“She is Everywhere Now” – DoWoo #147/365

As “the family” we were at the funeral home for Bunia’s visitation for just under 4 hours. It’s been so long since I was on this side of the celebration (25 years) I forgot what it felt like to have so many people saying they were sorry for our loss.

Afterwards when Walter complimented Gregory on doing such a good job today – standing in the line, shaking everyone’s hands and responding when spoken to…Gregory commented he did not understand why everyone was telling him they were sorry for his loss. “I didn’t loose anything. Bunia is still here. She is everywhere now.”

imagesWell, she was certainly there with me this morning when I went to Walmart. I had to run to grab a few things we needed for the day when I spotted the words “Love” and “More” on a square canvas sitting on a shelf. I stopped. The phrase she would use was “Love you more.”  I put it in the basket but then realized it did not have a price tag. I searched and found they had 2 together – the 2nd having another saying….but I only wanted this one. There were a slew of other individual ones but none had price tags.  In thinking back…leaving it in my cart was a bit strange. 

When I got to the cash register, the cashier said I had chosen something without a sticker. I explained I had searched them all and none of the loose ones – there must have been 20 on the shelf – had a sticker.  If she did not know the price then I would not get it…it was for my mother in law.  She asked if I was OK with paying $8 like something else from my cart?  Sure. So she rang it through.  

I went home and used my canvas markers and added “you” to the rest. It is sitting at the home propped up in the visitation room. As it was meant to be.

Thanks Bunia!

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