Get ‘er DONE! – DoWoo #218/365

Dale-Carnegie-GQ-12May14_rex_b“I know someone in a rut.   And they’re going to stay in a rut. Why?  I’ll tell you why!!! Simply because they don’t use their abilities to get things done!” 

I recall having recited these words, loudly, during a Dale Carnegie class about 15 years ago. I recall what transpired in my life because of these words – a huge shift in who I was spending my time with and I got things done! 

When I sat down at my computer this evening, for the 4th time in a week I said to myself “I don’t know what to DoWoo about.”  This evening when Walter came in the office, he asked me “Are you inspired?” to which I answered “not yet” then BAM!! That was it.  Lack of inspiration. 

You may wonder…why does that excite me?  

The fact that I am experiencing a lack of inspiring observations to share has me wondering what I am doing to result in such lack.  If my world without is a reflection of my world within, this could translate into my inner self taking a bit of a siesta when it comes to getting stuff done!   If I ensure that every day I do one small thing to move me forward…then guess what?  I move forward. 

fallingI realize this is what I have done off an on over the last few years – falling back into the stuff that needs to be done but not the stuff that I want to get done to move my dream forward.  Hence, my putting my foot down back on DoWoo #101.  I observe I’ve done it again. 


I have a count down clock here for a reason.  There is a long list of things which need to be done to successfully depart for our adventure in just over 2 months. This requires a plan of action – documented – and implemented.  

I’m getting ‘er done! 

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change! – Wayne Dyer

Do you realize the choice is TOTALLY up to you?

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