dug down to find the end of the extension which takes it away from the house to be buried under 2″ of ice. I applied salt and Walter dug a trench. No further water came in the house.  

images (30)I cannot change that this happened.  I accepted.  I had courage and the reflexes to do what I could to address the challenge. The wisdom to know the difference came into play when we chose to call the agent and inform the buyers team what had transpired before they arrived.  We were upfront and honest.  What the buyer chooses to do with this information remains to be advised. If this day could be considered a hardship, I accept it as a pathway to peace.  I can sleep this evening knowing we did what was right.    I leave the rest in God’s (very capable) hands!