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author-quiz-imageI am the author of my life.  Ergo we are each the author or our life. While we are given an amazing life to lead…it is up to us to fulfill our dharma, our destiny, our purpose. While God’s Hand is there to help us, ultimately I believe the path we are on is what we have chosen.  If we choose darkness we are enveloped by despair. If we choose lightness we embrace pure joy. 

I had the pleasure of being on the Master Key 2014/15 Commencement session this afternoon. To watch snippets from the last 6 months highlight through slides from each week, to see the comments from the members who experienced the class this year, to hear from a select few who totally embraced the environment provided and have created or are in the process of creating their bliss….what can I say?  I was in awe for having been a part of all this. 

The graduates heralded their appreciation to the Master Key team – for the environment which allowed them to find and embrace who they are meant to be, what is within each and everyone of us…just waiting to be set free.  Many shared their wish that we could have everyone take this course.  

It is possible.
There is nothing which is impossible.  

Each of those people we wish would take the course – they must choose to take it.   We cannot write their story.  We can provide them with the pen, the paper, the material to consider, an environment to shine, skills to share, but ultimately THEY must write their story.   They must choose to pick up the pen.

authorI understand there is something called “writer’s block”. After having sat here each and every evening for 210 evenings (wow – that’s approximately 7 months!), sharing my thoughts, truly doing my best to observe daily without opinion – I choose the belief that there is always something to write about.  It may not be earth shattering each and every day but on the flip side…I’ve not taken earth shattering steps each day.  I consider growth to be a process.  A step by step process which builds understanding and allows me to become who I am meant to be. And some days…it IS earth shattering! 

If we are the author, and we have the ability to choose, then we CAN create anything with our life and once that happens we are in a position to share.  Others see, hear, believe, FEEL our words and actions…and realize they too can take this journey.  All they have to do is choose! 

What do you choose??


Keep an open mind.  Choose to hear more about this environment which allows you to tap into your best you…add your name and email below. Once the next course if made available, we as graduates get to share with those we know first.  Make sure you are one of the people provided with this choice.  You have so much to gain…and nothing to loose! That my friend is what we call a Win/Win situation!   

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

The choice is TOTALLY up to you!

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