NOT a Democracy – DoWoo #202/365

I have struggled in the past about what a Mastermind is and how my participation comes into play. In theory it is one or more people acting together, in harmony, to move one persons vision forward.  What I had forgotten was…it wasn’t about me! LOL


When we are working with someone else’s vision, and we truly wish to help them get to where they wish to go…it really has nothing to do with any individual other than the one person whose vision we are working on. 

In order to help others (one of my personal pivotal needs) I need to move out of my own way!  

not a democracyOnce I stepped back and reminded myself it was about their dream…their vision…well, everything made sense.  It is not a democracy where people vote and the majority rules.  It is a forum to share ideas, discuss possible actions to be taken, it may even be an arena where everyone has been given the opportunity to voice their opinion, or complete certain actions as designated – BUT ultimately it is the one person whose vision we are ‘masterminding’ on that has the final say regarding the direction he/she wishes to take.  

One of my dreams is to inspire others to reach their dreams.  I observed today that it does not mean my dream has to come to fruition in order for me to inspire; although that can still be a viable catalyst.  I realize…I can mastermind with someone to help move their vision forward and by doing so, my actions unto themselves may be inspiration enough. 


6 thoughts on “NOT a Democracy – DoWoo #202/365

  1. lydia johnson

    Agreed with others…you already inspire so many…thank you for that. 🙂
    I love Masterminds for the purposes of unleashing lots of ideas!


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