A Matter of Degree – DoWoo #110/365

I am so loving my 2 men!

On top of all the technical “opportunities” we have been working through this last week, I have had the good fortune to have contracted a cold bug.  This has resulted in a slow down today for insightful observations from my end.  In typical supportive fashion my 2 men each gave me an idea for a DoWoo.  I am blessed.

Greg came into the room this evening and shared his explanation on time: It goes quickly when you DO something or use your imagination. BUT if you are not involved in doing something or just sitting there bored, letting your mind think of all sorts of things, then time seems to go at a normal speed.  He gave me the example of someone who forgot their gym clothes and they have to sit on the bench, watching everyone else.  For this person time seems to go slowly. For the others in the class, who did bring their gym clothes, they are having fun and time goes quickly.  I complimented him on his observation and asked him to share what the lesson we were supposed to learn from it.  He said just DO!

Walter shared with me his observation that we do vision boards every day – successfully bringing that vision to completion. It’s called a shopping list.   First – we are spurred on by desire (typically hunger) so we make a list of what we need. We then put a plan of action into place whereby we set a time to go to the grocery store. We then methodically go up and down the appropriate aisles picking up everything on our list with some of us being organized enough that we cross the things off as we go. We then complete our task until the new vision board is pulled out and compiled.

I was one of those people who did not always make a list.  When I went grocery shopping it was inevitable that I would bring home other stuff simply because it was there in front of me – being enticed and distracted. Now, when I go with a list, I concentrate on getting what is on the list. Could this not be the same for those who do not have a clear vision for their future?  When they go out into the material world, they don’t have a plan of action with clear ideas, and so it may be inevitable that they get distracted or enticed off course.

If we extract a drop of water out of the ocean, is it any less ocean? It is all a matter of degree: How time is perceived to proceed and how we make our desires realized into actuality through vision lists!

I dedicate this to my men who are always there for me – in so many ways. Turns out they are my Agents of Fortune – who would have thunk?

“A male muse is called an Agent of Fortune. He is a Traveler not anchored by standard materialism. Although he may desire material things, his position actually influences and inspires other people to make decisions beneficial to their future of physical and spiritual needs.” 

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4 thoughts on “A Matter of Degree – DoWoo #110/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    Love today’s post Carolynn. How insightful of your two men and you. Can totally relate the shopping with no list and ending up with a trolley full of stuff I didn’t intend on getting when entering the shop. How simple, and yet so easily missed. Thank you for sharing. Very helpful.

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