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Never Look Back – DoWoo #262/365

Received a note from The Universe this morning….


Once you make up your mind, Carolynn, and start something. Once you commit to it, say “Yes!” and never look back. Do you have any doubt that I won’t rush to your side?  That legions won’t be summoned? That players won’t be drawn to help, assist, and fall in love? That connections won’t be made? Circumstances won’t be crafted? Dots won’t be connected?  That the course of history won’t be irrevocably changed?
Good, I didn’t think so.
I’d say you’re ready,
    The Universe”

This has been a running message from a variety of sources during the last week while I have been second guessing myself and the journey we have begun.  Each subsequent ‘similar’ message was meant to hit over the head with the message that I need to be all that I know I am within – strong, confident, tenacious, adventurous, spontaneous…with just a touch of the crazy thrown in to keep it interesting.  Wow! I kind of like that description.  

The journey we have started is a “Yes” and I should not be looking back.  I AM all of these things when I allow myself to just “be”.  When I worry and consider all the permutations of what “could” happen, I am literally wasting my precious time as well as waving a finger at The Universe claiming it does not have my back!  AND it does! 

So why not embrace with faith the underlying message from all of these self help sessions, improve yourself courses, become all that you can be coaching?   The Universe is going to move everything to help you to complete your quest. All you have to do is allow it to.   As a parent, I want the world for Gregory.  And if I had the ability to have his back no matter what direction he went on….why would The Universe – our source – feel any different about us? 

I got the message.  Much appreciated!!  

Mucho Gracias! 

Mom’s Message – DoWoo #255/365

telephoneMy mom passed away just over 2 months ago. Today I felt a significant shift – almost like she was here with me. Numerous times today  I felt like I wanted to share something with her only to realized I no longer needed to pick up the phone.  The same way I’ve been communicating with dad for the last 25 years now exists for mom! 

I spoke to her. I thought fondly of her. I found pictures of her. The one which fell out of a huge pile of photographs being sorted was her walking down the stairs at the cottage – holding out my baby blanket.  She gave it to me when I was 27 years old.  I had no recollection of ever seeing it before.  It was a mini sleeping back all covered with elephants. I now had a possible explanation for my ever present love of elephants. 

elephantOn Saturday morning I stopped and picked up flowers to take with me to her interment later that day. On the way there, with no time to spare, I remembered they were still at the house. Later, when I saw the cemetery associate stuff the flowers from my siblings into the ground with the urn, I thought all things happen for a reason.  Coming home to the flowers I bought with mom in mind allowed me to think of her each time I looked at them.

20150513_072748This morning I walked into the kitchen to see the vase of flowers I picked out for mom and the vase of tulips Walter and Gregory picked from our garden on Sunday morning for mother’s day.

The flowers called to me.  I looked over and realized the flowers changed my wall sign from Live to Love!

Mom’s message to me today: Imagine your Dream; Create your Happiness: Love your Life.   

Thanks mom! 

NewPs – DoWoo #243/365

I observed kindness today 

  • when a friend agreed to come stay the night to help with our garage sale tomorrow
  • when an associate gave me information quickly which allowed me to get my work done
  • when a stranger gave me advice about something I was buying which I did not need

hmmm….when typing the last bullet I realized we call someone we just met, or introduced ourselves to, as a “stranger”.  Interestingly the definition of stranger is “a person whom one does not know or with whom one is not familiar“…but the base of the word is strange which has a slightly different twist – in that it means “unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling or hard to understand.

So…a “stranger” should then be the combination of the two – would it not? If so a “stranger” could be “a person whom one does not know (who is) unusual or surprising in a way that is unsettling”  I’ve never related the two as being together…typically not considering a stranger to automatically be strange. 

So – if I just met someone but I don’t think they are strange…I will now refer to them to them as “newPs” – as in “new” and “peeps” being the Ps.  

What do you think? Can we make it fly? 



I Did What I Said I Would – DoWoo #205/365

15 days ago I wrote about my aha moment…of the idea to use the Serenity Prayer to help me in any situation I found myself.  Last night I struggled.  I made a conscious effort and chose to accept, have courage and embrace wisdom.

A situation arose which was a bit distressing…that is, if I chose to work with my ‘old blueprint and feed the negative peptides’ distressing.  This is one of the foibles I am working on – to shift my response.  In a few short hours I must have stopped myself 5 times and asked the following questions:

it_photo_107887Can I do anything about the situation?
Can my actions change anything right now?
At first the answer to this question was yes – I then moved onto:
Whatever I can I do at this moment, have I done it?
The answer YES!
Now…back to the beginning.
Can I do anything about the situation?
Can my actions change anything right now?
The answer No.
Since there is nothing to be done right now….I moved onto:
Do I know this…truly know that I cannot do anything?
Once I was able to answer YES, I released it.

02_Jiminy_CricketThis was no easy task…hence 5 tries on one fairly simple situation.  I even brought Walter into the conversation twice.  I usually know what I should do…but I don’t always listen to myself. Ever had one of THOSE days?

I roped my husband in…and thank goodness we’ve taken the same classes and read the same books.   Walter adds to my internal conversation by being almost like my very own Jiminey Cricket. He shares what I already know.  He just says it in a different way than I may have.  Most often I find this exercise gives that little extra push which realigns me into the reality I know is available.

Gracias Walter por todo lo que eres, todo lo gue haces por me. Tu eres mi roca! Te amo!



Squirreled in Silence – DoWoo #204/365

squirrelI’ve written about being “squirreled” before which is the term we use in our household for being distracted (courtesy of the wonderful movie Up).  I also use the phrase “multi-squirreling” in place of what others may refer to as “multi-tasking”.  That age old question about whether we can walk and chew gum at the same time…I believe THAT is indeed possible.  However, the rest of the stuff we try to do and consider ourselves “multi-taskers”….well, not so much.

I have embraced the concept that it is not possible to concentrate on 2 tasks at the same time – and do them both well.  I have accepted we CAN do what I refer to as “multi-switching”.   We can switch from task A to task B and back and forth. I realized that by doing this though it takes time to get back into the rhythm for each task.  So…when I further consider how long it takes each time to get back into each task – I question whether I am being as productive as I could be?   NOT! 

multi-switchingRecently I’ve noticed an even further shift – my ability to tune out the sounds around me has lessened.  I enjoy silence!  I revel in silence! I find that I can be more creative and thorough in any task I undertake – as long as I am in silence.  

I used to study with music going on in the back ground.  I used to work with tunes at my desk.  I used to have the TV on in the background while I sorted paperwork or folded laundry.  I now find all of this distracting. When I stop and concentrate on the task at hand, it allows me to BE in the moment and truly embrace what I am doing. 

silenceBecause silence has become more in keeping with my norm, I find I am now even more sensitive to sounds.  This may not be such a good thing depending on whose perspective we are working with.  I’ve always had what Walter refers to as “dog ears”.  I can hear his watch ticking in the room next to ours when we sleep – so now the watch is left down in the kitchen.  

As I’m typing, I heard a “chhhh-ch” sound and look up. I ask Walter what the sound was. Turns out he was switching screens on his phone – 2 desk widths away.  He looks at me and asks “You heard THAT?”

The little sounds which disturb the silence now appear to be my squirrels.  Walter asked me today what I will do if one of the natural animal sounds of Costa Rica is not pleasing to my sensitive hearing?  I’m guessing…I will cross that bridge when we get there! 

NOT a Democracy – DoWoo #202/365

I have struggled in the past about what a Mastermind is and how my participation comes into play. In theory it is one or more people acting together, in harmony, to move one persons vision forward.  What I had forgotten was…it wasn’t about me! LOL


When we are working with someone else’s vision, and we truly wish to help them get to where they wish to go…it really has nothing to do with any individual other than the one person whose vision we are working on. 

In order to help others (one of my personal pivotal needs) I need to move out of my own way!  

not a democracyOnce I stepped back and reminded myself it was about their dream…their vision…well, everything made sense.  It is not a democracy where people vote and the majority rules.  It is a forum to share ideas, discuss possible actions to be taken, it may even be an arena where everyone has been given the opportunity to voice their opinion, or complete certain actions as designated – BUT ultimately it is the one person whose vision we are ‘masterminding’ on that has the final say regarding the direction he/she wishes to take.  

One of my dreams is to inspire others to reach their dreams.  I observed today that it does not mean my dream has to come to fruition in order for me to inspire; although that can still be a viable catalyst.  I realize…I can mastermind with someone to help move their vision forward and by doing so, my actions unto themselves may be inspiration enough. 


Make the Ride Count – DoWoo #165/365

I am continuously amazed by my little man.  There must be a slew of other parents out there who feel about their kids as Walter and I do about Gregory.  I want to find them.

Are YOU one of these parents??

mountainsidehospblog.shovelingsnowAs I’ve shared previously Gregory gets excited when it snows.  Snow means an opportunity to shovel. Which means $$ in his pocket. Which means he can purchase whatever he wants.  This week however he totally blew me away with his generosity.  

He has 2 key friends at school. The first is a boy whose parents split just over a year ago and his mom does not have much, if any, disposable income.  The other young boy is someone who recently moved to Canada as his dad is here on a work assignment for 10 months.  

xbGregory asked me to do a search on how much it would cost to purchase Minecraft for XBox 360.  I found this strange since we don’t have an XBox. When I told him it was about $20 he got excited and said he wants to get this for his friend. His first friend has a computer and watches videos of Minecraft but cannot play it as he does not have the program. However, his dad bought him the XBox for Christmas and this would work perfectly.  AND with Valentines Day coming up…Gregory explained he now has an occasion to give it for rather than just giving it.  

Toys-R-Us-Gift-CardTHEN he explains the $25 Toys R US gift card he got for Christmas he is going to give to his other friend so that he can buy a nice toy or game before he goes back to India.  

My heart is filled with love and gratitude that Gregory picked us to share his journey! 

This evening we are cuddling and chatting about stuff when I notice the light was flickering. Yeah, an opportunity to teach.  I explained that anytime a light is flickering, we should check into it.  It could be bad, a sign of something wrong with the bulb or the electrical wiring – so Walter would need to look into it to make sure we stay safe.  

He pipes up and says “Opposite of good”. Huh?  Gregory explains: “I use ‘opposite of good’ rather than saying ‘bad’, this way it’s less negative and more positive.” 

OK – that works! 

positive-vs-negativeWalter and I made a choice when we found out we were pregnant. We agreed this was still our ride until our child was old enough to have their own ride – and so they would be along for our ride wherever that may lead. AND secondly, once Gregory was born, we agreed we would do our best to make every day count.  

I’m observing…this ride I thought was ours is now OURS – all of us.  AND Gregory makes it easy for me to make each day count…he’s right there with us!   I’m reminded of the 3 words Walter and I chose for our wedding vows “I AM US”.  We certainly are. 

Silence Affects – DoWoo #160/365

silence-clipart-be-quiet-shhh-shh-shhhh-silence-please-1Started my day sleeping in – no alarm. Woke up at 7am.  HEAVEN!!! When I went to breakfast a new server, Jessica, approached me and immediately said she understood I was not going to be speaking and that she was sad…she likes chatting!  Allison, the server from last night must have passed along my intent.  I pointed, she served. I was getting into the rhythm of my personal silence.

Realized I did not bring my swim suit and expected to partake of the hot tub today. I braved the snow filled roads and found the closest Walmart.  When I went to try on the suit there was no one at the fitting room desk and only 1 socks_ankle-socksroom had an open door.  I went in.  Realized I wanted something else to try on. Left the room in my socks – closing the door behind me with my coat, shoes and purse. Returning less than a minute later I found the door locked.  I’m in the middle of Walmart, no associate anywhere in sight and I’m in my socks!

images (15)There was a bell on the desk!!! I rang it. Someone came. I pointed at the door – she explained I would need to go into one of the other stalls. Talk or no talk? I compromised and wrote a note. She replied with understanding and opened the door.  When I left, and handed over the ones I was not interested in, I nodded my thanks. She briefly looked up and then lowered her eyes, saying Welcome. I saw her a few minutes later, looking for the rack to hang the suits back up. I waved and pointed at the location. She nodded and smiled.

Interesting…the more interaction I had with her – without my speaking – she gradually adjusted to my mode of communication.

lifestyle_colorfillI returned to the resort. Walked around and enjoyed the snow. Watched people play on the ice. Shot a round of pool.  Ate lunch. Painting on canvas back in my room for a few hours and then decided to have that hot tub. Mimed swimming and a large square to the front desk – Bonnie who checked me in and knew of my intended silence. As she grabbed the towels, she said “Come on, ask for them, I know you can do it.” smiling the whole time. When I walked past the office window she caught my eye, I stuck out my tongue. She laughed loudly.

Red_buttonI’m getting into the hot tub when I realize I need to turn on the bubbles.  I go over to the switch and push the red button. The alarm sounds.  I pushed the wrong button. Augh!   Instructions say to pick up the phone and the alarm will go off.  Talk or no talk?  I go to the front door in my suit with towel. No one is coming.  I pick up the phone. Nothing happens to the alarm. I press zero. The front desk answers.  


I then spent the next hour contemplating whether my ‘silence’ was over or whether I would just continue on.  I considered all sorts of responses to both sides. I waited for a sign.  Nada.  I eventually decided to be finished for this stint.  

Upon arrival into the dining room, Jessica approached and I explained to her that I was busted. She laughed at my folly. Jessica then shared her observations. Something I may not have been told had I not interacted verbally with her this evening.  She had honoured my silence, speaking minimally with me.

02be3eba5dc7fdc742f0a21875f74426Jessica explained serving with me being silent was a very interesting exercise. She found that she had to be more observant – more attentive – and in doing so realized that she spends a good portion just listening rather than watching. She felt this had made her better at her job and felt all the staff should go through this.  I received my sign (or at least what I have decided it my sign – LOL). 

Will do this again but next time it will not include being in a space which may require outside interaction.  It’s not quite the same as full on silence (giving and receiving) but it was good nonetheless.  Blessings are everywhere. One just has to be observant.  


Reminder Day – DoWoo #157/365

OK I think today was a combination day.  A combination of so many of the “aha” messages I’ve written about thus far.  

Be kind to myself. 

Learn how to say no – and not overextend myself. 

Stop and allow what is going on to unfold as it is meant to. 

Choose happy.

MD_7_9a - Copie

Tackle the elephant one bite at a time.

Remember what you think about grows.

Be patient.


Enjoy / Embrace now.


Have Faith


These are all the messages I found I needed today.  And I’m sure if I stopped and gave it more thought there could be a few more.   I am grateful for all the reminders.   I will accept today as what it was.   Bottom line…in the words of my husband “today ends at midnight”.  Then I carry over into what my little man said at around 3 “tomorrow is the best day ever!”  May your day be bright and filled with love.  Today….tomorrow…always! 

In the Flow & Taking Initiative – DoWoo #127/365

k12064258Had a wonderfully fulfilling day. Got 1 full bin packed of Christmas stuff which we are keeping and 3 bins of stuff to garage sale, give away or donation. No questions on most stuff with only the odd discussion with Walter to confirm keep or give. Managed to clear out the dining room cabinets of all the oddities. Had already called my brother about our grandmother’s mantel clock and I will drop it off on Wednesday.

20150105_171417$_20Walter and I discussed the antique book shelf I have had since I moved out of my parents place many many years ago. I don’t recall when this book shelf arrived in our household but I know we had it since before I was 9 – and it may have been around a lot longer than that. We can’t take it with us as the wood would not survive the climate and Greg would most likely not want it as a pass down. So I went on line and started researching what the possible value could be.  THEN I narrowed my search by adding in our location and low and behold there was someone looking for exactly what we have – they even had a picture of what they were looking for and it matched our bookcase – right down to the markings on the metal straps on the side.


I’ve sent off the picture to the interested party with an estimate of what we would like to ask for it.  They responded asking for more pictures.  I have faith in the flow!   

UPDATE: 2 days later, we agreed on a price and money exchanged hands to solidify the deal! I love how when you “key” something with the lessons from the Master Key Experience amazing results take place. 

flow-1i8gl86It is a very interesting thing…this going with the flow. It allows you to observe more…which as you know is part and parcel of why I’m doing this 365 day journey.  I was speaking with a friend of mine yesterday and she mentioned all the “ah ha” moments she has read about.  Upon reflection this evening I realize that is indeed the purpose and benefit of reflection!

If one does not take time to consider what one is doing…how can one change how one interacts, acts and responds to their external world.  Walter commented this evening that he was appreciative of my response when I was in the heat of the #CBHF, allowing him to redirect me to where he believed I needed to go, providing me with the tools I needed to embrace.  I thanked him for his appreciation and for persevering through my #CBHF!  

Volunteer.This week our assignment within the Master Key is to consider how we have witnessed certain virtues. I am concentrating on witnessing “Taking Initiative”.  I did this today…more than a few times – including offering an ergonomic alteration for Walter’s desk to help with neck strain, reaching out to people I have not spoken to in ages through Linked-In, accepted a request to connect with someone I have been estranged from for over a year, the above situation with the bookcase.  Gregory also participated by choosing to set his alarm earlier than usual so he could get ready for school before we did our morning workout.   My friend within the Digital Connections rocked her involvement and presentation material this evening – creating a solid learning tool for the entire class. 

Today was a blessed day! I am most grateful. 

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

The 2014/2015 Master Key class commenced September 28th, 2014.

TAKE INITIATIVE – Be first on the list for the next class, register now.

Full Name:

Virtual Mastermind – DoWoo #121/365

Was sourcing accommodation in our preferred Norther Region of Costa Rica and came across one home which showed this quote – “Live your dream – don’t dream your life.”  How very true! 

board-of-directorsThis evening I explained to Gregory we were having a meeting of the Loud Smiles International Board of Directors and he was invited as one of the board members.  He asked me what a board of directors was. I explained these are typically the people who have a say in the direction the company is taking – they are there to discuss and agree on action, timing and overall method. We would be discussing our plans for Costa Rica and we need his input.  He is excited and wanted to know what we would be discussing and what to bring.  

I mentioned I had gone online today to look at places we may rent and even sent an email to the rental group to inquire as to pet-friendly locations.  He nodded and smiled saying of course they have to allow dogs – Mya must be with us  I second that motion!

The great news is the location we are looking around has a good number of furnished homes to rent. The views are all magnificent. I am truly realizing that what is important is not what I have placed value on. I’ve always known family is important but now that we have a time frame, I see everything differently. 

Wayne Dyer stated “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  

images (5)I used to be a shopaholic.  Actually I still probably am, I just have something else to focus on which steers me clear from shopping for things.  Every since the foot came down and we gave ourselves the definitive date, my shopping “self-talk” is quite different.  The wonderful thing about someone who likes to shop is they can pretty well talk themselves into anything, rationalizing any purchase. Recently, I find myself asking whether I really need to have this right now or is it more of a ‘nice-to-have’?  Is this something I don’t already have anything even remotely similar?  Will I be packing it up to take it with us to Costa Rica? If the answer is not an emphatic ‘yes’ to all of the above 3 questions, I keep walking.  It’s been quite liberating. 

bill.dan.balancing.rocks2So – by changing how I look at things – now everything needs to be immediately useful, uniquely required and important enough to be taken with us when we relocate….everything I see at the store looks so completely different. AMAZING! When looking at possible accommodation there, it is completely different to how I would look at accommodation here.  I AM BLESSED!

I realize we must look at our board of directors differently too.  We will be adding depth to our meeting tomorrow – inviting 5 others to fill the red chairs above. People who have a wealth of experience. They don’t pull any punches – telling us the rock solid truth, even when we may not want to hear it.  They will not only help us attain our vision but will keep us on track. They are our Virtual Mastermind.

Deconstruction Zone Ahead – DoWoo #92/365

74310_pie_1-4_lgI am officially 25% of the way to reaching my goal set 92 days ago!  Now THIS is what I need to do with everything in my life – treat it like this blog realignment journey.  So what is “THIS“? 

promise-29013223Three and half months ago made a decision I wanted to be a person who was capable of observing what happens on a daily basis without allowing opinions to cloud and complicate it. The idea to accomplish this was to write daily about my journey of self-realignment!  Thereby what we concentrate on…grows!   I deconstructed what I would need to do. Set a time frame for when it would be reached by (understanding it is about the journey and not necessarily about the destination). I made a promise to write every single day. And so every day I take one step towards this envisioned outcome. 

take-first-step-e1373270852946The best part is that I KNOW when I’ve had a challenging day – and sometimes I’ve had days filled with the results of opinions – this is just one step towards my end result. There is a count up to the end (not a count down – which could be a whole other discussion for observation consideration). 

A friend commented that she aced the exercises the past few weeks – where we were to envision the deconstruction of the battleship and a creation of a flower from a seed.  She said she was now doing this with her DMP – her written Definite Major Purpose. How very cool! Everyone is in your life to share something with you – to show something to you – to teach you something. She did this for me today. The observation need not be mine to be recognized and appreciated!  She made me realize I had almost sunk my battleship.   I am most grateful!  

We cannot have what we envision unless every day we take a step towards that vision in mind. We may have challenging days where nothing seems to happen but in reality every day is one day closer. 

deconstruction_self_portrait_by_th3w_san-d33mhadFull deconstruction of my future reality is on the docket for tomorrow.  Stay tuned.  


Creative Influence – DoWoo #85/365

Twenty-Dollar-BillThis morning Gregory commented, while he was eating his breakfast, that he “found a random $20 on the black dresser in the kitchen”.  How is a $20 bill lying on the counter considered ‘random’?  And how could he find it if it was never lost?

9780439791311This evening he came in to the office to tell me that upon reviewing the school book order magazine, he found another book.  There was a special holiday book from his favourite series. And it was ONLY available through the magazine. He trotted off to brush is teeth.

Later when we were doing his before sleep cuddle / chat, he reminded me of the book. I asked him about it.  It was double the price of the usual books because it was special.  Was he asking us to purchase both this book and the other he had asked for?  He looked at me thoughtfully and said he was not sure he wanted to spend his Christmas money on the book. The conversation moved onto other things. 

I’m appreciating how our little man does his best to timely comment and share information when he already has the final outcome imagined.

Are You Picking Up? – DoWoo #73/365

A friend used a unique (to me) expression this evening – I grabbed a piece of paper during our discussion and quickly wrote it down. I believe I have heard it before (possibly from her) but it’s not something I’ve heard often.  

“I’m picking up what you are putting down.”            

It’s all about communication!  What an amazing thing we humans do. We share thoughts and ideas and…and…wait for it….opinions!  Sharing however is only one component of effective communication.   And what other kind does one want?  It’s about that “picking up/putting down” phrase and then much more so.  

I love my husband’s take on this.  He explained many years ago that communication was a 4 step process. 

  1. Sharing Information 
  2. Accepting information
  3. Understanding information
  4. Acting upon information

From my perspective of observations – many people share (putting down), most will accept (picking up), some will go so far as to ensure they understand (more in-depth picking up) but then the question is how many actually act upon it?  If we share and we receive and we understand but do nothing – did we truly communicate? 

yes-no-buttonsPlease feel free to share your opinion!

I appreciate you stopping by and considering whether what I have to say resonates with you or not.  I am blessed to be here!  Thank you.

Carolynn Sokil


I Do Woo; Do U? 1/365

young_earthI am perceived, from what I’ve been told, as a positive person. Some have even said that I can be over the top positive. However…that said, I admit wholeheartedly, I am fallible.

I experience thoughts of annoyance with others.  Whether it be “Why would you do that?” or “What were you thinking?” or even “Why don’t you do that differently?”.  Bottom line:  I have allowed myself to feel annoyance with others.

20130214045713!Rarity_is_annoyed_S1E14What is annoyance? It is defined as something which causes feelings of slight anger or irritation.  Based upon the word annoy which is to disturb or bother (a person) in a way that displeases, troubles or slightly irritates.  A few synonyms: aggravate, irritate, bother bug, chafe, exasperate

Upon reflection: to be annoyed is a negative emotion which benefits absolutely no-one!

annoyedWhy DO we do this? In my  case I believe it may be my ego talking – saying I perceive myself to be better than another – having a misguided opinion of grandeur. What was I thinking?

Being annoyed is of no positive use and in actual fact can be harmful to the one who is being annoyed. Negative energy can alter your body at the cellular level – why not give yourself all the help you can – Be Positive! 

So…what can we do?

What will I do? 

I choose to readjust who I am so I may remove this negative reaction from my existence – or at the very least become more aware so I may minimize its effect on myself and how I interact with others around me.   

I believe in all things we are firstly unaware and incompetent. Once we realize something we can now consider ourselves aware but we remain incompetent until something changes.  We then work towards altering what we know or do by learning a skill to alter the outcome – resulting in us being aware and eventually competent at whatever we have chosen to shift. Then, once we say or do something enough times (repetition/practice) we remain competent but have now shifted to doing, saying, being it automatically – unaware.


So…the million dollar question is “how” do I shift from being incompetent and aware to being competent and aware – releasing annoyance and frustration?  I need to practice being content and satisfied.  


No-Opinion-Icon-for-picks-fanpop-343698_130_130download (36) My new daily mantra “I choose to live in observation, without opinion, in perfect harmony with Universal Mind.” Daily Observations With Out Opinion!

For all my followers…current and new, I am making a promise (and I always keep my promises) to blog for the next 365 days about this journey of self discovery; a shift in who I am working towards – who I envision myself to be!

do wooDoWoos for September 1st, 2014

  • Recognized and thanked my husband for sharing the end result with me and then going back to fill in the details – a request I made to him which allows me to fully concentrate on the news he is sharing. 
  • Our dog Mya has a strong desire to get us to understand what she wants and persistently attempts, in any way possible, to get her message across.
  • I do not judge myself for what I have not done up until now; I look at myself for what I am doing today! 

Special thanks (Mahalo!) goes out to Mark & Davene Januszewski who run the Master Key class which has provided much of the inspiration for my journey.  For more information on what this class offers, and to reserve an option for an upcoming scholarship, please check out the Master Key Experience details here.  

Thank you for stopping by.  

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