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Flow – DoWoo #341/365

Going with the flow is one of those “not so much” character traits.  It is something I aspire to and I recognize I am getting better.

Blue-Woman-in-Water--55473Today I reminded myself of this aspiration numerous times.  The first when I was unable to obtain the information I needed for a report. I had contacted 4 people: 1 replied she was unable to assist, 2 had not responded at all and 1 responded wanting to know if they would receive actual business for their efforts. Luckily I flowed and found another person to reach out to and voila, within an hour and a half I had what I needed. 

Working away, I received a facebook message from the realtor who has the house listed. The note explained there was a buyer wanting to see the house within the hour.  We had been told by the homeowners we would have a days notice.  The realtor explained that’s not usually how it works here – with buyers dropping in with their list and wanting to go see houses right away. She gave us the option to say no, but we want to ensure we do whatever we can to assist the homeowner to find a buyer. We quickly cleaned, swept, put away, organized and made sure the house was looking good.  The buyers weren’t here for long but we managed to put the house’s best foot forward. And not only did the wind reduced enough to make everything calm, the sun came out to allow the view to show its best side. 

Sandstone patterns - Vermillion Cliffs National Wilderness Area.

Sandstone patterns – Vermillion Cliffs National Wilderness Area.

I completed a review of someone’s verbiage today.  My new coach gave me advice which was different than the advice I have received prior.  My first reaction was to state that this was a 180 on what I had been taught already…but then I asked myself “What good would come of including this?”  The answer – nada.  I responded that I would work within the stated guidelines. 

Then as I went to sit down at my computer this evening, I realized the internet is down. After blogging yesterday about no excuses, Gregory commented that I could just go wherever there was internet.  I then remembered there was the backup option. We set it up and I managed to log on so I could post this.  

While this week has certainly not progressed as I anticipated, with numerous challenges to test my mettle (especially during the #CBHF time of the month), I recognize reacting truly does nobody any good. When I embrace the law of least effort and allow, things fall into place. 


If you too wish to go with the flow – or find something or someone to flow with – then the Master Key Experience could assist.  There is a limited number of scholarships available.  To hear about this 2 days prior to the masses, include your details below.

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A Sine Wave Day – DoWoo #259/365

Most of the time I am told people perceive me as being a positive individual. And a good portion of this time it is true. However, sometimes I admit I realign myself on purpose – to point myself in the direction of positivity – even when I don’t feel so inclined. Today was one of those days. 

sine waveI am reminded of my mother’s words when I was a teen – my highs are really high and my lows are really low and I should really strive for something not so drastic either way.  Yesterday I was exhausted but excited – it almost felt like we were taking flight. Today I was exhausted, reflective, anxious, upset, despondent…and generally speaking, the most negative I have been in quite some time.  


In considering what happened today – how it all came crashing down – I recalled how exhilarated I had felt only 48 hours ago…when all the stars were in alignment for us. Today…not so much! How could I be one way one day and so far on the other within such a short period of time?  

I imagine that by “evening” out my moods, I could choose to alter both the positive and the negative results…maybe my days could look like this….

sine wave 2


sine wave 3

Walter reminded me of a quote from Robin Sharma “On the other side of your greatest fears lies your biggest growth.” – Our greatest life lies on the other side of our greatest fears!  There is so much we must understand in order to fully embrace this reality. We must first obliterate our inner fears before the ability to do the same to our outer fears are possible.  It starts within. 

Tomorrow morning when I awake I will have come full circle.  I am on the adventure of a life time. Why would I willingly choose to waste any time dwelling on all the possible challenges which may arise? Life has it’s ups and downs. Everything is in balance in order to maintain the cosmos…otherwise we would have chaos.  I choose magnificent mountains for my highs and sandy ocean beaches for my lows.  My struggles are all part of the ride.  Without them…how could I possibly appreciate the joy in all it’s glory?  All is as it will be – as it was meant to be.  

Mom Told Me To – DoWoo #250/365

#250 again! LOL  Turns out I missed #244 and had to go back and update the last few numbers. I looked at which date I oopsed and it was the day of the garage sale (a 3am start to that day!). This reminds me I am human and have the ability to err.  “To err is human…to forgive is divine.”

WPSPLHHWalter came home today from a week away at surgery – double hernia.   While he was there, he wore his “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!” T shirt. Someone came up to him and pointed out that he could not possibly be ‘perfect’ – that only God was perfect. 

Walter responded that since we are made in his image than we too are perfect.  I suggested we could consider the question that if we are to “Be all that God intended us to be” then why would we not be considered perfect in all that He intended us to be?  I run with this thought today because God is understood as being all forgiving – and therefore when WE forgive, we are acting in a similar manner and therefore in a divine way.  

Tomorrow is my mom’s interment.  Many many months ago she asked me to get along with my siblings. To forgive them any error I perceived they had done and to embrace them as ‘family’ – that I was missing out.  I remember rolling my eyes and we agreed to disagree on this matter. So far my way of dealing with them have included total avoidance for about 3 years, acceptance during this past year’s interactions due to our mothers declining health, and most recently I find myself standing back and watching as they appear to jostle for their positions with the intent to ensure “equality” in the disbursement of her estate.  

forgiveI am not perfect. They are not perfect. Assuming we are all being as God intended us to be AND If they are being something which I perceive to be out of sync with what I am being, then I have the choice to remain in their vicinity or remove myself.  

I have seen other families who get along – and I would love to have this. I am just not sure it is even possible given the depth of our internal individual angst. I recognize that I am different from my siblings in what I deem to be important – and I acknowledge I do not comprehend their perspective.    When I have tried to see if from their point of view all I feel is unease. 

I will do what I have learned to do: Accept them for who they are; Recognize they are acting and being based upon what they know and believe to be true;  and then I will do my best to find a way to forgive – both them AND myself.  I will allow it to unfold. 

Bring It On! – DoWoo #242/365

What is it about “things” which have people arguing and grappling to possess?  It appears I am coming full circle in my life about owning things at the same time as my family is in the midst of waiting to hear about our mother’s will and allocation of her things.  

Why do so many of us hold stock in the materialistic nature of our environment?

momentsI was on the receiving end of a conversation with a sibling today – where she shared her perspective on what our mother had intended, what she had offered, what was not accepted and now regretted, how others were perceiving the transactions – the list goes on. I found myself listening…doing my best to understand and decipher the truth. All I observed was the sadness of being so attached to these things. 

I later was on a call for business when the person I was exchanging information shared how they were just recovering…and just back to work…from chemotherapy.  I then spoke briefly to a friend of ours this evening who was exhausted with the work load of her business…not knowing when it would lighten up. 

I step back this evening and wonder…what is it about ‘work’ and ‘money’ and ‘things’ which has us so enamoured that we allow them to envelope our daily existence?   Do we feel there is no choice? What is the purpose? What is accomplished by it all? 

I observe I am learning to release things. Learning to put my existence into perspective. Learning to allow the messages being shared by the situations of other to be heard.  There is a definite shift going on in my universe. A shift in my understanding.  It is not fully clear – as yet. But I am observing and I am listening.  

I look forward to the next lesson…


Involuntary Cleanse – DoWoo#199/365

Allow-300x237Today was a day of allowance.   Even though I get around online, can do spreadsheets well (especially when colour coding is needed), blog, tweet, Facebook (sortof) and link to others…I am not technical. So, this morning when I attempted to log onto my outlook email and received an error message – I called IT.  

After an hour together and another 2 hours of them working on it, they called back.  Turns out my outlook – at 11.4 GB of data – was not backed up or archived in any way….and wait for it…it was all gone.  Non-retrievable. 

Can anyone say AUGH!?

I heard the news.  I accepted the news.  I asked myself whether there was anything I could do about it.  And when I realized it was what it was, I calmly asked the IT person what I could do as a go forward – from a preventative perspective.  

Capture2-160x300Now THAT my friends is what we refer to in the Master Key as my new blueprint!  My outlook blew up, choosing to complete a cleanse without my knowledge, and I was calmly moving on.   I admit…I was pretty proud of myself. 

This is what it means to have control over your actions, your emotions, your thoughts.  I am reminded of my niece telling me at my mother’s funeral that she had read some of these blogs…and that (this) space that I’m in…she wants that space.  

It truly is all about choice. Choice of thought, emotion, action. I chose allowance. And my reward was peace in a place of potential chaos.  

I think back to only a few weeks ago, when my emotional state was at an all time max (with my mom’s passing and my house going on the market, the family, the leather couch incident…) I was not able to be as calm as I would have liked.  However, my reactions were short lived…and I did manage to rope myself in. Today…I did not have to rope. I was there instantaneously. 

It felt good! 



Do you want to look at things differently?  Enjoy change? Embrace challenges? Live in a way which allows you to become all that you want to be…and more?  Yes?  Then…enter your name and email below and I will ensure you are one of the first to know when the next Master Key opportunity (fall 2015) is available.  Each year this becomes exponentially larger. This year we are breaking all the records.  

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If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

Uh oh! I Did NOT Master My Emotions – DoWoo #189/365

Yesterday I wrote about mastering my emotions – using all the tools taught within the Master Key Experience. This was about my moms funeral and working with my siblings through the event.  

This morning…not so much! 

I was catching up with a friend on the phone this morning and decided to go sit in our living room on the leather couch. Since we “de-cluttered”, in order to present the optimum version of our house for real estate selling purposes, I have only sat in this room maybe twice. Both times I was just sitting – and not lounging across it the way I used to when it was positioned differently in the room.  Now it sits facing the 9′ wide picture window whereas previously it faced inward. In order to look out the window before de-cluttering – you needed to sit across it – lounging.  Now if I were to lounge, I face a plain red wall.  

During this phone visit I decided to stretch out, moving the big ass pillows which were there to decorate the couch.  This lounging position put me facing the side arm of the couch (it’s more like a booth as the sides are almost as high as the back).  

This is what I saw!

someone carved letters intot the arm  someone carved letters into the arm  other side - scratched all the way down  more of the discolouration marks  full scratch all over the entire arm

Other than a poltergeist situation I can only conclude this happened when someone viewed the home.   One of the people who viewed our house must have allowed their child(ren) – as I simply cannot imagine an adult doing this – to use our $4,500 leather couch as a climbing gym and drawing tablet. 

Who would allow their children to remain alone in someone else’s home – with breakables in the room – let alone a leather couch? AND who would have moved the pillows back to their original position in order to cover up their children’s activity?  

Needless to say…my reaction was not calm.  I was royally pissed!  While I immediately notified our agents – the response asking us to consider whether someone else may have done this SINCE the showings last weekend was not well received.   We are 100% comfortable this is not our son as he knows what the “cause and effect” is with doing anything on this couch.  He already experienced it a few years ago.  AND we’ve had no one else in the house – we’ve been preparing and dealing with a funeral! 

The next response – explaining it was not being something they could go back on any one agent was totally understood – I get it.  How can you call 40 agents and narrow it down to one visitor from a week ago? Unfortunately the way the response was worded (in my humble, 30+ year of customer service, opinion – I know, I know I had an opinion) was nowhere near close to being appropriate – nor helpful in anyway.

So, I remained…royally pissed!
A bit more so, if that was even possible. 

Our son asked “Why would someone do this?”  That really is the question here is it not?  Walter had to explain that not everyone is as careful, cautious or considerate of other peoples belongings as we are.  

I have to ponder the question…What is the point of Walter and I working so hard to instill these aspects in our son’s reality only to have to then deal with the results of others who do not abide by the same guidelines as we ask him to live by?  

I am reminded of Walter’s explanation to Gregory:  A coin has 2 sides – you cannot have one without the other.  In the same manner, all aspects of life have 2 sides.  Good/Bad; Positive/Negative; Easy/Challenging.  

While I get this (logically) I admit having to work VERY hard in order to master the negative feelings brewing within me this morning. Talking myself through all sorts of permutations and re-framing, using all the tools at hand, in order to finally embrace a semblance of calm.  How we proceed regarding the couch?  Well, the jury is out.  The good news is….today ends at midnight! 




Good Grief! – DoWoo #187/365

kubler_rossHad a bit of an epiphany today.  One of my siblings shared a link to the 7 stages of grief.  I ran through each of the 7 with Walter and realized, other than one aspect of stage 4 (Reflection), I had either already experienced each or they did not apply.   I’ve also reviewed the common Kübler Ross Grief Cycle – very similar overall. 

images (29)Why grief labeled in this manner? The same way “they” say each woman experiences pregnancy and labour differently – I can only imagine we would all experience the death of a loved one differently. So having labeled grief as being something one must work through – does this actually help us to grieve or does it create a directive for our brain to focus on and encourage it to manifest itself within us? 

in reviewing the stages of grief, Walter and I agreed that if someone died suddenly, unexpectedly – then we may need to work our way through the shock, pain, anger, depression… BUT what about when you know someone is “winding down” as my mom’s doctor described it? My mom was told about a year ago that her cancer was no longer in remission and shortly thereafter found out it could not be operated on and she was not strong enough to withstand the rigors of chemotherapy.  This is when my grief started.  This is when I started to realize my mom may not be with us for much longer. 

laughterPersonally I watched my mom fight through her own stages…including denial.  What I observed was very similar to what was noted for the griever. I personally had to remain true to who I was – hence I lent emotional and physical support where I could and lighthearted banter whenever I saw her. I made her laugh! 

Today we had a 3 hour window between the afternoon and evening visitation sessions for my mom.  During this time at home I turned to Walter and asked whether it was OK for me to not feel like I had to grieve – I felt good – I loved my mom and I will miss her…but I do not feel bad. He said he had experienced something very similar shortly after his mom’d death.  

We knew they were unwell. We knew they had a limited time with us. We knew they were in pain and were relieved when they no longer had to endure the pain.  We knew they would not want us to wallow – but to celebrate who they were here in this life.   This must be a good type of grief.  

With everything we have learned over the last few years, especially since having embraced the teachings of Mark J and the Master Key System by Charles Haanel, we know we have the ability to choose the emotions we wish to embrace and our subsequent actions.  

I choose good grief!  

Puzzled – DoWoo #179/365

Had an interesting flutter of heat pass through my upper body today.  Not sure what emotion exactly but recognized it was not a nice one.  Based upon what was going on at the time, I did my best to identify it. Then I release it and moved on.

Allow me to share. For those following my recent posts, our house listing went live today. Now…after 25 years of being in the real estate portion of relocation , added to my mom’s 30 years transferred by osmosis…you can imagine I know a few agents.

When Walter and I decided to sell our house I had a decent sized list of people I could tap into locally. I seriously considered all our options before I even picked up the phone.

There was one particular agent who was on the “known” list.  She and I had met about maybe 4 years ago and became somewhat friendly on a personal level.  About 3 years ago, Walter and I had asked her to look at what we had to offer her – to see if we could help with her bottom line.  She explained that she was happy with what she had and did not wish to consider changing providers.  She did not even look.  We brought it up in passing maybe 3 times over the course of a year but stopped asking (I don’t want to be one of ‘those’ people either). We have not connected for well over a year now – although I still receive her mailings on a monthly basis.

I share all this because I chose not to even consider contacting her about listing our home. Within a few hours of our listing going live on MLS, I received an email from this particular agent saying she was “shocked to discover” we had listed our home and did not call her. “Why?”  My response was that I was shocked she needed to ask.  This is where I felt the heat.  I recognized I was not being my best self – I was allowing the old me (my old blue print) to respond.  My body recognized it and told me off.

This evening as I sat to review my day, considering what observations from today I wanted to share…this came back to me.  I totally do not understand how anyone in sales can treat another person with a “I gave at the office” type of customer attitude and then expect to remain a contender for when there is an opportunity to garner that person as a customer?

Does anyone understand this?

While we cannot ALL obtain business from everyone we do business with, it does seem reasonably fair to believe we work as professionals at all times. Unfortunately I did not see that today with this particular real estate agent.

I have chosen to surmise the Universe was taking care of my best interests and pointed me in the direction of the agent who would do the best possible job for selling my house.  If he and we do other business together…well, that has not even been discussed. All I know is I trust him with my home sale transaction. All business relationships must start somewhere.

bob burgBob Burg is famous for his quote (from the book “Endless Referrals”):

“All things being equal, people do business with, and refer business to people they know, like and trust.”

Keeping it Real – DoWoo #164/365

Was asked a question this evening “Do I always talk in the 3rd person?” I have to admit I did not understand the reference and although I had apparently just done this, I had no recollection or awareness that I had.  Makes me wonder how much of what we say is rote versus intentional.

Turns out this friend observed that whenever I related a story which involves my son, I talk in the 3rd party “Mommy” rather than “I”. I had to think hard to recognize this as truth and once I did, then I wondered why.

I asked Walter. He and I have an agreement we always tell the truth – even if we believe the answer may not please the other.  It keeps everything real.  Walter did not recall having noticed this. However, once I gave him the example of when I speak about Gregory, he ran it through a few times and then agreed I have done this. Not sure how often though. Figures it would not be often or he would have noticed.

So I googled  “What does it mean to refer yourself as a 3rd person ?” The answer “Illeism is the act of referring to oneself in the third person instead of first person and is considered a narcissistic behavior.” So then I googled “narcissistic” which means:

    extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type.
    self-centeredness arising from failure to distinguish the self from external objects, either in very young babies or as a feature of mental disorder.

I don’t know about you but this certainly made me take pause.  Do I really do this narcissistic behaviour? If yes…I so totally need to remove this habit from my blue print. In the words of Og, “I will form good habits and become their slave…For it is another of nature’s laws that only a habit can subdue another habit.”

I am now consciously aware of this, and have asked Walter to be aware along side me. We will catch if and when I do this and then BAM I will replace it with something else.  Not sure exactly what that something else is yet but knowing the diagnosis if I don’t replace it may be a good start.  

Will come back to you on this at another date.  

In the meantime, I’d like to ask you to CONSIDER how you may have taken this news? I’m still wrapping my head around how it feels to hear something like this about yourself.  I’m not freaking … but I did allow that pause.  Now I’m sitting here typing…knowing that anything, even this type of habit, can be altered with the power of my thoughts. I will deconstruct the habit and then construct the solution. 

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

Would you like to see something different than what you are currently seeing? If so, please opt in below. When the scholarships for the next class are available, you will be on the list to received the details before the masses.  No obligation but so so much to potentially gain if you end up being rewarded a scholarship. 

the master key experience

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

5 Time’s a Charm – DoWoo #133/365

Today it is not about what to write about but more which aspect of today to write about. YEAH! 

images (11)Would it be about the fact that my almost 1/2 century body rebelled after I decided to join the kids going down the snow hill on a crazy carpet?  Or would it be about the kindness (our virtue for this weeks’ Franklin Makeover) exhibited by the other parent at the top of the hill when he offered to let my 2 charges go down on his fantastic sled? Or would it be about my son commenting at the dinner table we need to translate “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!” into Spanish for when we are living in Costa Rica?

Today was a day filled with numerous opportunities to observe without opinion but the start was the most challenging.  I’m sure someone out there may relate…

After my morning routine I opened up my laptop and typed in my Microsoft Password – to which it promptly told me it was incorrect.  I checked my caps lock, my #s and then tried again. OK…still not ‘correct’. I tried an alternative password thinking maybe I changed something online or Walter changed something when we got the new Microsoft Office package earlier this week. I even did what every good IT support person tells you to do when all else fails, I restarted my computer. All with no success.  

password is incorrect[4]I called our IT people. Thank goodness for 24-7 support. They said I would need to log onto the Microsoft site through another source and update my password. BUT when I did this using the message noted on my screen, this site did not exist.  Another call to IT support to get the correct site.  Tried it on Walter’s computer – this site does not exist! Turns out our internet was unstable. Tried it on my phone, using my carrier’s access not my WiFi, and was able to change it.

business-it-supportI logged on to my laptop using the new password and it still said incorrect.  I waited a few more minutes (figuring there may be a slight delay) and typed the new password again. SUCCESS!! Then called IT Support again.  I asked them to complete a system diagnostic to see what was going on – as I had not changed my password – so maybe there was something intrusive which had attached itself to my system. IT started doing this and then got kicked out because the internet went down. They tried to call me on my cell but I had forgotten to turn on my sound for the day!

When I came back to my office and found the message on my phone and my screen locked without internet.  I ended up having to restart my computer to get the internet connection again.  When I logging in using my new password I was told it was incorrect.  


Went through the whole new password reset with Microsoft. Called IT Support again (anyone keeping count?) and when I got connected, I was immediately disconnected.  Called in again and finally got someone to link up and review my computer. YEAH! 

download (6)This was not my observation…it was Walters.  He turned to me and said he was impressed. Why? Not too long ago, he explained, I would have thrown up my hands and arms in frustration and asked him to deal with IT Support.  I would not have even made the first call let alone 5.  He was correct – I have come a long way.  It’s still a journey though….as I’m nowhere near where I want to be.  However, today I realized I am certainly well on the road to being the me I envision. 

Patience Grasshopper Patience! – DoWoo #107/365

(no internet so no pics and formatting today – see below for a complete understanding :o)

This afternoon my office was Starbucks!  Woo Hoo!  Thank goodness for the invention of “internet cafes”.  Turns out our internet provider misunderstood their internal order/directions and cancelled both the internet we did request be cancelled and the active internet we were assured would not be affected during this process. Walter and I spent the better part of this morning chatting with technical support and customer service. What I found most interesting is the first person – who confirmed we indeed had no active internet (LOL) and opened a ticket with their “provisioning department” – did not give us the full information.  It took a newby service technician, who admitted to still learning the ropes, to get the detail and provide us with the clear picture of what was going on.

While observing how each of the technicians dealt with the situation I noticed some interesting things. Firstly – after introducing themselves (good) they both asked how they could be of service to us today (very good).

After we explained our situation and the challenge we were having, both of their first response was “I apologize for _   (fill in the blank)____”.  I’ve noticed this with a number of customer service teams lately.  Why do customer service personnel apologize for something they did not do?  It makes as much sense to me as my mechanic saying “I apologize for your car breaking down.” Is the mechanic at fault? 

When I used to train customer service staff I suggested they only apologize if they did something. Apologizing in any other situation has you personally taking responsibility for something you did not do AND now allows the person at the other end to (consciously or subconsciously) perceive you as being at fault – even if they know you did not do it.  Definitely NOT a win / win for anyone on the call. 

Alternately: Recognize the person’s situation; Repeat it back to them in your own words so they know you understood; Then verbally empathize – in whatever way is appropriate – that you will do your best to work with the customer until resolution.

Another aspect I observed was the first technician did not share the straight details – even when asked specific questions – they avoided and gave responses which did not give any definite answer or resolution but opened the door for further concern.  Hence why we called a second time. 

The second technician had less knowledge and less experience (and admitted it) but was honest and sincere in his verbiage.  He assured us he would do his best even though he did not know the answer. When we acknowledged he was doing his best and we also totally understood he may not have the ability or the authority to ascertain the answers we were looking for – suggesting he reach out to his supervisor – he took the suggestion and ensured this was brought to his supervisor’s attention.  This technique can be found in “Winning Without Intimidation” – Bob Burg.

Personally I always prefer to have someone admit they don’t know and then find out – then to have someone dance around the issue and not give any answer at all. 

Our second technician did a great job and even called us (as he promised) before the end of his work day, to update us on the status of our situation.  Now this is GREAT customer service. We still don’t have internet but I have had the opportunity to witness what works and what does not.  I will embrace patience and look forward to resolution!   

HUGE Red Button – DoWoo #95/365

I’ve decided there is no such thing as 1 step forward and 2 steps back. As per my previous blog about climbing the stairs – I am always moving towards my target – just not always as fast as I wish to. And sometimes we may find ourselves pausing a little too long on a particular stair. Today was certainly one of those days.

My mother-in-law is not doing well. We buried Bruce this morning.  My aunt decided to call today and managed to push a whole bunch of buttons resulting with me in tears by the end of the conversation.   Reminds me of the phrase about families and buttons…you know the one. And when I was looking it up to confirm the correct verbiage I found this video clip.

So appropriate for the holidays and all that we are learning within the Master Key. While I did not succeed (today) to fully recognize and embrace the lesson I was to learn during the conversation with my aunt – as the lesson was unfolding for me – I did manage to restrain myself from hanging up the phone without signing off properly (the buttons being pushed were pretty big ones!) AND I did recognize that this is not who I am…who I am meant to be.  

In the words of Walter and Gregory: Today ends at midnight! & Tomorrow is the best day ever!! Onward and upwards! Love and blessings to you all during this holiday season.  What a great time to reflect and readjust.  

A Struggle of Opinion – DoWoo #76/365

the-struggle-is-part-of-the-story-Whitney-EnglishToday I struggled with my opinion and others. A colleague offered her opinion about what I had created for the team. She provided the details as to how, in her opinion, it would be better presented.  While I believe I am open to others perspectives, there is a difference between sharing and discussing ideas and when someone decides to share, without being asked, starting out with criticism of the existing ‘xyz’ and then offering improvement.   It definitely puts the receiver into an awkward position.  I observe this particular case could have had a different result had the person with the opinion been aware of how they were presenting their thoughts. 

life-choicesIn considering where I went with my opinion today, it was not about sharing but more about having made a suggestion and not liking the response.  It’s not that what was suggested would not take place, it was when it would take place. And in this case, I definitely had an opinion. While I did not voice my opinion, I did allow that opinion to arise in my thoughts, ultimately altering how I felt about the project and my involvement.   I had to ask myself, was this really necessary?  While I am involved, this is not my project. Those whose “gig” it is have the final say in how things are handled.  So, any choices in when something is delivered is truly up to them, and therefore the outcome (whatever the outcome) is also truly theirs. 

manager03rb1I release my opinions and observe: I have the daily ability to control how I feel by recognizing true perspective on all matters. So…is this my monkey? If so, allow myself to give it a hug. If it’s not my monkey, let it (and all thoughts associated with it to) go.  

If this sharing of my personal struggle with opinions ultimately helps another realign their thoughts…I would be honoured and blessed.  In the meantime, I proceed with my realignment. 

Can I say ‘No’? – DoWoo #45/365

yes-noTurns out one of my “personal pivotal needs”, that of “Helping Others”, can be my blessing and my challenge.  I truly feel for others when they struggle. If there is a way for me to help them, I do so.  If there is a way for me to be there for them to lend a hand, I do so. If they ask something of me, and I believe I am able to do it, I do so.   This is a GREAT thing! And yet…not so much. 

My observation today is I have challenges with saying “No”.  Actually it was Walter who reminded me a few weeks ago that I need to LEARN to say “No”. It’s just now catching up and sinking in.  

Yes-No-Switch-for-RD-Blog-by-stuart-milesI am now re-evaluating what I have agreed to do.  I am looking at where I can streamline. I am considering what is important to me and to our future. And THEN I am going to do what I am meant to do, what I wish to do, what will lead us to our destination. I am going to circle back on this matter once I am posed with the next opportunity to say “no”.  So for today, the question of “Can I say ‘No’?” remains open. 

Drama – DoWoo #4/365

Our son is 9.  He is our joy and, in many instances, our inspiration – truly an observation here! Since this is the second time I’ve mentioned him in four days…I’m observing that you may find him involved in many of my DoWoos as they unfold throughout this year.

blog-0982085001359753412Greg came home from walking his dog after school this afternoon.   “How was she?” I asked.    “OK” he said “but her collar came off when she sat down to scratch her neck. It was a very dramatic moment!”

I could not help the Loud Smile which bubbled up from my core and I burst out laughing.

I asked him if he knew what dramatic meant? “No” he answered.   Interesting…he had delivered this statement with such enthusiasm in his voice!

Turns out he was concerned that while her collar was off, and he was at the T of 2 streets where there is usually more activity, a distraction (anything on wheels) could have come by and the dog would have been gone.  He understood enough to use the word to describe the moment.

Love it! 

do wooI looking forward to learning more tomorrow! 

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