God’s Hand – DoWoo #200/365

A pivotal number for a pivotal day.  I saw God’s hand in how this evening unfolded.  I am reminded of an earlier post when we commenced this year’s Master Key; when I considered God feeling exuberance beyond anything I could possibly conceive – to be holding all our dreams in His vision. I wrote:

Universe_in_handThe juggling and multi-tasking which must go on at that higher level to listen, truly listen to all of us. To what we desire, what we hope for, where we aspire to be.  And as long as God deems it does not take away anyone’s good, we are granted the path to our dream. We need to be clear, concise and heartfelt.  Then we must be patient and open to the path given to us.  The path may not always be clear, and most likely nothing like we imagine it, but God has computed all the possible permutations and shown us the path, most beneficial to all, for our dream to come to fruition. 

I bore witness to, and was hugged by, one of Gods blessings this evening.  I met the beautiful young woman of the couple who purchased our home.  In sharing our experiences, which brought us to this day, we recounting our interaction with God and his plan to bring us together. When you hear how things were meant to be…you can do nothing but embrace the reality of it all – God truly does have a plan!  

Why have I chosen to fight challenges I am given? Why have I chosen to second guess what transpires?

I must choose to embrace my path knowing, truly knowing, that I am exactly where I am meant to be in order to truly appreciate all those permutations God calculated to create the magnificence He has in store for me – for us.  

If I had any doubt in my mind, prior to this evening, it is obliterated.  The only thing left to say is Thank You, God! 

8 thoughts on “God’s Hand – DoWoo #200/365

  1. Bernadette Mathias

    It was late last evening when I really and truly realised that GOD’S. HAND is over me always and I really did not trust GOD. HE has a plan for me.

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