“No Comprendo” – DoWoo #141/365

In pondering my observations of and from today, three areas strike me as being interwoven: 

  1. Borromean_Rings_IllusionBe kind to myself – we just wrapped up a week of kindness within the Master Key Experience and one of the themes which kept cropping up at my end was needing to kind to oneself – truly allowing yourself to receive unconditional kindness from yourself and those who wish to offer it, so you may have more of yourself to offer, more kindness to give to those who need it. 
  2. I give myself permission to… – this is the phrase Mark asked us to write down and finish during yesterdays’ Week 17 session.  I wrote down “I give myself permission to say and do what I believe to be true without second guessing and self reassessment.”
  3. Decisiveness – is my virtue I am to concentrate on this week within the Franklin Makeover. Recognizing it in others and myself. 

So…in the rhythm of recognizing the signs of abundance being offered to me…recognizing all interactions are put in front of me to encourage my understanding of something I am to learn or comprehend…when I put these 3 aspects together I get: Be kind to myself by giving myself permission to embrace my decisiveness.  Pretty powerful sentence from where I’m sitting.  

Today I recognized and became frustrated with someone else, based upon my perception they lacked motivation to change their circumstance and preferred to wallow and complain. Interestingly this is the same person who was one of the catalysts which spurned this DoWoo movement of mine.  After all that I have learnt through my realignment journey, I recognize this is a reflection of me to me.  It’s not about her.  She IS doing something about it, AND she is doing the best she can with what she knows and what she has at her disposal.  Anything else is an opinion…which does not belong here. 

Since it’s not her, then I have to ask what am I frustrated with myself about? The answer rings loudly – I am frustrated at my inability to allow myself to be myself without having unrealistic expectations of myself.   Walter has explained for years that I am my hardest critic.  I know this philosophy and recognize that I need to let it go…but when I’m in the middle of it, I find it a challenge to truly embrace that this is possible. 

As of TODAY I decisively give myself permission to be kind to myself and in so doing, I am able to be kinder to others. 

Out of this discussion about this particular person’s complaint, and my “old blueprint” reaction ending with a ‘new blueprint” analysis…came an interesting thought: Walter asked me to consider that once we are in Costa Rica, until we understand Spanish, the locals could be shouting out in a good way or complaining wholeheartedly about something and we won’t be able to comprehend the difference!  

the master key experience

If you change how you look at things – the things you look at change!

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5 thoughts on ““No Comprendo” – DoWoo #141/365

  1. Sandra Owen

    Yet again I can identify with your thoughts and feelings this week Carolynn. Giving myself permission to be happy and harmonious and to access the amazing universal power within me, and become the magnificent creative person and teacher I intended to be. Permission granted my friend, with ENTHUUUSIASM!!!! WAHOOOOO!!!! Can you guess my virtue for this week ha ha ha

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