Balls OR Balls – DoWoo #211/365

586709-cf246e92-c362-11e3-b397-01c2dd417b4dWe have been blessed to have one of the greatest neighbours.   Our son calls them Nana and Popa – considering them like family.  We take care of each other and watch each others back! We talk over the fence all summer long. Coordinate our annual garage sales to match. Share food.  Take care of each other’s sidewalks during the winter snow falls.  The list goes on and on. It truly is a nice space to be in.  We will miss them when we move.  However, I know they’ve met the buyers – they’ve already accepted an invitation for a barbecue once they’ve move in!  

In February our neighbour came over to drop something off when I finally had an opportunity to explain we were selling the house and moving to Costa Rica.  He was over the moon for us. He must have hugged me 6 times during our conversation at the door.  He kept repeating he was so happy for us – for us to be realizing our dream. He almost skipped back home to tell his wife. 

Recently Walter was speaking with him when he said again how happy he was that we were following our dream. He mentioned he had dreams once. But he did not do anything about it. Now it was too late. 

Why is that? 

Why do people consider their dreams are no longer viable because they reach a particular age?

costa rican sunset

We have had numerous people say to us “It takes balls to do what you are doing.”  Walter typically responds with “Actually, it takes balls to stay where you are.”  

Butterflies Graphic #108Is being where you are and wanting to be somewhere else what people consider “safe”? And if you do something adventurous, out of the norm, then you have “balls”?  I say I have a purpose to fulfill and it takes balls to NOT do what I have drempt of doing.   Does it not take balls to consider an option which may result in regret.  Do it NOW!  It may not be perfectly executed but it IS executed. 

So…what do you think? Balls to stay and not follow your dream?  OR Balls to dream and do something to fulfill that dream?   We could rephrase that old saying to now read:

“To have balls or not to have balls? Now THAT is the question.”


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If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

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