Serendipity – DoWoo# 201/365

serendipity-2 (1)When considering words which would describe the events of the last 36 hours – all I can come up with is “Serendipity”. I want to share this experience but I am unsure whether I would be able to do it justice. However, I will endeavour to do my best; which is all any of us can do.

Having worked for some time now, towards my understanding of our world and my place in it, I recognize there are laws which govern how life unfolds.  The same way my body is a complex vessel for my spirit to experience life, this world has a complex ebb and flow which allows us all to experience it together.  Our inter-connectivity is in fact as much of a requirement to the world as our breathing is to our body.  Affected by everything else going on around us and yet it moves along with governing aspects which work without conscious requirements. 

abc8599f4460b5be63add620a95e1e74God has a plan. After having a discussion about the game of chess this evening, I imagine that for God’s implementation of the numerous actions which transpire daily – he has the largest chess board ever.  Each of us are a player in the game. We are here to interact with others in a way to move the ‘game’ of life forward. And we move in, around, and over others’ boards – connecting with others as God intends.

The buyer of our home and I have connected based upon a thought / a feeling / a desire we envisioned over a year ago.  It turns out we have run similar routes even if we were experiencing them at different times.  We recognize there is a connection – in a way which has no time frame – it is now.

savourWhat I observed today is a glimpse of the myriad of steps which led us to this moment.  In sitting down this evening with the intent to explain that glimpse, the inter-connectivity we unveiled – I found words escaped me.  

Instead I chose to savour this space – allow it to unfold as it is meant to – rather than dwell on it. I am in the same wonderful space as last evening when I tweeted “Every time I say WOW, I am savouring it, rather than dwelling on it.”



4 thoughts on “Serendipity – DoWoo# 201/365

  1. Cori

    I’m so very curious now on just what happened with the buyers that prompted this savouring of serendipity ….


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