Creative Influence – DoWoo #85/365

Twenty-Dollar-BillThis morning Gregory commented, while he was eating his breakfast, that he “found a random $20 on the black dresser in the kitchen”.  How is a $20 bill lying on the counter considered ‘random’?  And how could he find it if it was never lost?

9780439791311This evening he came in to the office to tell me that upon reviewing the school book order magazine, he found another book.  There was a special holiday book from his favourite series. And it was ONLY available through the magazine. He trotted off to brush is teeth.

Later when we were doing his before sleep cuddle / chat, he reminded me of the book. I asked him about it.  It was double the price of the usual books because it was special.  Was he asking us to purchase both this book and the other he had asked for?  He looked at me thoughtfully and said he was not sure he wanted to spend his Christmas money on the book. The conversation moved onto other things. 

I’m appreciating how our little man does his best to timely comment and share information when he already has the final outcome imagined.

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