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When It Rains – DoWoo #358/365

I worked diligently on 2 reports today – both somewhat challenging. I personally enjoy being challenged because it keeps me on my toes – makes my brain work!  Today however I chose to shut down a tiny bit early (balance – I maintain work life balance) in order to play scrabble with my two men.  

One of the things I may have commented on prior – I know I’ve said it outloud – is the benefit of being able to watch the weather where we are.  When you are in the city, you can sometimes see a dark cloud in the distance, and the hear wind in the trees before it actually ruffles your hair…but here you can literally watch it come towards you.  From where we are, to the other side of the lake, is about 7 km…and then there is a few more kilometers of forest and mountains in the distance. We have a clear line of site to watch clouds roll in, sun shine down in one spot and move to another, rain coming cross the water like a grey wall.  I’ve even watched the rainbow come towards us – so we became the spot someone else was seeing that rainbow. As a weather man’s daughter I get a serious kick out of this and think of my dad fondly whenever we pause to appreciate what is going on around us. 

The rain the last few days has been consistently intermixed with sun, cloud, blue skies and wind – sometimes everything all at once . Today, while I sat at the table playing scrabble with my men, it was brightly sunny and then the rain came…but the sun did not disappear!  It was raining while the sun was shining.  I love it when it does that. 

I take time tonight to remind myself all things, no matter what they are, have the ability to be appreciated.  I just need to keep my eyes open for where the rainbow is going to show up. Today it was while I chose to spend time with my men. 

when it rains

For the last 2 years I have been blessed to have been involved in the Master Key Experience. This course has given me the ability to think positively in the face of challenges.  And if I don’t like how something appears to me, I have the tools to adjust how I look at it, and ultimately I can find that silver lining…my rainbow.

Your rainbow is waiting.  For more information on the Master Key Experience – and to be first in line for early notification, please share your details (in top right).  No spam provided.  Promise!  

Relabeling – DoWoo #267/365

The count down is getting a bit scary…no exciting…scary…exciting!    I remember being coached during the Master Key on reviewing the feelings within my core whenever I felt scared versus excited and the amazing recognition that they each feel just about the same.   Recently, each time I have felt what I used to call “scary” (the unknown we are jumping into with all 6 of our feet) I have immediately told myself it is not scary, I’m just “excited”.  

me wafflingBottom line is we ALL have the ability to choose what we label these feelings.  I’ve recognized this ability and am working on it – it just may take a bit of time to totally adjust within my subconscious mind. BUT…it is possible. 

Over the past 5.5 months we’ve experienced what I’ve repeatedly referred to as the rollercoaster.  Other options Walter and I have used to describe this are sine waves and the EKG machine which tracks your heart beats.  I still prefer the rollercoaster since climbing to the top can seem like it takes forever but once you are there, the drop and roll to the next peak can be so very quick.  

As we wrap up the house stuff and get ready for our stint at the hotel, I have been considering all sorts of surprises for the family in order to make this next step the adventure it should be.  For Gregory we’ve got his friends lined up for a surprise early birthday pool / water slide party, we’ve arranged for family and friends to join us at the Mandarin (Gregory’s favourite “Chinese Buffet”) and yesterday I purchased tickets to the local amusement park – Canada’s Wonderland.  AND guess what the main attractions are??  

roller coastersROLLERCOASTERS!  

I look forward to solidifying my relabeling of the “rollercoaster” feelings – excitement, excitement, excitement!   


Marketing Chicken…no Egg! – DoWoo #236/365

I can only imagine what it must be like to account for all the things which turn each one of our cranks.  Is this what marketing gurus spend their nights dreaming about?

We have 5 senses (some may have 6 or more but let’s stick with the standard 5): 

  • 5 sensesSeeing: a burst of your favourite colour on a clothes rack makes your head swivel. 
  • Hearing: the rev of an engine…maybe a Harley motorcycle engine…has you pausing to watch it go by. 
  • Smelling: coming home after school to smell the aroma of mom’s banana bread straight out of the oven.  
  • Tasting: the first bite into a medium rare steak having just been dipped in Bearnaise sauce.  
  • Touching: putting my hands on a Logitech Wave keyboard, having the wrist rest call to me. 

I know, sounds pretty out there huh?!  But it’s what turned my crank today.  The keyboard was almost double the price of one I was going in to purchase.  Is this what marketing departments do? 

The philosophy we study in the Master Key is that a thought, mixed with a feeling, combined with faith and belief, results in creation.  I wonder…if we are the ones thinking about what we need or desire or would like, then once it has become a thought it is sent, by way of energetic signal, out into the world, and then while the creators (those who may have been born with that marketing gene) are dreaming, they begin to formulate a plan on how to fulfill what we are needing, desiring or asking for…and poof! Creation!   

We see it in the store. We hear it while out walking the dog. We smell it coming home from school. We taste it in a restaurant. We feel it and it fits. 

Is this another one of those chicken and egg scenarios?  I’ll have to allow this more observation. 

I purchased the keyboard! 

wave keyboard


Translation – DoWoo#191/365

The 3 of us are in the process of learning Spanish – using translation dictionaries, language books and online apps to help us.  Putting together phrases or sentences we use regularly.   The other day Walter showed me an app which allows you to take a picture or scan something with your smart phone and voila! Instant translation!  Holy Sugar – this is so totally going to help rock our transition. 

This morning Walter sends me this cartoon saying it reminds him of our son Gregory and his dog Mya. 

boy and dog

Rather than type the verbiage into Google translate – I sent it to myself as a JPEG as the app I downloaded yesterday supposedly allows you to use pictures and it will translate for you. But then my phone converted the JPEG to winmail.dat file – which I could not open on my phone. Being the digital diva that I am…I decided to take a screen shot! 

digital diva

Walter, watching me do this with a big smile on his face, asked “Newfie Screen Shot?”  I admit my blond does come out of a bottle so I’ll have to embrace my Newfoundland heritage for this case – my dad always encouraged me to laugh “with” rather than “at” the joke.  

After not getting yesterdays downloaded app to work on this cartoon, I downloaded the Google Translation app, printed the cartoon so I could scan it with my phone – and voila! for the most part it worked.  Way cool!  So for those of you who don’t speak / read Spanish:

boy and dog english

The 4th box kept giving me different translations so I typed it online to translate. I learned that in Spanish the use of punctuation has a significant impact on the verbiage. 

Without any ! at the beginning or a capital on the first word – it translated to: “will never die”. Add in the ! at the beginning OR a capital on the first word and now it translates to: “Do not ever die.”  However, as soon as you add in the second ! at the end of the sentence – the full translation is now: “Do not die ever!”    A few weeks ago when someone asked me which Spanish I was learning – I answered “Google Spanish”.  

I realized there is even more to Spanish than I had imagined. Once we get to Costa Rica, I’m sure there will be local adjusting required.   I choose to totally embrace this learning experience and look forward to where it will take us all. 

Ctrl+Alt+Delete – DoWoo #130/365

To carry a bit over from yesterday’s post, Walter and I had quite a long discussion about my family, my interaction with them, how I can proceed to think and be aware and ultimately my choices in all of “this”.  He also pointed out that I have come a long way. 

il_fullxfull.278161051If I have come a long way…I must have been damn fine for him to have fallen in love with me back then!  AND now…well, I must be indescribably over the top appealing. Right?  Laugh with me…this is exactly what I must do in order to put everything into perspective! 

Now onto a serious note.  I’m very grateful Walter loves me.  I remember when we first started to date, I waited a few months before I introduced him to any of my family. When we were on our way back from a dinner with my mom, 2 of my sisters and their husbands…I asked “So…what did you think?”  To which he asked “Can you laugh?”  My response “Yes!”

thumbNow, I’m sure each of us has some unique family dynamics which we believe are out-of-this world dysfunctional.  It truly does make for some interesting conversation when stories are shared.  Bottom line is no matter how interesting our family is…yesterdays observations about forgiveness reign true.  We must concentrate on something else. 

I’m reminded of the question “How come your family knows which buttons to push?” and the answer is “Because they put them there!”

I choose to concentrate on making today count!
I choose to concentrate on being my best me today!
I choose to be whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious & happy!
I choose….

and that is when I started to consider….

familiyl buttons

Now…this may be as simple as hitting Ctrl+Alt+Delete. However, we may need to dig a bit deeper to find where those buttons were installed. AND If they were installed in our default programming files it may take a bit of extra knowledge to safely uninstall those memes…those peptides can be rather complicated files…duplicated in various areas to minimize attempts to remove.

 I’m working on it.  How YOU doing? 

A Shovel Gets an “I’m In” – DoWoo #128/365

We spoke to Costa Rica! Connected with a wonderful gentleman, Michael, who manages rentals and real estate purchases for the Lake Arenal area.  Chatted for about half an hour, covering all sorts of aspects – different areas, variances and what each has to offer, what kind of rental, suggestions and ideas to consider, schooling, etc.   He even provided me with the local facebook page to which I have already joined as a member and made a few comments.  

loud smile

One post was hilarious.  I ended up thanking them for my loud smile!

Turns out the locals and local expats may have a serious sense of humour – just what I like to see! 

This evening the 3 of us sat down and had another Loud Smiles International meeting. When I explained to Gregory the schooling where we are going may not set up like here…Michael had explained they sometimes start at 9 or 9:30 and let out before noon or earlier, and sometimes the teacher does not show up at all.  


We filled him in on the other information we had gathered thus far, explaining about Consulates and Governments. We then asked Greg about what what his thoughts were – did he have questions, concerns, ideas? 

He wanted to know whether this was a vacation or a move? We explained that we will start out with a tourist visa which is good for 3 months and then we come back to Canada and choose what type of visa we go back to Costa Rica under (we then elaborated on going to the Consulate to find out more information on options). 

Gregory then wanted to know about how much money it would take to have his best friend Anil come to visit? We explained that a round trip it would cost between $800 and $1,000. Whoa! His eyes bugged out and he asked if that was just for one person? Yes.  I asked him whether he was still planning to get a job (as he had proclaimed during an earlier discussion about this exact topic)? He said…well, yeah but not sure doing what. Maybe a lemonade stand?  

I suggested he may want to consider picking up horse poop (no idea where this came from) to which he made a horrible icky face response and stuck out his tongue.  He explained he already picked up Mya’s poop…why would he want to pick up more?  Walter then explained about Darren Hardy (pointing to the Success Magazine on the office desk) and said Darren suggests finding what other people are not wanting to do and then you do it.   It could make much more money than a lemonade stand.  He asked if he needed to use a bag to pick it up, to which I replied no, a shovel. “I’m in!” he replied. 

333BTW – when I was first drafting this post…and got to “success” I glanced down at the word count and it noted 333.


Leave the HOW to the END – DoWoo #101/365

foot downI put my foot down…AND I have to admit…it feels bloody fantastic!

beach-house-1152x864Shortly after meeting each other Walter asked me “Can you picture yourself living on a beach…in a hut?” It was an emphatic answer YES!!!!

So…fast forward to present day (12 years later) and I ask myself ‘What HAVE we done (besides get married and grow a child)?  We have this ultimate vision in our minds of a little piano bar – called Loud Smiles (of course). The ‘where’ took a few years to fine tune – Costa Rica. And similar to our good friends who live in Kauai now (rather than brrr Boston, MA where they hailed from) once we landed in this fantastic country we chose – it felt like home.  That was 8 years ago.

What has irked me since then is that our ‘when’ keeps moving farther and farther away.


I also admit our ‘plan on ‘how’ to get to Costa Rica has had numerous twists and turns. Challenges which have encouraged me to wallow in strife, frustration and yes, even tears.


don't need stuffWhile I admit I like ‘stuff’ I don’t NEED ‘stuff’. A simplistic life is all I desire. My only requirements: Walter, Gregory, the dog (of course) and it needs to be in a warmer climate with a laid back ‘island time’ feel. I envision this as a place and space where I can reconnect back to what is important – my family and my artistic side, spending hours creating – a place where people are not concerned with what you drive and how big a home you have – being who I was meant to be – to myself and my family.

WHAT have I done instead?  My time has been spent working in a hectic corporate environment, then it has been spent creating alternate businesses to allow me to work from home, all the while remaining trapped with financial responsibilities and surrounded by the possessions of our material world.


I don’t honestly know.

Upon reflection it appears I was doing what I thought one needed to do to get where we wanted to go.  We work hard. We save. We work some more. We hopefully save some more. And EVENTUALLY we get to go there. The same way most people go to school to get a degree to work for someone else to eventually work their way up the ladder, to retire so they can hopefully do the things they always wanted to do.

I was concentrating on the HOW.


While having a healthy nest egg in the bank before we leave for Costa Rica may be ‘optimum’… I’m now realizing – truly recognizing – what I’ve been doing to myself in order to get there.   THIS is where my foot came down.  I am a talented, smart, creative, personable person (hey, that felt GOOD!). I can do just about anything business wise and if there is something new I need to know in order to earn a living – I’m also a very quick learner.

The decision has been made. We are all in agreement. We have the where. We now have the when.  It’s the HOW which is not known but also no longer a concern.

There are the 6 questions we are to ask ourselves: WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? WHY? and HOW? How has always been part of this group but was – like the song on Sesame Street “one of those things which is not like the other”: It did not start with a W.

epiphanyWe are to concentrate only on the Ws.  It’s not our place to figure out the HOW.  That one is spelt differently for a reason – with the W at the end rather than the beginning. So that’s where we will leave HOW – at the end – allowing it to take care of itself – to unfold AFTER everything else has been taken care of.

So – it seems similar to the BE DO HAVE.  You must first BE.  Then you DO. THEN and only THEN will you HAVE what you envisioned.

YEAH!    Watch this space!

A Change in Reflection – DoWoo #79/365

Walter has agreed to be my “lovely assistant” as the magicians say.  That is,,,he has agreed to use the product I am using and allow me record his progress (using before and after photos). I joke saying we’re going to turn him from this,,,,,

download into this domestic-labrador-puppy-canis-familiaris-sleeping

Here is a man who must truly love his wife…because he has agreed to faithfully wash his face before bed each night and use product for 90 days.  I am blessed.

So…we were standing in front of the mirror…with me giving him instructions as we do this together.  Wash your face. After rinsing, use a wet washcloth to leave your face damp. Apply product to your face. He turns to me and asks….

Where does my face endWe both laughed so hard his face dried and we had to dampen it again.

This is not about wrinkles or removing them. It’s not about product or no product. It’s also not about the things men do to keep their wives happy.  

It’s about one change which then reflects something totally different in the mirror.  After shaving his remaining hair line regularly, where DOES his face end and the rest begin?

Changing one thing in your life – and then doing it regularly – will change what you see reflected in the mirror.

What do you want to see reflected when you look in the mirror?

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

The 2014/2015 Master Key class commenced September 28th, 2014.

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No matter what… – DoWoo #70/365

callReceived a call this evening from a good friend of mine who resides in Scotland. She and I met in 2,000 when we worked for a small division of a global corporation. We bonded a year later when we both worked out of our London office.  Debbie is a wonderful soul who is on a journey of discovery (a hero’s journey I now recognize it to be) and I have the pleasure of calling her my friend – a sister by choice. 

We spoke for almost 90 minutes. The depth of her teachings leave me in awe.  Tonight we spoke of many things but the repetitive message I heard was one of learning to be calm in the midst of chaos.  This is something I get glimpses of. Debbie embodies this teaching and admits one may always continue to try…but ultimately this is ones goal – to be totally calm, at one with the Universal Source, no matter what hell is going on around them.  

Greenhouse_by_Joost_Imagine_800x332being all that we can be, as our source intended us to be, allowing everything to be as it is, live truly in the NOW without concern for future moments or consideration for past moments? How wondrous would it be to have no fear, worry, stress, anxiousness, anger….? If we live in the NOW and allow – we would not know these things.  The “no matter what” would have zero effect on us. 

As Mark J mentioned on tonight’s webcast, we would be in the ZONE: Zero Out Negative Effect. zone_4 (1)

Sit, Meditation & Prayer – DoWoo #9/365

Had a much better day of today! DoWoo! 

I observed something needed to shift in order to allow myself to be in a better space today.  I took the time to review and then realign my direction.  Through this process I further observed that I am most grateful to my husband who has the patience to persist in offering guidance to me – even when I am not be in the most receptive place.  He may even go so far as to tip toe through what could be likened to an active mine field in order to ensure I receive the support needed – to remind me where I may be going is not where I intend to go.  He is my blessing! Thank you Walter! 

Walter and I belong to a group of 6 like minded individuals who hang out once a week, and have been doing so for months now (wow, I observe this as a significant accomplishment).  We offer support and encouragement to each other in our journey of self-discovery.  This weeks’ visit included a discussion about our “sits” – what we all refer to as the time we take each day to just be still and at peace; to allow ourselves to just…allow.  

Some people may refer to this time we spend in silence as something different.  I choose to consider it my time to reconnect my inner direction with my source.  However, I did not always have this perspective. I recall an interview I had the opportunity to watch between Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey. The-Difference-Between-Meditation-and-Prayer.   It resonated. 

Rather than include just the video, I wanted to allow you to see this from a Graphic Novel perspective. A small portion is not within the Bit Strip but hopefully I’ve captured enough for your viewing pleasure.  Feel free to clink on the video thumbnail to hear the conversation as you read along.  22a122a222a322a422a522a622a7Are you enthusiastic about your time with yourself?  Are you enthusiastic with your time with your source / your creator / your God / the Universe?  How often does one get the chance to listen and allow?  I observe my time to reconnect is now.  I am blessed to have been reminded of my direction is so many ways today. 

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I Do Woo; Do U? 1/365

young_earthI am perceived, from what I’ve been told, as a positive person. Some have even said that I can be over the top positive. However…that said, I admit wholeheartedly, I am fallible.

I experience thoughts of annoyance with others.  Whether it be “Why would you do that?” or “What were you thinking?” or even “Why don’t you do that differently?”.  Bottom line:  I have allowed myself to feel annoyance with others.

20130214045713!Rarity_is_annoyed_S1E14What is annoyance? It is defined as something which causes feelings of slight anger or irritation.  Based upon the word annoy which is to disturb or bother (a person) in a way that displeases, troubles or slightly irritates.  A few synonyms: aggravate, irritate, bother bug, chafe, exasperate

Upon reflection: to be annoyed is a negative emotion which benefits absolutely no-one!

annoyedWhy DO we do this? In my  case I believe it may be my ego talking – saying I perceive myself to be better than another – having a misguided opinion of grandeur. What was I thinking?

Being annoyed is of no positive use and in actual fact can be harmful to the one who is being annoyed. Negative energy can alter your body at the cellular level – why not give yourself all the help you can – Be Positive! 

So…what can we do?

What will I do? 

I choose to readjust who I am so I may remove this negative reaction from my existence – or at the very least become more aware so I may minimize its effect on myself and how I interact with others around me.   

I believe in all things we are firstly unaware and incompetent. Once we realize something we can now consider ourselves aware but we remain incompetent until something changes.  We then work towards altering what we know or do by learning a skill to alter the outcome – resulting in us being aware and eventually competent at whatever we have chosen to shift. Then, once we say or do something enough times (repetition/practice) we remain competent but have now shifted to doing, saying, being it automatically – unaware.


So…the million dollar question is “how” do I shift from being incompetent and aware to being competent and aware – releasing annoyance and frustration?  I need to practice being content and satisfied.  


No-Opinion-Icon-for-picks-fanpop-343698_130_130download (36) My new daily mantra “I choose to live in observation, without opinion, in perfect harmony with Universal Mind.” Daily Observations With Out Opinion!

For all my followers…current and new, I am making a promise (and I always keep my promises) to blog for the next 365 days about this journey of self discovery; a shift in who I am working towards – who I envision myself to be!

do wooDoWoos for September 1st, 2014

  • Recognized and thanked my husband for sharing the end result with me and then going back to fill in the details – a request I made to him which allows me to fully concentrate on the news he is sharing. 
  • Our dog Mya has a strong desire to get us to understand what she wants and persistently attempts, in any way possible, to get her message across.
  • I do not judge myself for what I have not done up until now; I look at myself for what I am doing today! 

Special thanks (Mahalo!) goes out to Mark & Davene Januszewski who run the Master Key class which has provided much of the inspiration for my journey.  For more information on what this class offers, and to reserve an option for an upcoming scholarship, please check out the Master Key Experience details here.  

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