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last-word-laughing-ag2It appears our son has reached a new stage in his life…where everything we say is responded to with some form of additional verbiage. Sometimes it’s a clarifying statement. Occasionally it’s a statement which does not seem add any benefit to the conversation. And a few times it’s a statement which he believes adds a humourous twist.   If you have ever interacted with someone who must get in the “last word”, you may know what I’m referring to.  

building-wordsThis evening we chatted with him and explained the concept of words being the ‘highest form of architecture’ and that everything we say shows others who we are.  And because our words are a reflection of our thoughts and our thoughts create our world – our reality – how he communicates with us and others is important.  We provided a few examples and asked him to let us know what he thought of his words – did they add benefit, did they expand the conversation, were they a good indication of what he wanted to send out? 

After a bit of conversation on this matter, he then opened up a totally different can of apples by asking “If a tree falls in the woods and no-one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” Apparently he also has learned how to deflect.  

When I commented during our evening cuddle that while I like our silly conversations, I also really enjoy our serious conversations…up popped the tree question. I thoroughly enjoy asking him what he thinks and then guiding him to observe additional possibilities.  


On the surface he understood you need to have ears listening for what falls to make a sound to be heard. He even said if a machine was recording the event, it is for us to eventually listen to it. When I asked him about the other trees in the woods being alive, whether they could feel the vibration of the fall, he grasped the concept that sound is connected with action. We explored those who are considered deaf, and their ability to feel sound. He then changed the question to a lone tree, where there are no living animals or other plants, and just the ground, then it falls – does it make a sound?  He decided it was a deep question and could be answered yes and no.  

How would you answer this question from an inquiring mind?


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2 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds – DoWoo #217/365

  1. Walter

    Those who have had a dog may relate to “getting the last word in,” I have observed that the majority of canines must get that last grunt in after being told something. Is this what the instinctive hormones cause a 10-year-old to do, also? The need to test the “Alpha” waters?

    The tree question is a classic dilemma that asks, does the act of observing influence the results?
    We need more dialogue here! I need help!


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