Powerful Moment – DoWoo #212/365

I did not know what I planned to write about this evening until I remembered that today is my 212th post in 212 days!  I will consider today as my tipping point!  To what or over what…that remains to be identified.  

Anyone know the significance of the # 212? 

212212° F happens to be the point at which water boils (assuming you are at sea level).  Today Gregory stayed home from school because of a fever.  Not quite boiling but hot nonetheless.

Yesterday Gregory stayed home because he was sneezing and blowing his nose.  Today…his fever spiked up to and hovered around 102° F – just a tad over the body’s optimum 98.6° F.  In addition to the fever, he experienced chills, tummy aches, eyes burning, nose itching, dizziness, blurred vision…in general, it could easily have been a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

Our little man was a trooper.  He rested, drank loads of water (counting how many bottles he drank as they appeared to have a direct correlation to the number of times he had to pee), ate reasonably well, and managed to keep me informed on each of his symptoms.  We’ve encouraged him to describe what’s going on so we can make sure he is taken care of properly.  

Today I recognized that everything we’ve done up till now allowed us to be home with our son. If he needed a cuddle we were able to give it to him.  If he needed Walter to help him meditate himself to sleep, Walter was there to assist.  If he needed someone to remind him to breathe rather than tense up with the chills, he breathed because we were here to guide him.

I held him in my arms just now. After I explained how the body tenses up with pain and discomfort, which results in more aches and pain, suggesting he breathe – he did so.  I felt his whole body relax.  It was a powerful moment for me.  

I am grateful I was given this time to be a mom.  I am grateful Gregory is who he is and chose us as his parents.  I am also very grateful he listens to us.   I wonder….do kids end up listening to their parents because we listen to them?  Hmmm…something else to consider. 

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